Virginia Langston


Archival Collection





1. Album of 4-Cent Louisiana Statehood Commemorative U. S. Postage Stamps, April 30,
1962. These were donated to Mrs. Edward Richard and the Hammond Garden Society through
the kindness of Mrs. Fred Reimers for the establishment of the Hammond George Washington
Memorial Symbolized by this beautiful walnut tree which was grown from a seed of a
walnut tree at George Washington’s Home, Mount Vernon, Virginia. This inscription
in the front of the album was signed by John A. Gronouski, Postmaster General, February
15, 1964. There are two carbon copies of letters; one is a letter to Cong. James H.
Morrison which states that the enclosed flag was flown over the Capitol of the United
States on April 30, 1962, the day of the issuance of the commemorative stamp to celebrate
the Statehood of Louisiana, the other is a history of the Mount Vernon Walnut tree
growing by the Hammond Post Office.

2. History of the Mount Vernon Walnut Tree; a booklet containing letters and newspaper
clippings about the planting of the tree. Property of Mrs. Ed. Richardson and Mrs.
F. W. Reimers

3. Correspondence about Mount Vernon Walnut Tree

4. Newspaper Clippings about the Mount Vernon Walnut Tree:

a) Tree to be planted [Mount Vernon walnut tree], Hammond Vindicator, February 11, 1938

b) George Washington Tree Planting Remembered As His Anniversary Nears, unidentified
newspaper, February 1949

c) Dedication Ceremonies of Walnut Tree Marker to be Held on Friday, unidentified
newspaper, no date [1958]

d) The Stroller: Recognizing Mrs. F. W. Reimers and Mrs. Ed Richardson for the dedication
of the George Washington walnut tree marker in the post office block, unidentified
newspaper, February 27, 1958

e) Nation’s Capitol Flag Presented to Hammond Garden Club Chairman, unidentified newspaper,
March 20, 1958

f) Post Office Luncheon, Dedication. . . They Had That Home Town Flavor, Daily Star, February 17, 1964

g) History of Walnut Tree of Timely Interest, Daily Star, February 19, 1964

h) Branches of Mt. Vernon Walnut Tree Spreading and in Peak of Beauty, Daily Star, August 3, 1968

i) Getting Down to Ground Roots of Historical Tree, Daily Star, February 21, 1972

j) In 1949 . . . 17th Birthday, George Washington Memorial, Hammond Vindicator, February 28, 1972

k) Walnut tree is Bicentennial Project, Daily Star, August 1, 1975

l) 52 Years Later-George C. Bailey reading plaque marking Mt. Vernon Walnut tree,
Daily Star, February 27, 1984

m) Flags Honor George Washington at Mt. Vernon Walnut Tree, Hammond Vindicator, March 1, 1984



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5. Walnut Tree Marker Dedication Ceremonies (order of procedures), February 21, 1958
(3 copies); Program of Post Office Dedication, February 15, 1964 (3 copies)

6. Photographs: Celebration of George Washington’s Birthday on Post Office Grounds,
February 22, 1949, three (5″ x 7″) and two (3″ x 5″; Dedication of Mount Vernon Walnut
Tree Marker, February 1958, eight (8 x 10″); Color Postcard of Mount Vernon Walnut
Tree, no date

7. Richardson Family Newspaper Clippings:

a) Kiddie Kut-Ups {Catherine Elizabeth Edwards, 10-month-old daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
John A. Edwards of Anniston, AL and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Richardson,
Linden Avenue, Hammond, LA, unidentified newspaper, no date

b) Newspaper picture of the 1912-1913 Tor Basketball Team [Curtis Richardson is one
of the players], unidentified newspaper, no date (4 copies)

c) How it Used to be, by Jack Bahm, unidentified newspaper, no date

d) Mrs. [Curtis] Richardson Returns From West Indies Trip, unidentified newspaper,
no date

e) The Stroller, Grace Memorial Church purchased home of Mrs. Edward Richardson to
be used as an educational building for its children and youth, unidentified newspaper,
no date

f) Grace Memorial Church purchased home of Mrs. Edward Richardson to be used as an
educational building for its children and youth, unidentified newspaper, no date

g) Brothers [Howard P. and Curtis E. Richardson] Ready to Lead in Army; One `Over
There,’ unidentified newspaper, no date [World War I?]

h) The Vermilion, Senior Academic Edition, Lafayette, Louisiana, March 29, 1915, Vol. X, No. 12; It
mentions Curtis Richardson (Not a complete copy)

i) Newspaper pictures: So This Is Pyote!–Post Office and a house in Pyote

j) Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Richardson Celebrate Golden Wedding. They married September 27,
1894, unidentified newspaper, no date [1944?]

k) Soldier of the Month Pfc. Curtis Richardson, unidentified newspaper, no date [1944?]

l) The Rattler, B-29s . . . From Pyote to Tokyo!, Rattlesnake Army Air Field, Pyote, Texas, Vol. 3, No. 21, September 12, 1945

m) Political History of Tangipahoa Parish, Compiled by Clerk of Court N. P. Vernon,
Hammond Vindicator, August 16, 1946

n) Curtis E. Richardson Named General Manager of Gulf South Corp., Hammond Vindicator, October 15, 1948

o) Miss Luella Parrill celebrates 94th anniversary, unidentified newspaper, May 3,

p) Death Claims Edward Richardson Wednesday Morning At Home Here, Hammond Vindicator, August 26, 1959

q) Glenn Completes First Earth Orbit, New Orleans States-Item, February 20, 1962

r) American Legion Leaders [Curtis Richardson mentioned], Daily Star, August 21, 1963

s) History of Grace Memorial Church, Hammond Vindicator, October 10, 1963



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7. Richardson Family Newspaper Clippings: Continued

t) Diamond Jubilee III, Memorials, Contributions Add To Beauty of Church [Grace Memorial
Church], Daily Star, October 10, 1963

u) Prepare for Dedication [new Hammond Post Office], Daily Star, February 14, 1964

v) Newspaper picture of Medical Auxiliary Principals; Newspaper picture of Care-At-Home
Officers, One of them is Mrs. Curtis Richardson, Daily Star, February 14, 1964

w) Senior Citizen Observes Ninety-Fifth Birthday [Mrs. Edward (Ann) Richardson], Daily Star, November 11, 1964

x) 95th Birthday [Mrs. Edward Richardson], unidentified newspaper, no date

y) City’s PTA Began in 1900 [Mrs. Edward Richardson mentioned], Daily Star, February 10, 1865

z) Mrs. [Curtis] Richardson Hostess At Round Table Club Meet, unidentified newspaper,
September 20, 1965

aa) Spotlight on Yesterday; [Mrs. F. M. Reimers] Recalls Heyday of Hammond Minstrels,
article mentions Curtis Richardson as a baritone, Daily Star, June 7, 1966

bb) Newspaper picture of Murphy family at 50 year Reunion, Barbados daily New, April 26, 1966

cc) Barbados Joins Ranks of Nations, Times-Picayune, December 4, 1966

dd) Rev. [G. Palmer] Pardington [Curate at Grace Memorial and also Chaplain to Episcopal
students at SLU] Ordained To Order [of Priesthood], Daily Star, May 12, 1967

ee) Prominent Senior Citizen Celebrates Birthday [Mrs. Edward Richardson], Daily Star, November 13, 1967

ff) [Mrs. Curtis E.] Richardson Rites Set Saturday, Daily Star, December 6, 1968

gg) Mrs. [Edward] Anna P. Richardson Dies, One of Oldest, Daily Star, September 30, 1968 (2 copies)

hh) Legion Home Gets Sendoff [Curtis Richardson, first post commander], Daily Star, June 1, 1970

ii) Hooray for Our Hero! [Pfc. Raymond M. (Mike) Clausen], Daily Star, August 2, 1971

jj) Parade Line Up Clausen Day Celebration, July 31, 1971 (3-page list)

kk) Curtis Richardson Services Held Sat., Hammond Vindicator, February 14, 1972 (3 copies)

ll) Curtis E. Richardson, Sr. Obituary, Daily Star, February 14, 1972

mm) The History of Hammond, Hammond Vindicator, March 13, 1972

nn) Hammond for the Past Eighty Years, as told by Jack Bahm to the Hammond Rotary
Club, Hammond Vindicator, February 15, 1973

oo) Church [Grace Memorial] a Memorial to Tangipahoa Settlers, New Orleans States-Item, June 4, 1973

8. Vietnam Prisoner of War Bracelet for CW2 Martin Vanden Eykel II, 2-2-69.