Antoinette Harrell Collection

Antoinette Harrell Tangipahoa and St. Helena, Louisiana African American History Collection

Box 1



1. Photographs - Fluker, LA (151 items)

2. The Untold Story - Slavery in the Twentieth Century (6 items)

3. Antoinette Harrell African Ancestry DNA Files (44 items)

4. Richardson Family Files (23 items)

5. Vining, Williams, Richardson, and Butler Family Reunion, 2010 (7 items)

6. Vining Family (5 items)

7. William Family History (3 items)

8. Harrell, Gordon, Richardson, Jackson, and Temple Family Reunion Sign-in-Book, December 1992 (1 item)

9. Gordon Family Files (20 items)

10. Wall Family Files (29 items)

11. Lawson Family History (2 items)

12. The Temple Family (40 items)

13. Church of God in Christ (6 items)

14. Antoinette Harrell Letters (33 items in a blue binder)

15. Original Letters of Antoinette Harrell (21 items)

16. Cards - Personal, Antoinette Harrell (25 items)

17. Children's Genealogy (35 items)

18. Mrs. Fochia Varnado Wilson (15 items)

19. Antoinette Harrell - Community Organizer, New Orleans, LA (60 items)

20. Thomas Tucker (13 items)

21. African American Genealogy Materials (41 items)

22. Obituaries of African Americans (16 items)

23. Obituaries II (4 items)

24. Newspaper Articles - Local People (2 items)

25. Choctaw Indians of Amite, LA (17 items)

26. Westside High School (2 items)

27. Big Zion Elementary School (2 items)

28. People Magazine - Roots Revealed 2004 (1 item)

29. Harrell Family of Tangipahoa Parish (63 items)

30. African Ancestry of Bernard Temple (12 items)

31. Joseph Lacoste (25 items)

32. Moussa Albaka (Tuareg) - Niger, Africa (4 items)

33. African American People of Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes (35 items)


Box 2



1. Reparation Photographs (25 items)

2. Million Woman March Photographs (21 items)

3. Million Woman March Newspaper Clippings (5 items)

4. Laminated Images (3 items)

5. "Sisters in Progress" Photo Album

6. Million Woman March Scrapbook

7. You Are My Shadow: Gone But Not Forgotten by Antoinette Harrell-Miller

8. The New Baptist Hymnal

9. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Bicentennial Hymnal

10. The African American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: A Bicentennial Commemorative History


Box 3

1. Poor People's Campaign papers and other meeting agendas (Shelby County Democrats and Southern Christian Leadership Conference)–4 items

2. Magazines and Pamphlets: Black Contributors to Science and Energy Technology, Institute of the Black World (2008); Amistad Research Center (Fall 2004); National Voting Rights Museum "Remember: Bloody Sunday and The Voting Rights Struggle;"The Western Journal of Black Studies (Spring 1984- Winter 1984, Winter 1985); 9 items

3. Negro History Bulletin–1968; 1 item

4. Negro History Bulletin–1970s; 25 items

5. Negro History Bulletin–1980s; 16 items

6. Miscellaneous: Pamphlets–The Color Purple, Appreciation of Reverend Willard Vernon at Little Bethel Baptist Church, Third District Bogue Chitto Baptist Association; membership card in the National Congress of Parents and Teachers from 1990; Collection of poems written by Antoinette Harrell; 7 items


Box 4

1. African American Obituaries Collection complied by Antoinette Harrell for Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Orleans parishes; 96 items

2. Sisters in Progress papers: Articles of Incorporation, copy of pledge to organization, meeting agendas, 8 4x6 color photos of the Sisters in Progress meetings and events, News relating to children's events put on by the New Orleans Recreation Department; copy of a certificate of merit conferred on Antionette LaCoste (now Harrell)

3. (Blue Binder) African American Cemeteries in St. Helena Parish, Amite, and Roseland

4. (Grey Binder) Obituaries of the Harrell, Vining, Richardson, and Gordon families in Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Orleans parishes


Box 5


1. Personal correspondance between Antoinette Harrell and Shelton Harrell, Tyler Harrell, Sheldon Miller, Shelton Myers, and Fabian Harper; 15 items.

2. Personal correspondance regard the Gathering of Hearts; 6 items

3. Miscellanious letters: Mrs. R.S. Blossman, Miss M.D. Thompson, Mrs. Dolores Davis; 10 items

4. Photos: Harrell Family Book Dedication: 26 3x5 color photos of the Harrell Family at the Amite Genealogy Library dedicating the book; 27 items

5. Photos 18 items:

a. 1 3x5 color photo of an unknown man, taken 7/30/2011

b. 1 3x5 color photo of an unknown group, taken 7/30/2011

c. 4 4x6 color photos of Antoinette Harrell from a photo shoot with Kris Davidson, with card and envelope

d. 1 3x5 color photo of a statue called "The Grinning Darkie" on the grounds of the LSU Rural Life Museum

e. 1 3x5 color photo of Audrey Harrell Dumones, Bernard Temple, and Dennis Miller at Palmer's Health Store in Chicago

f. 1 3x5 color photo of Juanita Harrell Stewart and Isabell Harrell Cook

g. 1 3x5 black and white photo of Clarence Harrell 3/6/1968

h. 1 3x5 color photo of the 1992 Harrell Family Reunion in New Orleans

i. 1 5x 8 copy of a sepia photo of the Harrell men of Tangipahoa Parish, including Joseph Harrell

j. 1 3 x4 color photo of a Harrell family Reunion, showing Henry Harrell, Dolores Harrell, Isabell Harrell, and Raymond Harrell, Sr.

k. 1 8x10 photo of Isabell Harrell and her children: Thomas Cook, Antoinette Harrell, and Michael Cook, Sr.

l. autographed picture given to Antoinette Harrell from Andaiye Alimayu, Sula, and Ashun Ede