University Bicycle Policy  

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Policy Statement

Southeastern Louisiana University provides and promotes a bicycle friendly campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors.


Purpose of Policy

This policy establishes campus procedures to ensure pedestrian safety, campus regulations, and bicycle enforcement. 



This policy applies to all Southeastern faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus.


Policy Procedure


Southeastern encourages the safe operation of bicycles on and around the campus. Individuals who ride personal bicycles on campus are required to ensure that the bike is in proper operating condition (e.g. tires inflated properly, brakes and steering work properly, appropriate reflectors are in place, that lights are used at night, etc.), and adhere to all the rules of the road as required by the Louisiana State Statutes. It is strongly recommended riders also wear a bicycle helmet for their safety.



The University requires that every bicycle parked or stored on an approved campus bicycle rack be registered with the Office of Transportation Services. Mandatory registration helps the University gather data to determine if there are adequate bike racks and rack locations on campus. Registration is also the best way to help recover a bicycle in the event it is lost or stolen. This requirement applies regardless of whether the owner is a student, faculty, staff, or visitor to the University. The bicycle registration is at no cost. Failure to register a bicycle may result in a $15 unregistered bicycle citation if parked on campus. Bicycle operators should register their bicycle at the Transportation Services Office located in Pride Hall, 1301 SGA Drive. Any individual with questions regarding the bicycle registration process may call 985-549- 5695.



All persons operating a bicycle on campus property must adhere to all Louisiana State Statutes, University Policies and must follow all traffic control devices. Bicycle use is prohibited at the Student Union Mall, Library Breezeway, Parking Garage, Tennis courts, Track Facility, and all construction areas. At no time are bicycles allowed to be brought inside a campus building without prior approval from the Building Coordinator. Recreational use including but not limited to tricks, racing, or other stunts is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Bicycles are permitted on all roadways and sidewalks, with the exception of times when there is heavy pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and pathways. Bicyclists must dismount in times of heavy pedestrian traffic (when sidewalks and pathways are congested such as class change).  The pedestrian tunnel, located by the Pennington Activity Center, is also a dismount zone. Bicyclists shall dismount completely and walk their bicycles through the tunnel. Bicyclists are encouraged to dismount at all crosswalks. Any individual may report unsafe bicycle use to the University Police Department by calling 985-549-2222.


Parking and Securing

Bicycles must be secured to an approved bicycle rack. Any bicycle found to be secured to any railing, sign, fence, garbage can, bench, tree, post, or unapproved fixture will be subject to a $25 citation. In an effort to allow fair access to bicycle racks and to maintain a clean campus environment, all bicycles deemed abandoned will be confiscated. A bicycle shall be deemed abandoned if it is in a state of disrepair as to be incapable of being operated in its present condition and/or has not been moved or used in more than 60 days and bears physical indication of having been deserted. This can include, but not be limited to; excessive rust, rust on chain, seat and handlebars coated in dirt or dust, and/or flat tires.


Confiscated abandoned bicycles will be stored on campus for approximately 60 days. While stored, a confiscated bicycle may be returned to the owner having proof of ownership. After 60 days, confiscated bicycles are transferred to the Louisiana Property Assistance Agency and sold at auction.