President - John L. Crain, Ph.D.

     Executive Assistant - Ranetta Marshall

EEO/ADA Office

     EEO/ADA Compliance Officer - Gene Pregeant, J.D.

Office of Public and Governmental Affairs

     Executive Director of Public and Governmental Affairs - Erin Cowser, M.A.

Internal Audit

     Director, Internal Audit - Chibuike "UK" Azuoru, M.B.A., C.P.A

Chief Compliance Officer

     Justin Bice, B.S.

Intercollegiate Athletics

     Director, Athletics - Christopher "Jay" Artigues, M.S.

     Executive Associate Athletic Director for Business Affairs - Ola-Oluwa Adegboye, M.B.A.

     Senior Associate AD for Internal Operations - Andrew Bechac, M.S.

          Assistant AD for Academic Support Services - Michelle Harper, M.S.

          Assistant AD for Marketing and Student Promotions - Lindsey C. Owens, B.A.

          Assistant AD for Sports Information - Kemmler Chapple, B.A.

          Assistant AD for Student Services - Brandon J. Albin, M.H.R.D.

          Sports Performance Director - Gerard Pacitti, B.A.

          Sports Medicine Director - Benjamin Stewart, M.S., A.T.C.

          Head Baseball Coach - J. Matthew Riser, M.S. 

          Head Men's Basketball Coach - Jay Ladner, M.Ed.

          Head Women's Basketball Coach - Ayla Guzzardo, M.S.E.

          Head Football Coach - Frank Scelfo, M.Ed.

          Head Golf Coach - William "Jake" Narro, B.G.S.

          Head Soccer Coach - Christopher McBride, M.S.

          Head Softball Coach - Richard "Rick" P. Fremin, III, M.S.

          Head Tennis Coach - Jason Hayes, B.S.

          Head Track and Field/Cross Country Coach - Corey Mistretta, B.B.A., 

          Head Volleyball Coach - Jeremy White, M.S.

Economic and Business Development

     Director - Bill Joubert, Ph.D. 

Office of Technology

     Chief Information Office, Mike Asoodeh, Ph.D.

          Client Connectivity Services Senior Connectivity Team Leader - Ray DeJean, M.S. 

          Client Services Help Desk Manager - Russell Barger, B.S.

          Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Team Leader - Susan H. LeBlanc, M.B.A.

          Solutions Team - Matthew Gill, M.S., Security Administrator


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Tena L. Golding, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Academic Programs - Jeffrey Temple, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management - Kay Maurin, Ph.D.

        Director, Admissions - Anthony M. Ranatza, M.Ed., M.B.A.

        Director, Communication Services - Mandy Hoffman, B.S.

        Director, Financial Aid - Hayden Wagar, M.H.E.A.

        Director, Enrollment Services - Lori Fairburn, M.B.A.

              Director, Systems and Communication Services - Pat King, Jr. B.A.

        Director, Student Records and Testing - Paulette Poche, B.S.       

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

     Dean - Karen A. Fontenot, Ph.D.

     Assistant Dean - James B. Worthen, Ph.D.

          Head, Department of Communication and Media Studies - James O'Connor, Ph.D.

          Head, Department of English - David C. Hanson, Ph.D

          Director, General Studies - Rebecca Hite, M.A.

          KSLU Radio General Manager - Todd E. Delaney, B.G.S.

          Head, Department of Music and Performing Arts -Jeffrey Wright, Ph.D.

          Head, Department of History & Political Science - William B. Robison, Ph.D.

          Head, Department of Psychology - Dr. Susan Coats, Ph.D.

          Head, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice - Kenneth H. Bolton Jr., Ph.D. 

          Head, Department of Visual Art + Design - Dale Newkirk, M.F.A.

          Head, Department of World Languages and Cultures - Lucia Harrison, Ph.D.

          Artistic Director, FANFARE/Columbia Theatre - James Winter, M.F.A.

College of Business

     Dean - Antoinette Philips, Ph.D.

     Assistant Dean - Jay Johnson, Ph.D.

          Department Head, Accounting & Finance - Robert Braun, Ph.D.

          Interim Department Head, Management & Business Administration - Russell McKenzie, Ph.D.

          Interim Department Head, Marketing & Supply Chain Mgmt- Minh Huynh, Ph.D.

          Director, MBA Program - Andre Honoree, Ph.D.

          Director, EMBA Program - John Cresson, Ph.D

College of Education

     Dean - Paula Summers Calderon, Ph.D.

     Assistant Dean - (Vacant)

          Department Head, Educational Leadership & Technology - Thomas DeVaney Ph.D.

          Department Head, Teaching & Learning - Colleen Klein-Ezell, Ph.D.

          Director, Lab School - Stephen Labbe, M.Ed. 

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

     Dean - Ann Carruth, D.N.S., R.N.

     Assistant Dean - Ralph Wood, Ph.D.

          Department Head, Health & Human Sciences - Jacqueline Guendouzi, Ph.D. 

          Department Head, Kinesiology & Health Studies - (Vacant)

          Department Head, School of Nursing - Ken Tillman, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N.

          Director, University Health Center - Andrea Peevy, M.S.N., ANP

College of Science and Technology

     Dean - Daniel McCarthy, Ph.D.

     Assistant Dean - Brian Crother, Ph.D.

          Department Head, Biological Sciences - Christopher Beachy, Ph.D.

          Engineer for Academic Equipment Services - Jesse Hatchett, B.S.

          Department Head, Chemistry & Physics - Patrick Moyer, Ph.D

          Interim Department Head, Computer Science  - Brian Crother, Ph.D.

          Department Head, Industrial and Engineering Technology - Mohammad Saadeh, Ph.D.

          Department Head, Mathematics - Timothy Hudson, Ph.D.

          Manager, Turtle Cove Research Station - Robert Moreau, Ph.D.

Center for Faculty Excellence

     Director - Mary Ballard, Ph.D.

Center for Student Excellence

     Director - Lorett Swank, Ph.D.

Graduate Studies and Institutional Effectiveness

     Director, John Boulahanis, Ph.D.

Honors Program

     Director - Claire Procopio, Ph.D.

International Initiatives Office

     Director - Lucia Harrison, Ph.D.

Office of Institutional Research

     Director - Michelle Hall, Ph.D

Sims Memorial Library

     Director - Eric Johnson, M.L.S.

Sponsored Research & Programs

     Director - Cheryl Hall, J.D.

The Southeastern Channel

     Station Manager - Rick Settoon, M.A.

TRIO Programs

     Director of Special Projects & TRIO - Duane Donald, Ph.D.


Vice President for Student Affairs - Eric J. Summers, Ph.D.

Dean of Students - Gabe Willis, Ph.D. 

     Recreational Sports & Wellness - Seth Thomas, M.S., Director

     Student Advocacy and Accountability - Blake Thomas, M.Ed., Interim Director

     Student Engagement - Marjorie Parker, M.A., Interim Director

     Student Publications - Lee Lind, Ph.D., Director

Transportation Services

     Director - Gary Prescott, M.A.

Career Services

     Director - Ken W. Ridgedell, M.B.A.

Student Accessibility Services

     Director, Angela James, M.Ed.

University Counseling Center

     Director - Peter Emerson, Ed.D.

University Police

     Director - Harold Todd, M.A.


Vice President for University Advancement - Wendy Johns Lauderdale, M.A.

Foundation Gift History

     Affiliate Accounting/Gift History - Michelle Speaser, B.S., C.P.A.

Alumni Services

    Executive Director - Michelle Biggs, B.A.


Vice President for Administration and Finance - Sam Domiano Jr., M.B.A., C.P.A.

Assistant Vice President for Finance and Budgets - Judy K. Bowles, M.B.A., C.P.A.

     Budget Office

          Director - John Paul Domiano, B.S.

     Controller's Office

          Khalli Hagan, B.B.A., C.P.A.

     Financial Systems

          John Foster, M.B.A., Systems Analyst

     Purchasing and Property Control

          Director - Richard Himber, M.B.A

Auxiliary Services

          Director - Connie Davis, M.B.A.

     Campus Card Operations

          Director - Pamela Hoover, B.A.

     Document Source

          Interim Director - Chester Winburn, B.S.

     Event and Conference Services

         Director - Cally Berner, M.B.A.          

         Student Union

              Director - Eric Aymond, M.B.A.

         University Center

              Director - Scott Nunez, M.B.A.

     Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

           Director - Robin Parker, M.B.A.

     University Housing

           Interim Director, Amanda Horvat, M.S.

     Dining Services

          Director, Martin Balisteri, B.A.

     University Bookstore

          Manager, Roger Harvey, B.B.A. 

     Textbook Rental

          Manager, Roger Harvey, B.B.A.

Environmental Health and Safety

     Director - Jeremy Brignac, M.S.

Facility Planning

     Director - Ken Howe, B.A.

Human Resources

     Director - Tara Dupre, M.S.

Physical Plant and Services

     Director - Byron Patterson, M.S.