Class Attendance Regulations

Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually all classes in which they are enrolled. 

Each instructor shall keep a permanent attendance record for each class through the census date (i.e. 14th class day for regular semesters and 7th class day for summer semester).  Instructors should also monitor attendance throughout the semester to encourage students’ attendance, participation, and retention. Attendance records should be kept for a period of five years and are subject to inspection by appropriate college or university officials.

Specific policies regarding (but not restricted to) the makeup of missed exams and/or assignments, submission of excuses for absences and the manner in which attendance and participation in class activities impact course performance shall be explicitly defined and expressed in instructors’ syllabi or course information sheets. The procedure for determining attendance in online courses shall be outlined in instructors’ syllabi and may include logging into class discussions and otherwise participating in class activities.

While class attendance is expected, the university recognizes there are legitimate reasons for absence from class, including, but not limited to, illness and injury, death in the immediate family, military obligations, and authorized University activities such as academic field trips, concerts or athletic events. The class instructor will determine the validity of a student’s reason for an absence. An excused absence is one authorized by the University or one deemed so by the instructor. To obtain a university-excused absence, faculty and staff members in charge of university sponsored trips or activities must submit the  Off Campus Individual/Group Visitations form to the Provost at least five working days prior to the trip or activity. 

It is the responsibility of each student to make up necessary coursework missed by an excused absence. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, he/she must complete the required process. A student does not withdraw from class by failing to attend.

Faculty cannot withdraw students.