Academic Advising


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The primary goals of Academic advising and mentoring are (1) to ensure that students are progressing in a timely manner toward graduation, and (2) to provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in college. Faculty advisors are committed to fostering the intellectual growth and personal development of students, and they strive to develop programs that meet the changing needs of the unique and diverse population we serve. 

Additionally, advisors maintain collaborative relationships across campus and work in conjunction with others across campus and in the Center for Student Excellence to monitor student progress. 

It is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure that all graduation requirements are met. Advisors should assist students to familiarize themselves with the Southeastern General Catalogue under which they are registered. (A change to a later catalogue can be made through the General Studies Office.) Students are required to contact an advisor prior to registration. Please call the General Studies Office at (985)549-3755 to schedule an appointment with your advisor. If this is an initial appointment, please indicate this when you call. Students who have mapped out their curriculum (click here for the 2015-2016 Curriculm Sheet) with an advisor may elect to communicate with their advisor directly through campus email. 


Requirements for Upper Level Courses:

The Bachelor of General Studies degree program requires a total of 45 hours of upper level courses (300-400). At least 15 hours of upper level MUST be in the major concentration group; the remaining 30 hours can be any course at the upper level. Refer to the course catalogue for course descriptions and prerequisites. 


Requirements for Concentration Groups:
  • Thirty (30) hours in a Major Concentration group with a minimum of 15 hours at the 300/400 level.

  • Fifteen (15) hours each in two other concentration areas.

  • Sixteen to Eighteen (16-18) hours of electives


Students with Transfer Credit:
  • must earn a minimum of 25% degree credit at Southeastern (last 30 hrs)

  • may use a maximum of 68 credit hours (does not count developmental courses) from a community/junior college toward the bachelor's degree

  • may transfer in credit for Religion in Group 2 Humanities

  • may use prefixes with xxx under the prefix group (ex. Engl xxx satisfies a 3 hr. Humanities

  • may use courses transferring as XXX xxx as elective credit if the course description warrants