Workday HCM/FIN


Who can I contact for Workday support?

Our Workday training lab is set up in McClimans Hall room 105. Our ERP liaison, Khaled Harmoush, will be available to assist you with your Workday questions. Any Workday questions
can be emailed to [email protected]. You can call the Help Desk at ext. 5555 and will select Option 1 for Workday related
assistance. We also have a chat feature that can be accessed by clicking on the Workday
Help chat button located here at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

How do I access Workday?

Beginning on January 4th, you will be able to access Workday using an app  located
in your webmail. Once you are logged into your email, click on the Google Settings - 9 dots icon icon to view your apps and select the Workday icon. While you can access Workday
using a browser like Chrome or Safari on your smartphone, the Workday Mobile App will
not be available until later this year. We will send out information about the app
as soon as it is available.

What should I do if I can’t log in to email to access Workday?

Call the Help Desk at ext. 5555 and choose option 2 for Help Desk assistance.

What should I do if I have trouble logging into Workday?

Log in to email and click the Google Apps Button in the top right corner. Scroll through
your Apps and select Workday to log in. If the icon is not working, press F5 to refresh
your browser and try again. If you are still having trouble call the Help Desk at
ext. 5555 and choose option 1 for Workday or email [email protected].

Where can I sign up for Workday training?

The University offers Lab Hours for those individuals needing assistance with completing
tasks in Workday. If needed, Workday Functional Leads will meet with you one-on-one
in McCliman’s Hall, Room 105 at your convenience. To schedule Workday Lab Hours, please
use our Workday Lab Hours Sign Up Form. Should you have any questions regarding Workday
Lab Hours, please contact the University’s Training and Development Manager, Jennifer
Rowell, at 985-549-5773 or [email protected].

Where can I go if I have a question about Workday?

All workday training resources can be found here. You will log into this page with your W# and password.

Will Workday take the place of Leonet for where I advise my students and handle my
course load?

No, Workday is currently only for employees. You will still use Leonet for student
related content. 

How can I change my settings to see “all of workday” when I search?

You can change your search preferences by selecting your profile picture > My Account
> Change Preferences and select All of Workday under Search Preferences.

How do I Check IN/OUT in Workday?

To Check In:

  • Log in to email and click the Google Apps Button in the top right corner.
  • Select Workday and click the Time application from your home page.  
  • From the Time application, click Check In
  • Click OK, then Done

To Check Out:

  • When leaving work, click the Time application and then Check Out
  • Select the reason Out if you are leaving work, then Done

Visit for more information on Time Entry.  You will need to log in with your W# and password.

How do I submit my time (formerly called Certifying time)?

In Workday this process is called “Submit Time” and must be done each Pay Period prior
to the payroll cutoff.  (Note:  Please contact your Timekeeper if you have questions
regarding payroll cutoff dates and times.)

To “Submit Time” in Workday:

  • Select the Time application
  • Click This Week, Last Week, or Select Week under Enter Time
  • Review time for the period
    • Faculty: You will not see hours unless you have leave for the pay period
    • Salary/Biweekly Faculty: You will not see hours unless you have leave or comp time
      earned for the pay period.
  • Select Submit
  • Read statement and enter a comment if necessary. Click Submit

How do I view my payslip in Workday?

(NOTE: Employees will no longer receive emails containing payslips, but will be able
to view their payslips in Workday.)

Payslips are now visible in Workday via the Pay Application. In order to view your

  • From your Workday Homepage, select the Pay application
  • Under View, select the Payslips option
  • Find the desired payslip
  • Click the View button