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Melba Colvin

Rare Book Collection





Acadian Reminiscences, with the True Story of Evangeline by Felix Voorhies, Boston, The Palmer Company, 1907, hardcover, 107 pp.

Fifty Years in Both Hemispheres or Reminiscences of the Life of a Former Merchant, by Vincent Nolte, late of New Orleans, translated from the German, New York, Redfield, 1854, hardcover, 484 pp.

The Life of Andrew Jackson, to which is added An Authentic Narrative of the Memorable Achievements of the American Army at New Orleans, in the Winter of 1814, 1815, by Alexander Walker, New York, Derby & Jackson, 1859, hardcover, 414 pp.

The Travels of a Sugar Planter or Six Months in Europe, by M. W. Allen, New York, John F. Trow, Printer, 1861, hardcover, 249 pp.

"The Elections of 1860 in Louisiana, by Mary Lilla McLure, Reprinted from The Louisiana Historical Quarterly, for October 1926, paperback, pp. 602-702