James O'Connor, Department head



The baccalaureate degree in Communication is designed to develop student competencies in oral, written, and visual communication by providing opportunities for focused study and application in the areas of strategic communication, television and multimedia journalism, sports communication and corporate training and development. Acquisition of communication skills will facilitate participation in the economy, development, and culture of southeast Louisiana and beyond.


Students who complete Southeastern’s BA in Communication will:

  1. Be able to communicate and create content for multimedia platforms.
  2. Be able to perform critical thinking, data gathering, and academic research.
  3. Be able to use digital communication tools and systems.
  4. Understand the ethical and legal underpinning of the communication profession.
  5. Demonstrate job preparedness and specific background training for professional communicators and candidates for graduate school.



Students wishing to major in Communication must complete 39 hours of general education requirement, 33 hours of supporting course requirements, 27 hours of major course electives, and 18 hours of concentration requirements. Students must devote their communication electives to a minimum of 6-15 hours in each of the categories of media strategy, content creation and production, and communication theory; fifteen (15) hours of communication electives must be at the 300- or 400-level. The major in Communication leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The one core requirement which all majors must complete with a “C” or better is COMM 151.



Concentrations are more extensive studies in a specific area and are designed to give students the opportunity for greater depth and breadth of knowledge within one area of study. Requirements for individual concentrations are listed in the following pages of the catalog. Students should meet with their advisors for guidance within their area of interest.


Honors Diploma in the Discipline

For information on earning Sophomore Honors Distinction, Senior Honors Distinction, or the Honors Diploma, please consult The University Honors Program section of this catalog, the Director of the Honors Program, and/or your Department Head. 



Students who wish to complete a minor will complete 18 hours of communication courses, including COMM 211.