Applied Sociology

Applied Sociology

Career Opportunities in Applied Sociology

This degree is designed both for students who have just completed their baccalaureate degree in the social sciences and for those currently working who would like to pursue a graduate degree to expand their professional opportunities.

Organizations and agencies of all types are increasingly using social science research for program planning, development, evaluation and problem solving. The demand for accountability within agencies continues to increase nation wide. Public and nonprofit private agencies must now show that they provide needed services and that these services meet the demonstrated need. In recent years, governmental and private agencies have turned to social science research to provide the information needed to develop effective and efficient programs.

Persons with this degree will be trained to work as middle to high level administrators or researchers in public and private agencies. We have specifically received letters of support expressing an interest in our graduates from several law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, city, parish and state agencies, (such as mayor‘s offices, school boards, the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Louisiana Department of Social Services Office of Community Services), health care facilities, Legal Services Corporation, law firms, and Youth Service Bureau.