Joy Jackson



Scrapbook 1

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

Stories written by Dr. Joy Jackson from 1951-1954

a) The Louisiana Girl Who Became a Yankee Spy [Pauline Cushman], September 19, 1954

b) Shaggy Story, August 29, 1954

c) Saints in Stone, December 6, 1953

d) John Paul Jones’ Great Silver Raid, December 27, 1953

e) Seeing Hands [blind sewing], December 13, 1953

f) Song of the Unsleeping River, Out of hazy night lights and shadows comes the Mississippi’s
serenade in blue, October 25, 1953

g) Home Grown Circus, October 18, 1953

h) The `Fighting Fourteen’—Women With Rifles, Morning Advocate Magazine Section, April 3, 1949

i) Staff Chaff, Journalist Joy (story about Joy Jackson)

j) Pirate to Patriot-Twice [Renato Beluche], January 7, 1951

k) Government Girls from Louisiana, by Paul Wooton, August 19, 1951

l) Duck Show on the Highway, September 9, 1951

m) There are Fads in Pets, Too, October 14, 1951

n) She Ignored the Dream of Death [Cassandra Van Pradelles], by Bissell Brooke, October
14, 1951

o) Stamps Took Him to Sea [Clem Kelly, Jr.], October 7, 1951

p) Jade, The Divine Stone, October 21, 1951

q) When All Saints’ Day saw the Fashion Parade, October 28, 1951

r) November 15 is Christmas in Korea, November 4, 1951

s) How to Hook a Rug, November 11, 1951

t) He lost his arm, but not his future [Jeff Rose], December 2, 1951

u) If you have an Accident, December 9, 1951

v) Auto Built in a Back Yard [Frank Sanford], December 16, 1951

w) Christmas on his face-Larceny in His Heart [Santa Claus], December 16, 1951

x) A World of Christmas in New Orleans, December 23, 1951

y) Love and the Lady of Mystery, January 6, 1952

z ) The Open Road Calls, January 13, 1952

aa) The Long Road to Freedom [Vranich Brothers], (page missing)

bb) A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Was Flower Painter for Audubon, March 2, 1952

cc) Basketball isn’t for men only, January 27, 1952

dd) Tractor Boss at Four [A. J. (Albert Jude) Philip], March 16, 1952

ee) Private Weather Eye [Nash Roberts], March 30, 1952

ff) Out of Darkness, He Creates Music [James Hernandez], March 30, 1952

gg) The Armed Services Break Bread Together, n. d.

hh) Keeping Salt out of Rice, April 13, 1952

ii) School Built for its Children [McDonogh 39], April 27, 1952

jj) The Can’t Expel Butch [dog of Joseph Friend], April 20, 1952

kk) Envelope Art, May 4, 1952

ll) Six Little Girls Are a Research Project, May 25, 1952

mm) Getting a Lift, Bar-bell balancers mind muscles, June 1, 1952

nn) He Knows the Score [Arthur O. Schott], June 15, 1952

oo) Field Trip for Future Editors, June 15, 1952

pp) Chopin’s Friend from New Orleans [Paul Emile Johns], June 22, 1952

qq) Best Foot Forward [Musette Davis-ballet], July 20, 1952

rr) Nursing Her Way Through School [Catherine Taylor], August 10, 1952

ss) Heads in the Clouds [Joan and Dick Barker], August 17, 1952

tt) Saddle Craftsman, August 31, 1952

uu) Christmas in Summertime, August 31, 1952

vv) Lady in the Dark, Blindness didn’t stop this woman from performing her thrilling
diving horse act [Sonora Carver], September 7, 1952

ww) Bearded Hopeful [Jack Dabdoub], July 27, 1952

xx) Crusaders’ Banner, Medieval knights went into battle with this flag, September
15, 1952

yy) Guide Ropes Among the Pines, September 14, 1952

zz) Staff Chaff

aaa) Filling the Stage with Song, October 5, 1952

bbb) En Garde!, October 5, 1952

ccc) Dairy Farmer’s Da [J. B. Terry, Kentwood], October 12, 1952

ddd) Tracks Go to Sea, n. d.

eee) Cardboard Capers in St. Martinville, Kids’ annual chariot parade is fun for all,
September 21, 1952



Scrapbook 2

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

Stories written by Dr. Joy Jackson from 1952-1953

a) Halloween Fun for $4.42, October 26, 1952

b) Riverman’s Tribute, River pilot loved the steamboat so much that his home was built
just like one [Capt. Milton Doullut], October 26, 1952

c) He Discovered America Through Stamps [Wolfgang Neumann], November 2, 1952

d) Audubon Lions For Austria, November 16, 1952

e) Paddling His Way to School [Larry Devillier], November 23, 1952

f) Staff Chaff [About Thunder Bay], December 7, 1952

g) Thunder Bay, LA [Jimmy Stewart, Joanne Dru, Gilbert Roland, Robert Monet, and Dan
Duryea Picture], December 7, 1952

h) Gas Pump with Brains, n. d.

i) Junior Miss of the Air Waves, A radio novice at 9, Helen Martin is studying for
next license, n. d.

j) Staff Chaff, Hams All Over the Place, n. d.

k) Portraits in Sugar, Giant Sugar Lumps are the Canvas [J. Phil Preddy], December
28, 1952

l) Painting the Surprise That Unwraps, October 19, 1952

m) Chemistry VS. Crime, January 4, 1953

n) Designed For Youngsters, January 4, 1953

o) The Top Ten Tourist Spots, January 11, 1953

p) How They Erected Lee’s Statue the First Time, January 18, 1953

q) Across `Trembling Prairies’ [Louisiana’s early railroad builders], n. d.

r) Finding A Beau Through Beefsteaks, Scientific approach to romance begins in kitchen,
n. d.

s) Their Success Comes Early in Life, February 1, 1953

t) Mardi Gras in a Hospital, February 15, 1953

u) Unwrapping A Surprise, A new toy idea is based on old European trick, October 19,

v) Covering the Subject, Special libraries offer records, pictures, tourist tips and
talking books, October 15, 1952

w) Adult Education Works the Night Shift, February 22, 1953

x) Staff Chaff, Souvenir Medals, Robert E. Lee Monument, n. d.

y) Salute a la France [Mme. Edwin LeBeuf Villere’s], March 15, 1953

z) The Promise for the Future [Junior Philharmonic], March 8, 1953

aa) Her Beads Cause a Chain Reaction, March 8, 1953

bb) Tower Disc Jockey, n. d.

cc) Chess Men and Women, March 22, 1953

dd) Doubles Named Davis [Joan and Jean Davis], March 29, 1953

ee) The Failure That Led to the Louisiana Purchase, April 12, 1953

ff) Hostility Against Tyranny, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech cites man who believed
in inalienable rights, n. d.

gg) Rediscovery of the Jordan [Southern Mississippi], April 19, 1953

hh) Magic Table, n. d.

ii) Real Hoofers, n. d.

jj) Champion Handler at 14 [bulldogs], May 3, 1953

kk) Natalie [Scott] with the Magic Key, This New Orleanian’s birthday has become a
fiesta day in old [Taxco] Mexico, May 31, 1953

ll) While the Class is Away, Mississippi school get a new look, June 21, 1953

mm) Picnics-Past and Present, July 5, 1953

nn) New Orleans’ `Naked Lady,’ Victorian pin-up girl rode her way to world fame strapped
on the back of a horse [Adah Isaacs Menken], July 12, 1953

oo) Painting a Song, These youngsters interpret music with water colors [Delgado’s
Art Class], July 19, 1953

pp) The Great Lizard Hung, This LSU professor chisels reptiles out of rocks in the
name of science, August 9, 1953

qq) Men at Work: Ships Keep Out, Cleaning and repairing this canal lock is a tremendous
job which can be completed only in installments, August 23, 1953

rr) Four Lafayette Squares, September 13, 1953

ss) Giddyap for the Groceries, September 13, 1953

tt) Bucket-Nosed Duckdozer, September 13, 1953

uu) Do You Believe in Signs, September 20, 1953

vv) Staff Chaff, Barnacle Bill was Angry [Sonora Carver’s fox terrier], n. d.

ww) Whizzers on Wheels [Roller-skating champs, Walter Grant III and Lynn Borgstede],
September 20, 1953

xx) When Claiborne Came to New Orleans, October 4, 1953

yy) A Gown Worn for the Louisiana Purchase, Lovely lady of old New Orleans left legacy
of dress to her family, October 18, 1953



Scrapbook 1

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

Stories written by Dr. Joy Jackson from 1953-1955

a) Friends into Figurines [Mrs. C. S. “Bonnie” Fleischmann turns her friends into
porcelain], November 1, 1953

b) More Fun Than Canasta [Oil Painting], November 29, 1953

c) History by V-Mail [Byrd D. Fowler, Jr. wrote to his students during World War II],
December 6, 1953

d) Women as Artists See Them, December 6, 1953

e) Raising Cane on Wheels, January 10, 1954

f) Blowing Glass to a Degree, January 31, 1954

g) Seeing Eye for a Dog (a real pal is Brocky, who leads blind terrier to food), January
31, 1954

h) Grocery Afloat [Kenneth Hutton], January 31, 1954

i) Two Dogs Do a 25-Man Job, February 7, 1954

j) In Place of a Pet, March 14, 1954

k) When Co-eds Feed Co-eds, February 7, 1954

l) Exploring Yesteryear’s Armoire, March 7, 1954

m) Adding Art to Nature [S. J. Peters High School], March 14, 1954

n) Staff Chaff (Self-Portraits-Joy Jackson), March 14, 1954

o) As We See Ourselves (Self-Portraits), March 14, 1954

p) Mother Makes A Bonnet, April 11, 1954

q) We Live in a Fire House [John Brown of Plaquemines, La.], April 18, 1954

r) Country Life in the City, April 25, 1954

s) The Day Anything Can Happen, n. d.

t) Audubon’s Happy Land, April 25, 1954

u) Shallots in the Cane Fields, May 23, 1954

v) Staff Chaff [The Imperfect Mother, bulldog and puppies], n. d.

w) Riding the River Road, June 27, 1954

x) Mayors Run in the Family [Marchands of Donaldsonville], June 27, 1954

y) Do Babies Look Like Their Parents, July 25, 1954

z) Grading the Grain, July 11, 1954

aa) Bayou Lafourche Goes Fresh, July 25, 1954

bb) Got a Favorite Pup?, August 8, 1954

cc) To Serve the South, August 15, 1954

dd) Deep in Dixie: Slidell’s Mysterious Letter, October 3, 1954

ee) Staff Chaff, Stop Rockin’s the Boat, n. d.

ff) Shades of Jean Lafitte!, September 12, 1954

gg) Staff Chaff, Calendar Boy, n.d.

hh) Panic Started His Career [Emile Meyer], September 19, 1954

ii) What Should A Library Be?, October 17, 1954

jj) The Winning Streak [Curtis Lee Attaway Jr., sports car racer], October 24, 1954

kk) Blow Whistles; Peace is Declared! [1918 Armistice], November 7, 1954

ll) The Blind Learn by Doing, November 21, 1954

mm) Hands at Work, talking hands tell musicians how to play, November 28, 1954

nn) Party That Goes Places, December 12, 1954

oo) There’s Nothing Like A New Hat, December 12, 1954



Scrapbook 2

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

Stories written by Dr. Joy Jackson in 1955-1956

a) Deep in Dixie: West End’s Open-Air Movies, July 24, 1955

b) Foils for a Family, July 24, 1955

c) Revolution in Church Design, January 16, 1955

d) Keeping the Y in YWCA, January 23, 1955

e) Soaring Sextet, February 13, 1955

f) Safety Starts in the First Grade, February 13, 1955

g) Staff Chaff, Imagination at work, n. d.

h) What I Like About My School, February 27, 1955

i) At 13 She Has Her Own Troupe [Janice Roger], February 13, 1955

j) Jack Mack: Reed Maker (Reeds for oboes from cane from French Riviera), March 13,

k) Walt Whitman and the Louisiana Live Oak, March 20, 1955

j) From Shanghai to Symphony [Yuan and Ling Tung], March 27, 1955

k) It’s Puppy Time, April 3, 1955

l) Beauregard in the Hall of Montezuma, April 10, 1955

m) Making History Live, April 24, 1955

n) Bienville in Bronze, April 24, 1955

o) The Robe, May 15, 1955

p) It’s Only Maybelline, December 4, 1955

q) Home Runs in the Classroom, May 18, 1955

r) Playing House, Acadian Style, May 29, 1955

s) Turn-of-the-Century Photographer [John N. Teunisson], June 5, 1955

t) What Does A Teacher Do All Summer? While students vacation, instructors find new
jobs, July 17, 1955

u) From Faith and Concrete [replica of Grotto at Lourdes], August 28, 1955

v) Staff Chaff, A Man’s Memorial? [Judah P. Benjamin], September 11, 1955

w) Before the Long Stretch [dachshunds], September 4, 1955

x) Watch the Signs, September 11, 1955

y) A Kiln Replaces the Card Table, February 6, 1955

z) When Artists Give a Party, February 20, 1955

aa) Pets on Parade, February 20, 1955

bb) Davy Crockett Contest Winners, August 14, 1955

cc) Billy Breaks the Silence Barrier, September 18, 1955

dd) Collecting Bookplates, September 18, 1955

ee) So Sweet and Unrefined, September 18, 1955

ff) Are You Blind to Signs?, September 25, 1955

gg) Fur and Feather Play Together, October 2, 1955

hh) How Each 100 Helps 66, October 2, 1955

ii) Heart of a Cypress, Hands of an Artist [Ebdon Alleman makes pirogue], October
16, 1955

jj) Peasant Dress from Monk’s Cloth, October 16, 1955

kk) The Bigger the Party . . . the more fun youngster have celebrating birthday, November
6, 1955

ll) A Picture a day [Phyllis Reppel], October 30, 1955

mm) Calm Hands and Busy Feet, October 23, 1955

nn) Mother is Teacher’s Helper, October 23, 1955

oo) Rainbow Hairdo, November 6, 1955

pp) Round the Rink, November 13, 1955

qq) Ghosts of the Courts, David Hennessy murder ended in lynching, November 13, 1955

rr) 176 Voices for Victory [Colton Junior High School Cheerleaders], November 27,

ss) For Christmas Candles, December 18, 1955

tt) Pencils in the Park, December 4, 1955

uu) Juveniles Visit The Judges, January 15, 1956

vv) Rock Hound’s Fever, January 22, 1956

ww) Once A Newsboat, Now A Museum Piece, February 26, 1956

xx) Visitors Become the Krewe, February 12, 1956

yy) Buying Make-Believe, February 12, 1956

zz) Mardi Gras Mice, February 12, 1956

aaa) Some Like ‘Em Big, Some Like “Em Small [dogs], March 18, 1956

bbb) A Dream in Lace, March 11, 1956

ccc) A Chimp Called Caledonia, March 25, 1956

ddd) It’s A Trim Job [poodle], July 22, 1956

eee) Icy Adventure, March 25, 1956

fff) International Synphony, March 4, 1956

ggg) Madness at McDonogh, May 13, 1956

hhh) The Thai Touch, July 10, 1955



Scrapbook 1

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

Stories written by Dr. Joy Jackson in 1956

a) Around the World in Music, May 20, 1956

b) Bike Rodeo, April 29, 1956

c) Learning How the World Goes Round, May 27, 1956

d) All She Need is Wings [Elizabeth Burke playing harp], June 17, 1956

e) Fun by the Pool, June 10, 1956

f) Return of the Hurdy-Gurdy, June 10, 1956

g) Saddles Call For Boots, June 24, 1956

h) Grandmere’s Secrets, July 8, 1956

i) Staff Chaff, He Paints Spotted Horses, n. d.

j) A Marked Horse, August 5, 1956

k) Beating the Bad Hours, September 9, 1956

l) As Easy as Icing, August 12, 1956

m) Nonsense That Makes Sense, September 16, 1956

n) Showman at 13 [Bobby Lonero], October 7, 1956

o) `X’ Marks The Spot, Ever leave a dollar bill in a library book? Or mark your place
with a saw? October 7, 1956

p) Fountains of the City, October 7, 1956

q) Pooches in the Pictures, October 7, 1956

r) Louisiana Scene Wins International Award, October 21, 1956

s) Do We Need a Drive to Unscramble Street Names, October 21, 1956

t) More Than Just a Dancer [Jackie Ebeier], November 4, 1956

u) Stuffing His Hobby [John Dudenhefer, taxidermy], November 18, 1956

v) Help to Help Themselves, November 11, 1956

w) Turtles, Toads and Tadfish, November 18, 1956

x) Beagle Boy, December 2, 1956

y) Staff Chaff, Phyllis Marie Reppel posed 366 times during her first year, n. d.

z) Staff Chaff [Michael Schlatre], n. d.

aa) Last Island’s Terrifying Last Day, August 5, 1956

bb) Romance in Wake of Tragic Storm, November 10, 1935

cc) Adopted Land, Adopted Son, November 11, 1956

Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine

dd) April 26, 1953

ee) May 24, 1953

ff) September 6, 1953

gg) October 4, 1953 (2 copies)

hh) October 18, 1953

ii) December 6, 1953 (2 copies)

jj) June 13, 1954

kk) August 15, 1954

Life Magazine

ll) Special Issue, The Presidency, July 5, 1968

mm) Special Double Issue, The ’60s, Decade of Tumult and change, December 26, 1969

nn) Special Issue, To the Moon and Back, 1969



The Daily Reveille, Volume 53, September 17, 1948 through August 5, 1949 (Bound Copy)



Old German Books (4)



Xerox copies of articles from magazines and books


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BOX 7 Xerox copies of articles from magazines and books


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Xerox copies of articles from magazines and books


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Xerox copies of articles from magazines and books


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BOX 11


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BOX 12


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w) “Party is set for library’s 80th year [Algiers Point Library],” unidentified newspaper,
n. d.

x) Picture From The Past, Historic building became a hotbed of politics [Choctaw Club],”
Times-Picayune, December 13, 1987

y) “A `Tribute’ to Francis T. Nicholls,” by Evans J. Casso, Times-Picayune, December 13, 1987

z) “Port posts a gain,” Times-Picayune, February 25, 1994

aa) New Orleans, Scene of Innovation, An address by Dr. Malcolm F. Rosenberg, Jr.
to the 18th Annual Conference, South Central District, Department of Elementary School
Principals, in New Orleans, 1966 (brochure)

bb) Art Supplement “The Levee at New Orleans,” with two text pages from ” Appleton’s Journal, N.Y., 1869

cc) A Lithographed Map from Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, dated June 30,
1892, Mississippi River Commission, Fourth District-Warrenton to Head of Passes, 484
Miles, Showing location of channel works and United States Levees

dd) Scene on the Levee, in the Cotton Season, New Orleans, Yesterday and Today, by Belle Hunt, page 648 (xerox copy)

ee) French Quarter Walking Tour and Souvenir of New Orleans, 1967 (booklet)

 9. Alsace and Lorraine Research (xerox copies from books)

a) Alsace and Lorraine, From Caesar to Kaiser, by Ruth Putnam, 1915, pp. 201-205, 7 maps

b) Spell of Alsace, by André Hallays, 1 map

c) Spell of Alsace, by André Hallays, Chapter IX, “An Excursion in the Surroundings of Strasburg, pp.
116-129 (2 copies of pp. 120-129)

10. Mississippi River Index from Times-Picayune

11. Photographs and maps of New Orleans and the Mississippi River (xerox copies)

12. Maps of the United States and Individual States (xerox copies)

13. Photographs of Dr. Jackson and her family and other photographs used in Where the River Runs Deep


BOX 13


1. Births, Baptisms, Deaths, and Marriages:

a) Birth Certificate of Joy Juanita Jackson, October 8, 1928 (original)

b) Birth announcement for Joy Juanita Jackson in Times-Picayune, October 14, 1928

c) Marriage Certificate of Oliver Daniel Jackson and Oneida Christine Drouant, October
17, 1928

d) Birth Certificate of Oneida C. Drouant, January 3, 1898

e) Program of Confirmation Services of Oneida C. Drouant, April 9, 1911

f) Obituary for Oneida Drouant Jackson, Daily Star, April 30, 1990

g) Baptism Certificate of Oliver Daniel Jackson, Plaquemines Parish, La., February
28, 1897 (original and xerox copy)

h) Sworn Statement of Mrs. Olivia Clark Richmond that Oliver Daniel Jackson was baptized
on February 28, 1897 and that he was approximately six months old, having been born
on August 5, 1896, statement signed January 13, 1960 (original)

i) 1900 Census report for Oliver D. Jackson, Age 3, from Department of Commerce, Bureau
of the Census to Bureau of Marine Inspection dated October 28, 1942 (original and
two xerox copies)

j) Memento and Certificate of Baptism, Joy Jackson

k) A Token of your Confirmation, Joy Jackson, April 16, 1941

l) Obituary of Captain Andy Jackson, Times-Picayune, January 24, 1902 (xerox copy)

m) Certificate of Baptism for Thomas Rudolphe Jackson, February 27, 1864 (xerox copy)

n) Certificate of Death for Thomas Jackson, March 18, 1955 (xerox copy)

o) Obituary of Thomas A. Jackson

p) Baptism Certificate of Hyacinth Jackson at St. Mary’s Assumption Church, March
19, 1909, born October 5, 1895 (xerox copy)

q) Obituary of Sarah Buras Jackson, Times-Picayune, February 14, 1914 (xerox copy)

r) Marriage Certificate of Jean-Baptiste Breny, January 13, 1880 (2 version)

s) Obituary of Mrs. Alvaretta Jackson Nicholson, Times-Picayune, June 29, 1978, July 8, 1978

t) Items found inside the German Bible of Josephine C. Koster Drouant

u) List of births, death, marriages, and children in the Josephine Koster Drouant

v) Death Certificate of Inez Drouant died January 23, 1917 at the Charity Hospital
at aged 1 years, 5 months, and 16 days of diphtheria

w) Death Certificate of Louisa Pratt widow of Monroe Jackson died April 13, 1911 at
age 24 years, 3 months, and 11 days

x) Death Certificate of Monroe Jackson, Jr., March 2, 1911

y) Death Certificate of Sarah Buras wife of Andrew Jackson died February 13, 1914

z) Death Certificate of Sarah Jackson, February 2, 1914

aa) Baptism Certificate of Celeste Buras, Church of St. Thomas, Pointe-a-la-Hache,
Louisiana, August 4, 1844 (three versions–xeroxed)

bb) Obituary of John W. Jackson, Morning Tribune, New Orleans, died November 10, 1932

cc) Death Certificate of Charles Buras, Sr., March 23, 1955

dd) Contract of Marriage between Andrew Jackson and Celeste Buras, April 30, 1859


ee) Letter from Alice D. Forsyth, Archivist at Cathedral of St. Louis King of France
dated 2 August 1978 about records available

ff) Extract from Baptismal Register for Jean Raphael Burat (2 versions)

gg) Extract from Marriage Record for Jean Pierre Bura with Margueritte Frederic

hh) Extract from Marriage Register for Sebastian Bura with Maria Juliana Bura

ii) Extract from Marriage Register for Rene Antoine Millet with Marie Toutdit

jj) Extract from Marriage Entry for Henry Frederique and Genevieve Millet

kk) Letter from Mrs. T. R. Rehm, Secretary, Archives, Diocese of Mobile dated 20 July
1978 about records available.

ll) Marriage Record-Jean Guillaume Burat and Madeleine Rouger

mm) Baptismal Record-unnamed son of Jean Guillaume Burat and Madeleine Roger

nn) Baptismal Record-Joseph Guillaume Burat, son of Jean Guillaume Burat and Madeline

oo) Baptismal Record-Jean Pierre Burat, son of Jean Buillaume Burat and Magdeleine

pp) Burial Record-Jean Buillaume Burat

qq) Marriage Record-Antoine Negrier and Madelaine Rouger

rr) Baptism Certificate for Helene Morghan, August 8, 1864

ss) Marriage Certificate for Doonari Coludrorica and Helen Morgan, May 27, 1883

tt) Marriage Certificate for Henry (Henri) Clark and Katy Goodman, August 18, 1889

uu) Marriage Certificate for Pablo Balribera and Elizabeth Buras, June 3, 1845

vv) Marriage Certificate for Jeamy Reggio and Lucinda Loar, January 5, 1847 (2 versions)

ww) Baptism Certificate for Joseph Jackson,

xx) Baptism Certificate for Hyacinth Jackson, October 5, 1895

yy) Petition of Heirs pursuant to the sale of the Estate, May 1812

2. Letters and Documents about Steamship Pilots:

a) Certificate of Enrollment, June 1942 for Oliver D. Jackson

b) Certificate of Enrollment, December 30, 1942 for Oliver D. Jackson

c) Disenrollment, Temporary Member United States Coast Guard Reserve

d) Certificate of Disenrollment as a Temporary Member of United States Coast Guard
Reserve, November 30, 1945, Oliver D. Jackson

e) Disenrollment as a Temporary Member of United States Coast Guard Reserve, November
30, 1945, Oliver D. Jackson

f) License to U. S. Merchant Marine Office, Oliver D. Jackson, February 19, 1963

g) Tariff, New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilotage to and from all Intermediate Points, n.d.

h) Tariff, New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilotage to and from all Intermediate Points, ACT
146, July 1956

i) Newspaper Clipping: “Writing End of Pilot’s 62-Year Log [Charles Murray Jackson],”
New Orleans Item, December 22, 1947

j) Statement of sale dated August 26, 1936, purchase of insurance policy by Mr. and
Mrs. O. D. Jackson and Miss Rosalie Kirn (original and xerox copies)

k) House Bill No. 251-About pilotage fees


l) Letter to Capt. O. D. Jackson from A. C. Steinmuller dated July 19, 1955 about
Captain Ricca starting his apprenticeship August 1, 1955

m) History and Scope of Operations of The New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots

n) Memo from New Orleans Steamship Association dated January 8, 1947 about Upper River

o) Operational Cost by records from New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association
for 11 pilots dated May 1954; Operational Cost by records from New Orleans-Baton Rouge
Steamship Pilots Association for 14 pilots dated May 1956; Proposal to illustrate
minimum increase in operational cost and four additional pilots

p) Facts and Figures Concerning The Working Conditions of a Baton Rouge Steamship
Pilot (3-page legal-size paper)

q) Early Pilot Business, October 1, 1921

r) Early Pilot Business, September 12, 1928

s) Reduction of Rates, November 15, 1931

t) Request for the Rate Restoration, November 25, 1931

u) Loss in fire on Northwestern, 1920

v) Mate on Harry Farnum, 1921

w) Discharge from Alvarado, 1926

x) Coyle Bonus, December 24, 1928

y) Application to Crescent Port Pilots, 1928

z) Coyle Bonus, December 24, 1929

aa) Coyle Bonus, December 24, 1930

bb) Move to Standard Oil, July 8, 1937

cc) Check Receipts, 1928 and 1929 Bonus

dd) Check Receipt, 1930 Bonus

ee) Grand Lake, Arkansas Experience, December 31, 1937

ff) Letter regarding Eric Jackson, September 24, 1938

gg) Recommendation of Charles A. Vogt

hh) Application to the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots, November 17, 1938

ii) Note for $600 borrowed from DeBardeleben to enter pilots, January 2, 1939

jj) Old copy of the original 1943 New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots Charter

kk) Mimeographed copy of the 1943 Charter

ll) 1943 Statement of Funds from New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots

mm) American Pilots Association Correspondence, 1946

nn) Correspondence of pilots for World War II, February 18, 1946

oo) Delano letter on pilots in World War II, February 21, 1946

pp) Honors accorded Pilots after, December 8, 1950

qq) Promotion to Coast Guard Commander, November 16, 1945

rr) Certificate of Satisfactory Service, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve during World War
II, November 13, 1945, Lt. Commander Oliver D. Jackson

ss) Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid, 1946


tt) Financial Status of New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots, 1952, 1953, and 1954

uu) Act to set up the Board of Commissioners of the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots
(Carbon copy)

vv) New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots’ Rates per Foot

ww) Amended Charter of New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots for 1945 and 1954

xx) By-Laws of the American Pilots’ Association, 1962

yy) Correspondence on Tugs in Baton Rouge, August 10, 1956

zz) Lennox letter on his actions, August 22, 1956

aaa) Joe Lennox Resignation, April 17, 1956

bbb) Service on Committee of Propeller Club, August 4, 1954

ccc) Pilot Applications, 1945

ddd) Disciplinary Action and Resignation of J. H. Brown, February 12, 1927

eee) Correspondence on Tugs in Baton Rouge, May 10, 1956

fff) Resolution to take in another pilot, November 13, 1938

ggg) Marine Department Information, October 31, 1938 

3. Letters and Documents about Steamship Pilots:

a) Correspondence on Tugs in Baton Rouge, July 30, 1956

b) American Pilots’ Association 35th Convention, November 6, 1950

c) Case of Peter Fitzgerald to Regain Status in New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots, 1961

d) Pilotage Rates at United States Ports, August 1, 1957

e) Letter from O. D. Jackson to U. S. Coast Guard Hearing Board about an accident
with a tugboat, June 18, 1945

f) Letter from U. S. Coast Guard to Oliver D. Jackson saying he was completely blameless
for the accident, October 30, 1945

g) Request by New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots for opinion of the State Attorney-General
on their case to change ships at Southport-the reply from the Attorney-General’s office,
February 21, 1957

h) Civil District Court, Esso Standard Oil VS. Crescent River Port Pilots and New
Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots

i) Supreme Court of Louisiana, Esso Standard Oil VS. Crescent River Port Pilots and
the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots

j) List of Reasons for Changing at Carrollton Avenue

k) Act No. 137, 1960, regarding the Crescent Port Pilots

l) Statement from O. D. Jackson concerning his illness, July 21, 1958

m) O. D. Jackson’s letter stating his intention to retire by end of 1963, May 12,

n) Pilot Notice of May 16, 1963 in which Oliver D. Jackson’s retirement statement
is mentioned

o) Oliver D. Jackson’s Resignation from New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots effective January
31, 1964

p) Letter from Victor H. Schiro, Mayor of City of New Orleans, sending best wishes
on Oliver D. Jackson’s retirement, March 25, 1964

q) Newspaper clipping in which Oliver D. Jackson’s resignation is mentioned


r) “Former Ship Pilot Plans River Tour,” States-Item, 1964

s) “Retired Pilot’s Funeral Today, Capt. Chotin Worked 62 Years on River,” unidentified
newspaper, n. d.

t) Exhibit at the Crescent River Port Pilot’s Association office in Bell Chase, November
5, 1987

u) “Reunion on the Natchez [Evans J. Foret and Samuel J. Centanni, Natchez steamboat
capt.,” West Bank Guide, September 1, 1976

v) “Heirs File Suit Over Oil Land,” unidentified newspaper, n. d.

w) “Is the New Orleans Steamship Assn. Using Selective Bargaining?”

x) “A Public Message to the New Orleans Steamship Assn.,” August 20, 1962

y) Notice that Oliver D. Jackson’s insurance will be covered by New Orleans-Baton
Rouge Pilots

z) Acceptance of Oliver D. Jackson’s resignation by President of association, Capt.
S. K. Sprada, January 31, 1964

aa) Dr. W. Wayne Lake’s diagnosis of Oliver D. Jackson’s allergies and his recommendations
for treatment

bb) Change in pilots fees in Act of Legislature, No. 67, July 16, 1960

cc) Act of Legislature pertaining to Bar Pilots, 1960

dd) Upper Right: 1959 Charter and Roster of New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots; Center
Right: U. S. Merchant Mariner’s Card issued to Oliver D. Jackson by the Coast Guard
in 1953; Lower Right: 1976 Charter and Roster of Members of New Orleans-Baton Rouge
Pilots; Lower Left: Photograph of Adolph Schwalb, Oliver D. Jackson, and Richard H.
Buras, Jr.

ee) Cards send to Oliver D. Jackson by Reuel Reichert

ff) Roster of New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots

gg) Roster of New Orleans-Baton Rouge Pilots

hh) Letter Oliver D. Jackson wrote to pilots who did not bother to vote, December
14, 1980 for his pension raise, December 14, 1980

ii) Notice that Equitable Insurance Company took up insurance coverage because Masters,
Mates & Pilots canceled as of May 30, 1980, June 27, 1980

4. Flag for Charter Member New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association

5. Notes of Oliver Daniel Jackson About Pilots, Book #8

6. Documents about Houses and Property the Jacksons owned

a) Legal Documents connected to property in Abita Springs belonging to Oneida Drouant
Jackson’s family, 1913

b) Legal Documents bequeathing a lot in Abita Springs to Oneida Drouant, May 10, 1920

c) Legal Documents connected to the purchase of the Venus Street Property, June 11,
19, July 8, and October 9, 1925

d) Legal Document connected to the purchase of property in Gentilly Gardens, July
3, 1929

e) Sale of Venus Street House, August 4, 1938

f) Purchase of Plank Road Acreage, Map dated July 27, 1938

g) Correction of Title for Plank Road Property, August 19, 1938


h) Sale of the Plank Road Property, October 29, 1940

i) Sale of the Plank Road Property, November 1, 1940

j) Purchase of Marigny Street House, June 16, 1941

k) Purchase of Pauger Street House, January 20, 1950

l) Specifications on work done to Pauger Street House, 1951

m) Cancellation of Mortgage on the Pauger Street House, March 14, 1961

n) Purchase of Paris Avenue House, June 27, 1957

o) Sale of Parish Avenue House to Caldwells, September 21, 1966

p) Letter about Sale of Parish Avenue House to Caldwells, September 22, 1966

q) Floor plan for house on 1411 University Drive, Hammond, Louisiana

7. Succession of Sebastian Burat, 1833 (xerox copy)

8. Succession of Marguerite Frederic, 1812 (xerox copy)

9. Succession of Mary Armstrong Boyce, Plaquemines Parish, 1847

10. Sale of Undivided Half of Landed Property by Peter Loar to Mrs. Elisa Bryde, wife
of John Loar, March 30, 1847 (Legal Papers)

11. Sale of Land by Thomas Loar and wife Mary Boyce Loar and a Minor G. W. Boyce,
June 16, 1855 (Legal Papers)

12. John “Logue” of Virginia (Legal Papers)


BOX 14


1. Notes from Books, Newspapers, etc.

2. Notes from Books, Newspapers, etc.

3. Records xeroxed from Books

4. Courthouse Records Notes

5. Census Records

6. Census, Plaquemines Parish, 1850

7. Births, Baptisms, and Marriages Notes

8. Obituaries

9. Pedigree Charts

10. Where the River Runs Deep: Oral History and Personal Recollections, by Joy Jackson

12. Family History of Oliver D. Jackson, written by O. D. Jackson and Alvaretta Nicholson

13. Andrew Jackson of Plaquemines Parish, by Joy Jackson

14. Genealogical Correspondence

14. Genealogical Correspondence


BOX 15


1. Original Manuscript of Where the River Runs Deep

2. First Versions of Chapter One and Two of Where the River Runs Deep

3. Readers’ Critiques of Where the River Runs Deep

4. Letters Requesting Permission to Publish

5. Correspondence about Where the River Runs Deep (mostly from Gerry Anders, the editor)

6. Responses from Dr. Jackson to Edited Manuscript

7. Reviews of Where the River Runs Deep


BOX 16


1. Thesis: Municipal Progress in New Orleans, 1880-1884: The Administrations of Shakspeare
and Behan, by Dr. Joy Jackson (carbon copy)

2. Thesis: Municipal Progress in New Orleans, 1880-1884: The Administrations of Shakspeare
and Behan, by Dr. Joy Jackson (bound copy)

3. Revised Manuscript of New Orleans in the Gilded Age

4. Reviews of New Orleans in the Gilded Age


BOX 17 -Prohibition Material


1. The Bureau of Prohibition, Its History, Activities, and Organization, pp. 1-153 (xerox copy)

2. New Orleans and Nation-Wide Prohibition As Reflected in the Times-Picayune, 1918-20,
A Thesis by Robert Hartsell Russell, Jun 1956 (xerox copy)

3. Delivering Demon Rum: Prohibition Era Rumrunning in the Gulf of Mexico, by Randy
Sanders (Southeastern Professor)

4. Typewritten Manuscript of Story on Mr. Claude E. Blancq, Sr., retired former deputy
Collector in Charge of the Customs Marine Division at New Orleans, Louisiana, n. d.

5. Material on Smuggling at Sea:Rum Row, by Robert Carse, 1959-

a) I’m Alone Incident

b) Court Decisions on Smuggling

c) Booze preferred

d) Chapter IX, In Southern Waters, Rum War at Sea, 1964, by Malcolm F. Willoughby, pp. 117-130 (xerox copy)

6. Handwritten Notes about Prohibition that Dr. Joy Jackson Collected for an Article

7. Handwritten Notes about Prohibition that Dr. Joy Jackson Collected for an Article

8. Miscellaneous Items about Prohibition that Dr. Joy Jackson Collected for an Article

a) Two letters from Irene Morris about Lake Holland dated January 23, 1978

b) Two newspaper articles about Lake Holland, St. Helena Echo, July 1958 and January 10, 1968

c) Poem by Lake Holland?

d) Unpublished comments on Patrick Needham’s service as a prohibition agent, probably
written in 1927 (3-page typewritten paper)

e) “Patrick Needham, Conspiracy Maker,” by H. E. Turner (5-page typewritten paper)

f) Legal Paper dated August 1928 about Patrick M. Needham being an undercover agent
with the Prohibition Enforcement Officer at New Orleans (5 pages)

g) Twenty-one Letters about Prohibition from the Louisiana State Archives and Records



BOX 18


1. Chapter VI, “Surrender of City of New Orleans,” Confederate Military History, by John Dimitry, 1988, pp. 49-61 (xerox copy)

2. The Long Ordeal: Army Generals and Reconstruction in Louisiana, 1862-1877, Chapters
I-V, A Dissertation by Joseph Green Dawson, III, May 1978, pp. 1-135 (xerox copy)

3. Civilian Life in Occupied New Orleans, 1862-65, A Dissertation by Elisabeth Joan
Doyle, June 1965, pp. 123-143, 312-322 (xerox copy)

4. “The Butler Regime in Louisiana,” by Thomas Ewing Dabney, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Vol. 27, No. 2, April 1944, pp. 487-526 (xerox copy)

5. “The Free Market of New Orleans, 1861-1862,” by Mary Elizabeth Massey, Louisiana History, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4, Fall 1987, pp. 202-220 (xerox copy)

6. Recollections of a Rebel Reefer, pp. 51-59, 70-78 (xerox copy)

7. “The Fall of New Orleans, April 18 to May 1, 1862,” by Major-General Mansfield
Lovell, The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, 1895 (xerox copy)

8. “New Orleans Under General Butler,” by Howard Palmer Johnson, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Vol. XXIV, April 1941, pp. 434-537 (xerox copy); Two sketches from Butler’s Book. p. 416 and p. 511

9. War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (xerox copies of pages about General Butler in New Orleans)

10. Sources for Article on Gen. Butler in New Orleans:

a) List of newspaper articles in the Daily Picayune, 1862

b) List of newspaper articles in the Daily True Delta, 1862

c) Second District Police Log Book of Arrests, March 21, 1862 to June 30, 1864 (in
the Archives of the New Orleans Public Library, Main Branch, New Orleans)

d) “Letters from Denison to Chase,” American Historical Association, pp. 320-327 (xerox copy)

11. Keeping Law and Order in New Orleans Under General Butler, 1862 (3 versions)

12. James Bryce, by H. A. L. Fisher, Vol. I, Chapter XIII, “The American Commonwealth,” pp. 222-242;
Vol. II, “Modern Democracies,” pp. 264-275; “Chronological Table,” pp. 313-324

13. American Democracy and The World War, Pre-War Years, 1913-1917, by Frederick L. Paxson, Chapter X, pp. 163-179 (xerox copy)

14. Biography of James Bryce, Dictionary of National Biography, by E. I. Carlyle, pp. 127-135 (xerox copy)

15. Essays on Reform

a) “Political Character of the Working Class,” pp. 28-31

b) Chapter IX, Their Experience of the American commonwealth, by Goldwin Smith, pp.

c) Chapter X, “The Historical Aspect of Democracy,” by James Bryce, pp. 239-262 (continued
in next booklet) (xerox copy)

16. Essays on Reform

a) Chapter X Continued, “The Historical Aspect of Democracy,” by James Bryce, pp.

b) Chapter XI, Opportunities and Shortcomings of Government in England, by A. O. Rutson,
pp. 279-308 (xerox copy)


17. Speech, M. LE Vte James Bryce, by M. G. Lacour-Gayet, pp. 3-8 (xerox copy)

18. Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties, by M. I. Ostrogorski, Vol. I, Preface, by James Bryce, pp.

19. Materials on Bryce Research:

a) Purchase requisitions

b) Correspondence

c) Memos

d) Reports


BOX 19


1. John Fitzgerald and Political Continuity, 1896-1899, by Edward F. Haas

2. Kate Gordon, Suffragist: The Louisiana Phase, by B. H. Gilley

3. Progressive Against Democracy: Electoral Reform in Louisiana, 1894-1921

4. The New Orleans Machine and Progressivism, by Matthew J. Schott

5. The Howard Association of New Orleans, 1837-1878, by Dr. Peggy Hildreth

6. Alida’s Story, by Anita (Alida Witte) (This was given to John Kemp by Marjorie
Morrison and he passed it to Dr. Jackson)

7. Presbytere Guide Program Administered by Junior League of New Orleans sponsored
by The Friends of the Cabildo in cooperation with The Louisiana State Museum

8. A Check and Finding List of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century American Periodicals
in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University
, Compiled by Robert Webb Williams, Jr., Parts 1 and 2

9. Library Information:

a) Library Materials Available for Research from The Center for Research Libraries,
Chicago, Illinois

b) Microforms and Newspapers Department, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

c) Library Guide, Genealogy, Fall 1988, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

d) Library Guide, Tulane University

e) A Brief Guide to the Louisiana Collection, Special Collections Division, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University,

f) Map of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

g) Map of Tulane Parking

h) Out-of-Print Books Author Guide, 1988-1989 (Microfiche)

i) University of New Orleans, Women’s Center and Minor in Women’s Studies

j) U. S. Naval Sources in The Washington Area and Suggested Research Subjects, August 1964

10. Newspaper Clippings (Miscellaneous):

a) “Problems Facing Southern Cities Examined, Biggest Headache is Lack of Funds,”
Times-Picayune, March 26, 1967

b) “Streetcar Historian Needs Help on Old Railroad to Lake,” Pie Dufour’s A La Mode,
March 15, 1961

c) “Ghosts of the Longs Still Haunt Winnfield,” Politics on the Road, by Clancy DuBos,
One in a Series, Times-Picayune, August 20, 1979

d) “Tallulah Case Study in Racial Voting,” Politics on the Road, by Clancy DuBos,
Third in a Series, Times-Picayune, n. d.

e) “In Voting and Culture, It’s `Shreveport, Texas,’” Politics on the Road, by Clancy
DuBos, Fourth in a Series, Times-Picayune, August 19, 1979

11. 1983 Festival of American Folklife, Smithsonian Institution National Park Service, June 23-27, June 30-July 4; The American Folklore Society Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 2, April 1983 (This issue has a photograph from the Piney Woods People

12. Esso Book of Presidents and Election Facts, 1964

13. The Southern Review, Original Series, 1935-1942, A Commemoration, 1980


14. “The Sting, Treating Poaching as a Crime,” by Marc Reisner, The Amicus Journal (A story about two Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Agents)

15. “Putting Up the Christmas Lights, Louisiana-style [bonfires on the levee],” by
Mary Ann Sternberg, Smithsonian, Vol. 20, Number 9, December 1989

16. The British Economy, Prepared for British Information Services, August 1968

17. Booklets About India:

a) “Abridged Life Tables for Rural India, 1957-1958,” by Ajoy Kumar De and Ranjan
Kumar Som, Reprinted from The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, Vol. XLII, No. 2, Part 1, April 1964

b) “The Development of India’s Policy of Population Control,” by T. J. Samuel, Reprinted
from The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, Vol. XLIV, No. 1, Part 1, January 1966

18. Papers about Towns in England:

a) Borough and Town, A Study of Urban Origins in England, by Carl Stephenson, 1933, pp. 15-21, 43-46, 137, 205-214 (xerox copy)

b) Urban Development in Western Europe: The Netherlands and Great Britain, Vol. VI, by E. A. Gutkind, pp. 149, 168, 169, 492-504 (xerox copy)

c) London, 800-1216: The Shaping of a City, by Christopher Brook, assisted by Gilliam Keir, 1975, Chapter 3, Early Medieval
Towns and the Urban Renaissance, pp. 57-82 (xerox copy)

d) The Making of the English Landscape, by W. G. Hoskins, 1956, pp. 61-85, 88-107 (xerox copy)

e) Unidentified Publication, “Chester,” pp. 123-143 (xerox copy)

f) English Styles of Architecture in the Middle Ages

g) England and the Founding of the Colonies, History 151 Outline 1

19. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, A Conjectural Cut-Out Model


BOX 20


1. New Orleans article in 15th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, 1974 (4 copies); Also includes correspondence and working notes

2. Articles Written for Louisiana History: (3 copies of each)

a) Bosses and Businessmen in Gilded Age New Orleans, Vol. V, Fall 1964

b) Crime and the Conscience of a City, Vol. IX, Summer 1968

c) Prohibition in New Orleans: The Unlikeliest Crusade, Vol. XIX, No. 3, Summer 1978

d) Keeping Law and Order in New Orleans Under General Butler, 1862, Vol. XXXIV, No.
1, Winter 1993

e) Report of the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Historical Association

3. Articles Written for:

a) The Encyclopedia of Southern History: New Orleans and Mississippi River

b) The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: New Orleans Times-Picayune

c) Biographical Dictionary of American Mayors, 1820-1980, Big City Mayors: Glendy Burke; Joseph Adolphus Rozier; Samuel Miller Quincy

d) The Louisiana Governors From Iberville to Edwards: Samuel Douglas McEnery; Murphy James Foster

4. Articles Written for:

a) A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography, Vol. I, A to M: Elizabeth Bisland; Jean-Baptiste-Claude Bobe-Descloseaux; Samuel Douglas McEnery;
Benjamin Mann Morrison

b) A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography, Vol. II, N to Z and Index: Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson; Frederick W. Reimers; Joseph Adolphus Rozier;
Samuel Miller Quincy; Wendall Holmes Stephenson; James Alvin Stire

5. Articles Written for:

a) Folklife in the Florida Parishes: The Piney Woods-Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Washington Parish

b) American National Biography: Martin Behrman

c) Dictionary of American History: Louisiana; New Orleans

6. Articles Written for:

a) Readings in Louisiana History: The Image of Romantic Old New Orleans, pp. 306-311

b) Gulf Coast Historical Review, Vol. 10, No. 1, Fall 1994: The Port of New Orleans in the Gilded Age

c) The Deep Delta, Vol. II, No. 8, November 1984: Gibson’s Directory, 1838, New Orleans, Louisiana;
Vol. IV, No. 12, November 1985: Andrew Jackson of Plaquemines Parish

d) The Tulanian, Vol. 28, No. 4, April 1955: Dream Hospital

e) The Piney woods People Poster: A Brief History of the Lumber Frontier in Southeastern

f) Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine: Walt Whitman and the Louisiana Live Oak; A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Was Flower Painter
for Audubon; When All Saints’ Day Saw the Fashion Parade; When Claiborne Came to New
Orleans (And many more)

7. Book Reviews Dr. Jackson wrote



BOX 21


1. Correspondence about Articles and Book Reviews that Dr. Jackson wrote

2. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902-1921, by Joy Jackson (2 copies)

3. Anglo-Dutch Rivalry and the Navigation Act of 1651, by Joy Jackson

4. Foreign Influences Upon Drama and Music in Antebellum New Orleans, by Joy Jackson
(3 versions); Survey of the Influences of Foreign Groups in New Orleans Upon Nineteenth
Century Music and Drama, by Joy Jackson

5. The Education of Southern Plantation Women and its Relation to Their Status in
Society, by Joy Juanita Jackson

6. History of South Pass, by Joy Jackson

7. History of the Student Government Association at Southeastern Louisiana University

8. Joseph Galloway article and material used to write the article:

a) Joseph Galloway: The Background to His Loyalist Views and His Plan for an Imperial
Government, by Joy Jackson

b) Joseph Galloway, The Loyalist Politician, pp. 58-61, 72, 73, 110-113 (xerox copy)

c) Joseph Galloway, Loyalist, pp. 104-121 (xerox copy)

d) Chapter III, Civil Government or Civil War? Anglo-American Union: Joseph Galloway’s Plans to Preserve the British Empire, 1774-1788, by Julian P. Boyd, 1941, pp. 28 -39 (xerox copy)

e) Letters of Members of the Continental Congress, E. C. Burnett, Ed., 1921-1927, pp. 51-59 (xerox copy)

f) Journal of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, 1904, by W. C. Ford, Ed., pp. 43-51 (xerox copy)

g) The American Tory, by W. H. Nelson, 1961, pp. 46-63 (xerox copy)

9. Chester and Its Mystery Plays in the Late Middle Ages, by Joy Jackson

10. Speeches Given by Dr. Joy Jackson:

a) “Woman’s Suffrage in England”

a) “Music in the Civil War”

c) “New Orleans in the Civil War”

d) “New Orleans Mardi Gras”

e) “Persons of Color in New Orleans and Dueling”

f) “Introduction and Union Finance”

g) “Thoughts on Thomas Jefferson and the Pursuit of Happiness”

h) “Lincoln and the Odyssey of a Family”

i) “The American Family and the Economy”

j) “History of the Florida Parishes”

k) Speech made on the SLU campus in 1980 before a teachers’ organization

l) Speech given at Florida Parishes Folklife Conference, March 5, 1983

m) “The Great Philadelphia Wagon Train Road,” Daughters of the American Revolution,
Elizabeth Davidson home, Spring 1990

n) “The Background and History of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hammond,” Thomas Jefferson
Butler Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Murphy’s Restaurant, Hammond,
Louisiana, January 19, 1991


o) “Critique of Women Pioneers of Two Centuries,” Louisiana Historical Association
meeting, Natchitoches, March 26, 1993

p) “Women in Occupied New Orleans in 1862,” United Daughters of the Confederacy, Hammond,
Louisiana, September 4, 1993

q) “The Port of New Orleans in the Gilded Age,” Gulf Coast Historical Conference,
Mobile, Alabama, October 9, 1993

r) Commentary on Where the River Runs Deep, Reception and Book Signing, Hammond Cultural Foundation, December 2, 1993

s) “A Brief History of Southeastern Louisiana University,” Town and Country Garden
Club’s Arbor Day program to present a Tinsley camellia and park benches to SLU, January
19, 1994

t) “Women’s Views of the Civil War: Diaries and Journals Kept by Louisiana Women,”
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Hammond, September 10, 1994

u) “Governors of Louisiana,” Old State Capitol Opening in Baton Rouge, April 30, 1994

v) “Tribute to William L. “Buddy” Billups,” Arbor Day, Hammond Developmental Center,
January 20, 1995

w) “Harvesting the Grapes of Wrath: Great Britain and the End of world War II,” for
series on the 50th Anniversary of end of World War II, March 6, 1995

x) “Records in the SLU Archives”

y) “Resources for Family Research at the SLU Archives”

z) “New Orleans Sources for Settlers in Southeast Louisiana”

aa) “Southeastern Louisiana University Archives and Center for Regional Studies”

bb) “Management of Oral History Collection in an Archives”

cc) Piney Woods People

dd) Speech given before Board of Trustees on behalf of Dr. J. Larry Crain nominating
him for president of Southeastern Louisiana University


BOX 22


1. Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in History:

a) Everyman His Own Historian, by Paul Becker, Reprinted from The American Historical Review, Vol. XXXVII, No. 2, January 1932

b) The Age of Reinterpretation, by C. Vann Woodward, Reprinted from The American Historical Review, Vol. LXVI, No. 1, October 1960

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from The Journal of Economic History, Vol. VII, No. 1, May 1947

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Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in Social Sciences:

g) Ecology and Human Ecology, by Amos H. Hawley, Reprint by permission of Social Forces, Vol. 22, May 1944

6. A Writer’s Time, A Guide to the Creative Process, from Vision through Revision, by Kenneth Atchity, 1986

7. Scholarship Reconsidered, Priorities of the Professoriate, by Ernest L. Boyer, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1990
(Charles Elliott has this book)

Miscellaneous correspondence of Dr. Joy Jackson.



BOX 23 Personal Items


1. Early writings of Dr. Joy Jackson

2. McDonogh Chatter, Senior Edition, June 1946

3. High School Scrapbook of Dr. Joy Jackson

4. Autograph Books of Dr. Joy Jackson

5. “The School of Journalism,” LSU Alumni News, December 1948

6. Tulane Commencement Material, 1951 and 1961

a) Invitation to Commencement, June 5, 1951

b) Invitation to Commencement, June 5, 1951 (bound copy with list of candidates)

c) Calendar for Commencement Week, 1951

d) Program for Baccalaureate Service, McAlister Auditorium, June 3, 1951 (2 copies)

e) Program for Commencement, Gibson Hall Quadrangle, June 5, 1951

f) Program for Conferring of Degrees, McAlister Auditorium, August 26, 1961 (2 copies)

g) Tulane University History Department Newsletter, November 1971 (announcing death of Professor Bill Hogan)

h) The Tulanian, Summer 1951 (Article about Commencement and a photograph of Dr. Jackson receiving
her diploma)

i) The Tulanian, April 1964 (Article about Department of History)

j) List of Tulane Graduate School Alumni in History, n. d.

7. Report Cards from Elementary and High School and Transcripts from Tulane University

8. Correspondence about Dixie Roto Articles, 1951-1956

9. Dr. Jackson’s Letters of Appointment to Faculty of SLU, 1977-1995

10. Letters of Recommendation for Award for Excellence for Research, 1994-1995

11. Letters of Appreciation, Joy Jackson, 1947-1991

12. Awards, Dr. Joy Jackson, 1948-1995

13. Newspaper Clippings about Dr. Joy Jackson, 1955-1993

14. Personal Correspondence to Dr. Joy Jackson, 1948-1980

15. Anniversary Cards and Letters for O. D. and Oneida Jackson; Letter written to
Oneida Drouant, February 1, 1920 from Pat

16. Vitae of Dr. Joy Jackson

17. Student Opinion of Teaching Forms for Dr. Joy Jackson


BOX 24 -Miscellaneous


1. “Peace, Japan Surrenders,” New Orleans States Extra, August 14, 1945 (original)

2. Fifty Years, Baton Rouge Refinery, 1909-1959 (xerox copy)

3. New Orleans Accomplishment, Board of Levee Commissioners of the Orleans Levee District, ca. 1950

4. David Crockett Fire Company No. 1, color drawing by Glen P. Weber and biography
of Weber

5. San Francisco Plantation House, Hwy. 44, Reserve, LA (color photograph on a place

6. Articles xeroxed from the Daily Picayune for 1862

7. Articles xeroxed from the Daily Picayune for 1880, 1884, 1890, 1891, 1894, and 1911

8. Articles xeroxed from the Times-Picayune for 1927

9. Articles xeroxed from the Times-Picayune for 1942-March 6, 1956 (scattered issues)

10. Index to Newspaper Articles in Times-Picayune, 1942


BOX 25


1. Miscellaneous Material:

a) Quick Facts on Louisiana (brochure)

b) New Orleans (brochure)

c) Bayou Folk Museum, Cloutierville, LA, Restoration of the Kate Chopin Home (brochure)

d) The United States Civil War Center, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA (brochure)

e) Sudden Joy, A Moral Tale (short story)

f) Poster of 1849 advertising space available on a ship bound for California, The
Good Schooner, Civilian, commanded by Capt. Thomas Dodge

g) Cards describing Civil War subjects (3 History Cards-Battle of Gettysburg, Battle
of Fredericksburg, 54th Massachusetts Regiment)

h) Photograph of a family on a porch (3″ x 5″)

i) The Church Street Graveyard, by George Schroeter (brochure)

j) Program of Phi Kappa Phi, April 10, 1981

k) “Editorial: Humanism: A Vipers’ Nest,” Humanities in the South, Newsletter of the Southern Humanities Conference, Published by University of Houston-Downtown,
Number 58, Fall 1983

l) Index to Louisiana History, Vol. XV, No. 1, Winter 1974

m) Louisiana Women Writers: A Symposium, A Selected Bibliography, September 19-20,
1986 (booklet)

n) Louisiana Women Writers: A Symposium, Discovering Louisiana Women Writers: A Beginner’s
Guide to Sources, by Arther E. Carpenter, Archivist, Loyola University (7-page paper)

o) Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America (facsimile)

p) Poster about Benjamin Franklin with map on other side

q) Focus on Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, Vol. 13, No. 1, Winter 1996

r) “Photographic Processes, A Glossary and a Chart for Recognition,” Museums Association
Information Sheet, IS No. 21, 1978

s) “Historian [C. J. Christ] gets below surface of tales about U-boats in Gulf,” Times-Picayune, July 4, 1987

t) “Getting Write With the World, Pens and paper and the philosophies of a Jungian
psychologist are helping people make sense of their life stores [about a nun, Dorothy
Daws],” Times-Picayune, September 22, 1992 (she was a friend of Dr. Joy Jackson’s)

u) Piney Woods People postcard invitation, 1982

v) Selected Bibliography for “King’s Daughters and Casket Girls: Female Emigrants
to Colonial Canada and Louisiana”

2. Newspaper Clippings:

a) “River ‘Whale’ Caught, Four-Ton Great Manta Hooked by Anchor of Merchant Ship,”
New Orleans Item, July 11, 1945

b) 46-Year Work on River Ends, Man’s Aim Now to See Head Waters [Capt. Oliver D. Jackson],
Times-Picayune, 1964

c) River Pilot Retires [Capt. Oliver D. Jackson], The Waterways Journal, April 4, 1964

d) Port Report: U. S. Ship Operations Reported Most Costly, 1963


e) Progress Report on the Building of the Superhighway for Ships [Intracoastal Water
and Inner Harbor Canal], January 25, 1959

f) Picture out of Our Past: Streetcars on Canal Street, Dixie, April 21, 1963

g) Court Upholds Tanker Blame, U. S. Appeals Circuit Affirms Findings, May 4, 1961

h) Port Director Describes New Locks, Reports on GBR Facility’s Progress, Morning Advocate, July 13, 1961

i) Upriver Pilots Plan New Moves, May 4, 1957, Capt. O. D. Jackson in photograph

j) 3 Groups Give Stand on River Span Pier, New Orleans Item, June 21, 1953

k) Meeting is Held by River Pilots, 1957

l) Veteran River Pilot Dies [Capt. James Guy Mallory], December 13, 1940

m) Decision Upholds Pilot Measures, Times-Picayune, April 1, 1947

n) Letter from A. C. Steinmuller, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey To All Interested
Parties, August 5, 1946

o) “Writing End of Pilot’s 62-Year Log [Charles Murray Jackson],” New Orleans Item, December 22, 1947

p) Three Missing in River Crash, n.d.

q) Russell Long Takes Himself a Bride, Sunday Item Tribute, June 4, 1939

r) Photographs of First Commission Council of the City’s History, meeting in 1912

s) 40 Easy Lessons and You Speechen Deutsch [Joy Jackson in photograph illustrating
use of instruments used in learning a foreign language]

t) Action Attacks 1908 Pilots Law, n. d.

u) Standard Tankers Make Run From Great Lakes to Gulf, march 17, 1944

v) Pilot Fee Hikes Gain Approval, June 15, 1950

w) Photographs of two ships [Adler and West Hematite]

x) Photographs of Olivia De Havilland, August 4, 1946

y) Photograph of Barbara Stanwyck, Dixie May 12, 1946

z) Photograph of Dwight D. Eisenhower, September 16, 1945

aa) Photograph of the Surrender, October 7, 1945

bb) Vote on Bond Issue is Given, 1963

cc) Change Sought on Port Pilots, Reorganization of Crescent River Group Aim, June
4, 1962

dd) Board Opposes Pilot Fee Bill, Would Hurt Port Business, Says Dock Body, 1962

ee) Vote of Senators is Listed on Civil Rights Measure, June 20, 1964

ff) Girl Receives Bravery Medal, Elaine Kieff is Cited by President, New Orleans States-Item, May 7, 1964

gg) Central Labor Council Backs river Port Pilots, A Resolution

hh) A Public Message to the Members of the Legislature

ii) Photographs of ships, Dixie, July 8, 1962

jj) Eight Scholarships to LSU Confirmed [Joy Jackson]

kk) Pilot’s License Appeal Denied

ll) Ask Tighter River Pilot Regulations, Times-Picayune, June 4, 1962

mm) 7 Pilots Bills Held Punitive, Times-Picayune, June 4, 1962


nn) Port Report: Pilot Fees Cut N. O. Advantages

oo) We don’t think the Crescent Pilots Know-and we are sure the Legislative supporters
don’t know-what SB 195 (HB 534) means in Dollar Cost Increase to World Trade!

pp) Upriver Pilots Plan New Moves, New Orleans States, May 4, 1957

qq) Foe of Pilots’ Hike Bill Storm Schiro’s Office, New Orleans States-Item, May 31, 1962

rr) Diesel Tugs not Covered by Law, Coast Guard Probes Rash of accidents

ss) Party Given for Capt. William J. Ryan

tt) St. Bernard Girl Cited, Teen Heroine is Excited by LBJ Award, New Orleans States-Item, March 30, 1964

uu) Fight for Canal, Alexander Urges, February 27, 1946

vv) Four Fast Tankers Receive New Names

ww) Officers of Lost Craft Tell about Crash in River, 1952

xx) 100 Participate in Event Dedicating New Pilottown

yy) Maritime Lore at N. O. Museum, Times-Picayune, October 20, 1971

zz) Judge Faults Both Ships in Sinking of White Alder, Times-Picayune, January 15, 1971

aaa) New Station Planned by River Pilots

bbb) “Gulf’s Fish Didn’t Have Chance When Cap’n Fred [Williams] Sought Them,” Pensacola News-Journal, February 8, 1959 (First Cousin to Capt. O. D. Jackson, my mother’s sister’s son)

ccc) Five New River Pilots Names, Appointments are made by Gov. Davis, December 28,

ddd) Pal Moran, Virgets Gave me Worst Whipping, January 24, 1959

eee) Will Unlocking the Port Put Lock on St. Bernard?, Dixie, April 23, 1972

fff) Picture Out of Our Past: Dredge Boat Dixie, Dixie, March 28, 1971

ggg) The Merry Madness of Mardi Gras, Dixie, February 21, 1971

hhh) Miss Wendy: Pilottown Schoolmarm, Dixie, April 18, 1971

3. Ledger for New Orleans-Baton Rouge Port Pilots, 1939-1943


BOX 26


a) Graduation gown for Tulane University

b) Pens from honor societies (6)

c) Key to the City of Alexandria

d) Straight Razors of O. D. Jackson (2)

e) Bachelor of Arts Diploma from Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, June
15, 1951

f) Master of Arts Diploma from Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, August
13, 1958

g) Doctor of Philosophy Diploma from Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans,
August 26,


h) Christening gown of one of Dr. Jackson’s relatives

Book: Emerald Beads: How to Enjoy Poetry, Meditations in Verse, by Samuel S. Mc Neely (Sent October 31, 2001 to Dr. Joy Jackson after he had read
her book Where the River Runs Deep).


BOX 27

Photographs taken by Dr. Joy Jackson for her camera club (large)


BOX 28

Plaques and Awards

a) Plaque awarded to Joy Jackson by Student Government Association for Outstanding
Service as Faculty Advisor, 1969-70

b) Plaque from the Faculty Guild, 1985

c) Plaque presented to Dr. Joy Jackson for Outstanding Contributions to the Preservation
of Local History by Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, 1986

d) Medallion given to Dr. Joy Jackson in 1966

e) Obelisk presented to Joy J. Jackson in 1993 as a fellow of Louisiana Historical


BOX 29 Class Rolls and Cassette Tapes

a) Class Rolls, 1960s-1990s

b) Letters of Recommendation for Students, 1967-1995

c) 14 Cassette Tapes of interviews with her father, Capt. Oliver D. Jackson that she
used to write Where the River Runs Deep

d) 14 Cassette Tapes of research she used to write New Orleans in the Gilded Age

e) Interview with Capt. Frank Furr and Capt. Siegfried Sprada, January 8, 1990

f) Interview with Patrick Needham, January 25, 1978 (2 tapes)


BOX 30 Reels

1. 5 blank Scotch Magnetic Tape – 7 inch reels

2. Brownie Starmite II camera

3. Case of filmstrips – Government in America

a) The President

b) The Congress

c) Federal Courts

d) Executive Dept. and Agencies

e) State Government

f) Local Government

g) Municipal Government

h) United Nations

i) National Parks: America’s Wonderlands (1)

j) National Parks: America’s Wonderlands (2)

k) The U.S. and the Soviet Union

l) The People of Russia

4. Filmstrips – Our Federal Government

a) the Constitution

b) The House of Representatives

c) The Senate

d) The Presidency

e) The Judicial Branch

f) You and Self-Government

5. Filmstrips – Foundations of Democracy in the U.S.

a) The Colonists are Freedom Loving

b) Colonial Freedoms are Threatened

c) Fighting Begins in the North

d) Independence is Declared

e) War in the Middle Colonies and the Northwest

f) War on the Sea and in the South

g) Writing the Constitution

6. Recording tape – 7 inch reel – man discussing generation gap

7. Recording tape – Charles I and Civil War; Cabal under Charles II

8. Recording tape – Chuck Spangler interview – SGA president, 1969-70 – interviewees: Roman Heleniak,
Joy Jackson, Donald Rhodes

9. Recording tape – Religious Chivalry

10. Recording tape – The Protectorate under Cromwell; Charles II reign – 1660-1667

11. Recording tape – Feudal Chivalry

12. Recording tape – interview with Mrs. Nancy Overmeier re: Loranger

13. Memorex reel – South America

14. 5 inch reel – interview with Louis William Golden, 104 yrs. old re: Killian, Louisiana

15. 5 inch reel – Guatemala City


Box 31 – Records (vinyl)

1. History of the States (15)

2. Dialogues of Democracy – Volume 1, 2, 3 (2 copies)

3. The American Revolution

4. The Crucifixion

5. Great Moments – Voices – Music of the 20th Century


Boxes 32 – 43 are records (vinyl)

Box 32 – Ancient Greece – The Age and its Art

Box 33 – The Middle Ages – The Age and its Art

Box 34 – Great Works of Art Explained

Box 35 – Religion of America Explained

Box 36 – The Constitution: A Living Document

Box 37 – The Great Depression: 1929 – 1939

Box 38 – The Age of Roosevelt

Box 39 – Anatomy of U.S. Political Parties

Box 40 – Political Conventions: Choosing the Candidates

Box 41 – The Industrial Revolution in America

Box 42 – Woodrow Wilson: Idealism and American Democracy

Box 43 – Nationalism


Box 44 – Historic Preservation News

– January 1991 – December 1992


Box 45 – History News

– January 1978 – December 1978

– February 1979, April 1979, May 1979, June 1979, July 1979, August 1979

– March 1980 – December 1980

– August 1981, September 1981, October, 1981, November 1981


Box 46 –

Southern Exposure (9 items)

– Winter 1979

– Summer 1980, Fall 1980 (2 copies), Winter 1980 (2 copies)

– Spring 1981, Summer 1981, Fall 1981

Heritage Quest (6 items)

– 1990 – Issue 29

– January/February 1991 – Issue 32

– January/February 1993 – Issue 43

– July/August 1993 – Issue 46

– November/December 1995 – Issue 60

– January/February 1996 – Issue 61


Box 47

1. Plymouth Cape Cod – Historic Vacationland

2. Legacy from the Past – A Portfolio of Eighty-Eight Original Williamsburg Buildings

3. British Isles: History and Culture by John T. Zubal, Inc.

4. Bartram Trail – National Scenic/Historic Trail Study – September 1980

5. Virginia under Charles I and Cromwell, 1625-1660 by Wilcomb E. Washburn

6. A Pocket Reference Guide to Army-Navy-Marine Corps. Insignia

7. Louisiana State University Press – Fall/Winter 1985

8. Louisiana State University Press – Spring/Summer 1986

9. Louisiana State University Press – 1986 Spring Sale

10. University of Georgia Press – Book Sale announcement

11. The Scholar’s Bookshelf – Combined University Press and Scholarly Imprint

12. Simple Parliamentary Procedure

13. AHA Newsletter – October 1979

14. American Historians: A Bicentennial Appraisal

15. List of Periodicals – ABC POL SCI America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts

16. Horizon – May 1963

17. Horizon – Autumn 1964

18. Horizon – Spring 1968

19. Horizon – Summer 1968


Box 48
1. L. Vial, Jr.
a.  6 photographs of a schooner hull built by Louis Vial, Sr. 1960s
        b.  handwritten note about pictures
2. Pierre Pelotte
        a. 9 sheets of photo negatives
        b.  22 photographs that correspond with the negatives
3. Atlas Tug
        a. 2 sheets of photo negatives of the tug
        b. 8×10 photo of the Atlas
4. Paul M. Habig
        a. 5 photos
        b. 3 xerox copies of photos
        c. 2 sheets of photo negatives

5. Tod Valois – Ferries and Toll Bridges
        a. Act of Association of the Lake Steam Navigation Company, March 2, 1850
        b. State of Louisiana, Parish of St. Tammany document dated September 1823 concerning
            the toll bridges
        c. Letter to the Police Jury dated, 1823 concerning the rates of the toll bridge in
St.                           Tammany
        d.Letter to the Police Jury dated December 3, 1849 concerning the toll bridges
        e. Petition of J.B. Baham for a ferry franchise for 5 years, dated December 6, 1848
        f. Summer Session, 1865 Police Jury concerning establishing a toll bridge over Bayou
        g. Letter dated 1859 accepting the bridge over the Tchefuncte River
6. Steamboat pictures and photo negatives
        a. Letter dated 9/26/1984 to Mr. Randy Prim from Martin R. Hoffman concerning
                              information on field archeology
        b. Letter dated January 1994 to Donald from Barbara Stafford concerning pictures
of                      Gustav Andre von Schneidaw
        c. 2 photos on matted paper
        d. 5 sheets of negatives
        e. xerox copies of Morgan’s Engine, New Camelia, “Graveyard of the Gay Boats”
by: Diane             Farrell and photo of The Waterways Journal
        f.  7 xerox copies of pages for Recuei Planches Huitieme Volume
        g. xerox copy of Colyell Bay Ferry
        h. 8×10 photo of Golden Gate NRA – U.S. Department of the Interior, National
Park Service
        i. 8×10 photo of Pleasure Bay boat
        j. 8×10 photo of Eugene Robinson’s floating palace
        k. 8×10 photo of Peri steamboat
        l. 8×10 photo of men working on steamboat
        m. 26 5×7 photos including Daisy steamboat, Louisiana steamboat, U.S. Ruby
7. Allen Saltus
        a. 2 sheets of photo negatives
        b. 19 photographs of a hand carved rock with a face carved into it
        c. Letter to Allen Saltus from A.T. Chenault, III, January 9, 1994 concerning
pictures of the               Baham shipyard
        d. 2 – 8×10 of the U.S. Army y-23 and U.S. Army ST-702
8. Allen Saltus
        a. 8 sheets of photo negatives
        b.  4- 8×20 photographs of boats and men working on boats
        c. 40 – 5×7 photographs of various boats including Aunt Dinah, Lady Gump,
and Lugger’s              Landing in New Orleans
9. Hoo Shoo Too Club
        a. 3 -5×7 pictures of pleasure boats of the Hoo Shoo Too Club on the Amite
10. Where the River Runs Deep
        a. sheet of photo negatives
        b. 6 photographs of boats
11. Miscellaneous pictures and documents
        a. xerox copy of U.S. Mail Steamer “Dolphin”            
        b. handwritten note on the survey of the Tangipahoa River in 1871
        c. 2 -5×7 picture of The Perry
        d. 5×7 picture of Eunola
        e. 5×7 photo of Owl
        f. newspaper article “On the Susquehanna”
        g. 5×7 photo of U.S. Ruby
        h. 5×7 photo of New Camelia
        i. 8×10 photo of New Camelia
        j. 2- 5×7 photos man standing on pier as boat leaves and boat coming into
        k. 5×7 picture, 2 handwritten notes, and 3 xerox copies –one of Carrie Currens
        l. 2- 5×7 photos of the Louisiana
        m. 2- 5×7 photos of the U.S. Ruby
        n. 5×7 photo of the Eunola
        o. photo negative of the Eunola
        p. matted photo of S. Allen Lumber Co.
        q. 2 handwritten notes on boats, 5×7 photo, xerox copy of Susquehanna and
        r. 8×10 photo with description of small boat along the New Basin Canal in
New Orleans in                early 1900s
        s. 3- 5×7 photos of wrecks found in the Tchefuncte River at Fairview State
        t. 8×10 photo of team hauling lumber from the sawmill in early 1900s
        u. 8×10 photo of fisherman’s camp in the marshes of south Louisiana 1910-1940,
2 xerox              copies of camp