Moodle Mobile App


Southeastern Moodle has a Mobile App that can be used to access online courses.  It is great for checking announcements and reading assignments.  It is recommended that taking tests and submitting assignments be done using a computer.  

YouTube Video - Downloading Moodle Mobile

Downloading Moodle Mobile

  1. Go to the App store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android)
  2. Search for the app titled “Moodle Mobile”
  3. Select the “Moodle” app
  4. Click the download/install icon

YouTube Video - Logging into Southeastern Moodle via the Mobile App

Logging into Southeastern Moodle via the Mobile App

  1. Click the Moodle Mobile app located on your phone
  2. Choose to “Allow” or “Don’t Allow” notifications
  3. Type in the site into the Site address box Note: You must type in the /moodle at the end or it will not allow you to login
  4. Click the “Connect!” button
  5. Type in your w-number in the Username box along with your Moodle password in the Password box
  6. Click the “Log in” button