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The College of Business recognizes outstanding scholarly research through the Assisted Search Seeking Executive Training (ASSET) and the Preferred Research Option for Intensive Training (PROFIT) programs.  

PROFIT - Preferred Research Option for Intensive Training

Preferred Research Option for Intensive Training (PROFIT) in Business & Technology is a program under the auspices of the College of Business. The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding undergraduate student scholarly achievement in all areas of business.

Profit Designated Courses

Business Administration and Finance
Econ. 345 Economics of Industrial Organization & Public Policy
Econ. 441 Current Economic Problems
Econ. 421 International Economics
Econ. 450 Applications of the Internet in Business and Economic Analysis

Management & Marketing
Mgmt. 435 Introduction to International Business
Mgmt. 464 Business Policy & Decision-Making
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Mrkt. 433 Marketing Research
Mrkt. 444 Marketing Management


ASSET - Assisted Search Seeking Executive Training

The Assisted Search Seeking Executive Training (ASSET) in Business was created to recognize outstanding scholarly research by graduate students in the Master of Business Administration degree program in Southeastern's College of Business.

ASSET Designated Courses

Business Administration and Finance
Econ. 613 Managerial Economics

Management & Marketing
Mgmt. 683 Business Policy and Strategy
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Mrkt. 650 Business Research

Areas of recognition for both programs will include individual papers prepared for courses within the business environment and group presentations.



Each department within the College of Business will determine which courses contain the appropriate methodologies for high caliber scholarly performance by undergraduate students. Departments participating will be Accounting and Finance, Management and Business Administration, and Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Faculty members may nominate students based on course papers, presentations, demonstrations, etc., for presentation at the semi-annual PROFIT/ASSET in Business seminar. Each participant will have his/her/their paper or presentation duplicated either in an Online Journal or a CD which includes the entire seminar presentations.


Presentation Details

Every paper, presentation, or design program nominated by the individual faculty teaching the designated courses shall be presented at a PROFIT/ASSET in Business seminar to be held in the fall and spring semesters.

The date chosen for presentation will be the last Thursday afternoon before finals week. The projects may be presented in any format which is possible at Southeastern Louisiana University. Presentations may include PowerPoint, poster display, group presentations, software displays, etc.

Each student should have a faculty sponsor-mentor who will support the student not only during the research phase, but also in preparation for the final presentation at the appropriate seminar. The Director of PROFIT and/or ASSET will coordinate with faculty to assure that mentoring of student research is continuing to support the aims of this program.

The purpose for planning for both a fall and spring presentation is to accommodate those students who will be graduating at the end of the semester as well as those courses which are only offered every other semester. It is anticipated that not all identified courses will produce an outstanding undergraduate research paper or project each semester. The sole judge of excellence for nomination shall be the instructors teaching such courses.

Each nominated student that presents will receive a plaque from the College of Business for their distinguished research and presentation.

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