Travel Policies

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To  enhance  the  professional  growth  and  development  of  faculty  and  staff,  the  University provides travel funds for attending meetings of state, regional, and national organizations. These funds must be spent in accordance with the rules and regulations presented in the Division of  Administration,  State of  Louisiana, Policy and Procedure Memorandum No. 49,  located  on  the Louisiana  Office  of  State  Travel  web  site  at  Copies of the policy are available from the Controller and department heads, and on Controller’s web site:

Travel must be approved in advance by the employee’s department head, dean, and the appropriate vice presidents, including the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Faculty members must make arrangements for all classes missed. In order to have all classes held as scheduled, no more than fifty per cent of a departmental faculty should be away from the campus at any time.


Claims for Reimbursement

All claims for reimbursement for travel shall be submitted on a University expense account form and shall include all details provided for on the form. Claims for reimbursement of travel shall be submitted not later than the fifteenth day of the month following the completion of travel, and any amounts advanced in excess of the expense claim shall be repaid no later than the time the expense claim is submitted.


Required Approval for International Travel 

All requests for international travel must be submitted to the University President or his designee for review and approval. "International travel" is defined as any travel outside the fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

All  requests  shall  include  a  detailed  account  of  anticipated  expenditures,  including  room rate/day, meals, car rental and/or local transportation, airfare(s), etc., and the source of funds from which the requested expenses will be paid. In addition, a complete explanation of the purpose of such travel must be provided.

Rates of reimbursement shall be in accordance with the latest approved travel policies and procedures memorandum (PPM 49) issued by the Commissioner of Administration.


Use of University Vehicles

State-owned University vehicles are to be used for transportation associated with official University business. The driver must be an employee of the University. Travel must be approved by the department head or budget unit head. Generally students under the graduate level are not permitted driving privileges of University vehicles. Graduate assistants are granted driving privileges as regular Southeastern employees. Funds for travel must be available in the proper budget unit at the time the vehicle request is filed. Complete information about using University vehicles can be obtained at the Physical Plant or from the department head. Employees driving University-owned vehicles or personal vehicles on University business must be certified to drive under the University's Driver Safety Program.  

Employees driving a passenger van shall have a current Class D Driver's License. When renting 15 passenger vans, the vehicles MUST be transit vans. Other 15 passenger vans may be used for short trips of no more than 75 miles (one way).

For more information about the program, contact the Office of Hazardous Waste Management and Safety at extension 2157 or visit their website at: