The University reserves the right to withhold services from anyone with a delinquent account.
Services that are discontinued may include, but are not limited to, the following: transcripts, student grades, diplomas, registration, and deferment plans. This policy will be administered by the Controller's Office and will include delinquent loans, delinquent receivables, NSF checks, etc., maintained within the Controller's Office.

This policy will not prevent the student from receiving a priority registration appointment, but may block participation in the actual class selection process until the delinquent account is brought to a current status. In the event that priority registration is blocked, students will have to register during the open registration phase which normally starts the week following priority registration when the account is paid and the block has been removed.

The Controller’s Office is on a quarterly billing cycle in order to bill those students who have delinquent accounts. Students requesting same day service for transcripts must pay all outstanding balances before the transcript will be released. Cash, credit card, check electronic check, cashier’s check, or money order are acceptable forms of payment for these balances. Non-cash payment will delay release of transcripts for seven business days.

Any student who has any questions about his or her outstanding accounts and/or delinquent accounts may contact the Accounts Receivables section of the Controller's Office, or email