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Southeastern student recognized nationally for playwriting

Contact: Rene Abadie


   HAMMOND -- Zachary Boudreaux, a Southeastern Louisiana University student from Walker, added a national accolade to his collection of awards for his play “Parking Lot Babies” when he was named as one of three students to a National Selection Team Fellowship by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.
   Boudreaux will travel to Washington, D.C., for the National Festival at the Kennedy Center in April, where he will participate in master classes and workshops presented by some of the top writers in the country and attend the productions being highlighted at the festival. Boudreaux will also have the opportunity to interview for internships with theaters across the country.
   “It’s a great opportunity and a very impressive achievement for a young writer,” said Jim Winter, Southeastern theater instructor who originally directed Boudreaux’s play. “As a playwright myself, I would have done anything for this opportunity. Zach deserves all the accolades he is getting for this accomplishment.”
   Boudreaux was cited for his playwriting skills at the KCACTF state festival in November and in February at the regional event in Amarillo. The play, considered by KCACTF as one of the top 12 university productions last year, has also received awards for its graphic design, theatrical production, and support of original works.
   Boudreaux, a junior mass communication major who plays one of the lead roles in the production, said the play would not have been as successful as it is without the mentorship of Winter and the efforts of the cast and crew.
   “This was my first play, so needless to say the original draft I gave to Jim to review was pretty rough,” Boudreaux said. None of this would have been possible without all the workshops and creative collaboration and input from all involved. The cast  brought their respective characters to life that really took the script to the next level.”
   Boudreaux will continue to work with Winter as he polishes “Parking Lot Babies” to take it to its final form. Winter said he expects the play to be published next year.
   “Then Zach will start getting paid royalties when the play is performed by other groups,” Winter said. “That’s a great accomplishment for a student.”

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