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Samuel C. Hyde, Sr.

Archival Collection




1. The News-Digest, Amite, Louisiana, Wednesday, May 29, 1968 newspaper containing the reprint of the History of Amite from the Thursday, May 26, 1927 The Tangipahoa Parish News

2. Photographs: (Photos given to Sam Hyde, Jr. by Olivette Wilson Garrison in 1992)

1) Two damaged houses (written on top of is "L. L. Life & Hollis Birch, 1941) 3 x 4 ½

2) A damaged house (written on bottom of photograph is 1941 Hodges House) 3 x 4 ½

The following are aerial photographs, descriptions are written on back (8 x 10)

3) B. Stern-Stewart Drug Store Corner, 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

4) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

5) Elm Street between Pittman & Rosen houses, 4/1940, Amite, LA, exclusive photo by Fonville Winans

6) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

7) 4/1940

8) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

9) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

10) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

11) 1940 cyclone, Amite, LA

12) Sanders pasture (behind the Pittman house), 1940 cyclone damage, Amite, LA


Ella Pipes Cline (mother was McMichael) in a cardboard folder, 8" x 10"

Ella Pipes Cline with children Helen, Walter, Jr., Dorothy, Irma, Binkie, Cline, 8" x 10" in a cardboard folder

Children, 4" x 5½" in a cardboard folder

Ella Pipes Cline (Walter Cline) children L-R, Helen, Dorothy, Irma, 5" x 7" on cardboard