For the convenience of students, the Controller's Office will accept personal checks in payment of fees, room rent, etc., and will cash personal checks for amounts up to $25 per day for students ($100 per day for faculty and staff) who can present a current ID card. Two-party checks will not be honored except those from parent to student or legal guardian to student.

Before presenting a check to the Controller's Office, the student should be certain that it is negotiable, displaying the student's I.D. number ("W" number), properly signed, drawn on the bank in which the student has funds, and is properly endorsed. Paper checks returned from the payees' bank will be presented twice by Southeastern's fiscal agent (bank) before being returned to the University. Electronic checks are not presented twice before being returned to the University. If a student's check is returned to the University for any reason, a handling charge of $15 will be assessed to the student's account. If a student stops payment on a check presented to the Controller's Office for any reason, the account will be assessed the $15 service fee and is subject to the same policy as any delinquent account.

Returned checks should be redeemed immediately. Returned checks must be redeemed by cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order for the full amount. No partial payments shall be accepted for returned checks. Failure to redeem a returned check, plus a handling charge, after receiving notice will be considered a violation of rules 14 – "Violation of other published University policies, rules or regulations," 15 – "Violation of federal, state, and/or local laws," and 16 – "Failure to comply" of the Standards of Student Conduct. Students disciplined by the University for violating its Standards of Student Conduct may be required to answer to civil authorities for the same act. Any returned check not redeemed promptly will be submitted to the District Attorney's Office and will be charged an additional $10 fee plus any collection costs imposed by the District Attorney's Office.

Students who submit one check for tuition and fees or three checks for cash which are returned to the University or who fail to redeem returned checks promptly will be denied check cashing privileges and be placed on a “cash only” basis for future transactions with the University. Checks will not be cashed for students who do not present a current Southeastern Louisiana University ID card.