Faculty and Staff Profiles



Amy Acosta Amy Acosta

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 360

 Phone: 985/549-5760



 Alysia CatanzaroAlysia Catanzaro Anderson

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 334

Phone: 985/549-3082



David Armand David Armand

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 351

 Phone: 985/549-2499


Areas of Expertise: Contemporary American literature and creative writing.



Anne Babson

 Anne Babson

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 338

 Phone: 985/549-5786



Chris Genre

 Matthew Baggs





Dr. Jack Bedell Jack Bedell, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Creative Writing

 Location: DVIC 341

 Phone: 985/549-5756


Areas of Expertise: Modern and contemporary literature and creative writing.


Ramona Cutrer

 Virginia Bell

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 231

 Phone: 985/549-2413



Michelle Bellavia Michelle Bellavia

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 238

 Phone: 985/549-2417



botsford Heather Botsford

 Title: Instructor 

 Location: DVIC 364

 Phone: 985/549-5328



Dr. Reine Bouton Reine Bouton, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 336

 Phone: 985/549-3767


Areas of Expertise: Modern American and British literature, travel writing, Southern literature, composition and rhetoric, Eudora Welty.


femail image Cheryl Breaux

 Title: Instructor and Coordinator of English Early Start Program

 Location: DVIC 340

 Phone: 985/549-5784

Email: cbreaux@southeastern.edu


Chris Genre

 Alexander Brickler





Francis Broussard Francis Broussard

 Title: Instructor

 Location: MIMS 215

 Phone: 985/549-3975


Areas of Expertise: American literature, Native American literature



Chris Genre Kimberely Calhoun





 Suzzanne CallowaySuzzanne (Beth) Calloway, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: MIMS 202

 Phone: 985/549-2530


Areas of Expertise: Composition and rhetoric, early American literature.


Ramona Cutrer

 Carin Chapman

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 342

 Phone: 985/549-5783



Christopher CookChristopher Cook

Title: Instructor

Location: DVIC 349

Phone: 985/549-5770



Andree Cosby Andree Cosby

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 354

 Phone: 985/549-2419


Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and composition and creative writing.


Dr. C. Denelle Cowart C. Denelle Cowart, Ph.D.

 Title: Assistant Professor

 Location: DVIC 350

 Phone: 985/549-2044


Areas of Expertise: Irish and modern British literature


Chris Genre

 Bruce Craft





Sherri Craig Sherri Craig

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 337

 Phone: 985/549-5787

 Email: sherri.craig@southeastern.edu 


Ramona Cutrer

 Catherine Cresson

 Title: Lecturer

 Location: DVIC 349

 Phone: 985/549-5770

 Email: catherine.cresson-2@southeastern.edu


Nicole Dos Ramos-Schulter Nicole DosRamos-Schulter

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 363

 Phone: 985/549-5762


 Areas of Expertise: Composition and American literature.



Chris Genre

 Hannah Drude





Dr. Joan D. Faust Joan Faust, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator

 Location: DVIC 392

 Phone: 985/549-5477


Areas of Expertise: Seventeenth-century dramatic and non-dramatic literature and the epic in literature.



Dr. Thomas Fick Thomas Fick, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor

 Location: DVIC 344

 Phone: 985/549-2104


Areas of expertise: American literature, literature of race, women's literature


Chris Genre

 Nathan Fisher





Dr. Joel Fredell Joel Fredell, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Publishing Studies

 Location: DVIC 239

 Phone: 985/549-2113


Areas of Expertise: Middle English, manuscript studies, Arthurian studies, digital humanities, and history of the book.



Chris Genre

 Randall Frederick

 Title: Lecturer

 Location: DVIC 345

 Phone: 985/549-5781

 Email: randall.frederick@southeastern.edu


Chris Genre

 Samuel Fuller





Dr. Tim GautreauxTimothy Gautreaux, Ph.D.

Title: Professor Emeritus/Writer-in-Residence

Location: MIMS 211

Area of Expertise: Creative writing
Phone: 985/549-2383

Email: timothy.gautreaux@southeastern.edu


Chris Genre Chris Genre

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 366

 Phone: 985/549-3122


Areas of Expertise: Composition, science fiction literature



Dr. George Gibson George Gibson, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: MIMS 217

 Phone: 985/549-3211


Areas of Expertise: British and Irish Modernism, Celtic mythology, James Joyce.



Dr. Eva gold Eva Gold, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor

 Location: DVIC 365

 Phone: 985/549-5768



Dr. David Hanson

 David Hanson, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Department Head

 Location: DVIC 221

 Phone: 985/549-2100


Areas of Expertise: Nineteenth century British literature and nonfictional prose, literature and the visual arts, digital humanities, textual scholarship, and Ruskin studies.



Chris Genre

 Meghan Henry 





Rebecca Hite Rebecca Hite

 Title: Instructor and Director of General Studies

 Location: DVIC 352

 Phone: 985/549-5025


Areas of Expertise: English literature and composition.


Chris Genre

 Canese Jarboe





Chris Genre

 Charity Jones




Dr. Martin Kearney Martin Kearney, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor

 Location: DVIC 356

 Phone: 985/549-5766


Areas of Expertise: Modern British and Irish literature, the British novel, and folklore.



Chris Genre Jason Kirker

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 368

 Phone: 985/549-3207

 Email: jason.kirker@southeastern.edu


Dr. Jason Landrum Jason Landrum, Ph.D.

 Title:Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Southeastern Writing Center

 Location: DVIC 229

 Phone: 985/549-2074

 Email: jason.landrum@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Film studies, critical theory, and American literature.



Dr. Dianna Laurent Dianna Laurent, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 234

 Phone: 985/549-5755


Areas of Expertise: Writing to communicate, internet research methodology, grant writing, and editing.



Dr. Christine Mitchell April Lenoir

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 359

 Phone: 985/549-5763



Dr. Richard Louth

 Richard Louth, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Director of Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project

 Location: DVIC 332

 Phone: 985/549-2102


Areas of Expertise: Writing and the teaching of writing, composition and rhetoric, technical writing, creative writing, living writers, Southern Literature: Louisiana literature, Southern short story, William Faulkner.



Chris Genre

 Jillian Marinovic




S. Alan Marsh Sean Alan Marsh

 Title: Instructor

 Location: MIMS 212

 Phone: 985/549-2870



Chris Genre

 Adam McAllister





Chris Genre

 Kristina McBride





Dr. Christine Mitchell Christine Mitchell, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 339

 Phone: 985/549-5785


Areas of Expertise: Professional writing, rhetoric, composition, and ESL.


Dr. Kenneth Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 355

 Phone: 985/549-5767

 Email: kenneth.mitchell@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Professional writing, British romantic poetry, and composition.



Dr. Lisa Moody Lisa Moody, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 346

 Phone: 985/549-3106

 Email: lisa.moody@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Nineteenth-century American and British literature.



Chris Genre

 Otto Ochs





Chris Genre

 Carolyn Oubre





Thomas Parrie

Thomas Parrie

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 348

 Phone: 985/549-5778

 Email: thomas.parrie@southeastern.edu


Alison Pelegrin Alison Pelegrin

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 230

 Phone: 985/549-2358


Areas of Expertise: Composition and rhetoric, American literature, and creative writing (poetry).


Leilya Petrie Leilya Pitre, Ph.D.

 Title: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of English Education

 Location: DVIC 361

 Phone: 985/549-3383




Dr. Ziba Rashidian Ziba Rashidian, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor and Coordinator of English Graduate Studies

 Location: DVIC 329/330

 Phone: 985/549-5780


Areas of Expertise: Animal studies, comparative literature, critical theory, globalization, modernism.


David Rodriguez David Rodriguez

 Title: Instructor

 Location: MIMS 216

 Phone: 985/549-2271


Areas of Expertise: Contemporary American literature, short stories, and creative writing.


Chris Genre

 Elizabeth Rollins  





Dr. Paul Sawyer

 Paul Sawyer, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Professional Writing

 Location: DVIC 233

 Phone: 985/549-5759


Areas of Expertise: Technical writing, online instruction, document design, visible rhetoric, and composition.


Dr. Sarah Schillage Sarah Schillage-Truxillo, Ed.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 367

 Phone: 985/549-5026

 Email: sschillage@southeastern.edu


Karen Shields

 Karen Shields

 Title: Instructor

 Location: CSE

 Phone: 985/549-5719

 Email: karen.shields@southeastern.edu


Dr. Jayetta Slawson Jayetta Slawson, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 343

 Phone: 985/549-5024


Areas of Expertise: Performance studies, including human events in social and cultural settings; and performativity in writing, speech, expressive actions, gender, and identity constructions.



Chris Genre Marley Stuart





Chris Genre Matthew Tougas





Chris Genre

 Brendon Vayo





Chris Genre

 Ashley Reed Waller





Kent Wascom

 Kent Wascom

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 353

 Phone: 985/549-2114

 Email: kent.wascom@southeastern.edu


Chris Genre Daniel Webre





Dr. Natasha Whitton Natasha Whitton, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor and Coordinator of Freshman English

 Location: DVIC 335

 Phone: 985/549-5788


Areas of Expertise: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature; nineteenth- and twentieth-century American intellectual and cultural history; Asian literature; comparative literature; composition; cross-cultural studies; history of science; interdisciplinary studies; women's studies; Toni Morrison; Bible as literature.



Dr. Jeffrey Wiemelt Jeffrey Wiemelt, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Language & Literacy

 Location: DVIC 393

 Phone: 985/549-5761


Areas of Expertise: Composition studies, linguistics, discourse analysis, stylistics, Tolkein.


Chris Genre John Wilson





Chris Genre Nancy Wohl