Jack Brooking Collection

Archival Collection

Box 1

Folder 1: Misc. News JFK Assassination (115 items)

RFK assassinations, Bob Slieffer Interview (1969), JFK Conspiracy,
Dominick Dunne’s Spelling Secretes, Newspapers Clipping,
Emails, Out line of Book “4 Days in Nov.”

Folder 2: New Orleans Gay Bars ‘60 (14 items)

Folder 3: Billy Joe Johnson, Archie Bland (202 items)

Folder 4: Misc.. Articles JFK Assassination

Articles from: The National Enquirer, Vanity Fair, Time, Life,
Pensacola News Journal, Atlantic Constitution Newsweek, The Kansas
City Star, Times-Picayune Parade, Skeptic the Mag of Opposing News.

Folder 5: Copies of Newspaper Clipping (5 items)

Milwaukee Journal Nov. 23-26, 1963. Lackland Talespinner Dec. 5,

Folder 6: Misc. JFK Assassination (52 items)

Folder 7: Misc. Dallas Articles on JFK (9 items)

Map of Suburban points of interest, Ruby Address with map, Dallas
Times Herald Nov. 22, 1963, 2 colored post cards of JFK’s

Box 2

Folder 1: Murder: King ‘68 (116 items)

Newspaper clippings, Initial Notes on James Earl Ray.

Folder 2: Final Report of Assassination Records Review Board (1

Folder 3: Public Hearing- June 28, 1995 in New Orleans, LA