The purpose of Academic Renewal is to disregard a student's previous academic coursework that does not satisfy eligibility criteria.

Academic renewal provides an opportunity for persons in this situation to apply for a fresh undergraduate start at Southeastern Louisiana University on the basis that their prior undergraduate record be disregarded. Students begin their college study again with no credits attempted and no quality points earned. Academic Renewal may be awarded to a student only once and is applicable only to students enrolled at Southeastern.

Prior to applying for academic renewal, at least three years must have elapsed since the end of the semester in which the applicant was last in attendance at a college or university. The applicant must present evidence that the conditions, which caused the poor academic record, have changed so there is now a reasonable expectation that the applicant will perform satisfactorily if approval is given.

The Director of Admissions will consult with the appropriate academic dean for advice on specific questions. Students showing competency in any area may be allowed advanced standing (without credit) or a waiver of requirements, just as any entry-level student.

Note that the prior record remains a part of the student's overall academic record, but none of it carries forward as part of a degree program. The date of the Academic Renewal will be entered on the student's transcript along with a statement prohibiting the use of previously earned credits and quality points in meeting degree requirements, computing grade point average, graduation status, or academic honors. The student will remain subject to University policies on probation, suspension and dismissal. Students are cautioned that graduate and professional schools often compute grade point average over all hours attempted when considering applicants for admission. Students should also be aware that other institutions to which they apply may or may not accept academic renewal granted at this institution.

Application forms are available in the Office of Admissions. The deadline for applying for academic renewal is the last day that the student may resign with a grade of "W" in the first semester of the student's return to school. Supporting documentation and official transcripts from other schools must be on file to comply with the deadline.


Academic Renewal at Another University

A student who has enrolled at another regionally accredited institution of higher education under an Academic Renewal Plan (e.g., Academic Amnesty or Bankruptcy) may be considered for Academic Renewal at Southeastern provided that:

  1. The Academic Renewal Plan at the previous institution meets all the provisions of the Academic Renewal Plan at Southeastern.
  2. Credits earned since the student entered the program at a previous institution will be evaluated in the same manner as credits for other transfer students.