Clare Hodges

Archival Collection



The Rebirth of America, Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation, 1986,
paperback, 256 pages

Readers’ Digest, August 1938

Boys’ Life, January 1952, Vol. XLII, No. 1

Louisiana Conservationist, April, May, June, 1961, Vol.
13, Nos. 4-5-6

Holiday Inn Magazine, October 1963

For the Home of Today, Crane Plumbing and Heating

Perspective of Germany, An
Atlantic Monthly Supplement, 1957

Romance in Shadows by Thomas McGlynn, 1941, paperback

Equality, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 15, 1944 (Pamphlet)

Caukey by Father Thomas McGlynn (a play), 1944

11. Program for the play,
Caukey by Father Thomas McGlynn at Blackfriars’ Theatre;
Also a newspaper clipping about the play, n. d.

12. Photographs of Father Thomas McGlynn (3)

13. Drawings, (1) Jesus on the Cross, 8 x 10; (2) Monks, 10 x

14. Postcards to Clare Hodges from Father Thomas McGlynn (7)

15. Photographs (10)

16. Christmas Cards to Clare Hodges and Fred Kopfler from Father
Thomas McGlynn

17. Correspondence to Clare Hodges from Father Thomas

18. Handkerchief with Statue of Our Lady of Fatima on it

19. Newspaper clippings about Father Thomas McGlynn

1) Amite Priest Back From Play Opening, n. d.

2) Father Thomas M. McGlynn with Our Lady of Fatima model, n.

3) Sculptor Priest Plans Huge Fatima Statute, n. d.

4) TV Tribute to Fatima Will Stress U. S. Gift, n. d.

5) Father Thomas M. McGlynn in picture with Rev. John I. Gallery
(left) and Cardinal Stritch (right) with Model of Our Lady of
Fatima, n.d.

6) New York Priest to Continue His Art Studies in Rome,
New York Times, November 11, 1933

7) Priest Sculptor Carves Sacred Group at Rosary, Shows a Negro
in Pose of Christ Mocked,
Chicago Sunday Tribune, May 18, 1941

8) Babson Discusses What Is To Happen To Colored Workers,
Reprint from the Lafayette, LA.,
Daily Advertiser Issue of March 17, 1944

9) `Caukey,’ Dynamic Race Drama, Read Here by Priest-Playwright,

Morning Advocate, March 28, 1944

10) Father McGlynn Honored With Supper,
News-Digest, Amite, La., May 11, 1945

11) Story of a Vision, Thomas McGlynn. . .Word Sculpture,
New Orleans States, February 6, 1949

12) Priest Sculpting Statue of Our Lady of Fatima,
Morning Advocate, September 29, 1957

13) Fr. Thomas McGlynn, Dominica Sculptor,
The New World, July 11, 1975

14) Visiting in Amite: Former Pastor is World Famous Sculptor,
Tangi Talk, February 23, 1977

15) Now a world-famous sculptor, Former pastor returns to visit,

News-Digest, February 24, 1977, 118th Year, Number 65