Student Opinion of Teaching Policy

Effective Date:
Fall 1998
Latest Revision:
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Policy Statement

Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to student success. A student opinion of teaching survey provides a mechanism for students to voice their opinions of how a teacher can help students perform better in the classroom.  Results obtained from student opinion surveys provide useful information to faculty about improving teaching effectiveness and also help to inform annual faculty evaluations and progress toward promotion and tenure.

This policy ensures a coordinated university-wide approach for administering student opinion of teaching surveys and provides evidence of compliance with the Rules of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors (Chapter III, Section X, Faculty and Staff: Faculty Rank,, which states, “As part of its evaluative procedures, each institution will utilize a system of periodic faculty evaluations by students, with the improvement of teaching effectiveness as a major focus of such evaluations.”


Purpose of Policy

The purposes of Southeastern’s SOT Policy are:

  1. To afford students the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their instruction.
  2. To provide Faculty with information to be used for the improvement of courses and instruction.
  3. To assist Faculty, Department Heads, and Deans in the annual evaluation of teaching performance and for tenure, promotion, and merit raise decisions.
  4. To provide the Office of Institutional Research with data for institutional effectiveness efforts, with the permission of the Provost. (No data will be reported on individual faculty members.)



This policy applies to the teaching performance of all faculty, regardless of their academic rank or tenure status.


Policy Procedure

In order to achieve these purposes, the administration of the SOT surveys must be standardized and confidential. Therefore, the following policy is set forth to adhere to these principles:

  1. The Southeastern Louisiana University Student Opinion of Teaching survey is administered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters for every course.
  2. The Office of Institutional Research is directly responsible for the overall implementation of the SOT program and retention of data.
  3. The SOT instrument contains standard items to be used for teaching performance evaluation and will allow for narrative comments from students. Confidentiality of students input will be maintained.
  4. For traditional fifteen week courses, the SOT survey will be administered during the thirteenth and fourteenth weeks of the semester. For courses that have a different calendar (e.g., summer courses, term courses) the SOT survey will be administered during the last week of classes.
  5. The procedure for a faculty member to address special circumstances that might affect SOT results is outlined in Appendix A (available in PDF version).
  6. SOT reports will be provided to department heads and faculty after all grades have been submitted, as verified by the Office of the Registrar.