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Library Science 102 Departmental Credit Exam

Please note: Due to issues with the Departmental Credit Exam, we are unable to offer it to students for the foreseeable future. Students should sign up for the course to ensure they meet their graduation requirements.

The Library Science 102 Departmental Credit Exam (DCE) is a computerized multiple choice proctored exam, offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students wishing to earn credit for the course may request to take the exam.


The DCE is appropriate for students who have research experience with finding and evaluating information and are familiar with library resources. The exam covers basic research skills and information literacy competencies.

There are no study guides available, but students can consult the LS 102 course materials website at:



Students wishing to take the DCE should email:  They will receive all information regarding the procedures and the registration form from there.

The institutional fee for Departmental Credit Exam(s) is $25. An $8 fee will also be assessed per administration for each online test.

A passing score is 70. Students may only take the DCE once.


The following deadlines reflect the date by which students must take the DCE. Dates are determined according to the Academic Calendar of the current semester.

Graduating Seniors: Mid-point of current Semester

All Others: 2 weeks before Finals Week begins in current Semester

Contact Information:

Questions about the LS 102 departmental credit exam should be directed to:

Elizabeth Sanders
LS 102 Coordinator
Office: Sims Library, Rm. 345
Phone: (985) 549-5935