C.C. Carter

Archival Collection



1. Handwritten School History Notebook, circa 1900, H. Gurley History written on front

(8" x 9½")

2. Scrapbook (11" x 15")--Contents listed below

a) 1860s newspaper clippings which appear to be from Daily Picayune (5 pages)

b) Dried botanical specimens on pages from an album, mint, geraniums, etc. (8 pages)

c) 1861 girls school newspaper from New Orleans, The Volunteer's Friend (4 pages)

d) Report card from Fourth District Public Schools, City of New Orleans for Nettie Mann for the Month of June 1861

e) Piece of needlepoint

f) Newcomb College reunion luncheon program of 1913 class

g) Original "iron clad oath" taken by R. W. Morrison in Livingston Parish in May 1864

h) Receipt from Hammond State Bank & Trust Co., November 24, 1930

i) Two poems--one written to Nettie Mann by Mary Virginia King (handwritten)

j) Newspaper editorial (handwritten)

3. Five-1 page copies of the Amite Daily Wanderer--three for 1861 and two for 1864. Four of these are small book-size pages and are called the "Railroad Edition." Twenty-one newspaper clippings, mostly poems

4. Six Pictures:

a) Picture of a plantation home (7 ½" x 10")

b) Picture of a plantation home (7 ½" x 10")

c) Picture of a group of 22 girls and one man with three little boys sitting on a fence behind the girls (Harry Mooney, Sam Cate, and Warren Kidder. The man in the picture is Captain Tom Cate.)

d) Picture of a church (3 ½ x 5 ½)

e) Picture of a church (3" x 4")

f) Xerox picture of a house under construction, probably around 1909, signed Bob Lawrence (5" x 7")

5. Spiller History (3 pages) and a letter to Ms. Lydia Spiller from Brigham Young University, 28 March 1980