Irene Reid Morris Collection

Located in Alphabetized Manuscript Series

1. Louisiana's Lovely Legacy, 100 Golden Years, 1900-2000, Order of the Eastern Star, by Irene R. Morris PM Ira #84; Southern-Central-Northern Sections, paperback, 158 pp.

Box 1
Folder 1 - 50, 56, 58
1. "Note to her July, 1992 when husband died - Mr. Lorio"
2. Kentwood News - May 29, 1958 - picture of the grand chapter of
Louisiana Order of the Eastern Star
3. Notes titled "James."
4. The Times Picayune - July 14, 1957 - "Small Town Trio Goes for Modern"
5. Pamphlet of the By-laws of the IRA Chapter - September 3, 1953
6. National Music Week Program sponsored by Kentwood Music Club -
Tuesday, May 8, 1951
7. Pink paper with names of people and handwritten descriptions
8. Proclamation re: 1955 Seniors of Kentwood High School
9. "Hall Letters Reveal History of
Kentwood"Kentwood News - September 3, 1953 -
10. Letter to Irene re: DAR magazine subscription from Mrs. J.S. Thompson
January 3, 1957
11. Letter to Mrs. J.P. Morris, Jr. re: Speaking engagement from Mercer McCool
Talents for Christ - May 17, 1955.
12. Handwritten notes re: people of town (Kentwood?)
13. "A Year of Celebration Underway" Sunday Advocate - February 2, 1969 -
14. " " (copy 2)
15. "Safety Service" program - 1970 - Thanksgiving - Louisiana Power and Light

Box 1
Folder 2 - Local Lore
1. "Local Lore and Legend" - 1963 - #55
2. "Syrup Making Big in Old Times"
3. "More Mississippians Making Less Molasses in This State" - Jackson Daily
News - December 19, 1963.
4. Guaranty Bank and Trust deposit receipt - Mrs. J.P. Morris, Jr. - 6/13/1956
5. Local Lore and Legend Scrapbook by Irene R. Morris
6. "Indian Lore" - Picture of Irene Morris
7. "Louisiana Places - Amite" - Sunday Advocate - June 20, 1971

8. Letter to Mrs. Polk from Mrs. T.A. Leeper - March 29, 1966.
9. "Four Expelled in Mansion Incident Here" - Morning Advocate -
November 22, 1963.
10. Letter to Mrs. Morris from Kurt Benirschke, MD re: Louisiana Armadillo
January 9, 1963
11."March of Dimes Scientists Find Armadillo Helpful in Twin Study"
12. Newspaper photo "McComb's Historic First Organized Football Squad"
13. Handwritten notes
14. KHS Alma Mater - La. Genealogical and Historical Society
15. Letter to Mrs. Morris from O.K. Bailey 0 Sterlington High School -
November 20, 1962 (2 pages)
16. Letter to Irene from Margarette
17. Letter to Irene from Mr. and Mrs. Claude McDaniels
18. "Services Held for Mrs. H.E. Sanders - K. News - Dec 7, 1962
19.Letter from Mrs. Elma McDaniels

Box 1
Binder 1 - 50, 56, 58 - newspaper articles
1. "Hunting for Bears" - re: Hutchinson family reunion - published, 1986.
2. "Spring Flower Show Proves Big Business" - Kentwood Commercial -
May 26, 1950.
3. "Garden Clubbing" - note on page says "see large green Hall book and
Correspondence re: 1953 to LSU"
4. "History of Old Kentwood is Being Compiled by Mrs. J.P. Morris, Jr."
Kentwood Commercial, Sept. 21, 1951
5. "Letters" from Ted Husser re: Subscription to the Kentwood News
6. "Ordained" - Ted Husser
7. Note card - "K News, 24 Nov. 1955 - 25th Anniversary"
8. "A Bow to Mrs. James Polk Morris, Jr. Of Kentwood" - The Register,
July 18, 1953.
9. "A Science in Your Life"
10. "Magee and Waller" Kentwood Commercial - 1954
11. Picture of one of the Tangipahoa Parish Fair exhibits - Kentwood Commercial
Oct. 11, 1957
12. "Nick Nacks" by N.R. Murray - 1953
13. "Family History" - Rules for Using Genealogical Department"
14. "Fire Destroys Old Windmill" - January 1956
15. "Up From Slavery" - Kentwood Commercial - June 12, 1953.
16. "Family History Group Elects"
17. "Kentwood: The Town That Bossy Saved" - Morning Advocate Magazine
November 14, 1954. (3 pages)
18. "Kentwood: The Town..." cont'd
19. "Kentwood: The Town..." cont'd
20. "Kentwood Future Homemakers Winds Up Year With Field Trip" - 1955
21. "Kentwood FHA Visits Homes on Field Trip Sponsored by Club Mother
April 28, 1955. (4 pages)
22. "Kentwood FHA" cont'd
23. "Kentwood FHA" cont'd
24. "Kentwood FHA" cont'd
25. "Kentwood FHA" cont'd
26. "Kentwood Future Homemakers Winds Up Year With Field Trip" -
April 28, 1955.
27. "Tangipahoa Topics"
28. "Family History" Berwick, Haley - November 29, 1955
29. "Retires After Serving Sixty Years First Baptist Church in Kentwood"
30. "Twenty -two Years Ago This Week"
31. "Mrs. J. Pok Morris, Jr. Appointed District Deputy Grand Matron" - 1954
32. "Large Crowds Cheer Football Team and Queen at Homecoming"
K. News - October 18, 1956.
33."Gives Information of Early Buildings of First Baptist Church of Kentwood"
January 19, 1956. (2 � pages)
34. "Gives Information..." cont'd
35. "Gives Information..." cont'd (� page)
36. "Roncal, Historical Site, Formally Dedicated With Special Program" K. News
May 7, 1959
37. "Gayarre's 150 Years" Times Picayune - January 14, 1955
38. "Marker to Be Dedicated At Site of Gayarre Home" State-Times -
April 23, 1959.
39. "Gayarre Marker to be Dedicated Thursday" - Times Picayune -
April 26, 1959.
40. "Marker on Site of Gayarre Home Near Kentwood to be Dedicated" - State
Times - April 29, 1959
41. "Marker Okayed Near Kentwood" - Times Picayune - April 26, 1959
42. "Marker to be Placed at Gayarre Home Here" - K. Commercial -
April 24, 1959
43. "To Dedicate Historical Marker Near Kentwood on April 30" - April 16, 1959
44. "The Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society..." K.C. January 23, 1959
45. "Roncal Ante-bellum Home: Has Fascinating History" K. News - May 7, 1959
(2 pages)

46. "Roncal Ante-bellum Home..." (Cont'd) note on page says, "See Lore July
47. "City Warmly Greets Tourists" - May 7, 1959
48. "Mrs. J.P. Morris Named President of Genealogists" Morning Advocate
January 22, 1961
49. "Arnett Memorial Fund Lists Contributions" K. Commericial - Feb. 22, 1963
50. "Only Known View of Camp Moore" State-Times - April 3, 1968
51. "More Information Given on the Arcola Church" Amite News Digest -
December 23, 1970 (2 pages)
52. "More Information..." cont'd
53. "Arcola"
54. "Springfield School Old School Records" Daily Star Hammond -
Sept. 15, 1967
55. "Paintings Presented" Kentwood Ledger - March 21, 1968
56. "Two Are Injured in Collision" July 27, 1967
57. "A History of Kentwood Garden Club" March 2, 1967 (2 pages)
58. "A History of Kentwood..." cont'd
59. "Photo Recalls Memories of Grim Strike of 1911" - June 5, 1964
60. "Fence Bristling with Barbed Wire Enclosed Roundhouse in Days of 1911

Box 1
Binder 2 - Local Lore - 1962
1. "Local Lore and Legend" 1 - November 30, 1961 - notes accompanying article
2. Notes on Local Lore and Legend - "This is the workbook"
3. "Local Lore and Legend" 2 - notes accompanying article
4. "He's Expert Arrowhead Maker" Oct. 1963
5. "We Hyde Our Faces"
6. "State's First Rock Show at Covington" December 6, 1963
7. "Local Lore and Legend" 3 - notes accompanying article
8. "Local Lore and Legend" 4 - notes accompanying article
9. "Local Lore and Legend" 5 - notes accompanying article
10. "Local Lore and Legend" 6 - January 5, 1962 - notes accompanying article
11. "Local Lore and Legend" 7 - notes accompanying article
12. "Local Lore and Legend" 8 - January 18 - notes accompanying article
13. "Wanted: Old Railroad Pictures"
14. "Local Lore and Legend" 9 - January 25, 1962 - notes accompanying article
15. "Local Lore and Legend" 10 - February 1 - notes accompanying article
16. "Local Lore and Legend" 11 - February 8 - notes accompanying article
17. Card from Marie and Bill - February 8, 1962
18. "Local Lore and Legend" 12 - February 15, 1962 - notes accompanying
19. "Local Lore and Legend" 13 - February 22 - notes accompanying article
20. "Local Lore and Legend" 14 - March 1, 1962 - notes accompanying article
21. "Local Lore and Legend" 15 - March 8 - notes accompanying article
22. "Local Lore and Legend" 16 - March 15
23. "The Romance of Flowers" by Eugene T. Du Pont
24. "Dogwood Data"
25. "Maypops (Passion Flowers) A Choice Vine in Dixie" - July 1963
26. "Local Lore and Legend" 17 - March 22, 1962
27. "Local Lore and Legend" 18 - March 29
28. "Local Lore and Legend" 19 - April 5 - notes accompanying article
29. "Local Lore and Legend" 20 - April 12 - notes accompanying article
30. "Pills, Powders and Potions"
31. "Local Lore and Legend" 21 - notes accompanying article
32. "Local Lore and Legend" 22 - April 26 - notes accompanying article
33. "Local Lore and Legend" 23 - May 10, 1962 - notes accompanying article
34. "Local Lore and Legend" 24 - May 17 - notes accompanying article
35. "Local Lore and Legend" 25 - May 24 - notes accompanying article
36. "Local Lore and Legend" 26 - May 31
37. "Local Lore and Legend" 27 - June 7
38. Thank you card
39. "Local Lore and Legend" 28 - June 14 - notes accompanying article
40. "Mason Plans 150th Anniversary"
41. "Local Lore and Legend" 29 - June 23, 1962 - notes accompanying article
42. "Church Honors Pastor on Anniversary"
43. "Pastor's Page"
44. "Rev. Salley Honored on Appreciation Day" - 1962 - notes accompanying
45. "Local Lore and Legend" 31 - July 12, 1962 - notes accompanying
46. "Local Lore and Legend" 32 - notes accompanying
47. "Shivaree Fetes Friendship Pair - August 10, 1962
48. "Local Lore and Legend" 33 - notes accompanying
49. "Local Lore and Legend" 34 - August 9, 1961 - notes accompanying
50. "Local Lore and Legend" 35 - August 1962 - notes accompanying
51. "Local Lore and Legend" 36 - August 1962 - notes accompanying
52. "Local Lore and Legend" 37 - September 7, 1962 - notes accompanying
53. "Bennie Castella announces that he has Free Hospital Beds"
54. Greeting card
55. "Local Lore and Legend" 38 - notes accompanying
56. "Osyka Social Notes" - October 11, 1962
57. "School News" - October 5 - notes accompanying
58. "School News" - September - notes accompanying
59. "Local Lore and Legend" 39 - September 21, 1962 - notes accompanying
60. "Time Sampler" - notes accompanying
61. "School News" - September - notes accompanying
62. September 28, 1962 - 40 - notes accompanying
63. Letter to Irene Morris from L.B. Ponder, Jr, Ponder and Ponder Attorneys
At Law - April 17, 1964
64. "Local Lore and Legend" 41 - notes accompanying
65. "Local Lore and Legend" 42 - notes accompanying
66. "Local Lore and Legend" 43 - October 18 - notes accompanying
67. "Local Lore and Legend" 44 - notes accompanying
68. "School News" - notes accompanying
69. "Traditions Have Beginnings" - notes accompanying
70. Letter to Leon Spears from Irene Morris - notes on back
71. "Local Lore and Legend" 45 - notes accompanying
72. Newspaper picture of Library's Tenth Anniversary Celebration
73. " " (copy 2)
74. "Over 100 Attend 10th Anniversary of First Baptist Church Library"
75. "Card of Thanks" - notes accompanying
76. "Local Lore and Legend" 46 - November 8, 1962 - notes accompanying
77. " " (copy 2)
78. "School News"
79. "25,000 Baptists Expected Here for Convention"
80. "Anniversary of 1st Baptist Church Slated"
81. "Local Lore and Legend" 47 - notes accompanying
82. Newspaper picture of "One of McComb's Historic First Organized Football
Squad" - notes accompanying
83. "Local Lore and Legend" 48 - notes accompanying
84. "Card of Thanks"
85. "W.M.U. Notes"
86. "Local Lore and Legend" 49 - November 30, 1962 - notes accompanying
87. "Local Lore and Legend" 50 - December 7, 1962
88. "J.T. Schartz Heads Masons"
89. "Local Lore and Legend" 51 - December 14, 1962 - notes accompanying
90. "Local Lore and Legend: 52
91. Card - Season's Greetings - from Mr. and Mrs. Homer Scott
92. "Local Lore and Legend" 53 - December 27, 1962
93. Local Lore and Legend notebook
1. "Mrs. Bridges Hosts Kentwood Music Club for Annual Yuletide Party"
2. Notes on History of Kentwood - Nov. 4, 1961 (3 pages)
3. "Indiana Writer to Address Folklore Society Meeting"
4. "Folk Music Club"
5. "Happy New Years" card
6. Christmas card - notes accompanying
7. Notes from readers - (2 pages)

Box 1
Binder 3 - (158 items)
1957 Calendar of Activities Tangipahoa Baptist Assoc
News clipping, Hobbs, Wingo Receive honorary doctorates
News clippings - obituaries: Muse, Query, May, Meriwether, Millet, Misita, Meadows,
Mack, Miller, Martin, Mills, Mauchausen, Murphy, Moore, Overton,
Murray, Mitchell, Albritton
Newsclipping, "Coach had way of getting close" 31 Oct 99
Newsclipping, Kentwood Music Club Plans
Newsclipping, Uncle Link Morse
Notes: Murray, Morvant, Moore, Martin
Family Group Sheets: James Martin, Harvey D. Martin
Personal notes - Masonic
Family Group Sheet and notes, William Carter Maxwell
Newsclipping: Madlock Family, Smith Davis, Moreland Cookston, Murray
Notes: Marshall
Family Group Sheet: Cader Mitchell, Alfred Mills
Newsclippings - obituaries: Marshall, McMichael, Manchester, Matthews, Milton
Notes: Martin, Matthews, Meredith, Meadows
Newsclipping: Honored on 83rd Birthday, Mizell
Notes: Montgomery, Moore, Moorehouse, Morrow
Newsclipping: First Baptist Church Junior Dept of 1940 or 1941, Ledger, 10 May 1979
Letter, Northeast Lodge No. 435
Newsclipping - obituaries: Moore, Magee, Miller, Misita, Morgan, Miller, Mitchell,
Miley, Mann, Moak, Marmillion
Notes: Maxwell, Morgan
Newsclippings- reunion/family history: Millsaps, Montgomery, Millard, Middleton,
Mathis, Magee, Milton, Medlock, Morgan-Wasson
Invitation, receiption for Mr. And Mrs. Bruce Benett Humphries
Newsclippings: Articles where Irene Morris is named; Local Lore and Legend articles,

Box 1
Binder 4 (123 items)
Notes and newsclippings, Be it Known and Remembered, 1967
Newsclippings, 1974 - "Town Officials", "Two Post Offices end", "Spring Creek Begins"
Newsclippings, Be It Known and Remembered and other articles by Irene Morris, various
Around Kentwood It is Remembered (publication by Irene Morris, with various
newsclippings inserted)
Newsclippings of articles written by Irene Morris, various years

Box 1
Folder 3 - (123 items)
Personal correspondence, 1960-1962
Calendar of Louisiana Colonial Documents Vol. 1 Avoyelles Parish, Compiled by
Winston DeVille, Louisiana State Archives and Records Commission, 1961
Kentwood News, Jan 19, 1956
Kentwood News, Sept 20, 1962
Kentwood Commercial, May 2, 1940
Receipts, invoices, 1962
Notes - Be It Known and Remembered Bible Records, 1961

Box 1
Folder 4 (83 items)
Local Lore and Legend, published weekly in the Kentwood News, beginning
Nov 30, 1961

Box 2
Folder 1 - (47 items)
Around Kentwood It is Remembered Kentwood, Louisiana by Irene R. Morris. November 1967
Letter to the Editor, note: Theople Hurst Feb 1967
Be It Known and Remembered newsclippings, 1966

Box 2
Folder 2 (23 items)
Around Kentwood It is Remembered Kentwood, Louisiana by Irene R. Morris. November 1967 with notes and newsclippings inserted, and letters from: C.J. Cannon, 18 Mar 1968, Edith Schwartz, N.C. Magee, Alice Addison

Box 2
Folder 3 (32 items)
Local Lore and Legend newsclippings, beginning 1961
First Baptist Mid-Week Messenger, 14 May 1958
Additional newsclippings inserted in folder, Local Lore and Legend, 1964

Box 2
Folder 4 (72 items)
Information from Diane Gill on Acolapissa, Nov 1968
Letter with newsclippings from Clara L. Hogan, 2 Jun 1966
Letter from Donald H. Spurlock regarding George L. Tiebout, 20 Sept 1968
Copy of article submitted by Margaret C. Stevens
Letter from Guy Dyson regarding Gaston T. Raoul
Newsclippings and notes
Letter from Arleigh C. Hendry, 18 Feb 1965
Letter from Beth Tuttle, 22 Jan 1969
Mississippi as a Province and State by W. C.C. Claiborne - notes
Halimah A Legend of the Tangipahoa, by O.N. Ogden - notes

Box 2
Folder 5 (49 items)
Record book , labeled 1966-67, filled with notes, and inserted newsclippings and book orders

Box 2
Folder 6 (242 items)
Newsclippings, 1966

Box 2
Folder 7 (120 items)
Amite Newspaper Centennial Reprints 1969 - notes and newsclippings
Training for Rainbow Leadership booklets (one with notes, photos inserted)

Box 2
Folder 8 (1 item)
Local Lore and Legend newsclippings 1963

Box 2
Folder 9 (78 items)
Newsclippings 1967

Box 2
Folder 10 (2 items)
Notebook with newsclippings, 1967; envelope

Box 2
Folder 11 (49 items)
Newsclippings, Local Lore and Legend, 1967
Publication - J. Polk Morris and Sons Kentwood, LA 1967

Box 2
Folder 12 (237 items)
Newsclippings, 1967; notes

Box 2
Folder 13 (322 items)
Newsclippings from various publications, (marked as 1967 but items are dated from various years); Letter from Richard E. Clark; postcard from Alfred J. Ketchum; notes.

Box 2- Binders
1. "Local Lore and Legend"- January 1965
2. "Local Lore and Legend"- February 5, 1965, DAR meets Jan 23, 1965
3. "Local Lore and Legend"- February 18, 1965, Handwritten notes about the Communion set for Bethel Baptist Church (2-8-63)
4. "Local Lore and Legend"- February, 25, 1965
5. "Local Lore and Legend"
6. "Local Lore and Legend"- March 4, 1965
7. "Local Lore and Legend"- March 1965
8. "Local Lore and Legend"- March 4, 1965 (copy included)
9. "Local Lore and Legend"
10. UDC hears Mrs. Morris tell of Camp Moore- March 1964
11. "Local Lore and Legend"- 1965
12. "Local Lore and Legend"- Members of St. Helena Rifles.
13. "Local Lore and Legend"- Members of St. Helena Rifles continued.
14. "Valuable Record of Civil War", History of Local Troops in War Between States (1965)
15. "Local Lore and Legend"-1965
16. "Local Lore and Legend"- March 1965
17. Joyal-Schilling Vows Said
18. "Kentwood News"- Thursday, April 1, 1965, "Local Lore and Legend"- April 1, 1965
19. "Local Lore and Legend"- March 1965
20. "Local Lore and Legend"- April 15, 1965, Catholics to Hold Meeting with guest speaker Mrs. J. Polk Morris.
21. "Local Lore and Legend"- April 22, 1965, also picture of engines taken on March 27, 1900 near Kentwood.
22. "Local Lore and Legend"- April 29, 1965
23. "Dedication to be Sunday May 30, 1965"- dedication to Camp Moore written by Irene Morris
24. Continuation of "Dedication to be Sunday May 30. 1965"
25. "Local Lore and Legend"- June 17, 1965
26. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 3, 1965, also Tangipahoa Parish Cookery Books with notes
27. "In Memoriam" and "Vert et Jaune"-Club Meets for Noon Luncheon 1965
28. "Miss Smith and Mr. Turner Are Married Here In Baptist Church" June 10, 1965, "Mrs. E. Stewart dies at Hospital" 1965
29. "During June, Dairy Month, We Salute"- about Dr. Elmer E. Puls, June 11, 1965
30. "Local Lore and Legend"- June 10, 1965, "Kentwood Music Club Meets"
31. "Local Lore and Legend"- June, 1965 with notes
32. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 24, 1965
33. "Vert et Jaine to Meet," "Club Ladies Enjoy Luncheon," "Local Lore and Legend"- 1965
34. "Sea Theme Accentuates Club Luncheon"
35. Letter to Irene Morris- July 7, 1965
36. "Local Lore and Legend"- July 29, 1965
37. "Verte et Jaune Meeting Success," "Verte et Jaine to Meet," 1965
38. "Local Lore and Legend"- August 5, 1965, also picture of 110- year- old tomb stones.
39. "Local Lore and Legend"- 1965
40. "Kentwood Jaycees Honor Tourists from Georgia Last Week"- August 19, 1965, also picture of Jaycee member, Hamilton Mixon, Bobby Gill, while the give tourists an interesting visit to the Camp Moore Museum.
41. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 2, 1965, notes attached
42. "Local Lore and Legend"- September 1965, "Hunting for Bears" notes attached
43. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 16, 1965
44. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 16, 1965, "Family Trees- Look to Louisiana For Genealogical Aid" notes attatched.
45. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 30, 1965
46. "Local Lore and Legend"- October 7, 1965
47. "Local Eastern Stars Attend District Meeting" 1965
48. Copy of Payroll for Captain J. H. Winnfield's Beaver Creek Rifle Men Co.
49. "Local Lore and Legend"-November 11, 1965
50."Local Lore and Legend"-November 18, 1965, "Osyka Slated To Receive modern 25-Bed Hospital, notes attatched.
51. Dan Morris and Ruth Lewis will represent Kentwood High School in the All State Chorus.
52. "Local Lore and Legend"-December 2, 1965
53. "Local Lore and Legend"-December 1965, Mrs. Blanche Newman Watson death.
54."Local Lore and Legend"- December 2, 1965
55. "Miss Gill Entertained At Tea in Lambert Home Tuesday"-December 16, 1965, "Norco Dinner Honors Couple"-Miss Nell Rose Gill and her fiance, J.P. Morris III, 1965, Engagement announcement by Mrs. Dedric Hillery Gill with photo.
56. "Vert et Jaune Ladies Enjoy Luncheon With Thanksgiving Theme"- November 1965, "Wear Something Green, Please"-November 1965, "Christmas Theme is Significant at Vert et Jaune Dinner"- December 9, 1965
57. "Miss Nell Rose Gill Becomes Bride of J.P. Morris III" 1965-details of wedding and photo.
58. Continuation of "Miss Nell Rose Gill Becomes Bride of J.P. Morris III", "Morris Printing Co. Changes Owners Rapidly"
59. Copy of "Miss Nell Rose Gill Becomes Bride of J.P. Morris III"
60. "Local Lore and Legend"-December 23, 1965, notes added
61. "Happy New Year From Us!- Mike, Bob, Lynne, Scott, Beth,"notes added, "Joyfux Noel," Amite 1965, "Mrs. Edward McGehee Hosts Music Club At Christmas Party"1965
62. "Savings Galore in Our One Stop Store," Anniversary Sale-November 1965, "J. Polk Morris & Son, Inc."
63. Picture of Opening of Kentwood High School in December of 1910

Box 2-Binders
Binder 2
1. "Local Lore and Legend"- November 10, 1966
2. "Thru The Years" By Mrs. Morris Is Published-January 1966, "Local Lore and Legend"-January 6, 1966
3. "Roddy Family Reunion Planned"-1966, "Venable Family To Hold Reunion"- notes added, "Baptists Present Christmas Music"-notes added-1965-1966
4. "26 Ladies Enjoy Vert er Jaune Luncheon"-January 13, 1966, "Local Lore and Legend"-January 13, 1966
5. "Local Lore and Legend"-January 20, 1966
6. "Local Lore and Legend"-January 27, 1966, "Local Lore and Legend"-February 3, 1966
7. "Local Lore and Legend"-February 10, 1966, Society Highlights and Sidelights-Daily Star, "Vert er Jaune Club Meets in Hammond"- February 11, 1966
8. "Retired USM teacher Thomas H. Freeny dies"-1966, "Local Lore and Legend"-February 17, 1966
9. "Local Lore and Legend"-March 3, 1966, Death Announcement for Myrtle Francis Foster-notes added-1966
10."Local Lore and Legend"-March 10, 1966
11."Irene Morris Speaks to DAR"- April 1966, "Irene Morris Speaks to FHA"-1966
12. "Local Lore and Legend"- "Three Bus Loads of DB&R Employees Tour Parish"-March 3, 1966, "Kentwood People Welcome Plant Visitors At Coffee Saturday"-March 3, 1966-notes added
13. "Verte et Jaune Ladies Dine in Hammond"-February 1966, "Kentwood Medical History Report Given At Auxillary Luncheon"-February 1966
14. "St. Patrick Colors Prevail At Luncheon", "Local Lore and Legend"-March 24, 1966
15."Local Lore and Legend"-March 31, 1966, "Music Club Hears Band Students-1966
16. Photo of Kentwood's Football Team 1930-Coach Boggs
17. Photo of Kentwood's Football Team Championship- March 31, 1966, noted added, "Verte et Jaune To Meet On April 6
18."Local Lore and Legend"-April 14, 1966, "April Showers Is Theme of Vert et Jaune Meet"
19. "Local Lore and Legend"-April 21, 1966, photo included
20. "Local Lore and Legend"-April 28, 1966, photo included
21. Photo of children in 1942- April 7, 1966, "Mrs. J.P. Morris is Interviewed On Television"-April 7, 1966
22."Mother and Daughter Host Ladies Group Luncheon"-1966, "Vert et Jaune to Meet", "Verte et Jaune To Celebrate Anniversary"-last of May 1966, "Easter Music Program Planned"- 1966
23. Photo of Baptism service of the First Baptist Church- Kentwood 1905, notes added
24. "Local Lore and Legend"-1966
25. "Local Lore and Legend"- May 12, 1966
26. "Holy Rosary Altar Society Elect Officers," photo of new pastor named John Eulberg (notes added), "Local Lore and Legend"- May 12, 1966
27."Local Lore and Legend"- May 1966, "Mr. J. L. Matthews Honored At Bouffet Lunch"-notes added
28. Letter to Mrs. James P Morris-May 4, 1966, Photo of Possum Trot School- April 1966
29. "Local Lore and Legend"- May 1966, Photo of Miss Linda Gail Lee-June 30, 1966
30. "Local Lore and Legend"-May 6, 1966
31. Photo of Peoples Drug Co. June 30, 1966
32. "Local Lore and Legend"- June 2, 1966
33. "1850 Oldsters in St. Helena" June 1, 1966 (News Digest)
34. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 17, 1966, notes added, "Verte et Jaune Celebrates First Club Birthday"-June 1966, "Verte et Jaune To Celebrate Anniversary"-May 1966
35. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 9, 1966
36. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 16, 1966
37. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 23, 1966
38. "Baptists Honor Bro. Salley Sunday"-June 1966, notes added; "Pastor Honored on Tenth Anniversary"-Midweek Messenger, June 22, 1966; Pastors Page
39. "Verte et Jaune Meet Yesterday"-July 7, 1966, photos accompanying
40. "Local Lore and Legend"-June 30, 1966
41. "Local Lore and Legend"-July 7, 1966, notes added
42. "Local Lore and Legend"- July 14, 1966; "Miss Harrell and Mr. Wilson Exchange Vows Recently"-1966
43. Photos of Kentwood, LA-July 14, 1966
44. "Construction To Begin On Kentwood Brick Plant"-notes added; "Locl Funds Raised To Secure Plant"
45. "Mrs. G.H. Mixon honored by Kentwood News" March 9, 1978
46. "Kentwood News Salutes Mrs. G. H. Mixon, Sr. With the Golden 'K' Award"-March 9, 1978; "Gardening on Main Street;" Photo of Gertrude Brown in 1917 LSU Gumbo
47. "Local Lore and Legend"- July 31, 1966; Photo of Mrs. G.H. Mixon, SR.;Garden Club Founder Dies at Local Hospital, buried Tuesday"-December 1978
48. "Local Lore and Legend"-July 28, 1966
49. "Local Lore and Legend"-August 4, 1966
50. "Local Lore and Legend"-August 11, 1966; "Fresh Donuts Made Daily-Honey Boys Cafe"
51. "Local Lore and Legend"- August 18, 1966
52. "Local Lore and Legend"-August 25, 1966; "Venable Family to Hold Reunion"-1966
53. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 1, 1966- noted added
54. "Verte et Jaune- Attendance, theme taps luncheon meet fun"- August 11, 1966, pictured included
55."Local Lore and Legend"-September 8, 1966; "Roddy Family Reunion Planned"-1966
56. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 15, 1966, Pictures included
57. "Luncheon set observes American heritage"-September 1966, picture at Verte et Jaune, notes added
58. Letter from Mrs. Frank V. LeBlanc to Mrs. Morris; "Did You Know?"leaflet
59."Local Lore and Legend"- September 22, 1966; "Mrs. Solberg Hosts Luncheon"
60. "Verte et Jaune Luncheon"- October 6, 1966; picture of Columbus Day, notes added
61. "Luncheon Set Cites Columbus"-1966; Memorial of Miss Ella Gill, photo included
62. "Local Lore and Legend"-September 29, 1966, notes added; Letter from Gullett Gin Company (From Katherine Morris to Irene Morris)
63. Program of the Washington, St. Tammany, and Tangipahoa Parishes Regional Library Meeting at the Zemurray Community Center- November 23, 1966; handwritten notes; Hammond Regional Library Meeting 11th Annual "Local Scene" Hammond November 23, 1966
64. Kentwood News - Kentwood LA- Thursday, December 8, 1966; Tri-Parish Library Meet- December 1, 1966; Mrs. James Polk Morris, Jr. Of Kentwood displays part of her collection- picture included; Local Historian Talks to Regional Meeting- 1966
65. Photo of J.P. Morris & Sons-September 8, 1966; Kentwood News-September 8, 1966; Pictures of the repairs on the Masonic Building on Main Street in Kentwood, notes added
66. Local Lore and Legend- October 6, 1966
67. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Morris from Kenneth W. Sessions, D.D.,Th. D.- notes added; "160 Rainbows girls meet here Saturday for Instructions"- November 1966; Death Announcement- Mrs. Annie Strickland Tillgreen
68. "Local Lore and Legend"- October 27, 1966; Deaths- Mrs. Annie Newman Tillgreen, Statement of Ownership-William K. Irwin
69. "Local Lore and Legend"- November 2, 1966; Mr. And Mrs. Alton Morris are attending the American Bankers Convention, Mr. And Mrs. Art Lucky were week-end visitors
70. "Local Lore and Legend"- November 10, 1966-notes added; "With Zest for Living Mr. Jayroe Nears 93," "With Zest for Living Mr. Jayroe Nears 93" (Continued)
71."Local Lore and Legend"- November 10, 1966; Hobbies- Knife Rests (Cover for November 1966)
72."Local Lore and Legend"- November 23, 1966
73. "Mr. And Mrs. William Hillary Gill Honored on 50th Anniversary;" " Thanksgiving, folk music, highlight club theme at Carl Pierce residence-1966; New Orleans as a Paris featured in Vert et Jaune luncheon meeting- November 3, 1966; Recent Hostesses at Verte et Jaune (pictured included)-November 3, 1966
74. "Local Lore and Legend"- December 15, 1966; "Kentwood's Santa, Mr. Leade Matthews"
75. "Local Lore and Legend"- December 22, 1966; Social News- by Vera Hurst
76."Local Lore and Legend"- December 29, 1966; Bell Rings at Vert et Jaune luncheon- December 8, 1966
77. Backstage at a Corroboree- noted added; Aborigines apply makeup (pictures); The Deep South Writers' and Artists' Conference, Inc. Rules and Awards

Box 2-Binders
Binder 3
Binder 3 is a collection that includes assorted "Local Lore and Legend" articles and other articles from the Kentwood News that were either written by or about Mrs. Irene Reid Morris in 1967. This binder includes letters from people who read her column, photos that were printed in Kentwood News, and also wedding and death announcements of residents of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Box 2-Binders
Binder 4
Local Lore and Legend newsclippings, no dates

Binder 1 (1968)
Binder 1 is a collection that inlcudes assorted "Local Lore and Legend" articles as well as other articles from the Kentwood News that were either written by or about Mrs. Irene Reid Morris in 1968. These articles provide information about the events occurring during 1968 in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Binder 2 (1969)
Binder 2 is a collection of "Local Lore and Legend" columns that were written by Mrs. Irene Reid Morris and published in the Kentwood News. These articles as well as the others provide information on events that occurred in 1969 in Kentwood, Louisiana. This binder also includes "Around Kentwood It Is Rembered (1967)" by Irene R. Morris, a pamphlet from Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce, and letters to Mrs. Irene Morris.

Composition Book 1
This notebook was used as a diary by Mrs. Irene Morris and includes lists of the things that she did in from July 1, 1970 to January 15, 1971. Also included are assorted Kentwood News articles containing "Local Lore and Legend" and letters to Mrs. Irene Morris.

Composition Book 2
This notebook is a collection from February 1-June 15 1971. This notebook contains information documented from day to day activities that Mrs. Morris participated in. The notebook also contains newspaper articles of issues, weddings, and important events that happened during this time.

Composition Book 3
This notebook contains Mrs. Irene Morris' diary starting from January of 1968 and going all the way through the year 1969. This information includes everyday activities and events that both her and her family went through. The notebook also contains newspaper articles such as recipes, financial reports, and other various articles during this time.

Composition Book 4
This notebook contains information from the year 1973. Along with a day to day documentation of her life the notebook also contains newspaper articles, letters to and from Mrs. Irene, postcards, and a Tulane graduate school ceremony brochure from December of 1973.

Composition Book 5
This notebook contains Mrs. Irene's diary starting from December of 1971 all the way till
June of 1972. Along with the personal information the notebook contains newspaper articles, calenders of events, invitation for the ladies luncheon, and a brochure from New Orleans Fabulous.

Composition Book 6
This notebook contains information on Irene Morris starting in June 1971 till December 1971. This information is a daily journal of things going on in her life. The notebook also contains newspaper articles, Ozarks tales articles, and Southeastern Louisiana University Department of Music brochure.

Composition Book 7
This notebook contains a diary of Irene Morris in the year of 1974. The dairy starts In January and ends in June. The notebook also contains newspaper articles such as "The Cycle of Life", "The Ponchatoula Country Market", and "New Officers Elected at the Music Club".

Composition Book 8
This notebook contains information starting on September 1969 and ending on December of 1970. The notebook also contains information such as letters, coupons, newspaper articles, comics, and pictures.

Composition Book 9
This notebook contains information beginning with June of 1972 and ending with July of 1972. The notebook contains letters from Tulane University, letters from friends, wedding invitations, and newspaper articles.

Composition Book 10
The notebook starts with information on August 1972 and ends on January 1973. The notebook also contains letters, pictures, newspaper articles such as "Claim of employee is Disputed by Roemer", "Highways Board Discusses Civil Service Pay Increases", and "Area people attend reception in Baton Rouge."

Black Book
This book starts with information on October of 1967 and ends on June of 1968. The notebook contains personal events and information from Mrs. Irene Morris during this time period. The notebook also stores newspaper articles such as "Re-vamping Rocks", "Placement for valley forge academy", and "Camp Moore's only known picture".


Folder 1 -
White Envelope - This envelope contains letters from the year 1969. One letter from
Mississippi Genealogical Society along with a brochure and Roster.
Personal notes; letter from Tourist Center; letter from J.P. Scott with flier; invitations

Folder 2 - 1974
1. DG Fraser Jr card
2. Wedding of Nedra Carol Hurst and Richard Wayne Carter flyer
3. Envelope to Irene Morris from Capitol Mack of La
4. Newspaper article: He left a house that still waits his return
5. Letter from Fred

Folder 3 - Irene Personal Folder
1. Article: Opelousas as Military Outpost
2. Letter from The State University College at Potsdam
3. Article: German Caravan visits Tangipahoa parish
4. Article: Camp Moore a historical landmark
5. The Kentwood Ledger Thursday May 2, 1974
6. Newspaper picture At valentine meet
7. Article: Ledger Notes
8. Article: Gala May meeting ends season
9. Article: Camp Moore Museum has new curator
10. Newspaper picture
11. Article: Mrs Myrtle Granberry new UDC president
12.Article: Two centuries of music to be program
13. Newspaper picture: Camp Moore
14. Letter to Mrs Morris October 28, 1974
15. Letter to Irene Morris from state of Louisiana Civil Service
16. Letter to Irene Morris from Governors conferene on tourism
17. Letter to J. P. Morris from J.P. Scott
18. Article: 1950 Spring Flower Show
19. Letter to J. P. Morris from Mildred Maier
20. Letter from Tangipahoa Parish Jury Commission
21. May Calender
22. Article: Large roup greets OES D.D. Grand Matron
23. Letter to Irene Morris from Nicholas R. Murray
24. Article: Genealogy Seminar held in Hammond
25. Letter to Irene Morris
26. Article: Unique look at World of Art
27. Letter from Boots
28. Letter from Leona
29. Article: Gala night concludes music club season Tuesday

Folder 4 - Camp Moore
This folder contains pictures and newspaper articles having to do with Camp Moore

Folder 5 - J.P. Morris
This folder contains information, newspaper articles, letters, and pictures of the Morris family including J.P. Morris and Irene morris along with information about Camp Moore

Folder 6 - Mrs. Irene Morris
Envelope that contains a letter from Winston de Ville, a new release from the Genealogical Publishing company, and hand written notes; envelope that contains articles in the year 1967 the Mrs. J Polk Morris Jr wrote

Folder 7 - Mrs. Irene Morris
Envelope that contains small binder filled with notes; news clippings, Socially Speaking, My favorite Antique.

Box 4
Binder 1
A collection of newspaper articles and pictures before 1990.
1. Town Log 1975
2. Abe Lincoln vase given to camp Moore
3. 1858 Text book on loan
4. Kentwood's last hitching post
5. Morrises attend Morning Glory brunch 1989
6. Club meets in Morris home 1989
7. LC Student brings Alex to life 1989
8. Be it known and remembered 1989
9. Old building coming down 1989
10. Telegraph station was at one time located on main street in Kentwood 1989
11. The Legend is fading 1989
12. Pictures from Spring Creek Halloween Carnival
13. Around Kentwood-It is remembered 1990
14. Museum may become national headquarters
15. Martha Sunday school class 1990
16. Local Lore and Legend 1990
17. Music club meets in Smith home

Box 4
Composition Book 1
This book contains many different diary article entries, newspaper articles, grocery lists, letters, and inventions. The book contains material starting in 1991 and ending in February of 1992.
Box 4
Composition Book 2
This notebook contains information from May 1991 till July 1991. Within the notebook you can find Morris' personal information from day to day. You will also find newspaper articles, wedding programs, school of instruction program, and My fair lady program.

Box 4
Composition Book 3
This notebook contains information from February to May of 1991. In this notebook you will find a day to day personal diary entry along with important information and newspaper articles during these times.

Box 4
Composition Book 4
This notebook contains information from January to February of 1991. It is all personal diary entries from Mrs. Morris

Box 4
Composition Book 5
This notebook contain information from July 1991 to October 1991. The notebook holds personal diary entries from Irene Morris along with some newspaper articles of important events during this time.

Box 4
Composition Book 6
This notebook contains information from October through December 1990. Personal diary entries from Irene Morris along with programs from Episcopal High school, Norco Library, First Baptist Church, and Star Quest.

Box 4
Composition Book 7
This notebook contains information about Kentwood. The notebook is filled with newspaper articles all about Kentwood from the years 1966 to 1991. All picture articles.

Box 4
Composition Book 8
This notebook contains information about Irene Morris' personal day to day activities from January 1990 to February 1990. The notebook also contains some newspaper articles during this time.

Box 5

Womack Folder
This folder contains information on the Womack family. The folder contains hand written notes, newspaper articles, letters, Brochures of the history of McMinnville and Warren county, and family logs.

Box 5
Woodward Folder
This folder contains information on the Woodward family. In the folder you will find a Pedigree chart of the members of the Woodward family, hand written notes on the family, William Woodward Jr.'s Obituary, other newspaper articles containing information about the Woodward family, and geneology information on Dr. Woodward.

Box 5
Lots of W Folder
Newspaper articles:
1. Obituary of Marvin Edward Wheat
2. Red Board told to hire accountant. April 3, 1986.
3. Ancestors
4. Be Popular at Parties 1937.
5. Picture of a quilt from The Kentwood News Ledger February 4, 2004
6. Alisha Faye Hinton to wed Landon Michael Estay on June 10. 2006.
7. Chesbrough teacher receives National Board Certification. January 18, 2006.
8. Obituary of Margaret W. Smtih
9. Jane Wickham recieves award
10. Obituary of Hubert Reeves Yarborough Sr.
11. Obituary of Archie Wall
12. Chatting With Cathy. January 30, 2002
13. Pictures of Private Ray Waldo Williams and Sergeant Cade Drue Williams, and members of the Alcy G. Gill Post #187.
14. Letter to the Editor. April 14, 1989
15. Catherine Yarborough recieves Mother of theYear gifts. The Kentwood News Ledger May 12, 2004.
16. Obituary of Hubert Reeves Yarborough Sr.
17. Julie Gainey to wed Randall Walker. May 15, 1986
18. Garden club holds January meeting. Febuary 5, 2003
19. Kentwood Spring Water
20. Obituary of Sally Schaack McDonald
21. Obituary of Archie Wall
22. Grand marshal will have both eyes open this year. April 1, 2004
23. Letter to Irene Morris from Janel Welch
24. Kentwood man charged in wreck
25. Food related idioms reveal something about our appetites
26. Couple donates 70 years of history on index cards
27. Obituary of Mildred Lewis Wilson
28. Obituary of Jewel Bankston of Arcola
29. Kentwood man donates books
30. Geneology of Alfred Wells
31. Geneology of Nathaniel NIchols
32. Obituary of Sonny Wade
33. Obituary of mrs. Emma Watts Taylor
34. Obituary of Oscar G. Welch Sr.
35. Obituary of Mrs. James P. Whittington
36. Mrs. Pnk Whitington. 29, dies in N.O. Hospital
37. Obituary of Mrs. Meta Kemp Wadsworth
38. Obituary of Miss Ada Woodward Wood
39. Obituary of Lemuel duncan Warner
40. Obituary of James Benjamin Woodfin
41. Walther family to begin reunion in Orleans Sunday
42. Hunting for Bears
43. Church of God plans 53rd Hammond Meet June 24-July 3
44. John Wascom, 68 St. Helena Native Dies in B.R
45. Warner Reunion Draws 300
46. Obituary of Barbara Neil Wales
47. Mrs. Willoughby Dies Sunday in Jackson Hospital
48. Ann K. Hartman Publishes Book
49. Mrs. Clara Welch last Rites Held
50. Couples celebrates 57th wedding anniversary
51. Geneology of Floyde Edward Welch
52. Letter to all Warners and Connections from Owen Spivey
53. Hugh Wright, 74, Passes Away
54. J.H. Warner, 91, Former Clrk of Court dies Sun.
55. Mrs. Ellen White Passes Away
56. Mrs. B. Wilkerson last rites held
57. L ast Rites Held for Mrs. Wolbrecht
58. Milton Wales, 82, last rites held
59. Mrs. J.E. Wood, Of Amite, dies
60. Last Rites Held for Mrs. Wolbrecht
61. Query Windham
62. Dr. James Warren, 80 dies after Illness
63. Rites set Thurs for Barbara Wales victim of crash
64. Obituary of Miltion E. Wales
65. Hugh Wright, 74, Passes away
66. Mrs. Helen Calander Last rites held
67. Obituary of Nolan Nelson Wascom
68. Maurice Wascom of Amite dies
69. Obituary of Henry Elish Welch
70. William Wales Passes Away
71. Funeral Rites Held for Ralph Willard
72. Mrs. Leon Wales Sr. Passes Away Friday
73. Drew Ware Dies after long Illness
74. A century in the forest

Box 5
Yarbrough Folder
1. Community. Kentwood NewsLedger October 5, 2005
2. Hand written notes on Yarbrough family
3. Lieberman weds Mw. Deboisblanc
4. Laine Elizabeth Lieberman: New Arrival
5. Envelope containing wedding invitations
6. Obituary of Cyril Austin Yarborough
7. Obituary of David Kenneth Yarborough
8. Last rites held for Mrs. Ed Yarborough
9. Births: John Edgar Yarborough
10. Obituary of Rena Yarborough Douglas
11. Picture of Bowl Queen, Sherry Yarborough
12. Obituary of Willie Joe Yarbrough
13. Obituary of Doris Shaw Yarbrough
14. Obituary of Oscar James Yarbrough
15. Joseph H. Yarborough Passed Away Monday
16. J.W. Yarbrough Passes Away
17. J. H. Yarborough Passes Away
18. John Yarborough, 59 Dies at home of sister
19. Obituary of James Nolan Yarbrough
20. Obituary of Floye Ethridge Yarborough Skaggs
21. Yarborough Family to hold reunion
22. Yarborough Family to hold reunion Sunday May 6th.
23. Picture from Champ Yarbrough
24. Picture of DeGrant Yarbrough
25. New Bank Officers Announced: Directors and Officers Re-elected
26. Longtime educator Ingram dies
27. Bobo yarborough marriage of wide interest here
28. Obituary of T.W. Yarborough Sr
29. St. Helena parish cance(?) To run week of April 1
30. Yarbrorough family reunion held at Percy Quin State Park, May 2
31. Yarborough Genealogy

Box 5
Yair Folder
1. Hand Written notes on Yair family

Box 5
Young Folder
1. Hand written notes on Allen Young
2. Letter to Irene Morris from Allen Young
3. Geneology on Richard Milton Young 2
4. Geneology on Richard Milton Young 1st
5. Geneology on Willie Young
6. Geneology on James Farrell Young 1st sheet
7. Geneology on James Farrell Young 2nd sheet
8. Geneology on Walter Jesse Young
9. Obituary for Lillian W. Young
10. Geneology of John Young
11. Geneology of Marion Jeromme Young
12. Geneology of Richard A. Young
13. Geneology of William Newton Young
14. Geneology of Jenning Bryant Young
15. Geneology of Marion Young
16. Birth of Isaac Taylor Young
17. Obituary of Julia Young
18. Geneology of Burgess Theodore Young
19. Obituary of Edwin L. Young
20. A clipping from the time picayune or "democrat" published about the year 1906
21. Geneology on Burgess t. Young jr.
22. Geneology on Clyde Purcer Young
23. Geneology on Edward D. Young
24. Geneology on Elias Jasper Young
25. Geneology on emmette Jeromme Young
26. Geneology on James Allen Young

Box 5
Zeigler Folder
1. Mrs. Ziegel, 84 Old citizen dies
2. List of Zealer names and date born
3. Farmer dies in crash of auto (Julius N. Zeigler)
4. Know your name
5. Services held for William Zeigler
6. Mrs. Mary Zeigler Rites are Held
7. Obituary of Edward Tyler Zeigler Sr.
8. Family Information Exchange
9. In memoriam of Brother Billy B Zeigler

Box 5
This folder contains obituary articles for Irene Wales, Maggie Wales, and Richard Wales. The folder also contains hand written notes on the family. Also you can find newspaper articles from the year 1966 from the Kentwood Ledger containing information on the Wales.

Box 5
This folder contains obituary articles for Brent Walker, Lizzie McDaniel Walker, Elijah Walker, and Estelle Bickham Walker.

Box 5
In this folder you will find hand written notes on the Wall family, Geneology on Marcus Wall, obituary articles, and various newspaper articles containing information on the Wall family.

Box 5
Clear Folder
Copy of the Annie Cleaveland, A romance from real life 1861 and 1864.

Box 5
This folder contains hand written notes on births, marriages, and deaths. Also in the folder you fill find obituaries of the Waller family and different newspaper articles containing information on the family. You will also find genealogy on Jefferson Waller, Matthew Harris Waller, H.A. Waller, Egbert Waller, and Green B. Waller.

Box 5
This folder contains hand written notes on the Wands family, an ancestor chart of Jennifer Wands, and a letter from Jennifer Wands.

Box 5
This folder contains hand written notes on the Wascomb family.

Box 5
In this folder you will find a document labeled the Waterman Bible. This document contains marriages, births, deaths, and letters.

Box 5
This folder contains hand written notes on James Westrope; newspaper articles containing information on the Westrope family; and obituary on Della Westrope Hutchinson, Frances Westrope Whitley, and Albert whitley.

Box 5
This folder contains information hand written notes, service program for the death of Lee Bangs Wheeler, ancestor charts for Lee Bangs Wheeler, and newspaper articles containing information on Mr. Wheeler.

Box 5
This folder contains letter about the White family; Obituaries of the White family; genealogy of John White, Roy White, Harley White, George Richert, Hohn Gumby, Michael Richert, and Albert Richert. This folder also contains births and records of William lee Haney.

Box 5
This folder contains newspaper articles on the Williams family, obituaries from the Williams family, hand written notes, and genealogy. The folder also contains notes on marriages, births, deaths, and other family history.

Box 5
Brown Whitington
This folder contains an obituary for Brown Whitington, a meeting schedule for te Amite Rotary Club, a certificate from the Rotary Club, and a hand written letter.

Box 5
In this folder you will find, newspaper articles, obituaries, programs from marriages and deaths on the Willard family. The folder also contains genealogy on Joseph Willard, Aaron Guyers, and Wallace Willard. Also you will find "The Louisiana Genealogical Register Vol. XVIII Number 2 June 1971.

Box 5
This folder contains information on many people. In the folder you will find newspaper articles from the Local Lore and Legend, family trees, and The Kentwood Ledger. The folder also contains hand written notes and letter. Also in the folder you can find genealogy on the Venable, Bennett, Corkern, Herrin, Hutchinson, Holden, McGehee, McKinney, Pearson, Watson, Thompson, Morton-Woodson, Day, Lea, Roddy, Bates, Naul,

Box 6

Box 6
Brown 1976
Book containing personal information and newspaper articles from the year 1976.

Box 6
The Shell Desk Diary for 1976
Containing personal information and newspaper articles from the year 1976

Box 6
Brown Book 1977
This journal contains important information from the year 1977. Through out the book there are daily events and journals written. The book also contains newspaper clippings of important events that happened during this time.

Box 6
Brown Book 1978
This book contains important information from the year 1978. Through out the book there are daily events and journals written. The book also contains newspaper clippings of important events that happened during this time.

Box 6
1975 Memory Recipe Calendar

Box 6
Composition Book 1964 Local Lore and Legend newspaper articles.

Box 6
Folder 1
In this folder you will find a Founders Program from 1978, hand written notes/journals from Jan. 29, 1976- Feb 10. 1977, front page of the Kentwood Ledger on April 10, 1975, letters/newspaper articles containing information about SCV meeting at the Louisiana State Museum, program from the confederate Memorial Day program June 3, 1979. Newspaper article:
1. Her Job: Unraveling Mysteries of History. September 4, 1977. The Times-Picayune
2. Masachi Suzuki made honorary citizen of Amite. The News-Digest August 16, 1979.
3. PQ Park Potential Often overlooked. July 13, 1979.
4. Park Idea has commission down slide. August 10, 1978.
5. Colonial Dames Aid Museums. May 18, 1977
6. Harvey and Minnie Lou Hutchinson work hard with Fair. Sept 29, 1978.
7. Pike Solons Disagree with Park Decision. August 10, 1978
8. Gov. Edwards Vetoes Traffic Violator Bill. July 10, 1977
9. Antebellum Home Purchased by State. Jan 5, 1978
10. Jimmie Davis Guitar Taken from Arts, Science Museum. July 1978
11. Houlterville to Hum Again. August 13, 1978. The Times Picayune.
12. The Asphodel Enterprise. Fall-Winter 1977.
13. First Place - The Legend of Halimah
14- Second Place - Kentwood Lions Club
15- Mrs. Debbie Wasson and Mrs. E.E. Bahm
16- DAR April Meeting
17- Calendar 1975
18- Calendar 1976

Box 6
File Folder 2
White folder- Contains newspaper articles and pictures from the year 1977-78. On the back of the folder is labeled the newspaper articles that are inside.

Box 6
File Folder 3
Manilla Folder: Newspaper Articles
1. Meeting scheduled for Retired Teachers Ass'n.
2. Picture of Mr. WK. K. Irwin
3. We the People March 19, 1976
4. Bicentennial Celebrations n Southwest States have Spanish Accent. The Times Picayune November 23, 1975
5. Spanish Louisian Our Revolutionary Ally
6. The Hidden Monarchy. November 3, 1975.
7. State Arts Debate Flares. September 13, 1974.
8. Ceremony set at Mint. September 7, 1975.
9. U.S Mint is dubbed landmark. September 8, 1975.
10. Edwards Supports move to make Wildlife Uit Major Department.
11. Panel Tentatively sets Meeting to Work on Reorganization Bill
12. Capitalites May 18, 1975
13. Jackson Square: Anxiety behind the Scenes. April 6, 1975
14. Bicentennial Notes. April 2 1975
15. "Loyal Colony" Is Topic of Benton For Coffee Held by Woman's Club. March 7, 1975
16. Patriot Oliver Pollock Paid the Bills.
17. Galvez, Pollock Aided Revolution. The Times Picayune October 5, 1975.
18. Oliver Pollock is Club Program. July 25, 1975
19. Louisiana Helped Americans to Win. November 3, 1974.
20. American Revolution Aided by Orleanians. April 13, 1975.
21. Mississippi In the Revolution : Closing Year. July 6, 1975.
22. Revolutionary Hero gets Late Plaudits. November 17, 1974.
23. The Centennials Invisible man.
24. Bicentennial Almanac of Ls.
25. District DAR chapters Hld Sunday Luncheon; Dedicate Galvez Plaque.
26. El Camino Real for Everyone

Insert 1:
1. Business cards: S.C. Mukhopahdyay, Dr. D.K. Gupta
2. Picture (?)
3. Kentwood Rotary Bulletin March 21, 1975
4. Club Brings Students to Orleans. The Times Picayune. April 18, 1975.
5. McComb Rotary's Visitors from India. May 1, 1975.

Insert 2:
1. Wedding Anniversary invitation
2. Miss Morris to wed Mr. Titus on October 8.
3. Rev. And Mrs. Purvis honored by reception.
4. Annual Fall Historical Tour is Next Week End at Natchitoches

Insert 3:
1. Out in the Woods
2. My short, happy career in used books by Jane Goyer
3. Residents trying to save oak
4. The mansion Restaurant and manna book & gift shop
5. Ship Passenger lists and Genealogical Reference
6. Election '77. The states-Item September 8, 1977
7. Bridesmaids luncheon honors Miss Morris. October 6, 1977
8 Retired teachers meet at Camp Moore for first session. October 6, 1977
9. Stork shower honors Mrs. Ponder
10. Faulkner's Cry to Preserve South's Wilderness Recalled. The Times Picayune September 25, 1977
11. Social Life of White House Families
12. A Culinary Curiosity. September 18, 1977
13. Pilgrimage Participants entertained at Coffee
14. Kentwood Social Notes
15. National President Discusses Music Club Projects of Year
16. Lake yields war cannon
17. Natchitoches Abstracts Invaluable to Researchers. September 25, 1977
18. Young Lady stepped off coach into forest uptown in 1865. The Times Picayune September 25, 1977
19. Nostalgia, Genealogy Boom Revive Ancestral Portraits. The Times Picayune September ? 1977
20. Kentwood Social Notes
21. Turning over a New Leaf

Box 6
File Folder 4
1.Newspaper Articles
Dedicate International Boundary
To dedicate historic boundary marker Saturday
Historical markers Placed at international boundaries
To dedicate marker Nov. 9
Historic Origins
Manchac marker Missed Found
2. Letter to J. P Morriss from Louis Brasfield
3. Cards and Gifts book

Box 6
File Folder 5
News clippings from 1977; Louisiana History Newsletter 1977

Box 6
File Folder 6
News clippings and correspondence from 1976

Box 6
File Folder 7
Newsclippings and correspondence from 1976

Box 6
File Folder 8
Bicentennial - newsclippings, magazine articles, etc.

Box 6
File Folder 9
DAR and other miscellaneous items - Newsclippings, correspondence, notes

Box 7

Nick Murray Folder
1. Bear Tracks Number 9 November 1980
2. Bear Tracks Number 8 October 1980

Box 7
Neva Morris Folder
1. A Reluctant doctor retires. State Times October 16, 1989
2. Letter to J. P Morris from Clifton Morris
3. Letter to Classmates of 1918.
4. Letter to Frank Brown from Neva Morris
5. Letter and picture to Mr. Brown from Neva Morris. Obituary of Neva Morris
6. "Going to Germany"
7. Dodging An Heiress Seiors 1917-18 Class Play brochure
8. Rily Pageant Play 1917 brochure
9. 13 Stars Play 1918 brochure.

Box 7
Connell Miller Folder
1. Written notes
2. Rev. Brister to Preach Here
3. Letter to Irene Morris from Connell Miller

Box 7
Miller Folder
1. Obituary of Vera Mae Miller & other Miller Family members
2. Genealogy of Wesley Miller
3. Genealogy of Eddie Miller
4. Written Notes on Miller family
5. Needham-Miller reunion
6. Genealogy of Needham Miller
7. Genealogy of Rayfus Miller
8. Letter to Irene Morrison

Box 7
Moreland Folder
1. Typed notes on C.C. Moreland
2. Obituary for Lucy H. Moreland
3. Rites are held for Well-Known church Teacher
4. Letter to J. P. Morris from Mrs. Tom Moreland

Box 7
A.I. Morral
1. Hand written notes

Box 7
May Folder
1. Genealogy on Joseph May
2. Genealogy on Joseph May II
3. Genealogy on James May
4. Genealogy on Mary May
5. Genealogy on Berry may
6. Genealogy on Hiram May
7. Letter to Mrs. Morris from Loyce Guy
8. Hand written notes on Joseph May
9. Letter to Mrs. Morris from Howard Guy
10. Obituary of William J. May

Box 7
Matthews Folder
1. Hand written notes
2. Everyone will miss Mr. Lee by Mrs. J.P Morris
3. Beloved Citizen Mourned
4. Obituary for Mrs. J. B. Matthews
5. Genealogy for Jefferson Matthews
6. Genealogy for Jefferson John Matthews

Box 7
Holden Folder
1. Written notes
2. Murray Holden, Indy Youth dies N.O Hospital
3. Obituary for George F. Holden
4. Genealogy for Simon Holden Pearson
5. Letter to Irene Morris from Rebecca Holden

Box 7
Pedigree Charts
1. Simon Pearson Holden
2. Thomas Holden
3. Lonia Adeline Mack
4. Genealogy of Simon Pearson Holden
5. Genealogy of James Holden
6. Genealogy of Mahlon Holden
7. Genealogy of Thomas Holden
8. Genealogy of Stephen Holden
9. Genealogy of Richard Holden
10. Genealogy of Whitten Morris
11. Genealogy of William Morris
12. Genealogy of Charles Wall
13. Genealogy of Howell Wall
14. Genealogy of Micajan Wilkinson
15. Genealogy of John Wilkinson

Box 7
Holden folder-Copies from Eleanor Morris
1. Holden, Holding
2. Obituary for James Martin Holden
3. History of Mack family
4. James Martin Holden Ancestor chart
5. A Baton Rouge by Mike Mulhern
6. Marriage record for Simon Holden to Melindy Morris
7. The Family Holden

Box 7
L Folder
1. Obituary for Daly Lanier
2. Obituary for Robert lea
3. Moore says oil, gas needs to skyrocket. Sunday November 12, 1989
4. Honors top Students
5. Community generous for Lions Club Supply Drive for Crippled Children's Camp
6. Lawson descendants gathered last Sunday
7. Arvis Lamberts Observe Golden Anniversary
8. Otis D. Lindsey Once Cashier
9. T.D. Lindsey was among 1st Bank Directors
10. H.W. Lindsey served 20 years on Bank Board
11. Hollis W. Lindsey, 82 prominent St. Helena Pioneer figure Dies.
12. Obituary for Louie Carter Lindsey
13. Louis carter Lindsey Dies of Heart Attack Sunday June 26
14. Wm. Lindsey dies on way to Hospital
15. Obituary for Clara Leonard
16. Obituary for Henry Leonard
17. Obituary for Edward Leanoard
18. Obituary for J.S. Lilly
19. Obituary for Elzie Lilly
20. Memorial Miss Clara Leonard
21. Obituary for clarita Louise Smith
22. Obituary for William Loudon
23. Obituary for Bertie Lovell
24. Obituary for William Lindsey Jr.
25. Columbia Residence Open to Public
26. Obituary for Lois Lambert
27. Obituary for Julius Little
28. Langston Family gather at Columbia
29. H.C. Lawerence Sr. Passes Suddenly
30. Missing Pieces in Robert Family Puzzle
31. Obituary for Ernest Lear
32. Obituary for Will Lawrence
33. McGeHee family gathers
34. Obituary for Lard Lawson
35. State Police officer reassigned
36. Organist to present dedication recital
37. Lambert, McElveen Wed in Candelight Ceremony
38. John "Spud" McConnell as Huey Long
39. Doc Lipscomb

Box 7
Mc Folder
1. Mark Mcclendon Services held
2. Last Rites held for Alva McEwen
3. In memory of Jay Quitman McCoy
4. Obituary of Henry E. McCoy
5. Obituary of virginia McGinity
6. In memoriam Mrs. Carrie McCoy
7. Miss Sure McIntyre Weds Wylie Blades
8. Mrs. S. McKinney of Chatawa Dies
9. Obituary of Jiles McGill
10. Obituary of Hattie McCrea
11. Obituary of Archie McGraw
12. Obituary of Newell Oliver
13. 3 sisters cherish 50 years of marriage
14. Letter to James Polk Morris from Judieth Ann Magee
15. Jesse McMilliam Last Rites held
16. Gibbie McMillan last rites held
17. Denon McMillan dies in Hospital
18. John McAllister Rites are held
19. Genealogy of J. H. McClain
20. Genealogy of McKay
21. Mrs. Lizzy McCoy, 65, dies at Shary clinic after brief illness.
22. McLean family
23. In town and Country
24. In the Spotlight

Box 7
McKneely Folder
1. Obituary of Emma McKneely
2. Obituary of Mattie McKneely
3. W.T. McKneely 82 passes away
4. Mary McNeely Joins agricultural extension service
5. Obituary of William McKneely
6. Wall McKneely dies at IC hospital
7. Rites set today for McKneely
8. Wall H. McKneely dies Suddenly

Box 7
McDaniel Folder
1. Obituary of Willis Lamar McDaniel
2. Thad McDaniel services held
3. Honor Aunt Lucy on 90th birthday
4. Earsey McDaniel rites are held
5. Alcey McDaniel rites are held
6. Webb McDaniel last rites held
7. Heart attack is fatal to James Ben McDaniel, 73
8. Mrs. Maude McDaniel dies at home after long illness
9. Obituary for Mrs. J.B. McDaniel
10. Obituary for George McDaniel
11. Mrs. J.B McDaniel Passes away
12. "Coy" McDaniel funeral held
13. Genealogy of Jeremiah Thompson
14. Genealogy of John McDaniel
15. Genealogy of Wiley McDaniel
16. Researching the McDaniels
17. Mrs. Lizzie McDaniel Rites are held
18. Genealogy of Esco McDaniel
19. Talmadge McDaniel gets married
20. Genealogy of Jim McDaniel
21. Genealogy of William McDaniel
22. Genealogy of George W. McDaniel
23. McDaniel twins celebrate birthday
24. Lucy McDaniel birthday honoree
25. Genealogy of Charlie Felder McDaniel
26. Genealogy of Thomas Red McDaniel
27. Genealogy of Charles Ivy McDaniel
28. Obituary of Marlin McDaniel
29. Genealogy of Marcus McDaniel
30. Genealogy of Elias McDaniel
31. Genealogy of Thomas Benton McDaniel
32. Genealogy of Thomas Willis McDaniel
33. Genealogy of James Monroe McDaniel
34. Genealogy of James Benton McDaniel
35. Genealogy of George McDaniel
36. Genealogy of Lamar McDaniel
37. Genealogy of Harvey McDaniel
38. James Ben McDaniel dies of Heart attack
39. Aunt Sit McDaniel recalls early days
40. Obituary of Marlin Willard McDaniel
41. Mrs. McDaniel feted at birthday event Sunday
42. 200 Attend the McDaniel reunion
43. McDaniel quits school board in Tangipahoa
44. Kentwood PTA votes to Request resignation of Willis McDaniel
45. Kentwood PTA votes 139 to 12 asking McDaniels to resign
46. Parents ask board member to quit post
47. Alvie McDaniel services held
48. Clyde McDaniel services held
49. Richard McDaniel services held
50. McDaniel family to have reunion May 10
51. Mrs. Lizzie McDaniel funeral rites held
52. Mrs. Estelle McNabb killed by Truck Monday
53. Genealogy of Clavin McDaniel
54. Genealogy of Winston McDaniel
55. Genealogy of Henry Carter
56. Genealogy of Edwin Marison Coe
57. Genealogy of James Sims
58. Genealogy of John Smith jr
59. Genealogy of John Smith sr.
60. Genealogy of Willis Prescott
61. Genealogy of Reuben Longmire Huff
62. Genealogy of Rev. A.E. Tucker
63. Genealogy of F.M. Hoke

Box 7
McClendon Folder
1. Ben McClendon 75 dies at home Monday
2. Written notes
3. Pictures
4. Copy of Sensational Killing on Streets of Kentwood

Box 7
McNabb Folder
1. Obituary of Clayton Wayne McNabb
2. Kentwood Community
3. Obituary of Margaret McNabb
4. Local lore and Legend by Irene Morries July 24, 1996
5. "In memory of" a collection by Edgar Merritt

Box 7
McNabb Folder Cont.
1. Written notes
2. James M. McNabb; Old citizen dies
3. Obituary for John Howell McNabb
4. Obituary for Benny McNabb
5. Memorial for Mrs. Irene McNabb
6. McNabb family tree

Box 7
Loose Papers
1. Information on John Dickey and Mary Logue

Box 7
Lee Folder
1. Ancestor chart for Dr. John Walter Lambert
2. Ancestor chart for Julia mae Lee
3. Great Grandparetns- Lee side
4. Grandparents- Lee's Side
5. Memorandum concerning william lee
6. Lee Family Record
7. Letters to Lambert from Roberts
8. Letter to Lambert from Marcet Williams

Box 7
Knight Folder
1. Genealogy for James W. Knight
2. Letter to J. P Morris from Edith Dees
3. Written notes
4. Genealogy of William Knight
5. Genealogy of Charles Knight

Box 7
Lindsey Folder
1. Obituary for Thomas Cornelius Lindsey
2. Genealogy of William Lindsey
3. Know your name by J.C. Downing

Box 7
Meredith-Wright Folder
1. Echoes From the Past by Edwin Schilling. October 6, 1994
2. Echoes from the past by Edwin Schilling The Ten Pin Alley
3. Echoes from the past by Edwin Schilling 9-15-94
4. Echoes from the past by Edwin Schilling 9-29-94
5. Paxtons History of the Baptists of La Pg. 601-602
5. Notes from South Caroline in the Revolution by Sara Sullivan Ervin
6. Wright Family record
7. Record of Family of Isaac H. Wright and Catherine Meredith Wright
8. Letter to Norma Lambert from J.H. Easterby
9. Echoes from the past by Edwin Schilling August, 25, 1994
10. Letter to Norma Lambert from Thomas E. Duckworth
11. Letter to Norma Lambert from John H. Parker
12. Family rester of Tucker family
13. Letter to Norma Lambert from Vera Morel
14. Letter to Vera Morel from Norma Lambert
15. Copy from local papers-Dr. John Walter Lambert
16. Written notes- Lambert Family Tree
17. Paper on Dr. John Walter Lambert
18. Notes from Mrs. Marshall Lambert Cary on Lambert family
19. Records of Lamberths
20. Family record of Littleton Pickett Reynolds and Thursa Whittington Reynolds
Add. Folder
21. Written notes from Laura Sue Jan. 2004
22. Letter to Pat Casey from Euna.
23. One page from genealogy of the Womacks of Oak Lawn Plantation by Sidoux Womack LaJeune.
24. Letter to Lawrence Fox from Felix Catha
25. Pictures and clippings-Bicentennial notes of local interest
26. List of Doctors from Tangipahoa
27. Letter to Norma from Texena

Box 7
Lanier Folder
1. Obituary of Tex B. Lanier
2. The News Digest Section Two Wednesday March 26, 1969
3.The News Digest Amite, Louisiana Wednesday March 26, 1969
4. Obituary of Andrew Lanier
5. Little Chappapeela
6. Mrs. Jack F. Lanier Passes away October 26
7. Obituary of Jack F. Lanier

Box 7
LeTard Folder
1. Mrs. Mollie Bridges buried in Osyka Thursday
2. Couple Shares Golden Memories Dr. & Mrs. F.X. LeTard. Kentwood News Thursday July 22, 1993
3. Obituary of Ethel Dunn Letard
4. Prominent Kentwood native passes way - Frances Xavier LeTard M.D. Kentwood News Ledger August 14, 1996

Box 7
Thelma Carter Folder
1. History keynotes handmade quilt
2. Obituary of Grace Womack
3. Obituary of Duncan Kemp Womack
4. Letters and notes from Carter to Irene Morris
5. Letter to Irene from Thelma Carter July 29 1980
6. Brohcure of Shirley Plantation
7. Kennisons speak at NARFE lunch

Box 7
Carter Folder
1. Carter family tree
2. Bradford Kemp and M Drucilla Campbell family tree
3. An Identity Correction. Louisiana Genealogical Register Vol. XLI No. 3 September 1994
4. Picture: Melba Carter
5. Picture: Melba Carter older sister
6. Picture: Kathleen Carter
7. Obituary of H.Sanders Brumfield
8. Picture: Mary Kathleen Carter
9. Picture: Kathleen Carter
10. Picture: Mary Kathleen Carter
11. Local Lore and Legend August 23, 2000
12. Genealogy of Elijiah Augustus Carter
13. Genealogy of Bradford Kemp
14. Written notes of Carter family

Box 7
Carter Folder 2
1. Obituary for Jessie Carter
2. Card of Thanks from Leroy and Ida Carter
3. Obituary for Doris Hiram Carter
4. Obituary for Leonard Nelson Carter
5. Obituary for James Halcomb Fortner Sr.
6. Obituary for Montana Rose Carter
7. Card of Thanks from the family of Texanna Carter
8. Brandon Carter receives Scholarship
9. Letter to Irene Morris from Shirley Powell
10 Copy of The Gospel in the Stars by D. James Kennedy
11. Obituary from Ernestine Carter
12. Robby Carter State Representative flyer
13. Letter to Irene Morris from Thelma Carter
14. NARFE to mark 65th anniversary
15. Letter to mary O'Cherry from Darnado

Box 7
Carter Folder 3
1. Obituary of Leonard Nelson Carter
2. Carter Plantation 1817-1975 by Wiley H. Sharp. The House
3. Letters to Mrs. Marrico from Katheryn C. Gosselin
4. Va. Plantation will Hum again with Old Crafts
5. Old Mansion in Showplace
6. Carter's Grove Pinnacle of Georgian Elegance
7. Birth of Rebekah Carol Carter
8. Obituary of Mamie C. Allen
9. Obituary of Nora Payne
10. Letter to Irene Morris from Mary A.C. Sanders

Box 7
Carruth Folder
1. Obituary of James David Carruth
2. OAHS class of 1924
3. Genealogy of Percy Carruth

Box 7
Carpenter Folder
1. Written notes
2. Genealogy of Burrel Samuel Carpenter
3. Genealogy of Bond Ambrose
4. Genealogy of William Jasper Carpenter
5. Genealogy of Samuel Carpenter
6. Genealogy of William Wilson
7. Obituary of Mrs.Lee Carpenter
8. Genealogy of George Washington Carpenter
9. Genealogy of Van Bankston
10. Genealogy of Jessie Carpenter

Box 7
Campbell Folder
1. List of large slave holders of St. Helen Parish
2. List of large slave holders of St. Tammany Parish
3.Pedigree chart of Steve Jett Smith
4.Mrs. Annie Smith Williams is known as Veteran Rural School Teacher; is beloved Christian citizen of area
5. Letter to Irene Morris from Edna Campbell
6. Genealogy of Steve J. Smith
7. Genealogy of Hillory J. Smith
8. 90 year old Lee Campbell lives alone in his East Fork home
9. Letter to Irene Morris from J.E Franklin
10. Campbell Family reunion held
11. Letter to Irene Morris from Trudi Caldwell Nicholson
12. Children of Mary Campbell and Beasley Campbell
13. Genealogy of Thomas Campbell
14. Genealogy of William Smith
15. Genealogy of Stephen Smith
16. Genealogy of Hamilton Smith
17. Genealogy of James Campbell
18. Autograph party honoring Will D. Campbell

Box 7
Callihan Folder
1. Obituary of Ollie Kyzar
2. 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs. Lester Callihan
3. Local Lore and Legend by Irene R. Morris
4. Section A Pages 5 & 6. Kentwood News March 4 1993
5. Written notes
6. Ancestor Chart of Callihans
7. Obituary of W. L. Callihan
8. Genealogy of William Littleton Callihan
9. Genealogy of William Herman Callihan
10. Picture: First Guaranty bank
11. Lodge No. 248 and Ira Chapter float committee meets
12. Dr. Art Morris joins Barnett family practice group
13. Town Prepares for busy Centennial Week March 3, 1993
14.Hazel Morris installed as Worthy Patron
15. Community activities centennial celebration calendar of events
16. Kentwood native Dr. W. Arthur Morris, joins family practice in South Carolina
17. Centennial plans in final stage
18. Town prepares for busy Centennial Week. The Kentwood Ledger. March 3, 1993

Box 7
Callihan Folder 2
1. Picture: Callihan's farm building remodeled June 1984
2. Picture: Wedding of Linda Callihan
3. Picture: Callihans Staff
4. Picture: Callihans Furniture store
5. The Kentwood Ledger July 22, 1971
6. Obituary of Wilbur Perkin Callihan
7. Obituary of Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Box 7
Calhoun Folder
1. Postcard from R.A. Calhoun
2. Calhouns observe 50 years together
3. Grand opening of Dr. Linda Calhoun practice
4. Genealogy of Albert Haley
5. Obituary for Virgil C. Calhoun Funeral Held
6. Obituary of Eva Wall Calhoun
7. Calhouns celebrate anniversary with all day event
8. Genealogy of Manson Calhoun
9. Written notes about Calhoun family
10. Tribute paid to former resident
11. Picture of Feliciana Millar and her children
12. Postcard from R.A. Calhoun
13. Pedigree chart of James Arnold Calhoun

Box 7
Coghlan Folder
1. Obituary of Celcil L. Coghlan
2. Obituary of Nannie R. Coghlan
3. Nannie M. Coghlan and Lois B. Lewis honored
4.Mrs. Nannie Goghlan gives items to be placed in capsule
5. Written notes
6. From horse drawn to motor driven school buses roll along. August 19, 1995
7. Remember when. Sunday Advocate December 15, 1991

Box 7
C Folder
1. Obituary of Eva Wall Calhoun
2. Obituary of Sam. J Terito Sr
3. Obituary for Ernest W. Myeres
4. Letter to Irene Morris from Helen and Clyde Cutrer
5 Written notes
6. Obituary of Doroty Connolly Inkenbrandt
7. Obituary of Gracie Catha Gaines
8. KHS grads of 1931 hold reunion
9. Obituary of Buford E. Caston
10. Genealogical Society meeting set
11. Happy 90th Birthday, Viola Stephens Corkern
12. Obituary of Shelton K. Chapman
13. Obituary of Lucille Mae Brake
14. Obituary of Charles Chapman
15. Obituary of James S. Carruth
16.Obituary of Nathan Bilbo Conleay
17. Causey family reunion Sunday 1980
18. Birth of Jennifer Kristin Creel
19. Obituary of J.T. Pete Covington
20. Cole family reunion
21. Obituary of Sidney L. Covington
22. Birth of Laura Lynne Covington
23. Rites held Sunday for Mrs. Covington
24. Obituary of Sarah Alack Barca Spallino
25. Mrs. Zola S. Covington dies
26. St. Helena native dies here Friday, Georgia Yarborough Carruth
27. Covington serves two terms and in two wars
28. Varnado Fall Secret replant success
29. Carmon Moore takes oath
30. Air Force selects Conerly financial officer of year
31. Mr. Reggie Covington honored. February 2, 1995
32. Rites held for Willis W. Covington
33. Letter to Irene Morris from Tera Conerly
34.Wuard records badly kept. Hammond Daily Star Sept. 22 1987
35. Sarah Elizaeth and Thomas Whitmon to wed April 5
36. Obituary o fFannie Waller Conville
37. Lanny Conerly Dairy festival
38. Obituary of Janita Conerly Peters
39. Lanny Conerly named "Diary man of the Year"
40. Obituary of Beria Erwin Pettitt
41. Birth of Walter Kyle Collette
42. Obituary of Lena Crawford
43. Warrington, Pettit to wed October 3
44. Final rites held for Dominick Calderone
45. Community mourns Dominick V. Calderone's death
46. Cub scouts honored
47. Newlywed made very sure he got his sweetheart this time. Geneva Caston & G.C. Caston
48. Obituary of Alexander J. Berey
49. Obituary of E.J. Sam Conerly
50. Obituary of Glen Blackwell Cade
51. Obituary of Frances Callihan
52. Obituary of Myrtis Cole Gill
53. Obituary of Mrs Loleat Carlson
54. Obituary of Curtis Carter
55. Obituary of Inez H. Cutrer
56. Obituary of Maggie Edna Courtney Sibley
57.Obituary of Velma Williams Carruth
58. Ms. Warrenton and Mr. Pettit to wed October 3 in Columbus, MS
59. Linda Calhoun recieves degree Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
60. Heroic attorney killed trying to save lies of those in court. John Edwards
61. Obituary of Leon Morton Cutrer
62. Obituary of Sidney Carco
63. Camp Moore officers attend convention
64. VFW recieves gold banner
65. Nannie Mae wins $100
66 J.P. "Joe" Cutrer
67. Obituary of Myrtis Caston Turnipseed
68. Obituary of Bettie Williams Bridges
69. Letter to Irene Morris from Josie Coon
70. Letter to Irene Morris from Karl W. Wilson
71. Wedding Service program of Robbie Lynn Callihan and David Ashley Farish
73. Lester Callihan 50 years of doing business
74. Lester and Margaret Callihan Callihan's furniture store.
75. Lester talks about 50 years of doing business
76. Obituary of James Edgar Crawford
77. Invitation to Tammi Conerly bridal shower
78. Obituary of Sybil C. Courtney
79. Obituary of Lucille Mae Drake Abernathy
80. State Certifies manager
81. Mr. And Mrs. William Albert celebrate 60th wedding anniversary
82. Mr. Rhodus Carruth to marry Saturday
83. Birth of Anthony Gerard Calderone
84. Suits filed: Josphine Cutrer Stuart v. Joseph B. Cutrer
85. Obituary of Alice Puleston Carpenter
86. Obituary of Nettles Carruth
87. Obituary of Oliver Amos Carroll
88. Address of Carmen Corken
89. Dog-trot restored as family retreat
90. Mail Order houses by Sears, Roebuck and Compnay by Carolyn R. Tomlin
pgs. 14- 18
91. Notes: Local lore and legend
92. Man's on a mission to market graves
93. Care, neglect alternate for cemetery
94. 60th Anniversary - Robert and Anna Mae Cheramie
95. Carey - notes Elz Carey, Willie Carey, Charlie Carey
96. Carroll family hold reunion

Box 7
Carruth Folder
Folder 1:
1. Envelope containing picture of Maggie Carruth Day and letter to Irene Morris from Julian Carruth.
2. LSU Alumni Association News. LSU Magazine/summer 1999. Pg. 9 & 10
Folder 2:
1. Carruths Creat Third Professorship
2. Obituary of Horace Carruth
3. Auburn News. Terrell family
4. Paul Ott won't run
5. Written notes of Carruth family
6. Certification of Roberta Beverly Kennon. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College
7. Letter to Irene Morris from Julian Carruth
8. A Family History of Luther Edward Carruth 1884-1954 His siblings and their descendents. Compiled by Julian R. Carruth

Box 7
Carruth Folder 2
1. Local Lore and Legend July 25, 1991
2. Local Lore and Legend March 2, 1967
3. Carruth, Kowalski wed
4. Engagement announced of Lessie Edwina Whitman to Philip Lindsay
5. Obituary of H.P. Carruth Jr.
6. Mrs. Simmons makes swans (Addie Simmons)
7. Obituary of Ransom Carruth (3 different papers)
8. Obituary of Ava Carruth
9. Query: Parents of Ruckins Jelks and James J. Carruth
10. L.E. Carruth, 70, Last rites held
11. Hunting for Bears: Carruth-Turner-Adams reunion to be July 4
12. Local Lore and Legend (?)
13. Remembering Kentwood KHS circa 1905
14. Written notes
15. Paper (6 pgs.) Containing information on Carruth family
16. Paint arrives for downtown face lift
17. Pictures: Honey Boy Carruth, Honey Boy Carruth & Ray Allen
18. Letter to Irene Morris from Louis Carruth with attachments oh the book Carruth Family-H.B. Carruth and a letter from its author. Genealogy of Walter Carruth and John Carruth
19. Obituary of John P. Carruth Jr.
20. Genealogy of Robert H. Carruth
21. Genealogy of Louis Venable Carruth
22. Genealogy of Walter K. Carruth
23. Genealogy of Jesse Lee Carruth
24. Genealogy of Ruben Henderson Carruth
25. Genealogy of James Allen Carruth
26. Genealogy of William Carruth
27. Thank you card to Irene Morris from Mrs. Charles H. Hatfield
28. Letter to Irene Morris from Mrs. Charles H. Hatfield from March 16, 1960. Also containing information on family of Jessie and Elizabeth Carruth, Walter and Darion Carruth, Holden and Nancy Carruth.
29.Obituary of Final Rites held for Elton Carruth Friday, Dec. 6
30. Nephew makes report on "Doc" Carruths life. McComb Enterprise Journal Sunday Jan. 16 1983.
31. Centenary to host series of luncheons for Lenten Season
32. Obituary and article of E.T. Carruth
33. Program of the marriage between Diedra Joyce and David Joel Carruth
34. Letter to Irene Morris from Louis C. Brasfield
35. James A. Carruth "bible" marriage, births, and deaths
36. Pedigree chart of Aurelia Elizabeth Simmons
37. Genealogy of R. H Carruth

Box 7
Brumfield Folder
1. Picture of Jinnie Kemp Brumfield
2. Mrs. Jennie Alford dies in Hammond home, Rites held
3. Written notes on Brumfield family
4. Mrs. Brumfield, Kentwood woman Dies at Hospital
5. Ol' Melissy had spells
5. Genealogy of George Peter Brumfield
6. Local Lore and Legend by Irene Morris. February 5, 1992
7. An October to Remember. Hammond Daily Star October 9, 1997
8. Letter to Irene Morris from Les Brumfield. October 23, 1997
9. Letter to Irene Morris from Les Brumfield. January 14, 1970.
10. Original and Copy of The Kangaroos of 1969 by Les Brumfield
11. Pearce's pabulum hard to swallow by Les Brumfield.
12. Hold Reunion: Brumfield reunion
13. Obituary for H. Sanders Brumfield
14. Obituary for Fred Brumfield & David Brumfield
15. Letter to Irene Morris from Albert Brumfield containing information on Brumfield family.
16. Letter to Irene Morris from Al Brumfield May 31, 1980
17. Ch. II family of William Brumfield
18. Genealogy of Isaac Brumfield
19. Chapter XIX of Family of Isaac Brumfield , sone of Charles, grandson of Watson
20. Letter to Albert Brumfield from Dexter Barr. February 17, 1977
21. Brumfield time line followed by copies of pages from Family of William and Margaret Brumfield.
22. Pedigree chart of William Brumfield and Harold lee Morris
23. Obituary of Loia Oliphant Pigott
24. Letter to Irene Morris from Ruth Pigott. Attached with census information of Daniels family and a pedigree chart on Ruth Iona Daniel Pigott.
25. Letter to Irene Morris from Mildred Brumfield containing information on Brumfield family.
26. Obituary of Mrs. Maude Anders Brumfield.
27. Ellie Brumfield Buried Tuesday
28. Ellie Brumfield, WWI Veteran dies at G'Well springs
29. Niece of late governor dies: Helen White Brumfield
30. Obituary of C.G. Brumfield
31. Brumfield Reunion
32. Accepts Position as Editory: Carlie Brumfield
33. Hold services for Eddie L. Brumfield
34. Eddie Lee Brumfield, 48 dies in Mississippi Hospital.
35. Flyer to re-elect Tom Ed Brumfield for Tangipahoa Parish School Board
36. Earle Cefalu and W. H. Brumfield Named Directors of G(?)

Box 7
Burris Folder
1. Written notes on Burris Family

Box 7
Bunch Folder
1. Relatively Speaking by Phyllis Edwards
2. Teacher, Train robber "Notrious Bunch" was of Washington Parish
3. Obituary of George Dalmah Bunch
4. Eugene Who? (Eugene Bunch). Morning Advocate October 18, 1977
5. Picture: Nookie & Marguerete Newman Bunch
6. Tangipahoa, La. Year of 1892 Notes on Eugene Bunch
7. Business Beat Features: Bunch's Cleaners
8. Hand written notes on Bunch family

Box 7
Bryan Folder
1. Picture and Obituary of A. J. Redmond
2. Genelogy of Albert Stephen Bryan Jr.
3. Local Lore and Legend by Irene Morris. The Kentwood NewsLedger July 6, 2005
4. Hand written notes on Bryan family

Box 7
Burton Folder
1. Letter to Irene Morris from Libby Siskron. January 30, 2006
2. Letter to Irene Morris from Libby Siskron. November 7, 1003
3. Obituary of Sam A. Jones Jr.

Box 7
Butler/Brown Folder
1. Letter to Irene Morris from Connee Brown Kroeger. January 11, 1997. Containing information on Brown family
2. The family of Francis and Mary Brown of White Sand Creek, Lawrence County, Mississippi

Box 7
Brozine Folder
1. Small businesses and owners of Kentwood
2. Local Lore and Legend by Irene Morris. July 28, 2004
3. Weezy and Vera Womack celebrate golden anniversary
4. Clifton speaks to Kentwood Rotary Club. The Kentwood news July 21, 2004
5. Local Lore and Legend by Irene Morris. March 19, 1997
6. Letter to Irene Morris from Louis Crawford. January 27, 1997
7. Louisiana Trade Tokens; listing and history of the known trade tokens.

Box 7
Butler Folder
1. Obituary of Henry Anderson Butler
2. Query on Jesse Butler
3. Hazel S. Butler final rites held
4. Hand written notes on Butler family
5. Letter to Irene Morris from Flo Fleming containing information on Butler family. February 2, 1952
6. Letter to Florence Butler Jackson from Edward Witsell. September 23, 1948
7. Letter to Irene Morris from Kathryn Wickins
8. Hand written notes on Elizabeth Butler
9. Newspaper picture of Sara d. Butler
10. Letter to Irene Morris from Maude Butler Everett. November 22, 1954
11. Holleman wins Coast D.A's Post
12. Pedigree chart of William Aaron Butler
13. Hand written notes on Aaron Harris
14. Letter to Mrs. Mcgill March 28, 1952.
15. Letter to Irene Morris from Carolyn Newsom Fleming February 2, 1952
16. Letter to Irene Morris from Mrs. E.F. Atwood February 13, 1952
17. Chapter Ralph Hmphreys Jackson, Mississippi
18. Butler Book: Willoughby Fenn and Elizabeth Pickard; Lorenzo Dow Fenn and Elizabeth Butler; Dan Willoughby Fen and Mary Letha Ann Dickey; Otis Leroy Fenn and Temple Cain Cammill
19. Hand written notes on Butler Family
20. Letter to Irene Morris from Lafayette S. Gaddy. February 6, 1952.

Box 7
Byrd Folder
1. Picture of Ophelia Morris' house on Main Street. March 1965
2. Picture of Byrd Hotel on Main Street, Kentwood
3. Notes on Virginia Cain and Charles Hardy Gammill; Virginia Cain and George Byrd
4. Dillion Sisters, Tylertown Mississippi
5. Notes on Hardy Cain and Mary (?)
6. Byrd - correspondence to Clifton Byrd, notes

Box 7
B Folder
1. Bryan-Roberts-Hilbun family reunion announcement
2. Obituary of Adeline Mary Babin
3. Obituary of Alice Barlow Blanchard
4. Corn Cobs
5. Picture of Sammy Broylen
6. Picture of Anna Bryan
7. Quary on Rueben Barrow
8. George Boykin dies at 99
9. Newspaper letter to Editor Hunting for Bears from Mary L. Buckels
10. Mrs. L.B Higginbotham dies at McComb
11. Query on Meredith Bowman
12. Obituary of Sam A. Jones
13. Query on Sadie Brewer
14. Obituary of W. Preston Burt
15. Obituary of Joel Barnett
16. Old Roseland Resident Dies: James Leroy Brooke
17. Obituary of Elizabeth McElveen Bacot
18. Mrs. Myrtis Ball Last Rites Held
19. H.C. Becker 51, Amite Resident Dies in B.R
20. Ouery on name of the first Branch settler in Hammond
21. Mrs. Lyda P. Bunch last rites held
22. Guy Ballard long III dies
23. Mrs. Janie Blackwell passes away
24. Obituary of Kelly Broussard
25. R.E. Beatty killed by Car
26. Richard Beatty Killed by car
27. James M. Burton, Greensburg, Dies
28. Berryhill Reunion enjoyed by many
29. Genealogy of William W. Beard
30. Picture of Sammy Broyler
31. Picture of Sammy Broyler, police officer, and A2 dolls
32. Obituary of John Blanton
33. Program for Diedra Joyce Rhodus and David Joel Carruth
34. Invitation for Frances Bells 91st Birthday
35. Obituary of Shirley Faye Battles
36. Obituary of Lincoln Joseph Bryant
37. Obituary of Sally M. Boyd
38. Obituary of Steve S. Bowman Sr.
39. Pioneer Resident of Mt. Hermon Dies
40. Obituary of Ada Stinson Baltzell
41. Written notes on Boyd family
42. Obituary of Nora Mae Burns McFarlane
43. Letter to Irene Morris from Peto & Frances
44. Obituary of Lloyd Allen Jones
45. Genealogy of John Milton Belisle
46. James M. Breeden Formerly Headed Greensburg Bank
47. Mrs. Maude Dodds Boyd Dies of Heart Attack
48. Mrs. Marie Bales; Old Citizen, Dies
49. Sampson Edward ball reunion
50. Front page of The St. Helena Echo. Friday August 7, 1953
51. Seeking information on Barnett family
52. W. B. Broussard Last Rites Held

Box 7
Misc. Folder
1. Information on Albritton family from Genealogy (Richard Albritton, Matthew Albritton, Martha Albritton, John Albritton, Jacob Albritton)
2. Information on Jesse W. Armstrong
3. Obituary of Herman LaFate McGraw
4. Dead of Conveynce between William Brown and Nancy Brown 1866
5. Information on Henry Lee Brown and family
6. Letter to Mr. Brown 9/8/83
7. Notes on 1800 NY Census Brown and Gibson
8. Grant bargain from Robert Bird to Jim Bird
9. Newspaper clippings on Parazade Stone
10. Newspaper clipping of June Leslie seeking data on Mary Matilda Foster
11. Obituary of Alberta F. Carruth
12. Mary ellen Higginbotham
13. 44 Bogalusa families came from 30-mile radius in Sicily
14. J.E. Martin researching Allen C. Martin
15. House built in early 1800's is home for the Ted Martins
16. Paper on Magruder family
17. Newspaper clipping containing information on Melanie Stephens
18. Oglesby families
19. Obituary on Joe Neal Pittman
20. Miss Gussie still active
21. Rials reunion is held; family history traced
22. Letter to Frank Brown September 12, 1078
23. Letter to Theresa Hicks August 24, 1978 containing information on the Reeves family
24. Obituary of Mrs. Losia Atkins Starrett
25. Written notes on Eli Smith
26. Indiana family with La. Ties: Sowers family
27. Vineva Earl seeking information on George henry Sandel
28. Descendants of a frontier family: Starns/Starnes family
29. Louis E. McCarroll seeking information on Josiah Thomas
30. Newspaper clipping on James M. Tarver
31. Edlena Wattigney seeking informationi on Moses Vinyard

Box 7
Frank Lewis Brown Folder
1. Picture of Frank Brown
2. Letter to Frank from Richard Lackey. October 14, 1982
3. Letter to Frank with attached vita (resume) of Elizabeth Shown Mills
4. Letter to Frank Brown from Doris Nicholls Schleicher with attached information on John Maharrey family
5. Letter to Frank Brown from Lucy Wwall Varnado attached with responding letter.
6. Letter to Charles Nettles from Frank Brown April 28, 1982
7. Written notes on Johnson family
8. Rites held for J.C. Dickerson
9. Information on Johnson family
10. Served welland long: Rev. A.F. Davis. Obituary of James B. Dickerson
11. By-laws of the Kentwood Historical Foundation
12. Township plats gift to SLU Archives: Editors Note
13. The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 membership and application for Frank Brown
14. WDSU says Mouton backers paid Carlos Marcello $100,000
15. WDSU says Marcello used political info as carrot
16. Hand written notes on Brown family
17. Writen notes on William Brown family, Martin Van Buren Brown family, William Brown Jr family, and David Burkely Brown family
18. Paper written on William Borwn and family
19. Recommendation letter for L.L. Brown from Pine Lumber Company November 11, 1907.
20. Genealogy Week: Some Roots and Branches Grow from Computers
21. Map containing Pike county, walthall county, marion county, and washington parish
22. Monthly return of land paid for Under Act of Congress 18 May 1824
23. List of Genealogical Books available from Brent H. Holcomb
24. Information on Benjamin Harrison Johnson
25. List of fees from Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe
26. Copy of 1860 Census of the United States information on Rankin family
27. Written notes on Land Purchased in 1826
28. Written notes on Thomas Land
29. Written notes on R. C Land Records
30. Survey Map of 1816 to 1818

Box 7
FLB's Research Unfinished
1. Pike County, Mississippi Township 3 North Range 9 East
2. Mississippi Court records. 1822 Marion County Mississippi Drawer 65 Case 1
3. Deaths- Who, were when in the Flordia Parishes
4. Notes from Russ Williams talk April 20, 1978
5. Written notes: Transfer from Mississippi Genealogy and Local History to family sheets.
6. Hamilton Research: La AIS Index for 1850 & 1850 Census Miss Index
7. Written Notes: Mississippi Department of A & H 1976-77 Annual report
8. 1827 Listed names of persons liable to pay tax
9. Written notes on Peter Felder
10. Written notes on Michael Jones
11. Written notes on Vincent Garner
12. Written notes on Daniel Tyler
13. Legacy Vol 5 No. 7 Baton Rouge, Louisiana December 1981
14. National Genealogical Society Newsletter volume 8 No. 5 Washington, D.C September/October 1982.

Box 7
Frank Lewis Brown Personal Folder
1. Suit filled between Patricia Ella Knight Brown & Frank Lewis Brown
2. How do you say you're back when you never really left? The Kentwood Ledger July 7, 1966
3. Obituary of Frank Lewis Brown
4. Former publisher of Kentwood Ledger dies
5. Area Deaths: Frank Lewis Brown Jr.
6. The town of Kentwood recalls fond memories of a favorite son
7. Newspaper picture: At Fluker's Bluff
8. Kentwood Learning Center closes Tangi Talk Amite Louisiana July 13, 1988
9. Picture: Sally Kay Brown
10. The Kentwood Ledger Vol XIX, No 35 March 14, 1985
11. Brides '85
12. Letter to Frank Brown from Yolanda Reed Courtney October 26 1983
13. Pedigree chart of Yolanda Reed Courtney
14. Louisiana Genealogical Register June 1975 pgs 164- 167
15. Louisiana Genealogical Register pgs. 150-163
16.Chart of the parentage of George Theodore Pigott and Ada Rosaline Johnson
17. The G.T. Pigott Family record compiled and edited by Frank Lewis Brown 1955
18. Picture (2): George Theodore Pigott & Ada Rosaline Johnson
19. Obituary for Kinza Johnson
20. Obituary for Annie P. Simmons
21. Louisiana Ancestors: Kinza Johnson
22. Picture: Made School Year 1954-1955
23. Campaign directors feel strain of election
24. Obituary: Dorothy Benton, Roger Breard, Julia Broussard, William Gray III, Lawrence Jolevare, Tony Rodriguez, Kenneth Stewart, Louis Stewart
25. 3 Journalism Teachers win Study Grants
26. Pigott reunion set
27. Three more city officials endorse Lambert
28. Fellowship awarded to Frank Brown
29. Grammar inept in Louisiana, Too
30. Obituary of Louis Isaac Pigott
31. Brown reviews architecture history
32. Copy of will from Susan Frick to John Mack
33.Moak family record deceased
34. Picture(2): Jerome Moak & Ruby Johnson Moak
35. Symposium of History and Genealogy Saturday, February 26, 1983
36. Memorial sacred musical concert for Charles Edgar Pigott

Box 8

File Folder 1
1. Letter to Irene Morris from David Rowland September 30, 1985
2. Announcement of J.P. Morris speaking at Mississippi Genealogical Society
3. Mr. And Mrs. Dalton Bridges celebrate 25 years in business
4. Kentwood Masonic Lodge No. 248 Awards presentation brochure November 14, 1985

5. Mississippi: Family Trees-Nancy Parkes
6. Vada pearl Blades makes official visit to local Eastern Star
7. DA says 20 year term for Gauthe better than trial. Morning Advocate October 15, 1985
8. Case settled against priest. Morning Advocate September 12, 1985
9. Priest may be sent to Maryland prison
10. Priest gets 20 years in sex case
11. Letter may link Mormon deaths
12. Man held in Mormon-linked bombings
13. SCV meet at Camp Moore
14. Jury to Probe Lucas case. Morning Advocate October 2, 1985
15. Grand Jury eyes Lucas' confession
16. Ginny Foat's story subject of TV movie
17. 1985-86 Lady Lions Basketball magazine
18. DAR Calendar of the year 1990 of personal information
1990 envelope
19. Louisiana archives foundation treasurer's report, agenda, and mission statement of April 28, 1990.
20. Thank you letter to Mr and Mrs Morris from Billy Quin
21. Thank you letter to Irene Morris from Robbie Lynn and David
22. Thank you letter to Mr and Mrs J.P Morris from Catherine L Caughman
23. Letter to Mr. And Mrs Morris from Ginger and Bill March 27, 1990
24. Picture of President of Rotary Club and new member Pat Bennett
25. Pages containing personal information from Feb-May 1990.

Box 8
File Folder 2
1. Certificate of Recognition to Irene Morris from Kentwood Manor Nursing Home 2/25/87
2. Northeast Lodge No. 435 & Istrouma Lodge No. 414 program September 13, 1987
3. Suggestions for Lodge Programs for Commemoration of the bicentennial of the U.S Constitution
4. New Officers of Kentwood Music Club
5. Community Calendar
6. Kentwood Music Club installs new Officers
7. Community Calendar April 10, 1987
8. Genealogy group will meet. Hammond Daily Star April 8, 1987
9. Mrs. Irene Morris to speak at Historical and Genealogical meeting
10. Mrs. Morris will speak. Kentwood Ledger April 2, 1987
11. Irene Morris to be guest speaker at NSDAR meeting.
12. Community Calendar: Saturday
13. History of industry discussed by Morse at SLu meeting
14. Mrs. Morris entertains
15. The Kentwood Ledger August 13, 1987 pg 6 & 7
16. Thank you card to Irene Morris from JoAnn (?) 10-22-87
17. 88 Annual Portraits of Beauty session program
18. Wilmer
19. Pictures of Halimah Chapter Kentwood News April 23, 1987
20. Halimah Chapter NSDAR tours Burnside
21. Houmas House delight DAR Group
22. Kentwoods "H" day honoring Helen H. Singleton Program
23. Calendar November 1987-November 1988
24. Notebook of important events and newspaper clippings from the year 1986.

Box 8
Theme Book 1
Contains information and newspaper clippings from important events during the time of April-July 1985

Box 8
Theme Book 2
Contains important information and newspaper clippings from events during the time of August 1985-January 1986.

Box 8
Theme Book 3
Contains information and newspaper clippings from December 1985-? On important events in the community.

Box 8
Theme Book 4
Contains personal information and some newspaper clippings from August 6 1990-October 1990.

Box 8
Theme Book 5
Contains personal information and letters from June 1990-August 1990

Box 8
Theme Book 6
Contains personal information and some newspaper clippings from December 1989

Box 8
1989 Appointment Book
Contains personal information, newspaper clippings from important events, and calendars of events that happened in the year of 1989

Box 8
1988 Appointment Book
Contains personal information, newspaper clippings from important events, and calendars of events that happened in the year of 1988.

Box 8
Blue Diary
Contains personal information and newspaper clippings from the year 1984

Box 8
1987 Book
Contains personal information and through out the year 1987

Box 8
Calendar -1987 (Avon: A Stitch in Time) with notes

Box 8
Calendar -1986 (Robert Cameron's Above San Francisco) with notes

Box 9
Folder 1
1. Congratulations: Edward Brumfield
2. Newspaper pictures from awards day. March 22, 2006
3. Obituary of Mable D Magee
4. Passing the torch brings charm to area young ladies
5. Alice Merrit enjoys senior life
6. Dickey services set
7. Picture of Sam McGee
8. Obituary of Ivy Kinzy
9. Newspaper picture of Temple Baptist church
10. Obituary for Mary L. Fluker
11. Obituaryies for Betty Morgan and Willis Dwayne McKnight
12. Obituary for James Wricks
13. Dyson-Williams to be inducted into alma mater's hall of fame
14. Meet your Neightbor: Helen Barnes
15. Quinn's Chapel to dedicate new church
16. Connie Dyson teacher of the year
17. Dee's home dedicated
18. Geneva Dee's Holy Land trip will be remembered forever
19. Geneva Dees dedicates new home
20. Margaret Jackson Smith candidate for Town council
21. Kentwood native works in retail business for 11 years
22. Mrs. Dees attends meeting in Ireland
23. Smith, Wells inducted into Phi Delta Kappa
24. Lt. Col Cassandra Butler serves with U.S Army Reserves
25. Miss Sheldon Ulette Stewart to Wed Mr. Percy Orlando Taylor April 24
26. Ladies of the Community join together to Pass the Torch
27. The Kentwood News Ledger. Campus. February 28 2006
28. Proclamation to be signed Sept. 17 citing October as Family History Month
29. 2004 KHS Homecoming Queen
30. Mississippi Personalities: Oprah Winfrey, Rachel McPherson, Leontyne Price
31. Happy 94th Birthday: Frank J. Walker
32. Locall 1998 Graduates of Leadership Tangipahoa
33. Newspaper picture: Bobby Gill welcoming Nelson Simmons
34. State seeks help to restore cemetery
35. Lloyd descendants hold reunion
36. Lloyd, Tillis, and O'Neill families hold reunion
37. Meet your Neighbor: Mary A. Gibson
38. Dillon, Cormier to exchange vows
39. Robertson, Johnson to exchange vows May 14
40. New owner announces plans for former plaza
41. Barnes, Cryer to exchange wedding vows in June ceremony
42. Kentwood Keynotes: 85th Birthday to remember
43. Newspaper picture: Keeping it clean, Joe Wall
44. Page B-8 pic 1/21/88
45. Picture 1987
46. Picture: Sweet Home Choir
47. Rev. Percy Simmons receives Doctor of Divinity Degree
48. Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church observes 104th anniversary
49. Kentwood Museum to sponsor Black History
50. Picture: Centennial fashions
51. Woven on the loom of time: Louisiana's African American heritage a special blend
52. Neighbors/Ancestors: One mystery sometimes lead to another
53. Amite native's DNA links to ancestors
54. Options installs officers, board of directors of '04
55. Tangipahoa celebrates red ribbon week
56. Picture: Ellica Buckhalter Womack
57. Celebration recognized Womack's 91st birthday
58. Clifton speaks to Kentwood Rotary Club
59. Orange Grove Church of God in Christ
60. Mrs. Vera turns 91
61. Taking away history
62. Kentwood Roo selected to Louisiana All-State Team
63. Negro history week being observed at Southern U.
64. VooDoo history traced by Lafayette Teacher
65. Weekend reunion for 1962 class
66. Reunion turned into busy weekend: Class of 61 celebrates
67. Campaign: Ann Smith school board district A
68. Campaign: Harold Smith Mayor
69. Letter to Irene Morris from Black Studies from the University Press of Mississippi
70. Sweet home folklife days set for Oct. 17
71. Sweet home folklife days schedule of events. October 17, 1998
72. Sweet Home Folklife Days Children Days
73. Happy 94th birthday: Frank J. Walker
74. Obituary for rose Cooper Walls
75. Newspaper picture: Kentwood Community Choir
76. Obituary of Betty Morgan and Willis Dwayne McKnight
77. Obituary of Joseph Martin Hookfin
78. Obituary of Helen Williams
79. Obituary of Rev. Willie Carroll
80. First female police officer determined to do it right
81. Twelve years a slave
82. Historian pulls slave histories from obscurity to compile CD
83. Lloyd descendants hold reunion
84. Obituary of Albert Walker
85. Obituary of John Burton
86. Kangaroo Korner: Margie Brumfield
87. Newspaper picture: Dedication Ceremonies
88. Kentwood high announces 1997 homecoming court
89. Lloyd, Tillis, and O'Neill families hold reunion
90. Database consolidates slave trade records on CD-ROM
91. Her eyes on the stars, Tubman took great risks to free others
92. Phillis Wheatlery Poetic Voice of the Revolution
93. Book Price reduction announced
94. Another movie being filmed
95. Black genealogy topic of workshop
96. Tracing the Family Tree of Black English
97. A talented author stubs her toe on The Rock Cried Out
98. Black history needs more exploration
99. Bill Lynch: Segregation Shift
100. Barn Raising
101. Kentwood Homecoming '99-Roo Style
102. Dillion, Cormier to exchange vows
103. Thomas Sowell: Reparations for Slavery?
104. The Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History volume XI
105. The 2000 Kentwood High Homecoming court
106. Howard University Library: African American Mecca
107. Laura Plantation: On the Great River Road
108. Seeking Light: Uncovering the Underground Railroad

Box 9
Folder 2
1. Dedicatory services of the new sanctuary program of Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church
2. Program for 104th year anniversary of Sweet Home Baptist Church
3. Sweet Home Baptist Church Museum "Folk life days festival" brochure
4. Sweet Home Folklife Days program
5. The Fabric of our Culture: A Directory of Louisiana's African-American Attractions
6. Sweet Home Baptist Church Museum Folklife Days Festival Activity book
7. Sweet Home Baptist Church Museum Folklife Days booklet
8. Communication Expo: The Episode
9. Picture: Estes Smith 1977
10. Picture: Diane Bridges Williams, Shelia Broyles, James Allen, and Harold Smith
11. Harold Smith seeks alderman vote support
12. Smith becomes Kentwood's 1st female principal
13. 2 winners named Smith finally answer doubts
14. Aunt Celia Butler is 97 years old
15. Ancestor Chart of Harold Smith jr & obituary of Ella Butler Smith
16. Genealogy on Sidney Smith
17. Genealogy on Collins Hookfin
18. Genealogy on Mixon family
19. Genealogy of John Womack
20. Genealogy of Addison family
21. Genealogy of Alex Mixon
22. Genealogy of Sandy Mixon
23. Roots traced back to slave from Africa as 11 year old
24. Ancestor chart on Susie Butler
25. Genealogy on April Butler
26. Genealogy on Frank Butler
27. Written notes: Womack
28. Written notes: Susie Washington
29. Written notes: Ava Tuillan
30. Ancestor chart: Frances Tiullen
31. Ancestor chart: Rube Womack
32. Genealogy on Abraham Burton Womack
33. Genealogy on Avery Breed Tuillen
34. Genealogy on William Jacob Womack
35. Newspaper information on Womack family
36. Genealogy on George Mixon
37. Genealogy on William Womack
38. Up from slavery by Nicholas Russell Murray
39. Roots author hits slave mentality

Box 9
Folder 3
Red folder and manilla enveloped filled with newsclippings, notices, correspondence
related to Forchia V. Wilson
Manilla Envelope:
1. Picture: Mrs. Urlan ? March 85
2. Newspaper picture of staff and Board Members of the Tangipahoa Parish convention and Visitors Bureau. Wednesday Dec. 7 2005
3. Missionaries attend Black, White Gala. The Daily Star August 17, 2007
4. Obituary and Program of Edwin Wilson
5. Obituary for Rev A.M Varnado
6. Obituary for Mrs. Annie Mae Varnado
7. Kentwood course is tailor-made
8. Sweet home Baptist Church holds VBS
9. Special services at Sweet home
10. Miss Marcia Varnette Wilson and Bernard Jenkins exchange vows
11. Miss Wilson to be wed in June
12. Thank you letter from Marcia and Bernard Jenkins
13. Wedding invitation for Marcia and Bernard
14. Lisa Wilson to marry
15. Complete's work at Loyola U.
16. Wilson named Educator of the Year
17. Storybook figures come to life. Hammond Daily Star January 17, 1984
18. Local students win in writing competition. Kentwood Ledger February 13, 1986
19. Open house for TTSD
20. Memories and Old papers are actual Wealth for the Inquiring Historian
21. Sharing some special memories
22. St. Helena deseg case on TV
23. Principal recalls growing up black in Hammond
24. Camp Moore is now national Historic Place
25. Historic places
26. Dormitory of Training Institute listed as National Historical place
27. Old dormitory now eligible for restoration grants, benefits
28. Old dorm has undergone many changes
29. 42 year old teacher still gives to community. Neighbors November 3 2002
30. Goolahwilleel, The Topknot Pigeon pg 297-299
31. Thank you card from Andrea Labude ?
32. Potluck Supper. Sweet Home Baptist Church February 28 2004
33. Obituary for Jessie Mae Tate
34. Obituary for Lutishia William
35. Obituary for Joyhnny Tate
36. MaryAnn Cooper completes third season
37. Kentwood Course is tailor made
38. Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church brochure
39. Obituary for Mitchell Tate
40. Obituary for Millie Marie Coleman
41. Invitation to Irene Morris from Sweet Home Baptist Church.
42. Invitation to Irene Morris from Sweet Home Baptist Church for the Folkline Event
43. Forchia Wilson named principal of the Year
44. Retired principal teaches adults to read
45. Fochia V. Wilson joins Phi Delta Kappa
46. Childrens book week celebrated at Kentwood Elementary
47. Invitation to Irene Morris from Kentwood Elementary School for Retirement Celebration
48. Retirement Celebration Dinner program
49. Two honored at retirement dinner
50. Black Fest names 8 to board
51. A model school
52. Remeber Us
53. Mrs. Wilson addresses convention
54. Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church observes 104th anniversary
55. The best keeps getting better
56. Picture: Jermy Joiner (?)
57. Newspaper picture: Fochia V. Wilson and children
58. Retirement doesnt stifle principles love for kids
59. Retirees honored at Banquet
60. Invition to reception at Kentwood Elementary
61. Recpetion held at KES to honor young authors
62. Letter to Kentwood Elementary Staff from Fochia V. Wilson
63.Birthday card to Irene Morris from Fochia V. Wilson
64. Card to Irene Morris from Fochia v. Wilson
65. Christmas card to Irene Morris from Fochia V. Wilson
66. Card to Irene Morris from Fochia V. Wilson
67. Christmas card to Irene Morris from Fochia V. Wilson
68. Back part of red folder filled with card and letters to and from Irene Morris and Fochia Wilson
69. Obituary Latishia William
70. Obituary Johnny L. Tate
71. Newsclipping Mary Ann Cooper
72. Obituary Jessie Mae Tate
73. Obituary Mitchell Tate Sr.
74. Obituary Millie Marie Coleman Tate
75. Brochure Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church
76. Newsclipping, "Prof" Edwin H. Wilson

Box 9
Folder 4 - Collis Temple Folder
1. Local lore and Legend April 18 2007
2. Collis Temple: LSU's Lanky Leaper
3. Rotary gears up for annual Governor's Cup Golf Tournament
4. LSU vs. Old Miss program February 5, 1972
5. Newspaper picture: Collis Temple
6. Former LSU star Collis Temple special guest player at Annual Rotary Golf Tournament
7. Written notes
8. Kentwood Rotary Club honors Collis B. Temple Jr. Kentwood News Ledger June 6, 2007.
9. Sports. Kentwood news ledger June 6, 2007

Box 9
Folder 5 - Jazz Folder
1. Written notes on Music Club Program March 1980
2. Canadian town gets taste of Louisiana culture, song
3. Fate swings baton for bandsman
4. "The Saints"- "A Trite, Boring Tune"
5. Another Opinion on the Birth of Dixieland
6. New Orleans trip taken
7. Slim young man toots mean horn
8. Works reproduced
9. Band leader "Papa" French rites Saturday
10. Weill gives LSU grads footnotes
11. Louisiana Star tracks
12. Academy aims to keep jazz alive in N.O
13. Danny and Lu Barker: Still going strong
14. Satchmo's home called landmark
15. Called "Thumbs" Carllile's into jazz with dash of disco
16. The calendar: Things to do and see in and around New Orleans
17. A little jazzy good anytime
18. Jazz here from Overseas
19. Jazz clarinetist Bigard is Dead
20. Music Commission
21. SU chairwoman prepares report on African visit
22. Afro-American history put into one big
23. Funeral set for NAACP leader
24. Jazz at the Milne
25. The Soul City of Jazz
26. Satchmo Goes Upriver
27. Newspaper picture: Louis Armstrong
28. New Orleans Jazz
29. Jazz program to be dedicated to Armstrong
30. Tribute larger than expected; Satchmo Would have loved it
31. Service for Louis Warmly Acclaimed
32. Tributes to Louis in down beat annual
33. Armstrong admirers plan monument in New Orleans
34. Pie Dufour's a la mode
35. Satchmo's music lingerson
36. Satchmo' tributes continue to pour in
37. Beefing up to act as buffer between business consumer
38. Newcomb teacher says jazz is fusing with rock
39. Milne forms jazz band as tribute to Satchmo
40. Requiem is Armstrong memorial
41. The jazz sound of Louisiana
42. Men of Jazz
43. 5 freshman cant be wrong: Jazz International Language
44. Jazz club independent, Officer Says
45. Still with it: A glance at jazz history
46. SU students of Music cast in lecturer roles
47. All that jazz
48. Dissent, Violence aired at Tulane conference here
49. If only Satchmo could have seen it
50. The new orleans sound
51. Students cool under pressure of performing
52. Dizzy and Satchmo and jazz
53. The bourbon street beat
54. Paper and timeline of music genres
55. Jazz festival concert flyer

Box 9
Folder 6 - Black History
News clippings, programs, photos and articles related to black history; includes the
1. Show Biz: October 3, 1973
2. Ink Spots
3. The fabulous Top of the Mart Lounge presents "Ink Spots"
4. Picture: "Ink spots"
5. Flamenco Entertainment lively spontaneous fun
6. Member of Ink Spots still musically active
7. Performance set by music group
8. Top stars to Gather at "Circus"
9. EMPR musicians find satisfaction, relaxation through music
10. Craft night at St. Andrews United Methodist Church flyer
11. Underground Railroad Quilt
12. Summer to host gala tribute to Carrie Pugh
13. Former village of Tangipahoa resident and trumpeter Willie Cook dies at 75
14. Tangipahoa Parish School System Talented Music Program
15. Program students perform at annual recital
16. Negro Spirituals Through the years. February 23, 1999
17. Portraits show Natchez had black middle class following the Civil War
18. The Rosenwald Project
19. Black Studies Ok; not Separatism
20. Unique Challenges in Louisiana Genealogy. Louisiana Genealogical Register September 1994
21. Creole Williamsburg: Laura Plantation to be Restored. Louisiana Genealogical Register. March 1994
22. Amahl Anew
23. Musical Memorabilia Preservation Urged
24. Pie Dufour's a la mode
25. Promoting La. Music
26. Old favorites were Louisiana Inspired
27. Peckerwood Hill Homecoming Set
28. Opera Satirizes famed Orpheus Underworld Visit
29. "Fantasticks" Termed Brilliant Production
30. Mormons Tell Stand on Negroes
31. Black Monument garners support
32. If all you learn is white history, it is mis-education
33. Bogalusa activist keeps his dream
34. Woman prods DAR to honor minorities
35. Judge: Race no issue
36. Amite street gets new name
37. News from Salt Lake City
38. U.S Agencies persecuted Outstanding Black Writer
39. Poet honored: Pinkie Gordon Lane
40. Southern teachers honored
41. Author of "Black Like Me," John Howard Griffin, Dies
42. Quiet, sincere-or not black enough
43. Former Slaves describe their newfound Freedom in Liberia
44. The Mini Page. Saturday January 28, 1995. Front page
45. Slavery hinders black genealogy
46. Black antiques show country's racial attitudes
47. Black history program presented at union chapel
48. Hammond club honors founder of Negro home
49. Jesse W. Davis final rites set
50. Amistad: treasury of ethnic history
51. The News digest. October 30, 1985 front page
52. Lila Mefford Group
53. Cass Sanders weds Georgia Vernon
54. Resident Retires: Alfred Stewart
55. Hunter college professor praises history of blacks
56. Geography professor to attend institute
57. State of Black Education in Crescent City Surveyed
58. Black Genealogy handbook for Traces of African Past
59. Tracing the Roots of Black English
60. Nigeria school buys vast Africa book Collection
61. Narratives of Former Slaves Relate Ssad, Funny Stories, Brutality, Gentle Memories
62. Returning to his roots
63. In search of Roots
64. Roo Royalty
65. Black history gallery brins life to Burglund neighborhood
66. Kentwood High 2003 Homecoming Court
67. Black creates revolution with DAR
68. Woman is lingering in gray area as state has yet to decide her race
69. Cosby blasts trend in black culture
70. Cosby was politically incorrect-and right
71. Thomas Sowell: Bravo for Bill Cosby
72. Corn puddings a pretty dish to serve at next supper club
Also includes photo and obituary for Verdie Powell Dillon;
photos: Jay & Aa, 1946; Jessie Brumfield 1941-2, Carl Pierce 1949; photo 1949; Daisy,
Ramona & Rick, 1962; negatives

Box 9
Folder 7 - Black History
Newsclippings, magazine articles, notes, related to black history and Tangipahoa Parish
Training School. Also includes the following:
1. Honored at recognition day
2. Local couple to attend conference in Africa
3. Tangipahoa Parish Training School/Dillion Memorial High School reunion
1993 program
4. Training School
5. Collis Temple directs Mayor's team activities for young people.
6. Obituary of Collis B. Temple Sr.
7. African style rites are planned for Sept. 17
8. Kentwood man Achieves
9. First Bi-Parish parent recognition Day meets with tremendous success
10. Meet the Tigers
11. Coach Dale Brown
12. The Pettit Era: A Basketball General�Robert Lee Pettit
13. Tide Nips Tigers in 4 Ots, 103-99
14. Screen appoints Temple
15. Collis Temple candidate for Representative
16. Temple anniversary
17. Shirley apartments dedicated in Tangipahoa Sunday
18. Something new has been added
19. C.B. temple fundraising banquet held
20. Judge rules jury must reapportion
21. Letter to voters from Collis Temple
22. Blue, Grey, and Black
23. Letter written "Cleveland Plain Dealer"
24. Thorton, Watson an asset to the cafeteria at Kentwood High School
25. First Bi-Parish parent Recognition Day meets with tremendous success

Box 9
Folder 8 - Black History
Newsclippings, postcards, booklets related to black history
1. Postcards-Sambo's restaurants
2. Copy (newspaper) of The first book on black collectibles-with over 200 photographs
3. Singers in the Dawn: A brief Anthology of American Negro Poetry.
By Robert B. Eleazer
4. Blake knows how to wow 'em
5. Business card for Leroy Jones and his Hurricane Brass Band
6. Written notes on Silverthrone, Elizabeth
7. Louisiana African American Odyssey brochure
8. Black Heritage Trail: A Travel Guide
9. The National Civil Rights Museum
10. Womens Division- Board of Global Ministries
11. TV epic in the making
12. Black history is in the (game) cards
13. Postcards
14. Sambo's coloring book

Box 9
Folder 9 - Black History (not local):
1. 101 things everyone should know about African American History
2. Smithsonian: The Roots of American Music November 2001
3. Red Rooster Mini-farm
4. Constitution Village: A village of living history
5. Dothan Alabama visitors guide
6. Auburn Alabama visitors guide
7. African American Heritage in Tuscaloosa
8. Its pure, but not simple
9. Pike Pioneer museum
10. Local history; Larger than Life!
11. Hallowed Ground
12. The Case for Reparations
13. Louisiana Genalogical Register volume VLI No. 3 September 1994 pg 292
14. Dr. Clark as we knew him
15. New routes to old roots

Box 9
Folder 10 - Black History (not local):
Miscellaneous news clippings, magazine articles on black history

Box 9
Folder 11 - Black History
1. People magazine March 26 2007 (see pg 132: Last slaves in Mississippi)
2. District court proceedings released. May 16, 2007
3. The Kentwood Ledger front page. July 11 2007
4. A celebration of life for Mr. Cain Walls Sr.
5. Pedestrian killed near the village of Tanigpahoe. The Kentwood News Ledger July 11 2007.
6. Former Village of Tangipahoa postal employee confesses to crime
7. Village of Tangipahoa receives grant to fund new water tower
8. Cain Walls Sr. Celebrates 113th birthday.

Box 9
Folder 12 - Black History
Miscellaneous items related to black history. Includes Black Heritage Trail,
Underground Railroad; the Artifacts of Slavery; A Negro Warns the Negro Press;
information on Clementine Hunter; Program from Columbia Theater (Dec 2, 2005);
obituary Edwin Howard Wilson, History of Tangipahoa Training School; Program -
Sweet Home Folk Life Days; newsclippings, notes, correspondence.

Box 9
Folder 13 - Black History
Miscellaneous items related to black history � Program, Sweet Home Missionary Baptist
Church 104th Anniversary; Alabama Black Heritage program; Birds of George W.
Carver National Monument; George Washington Carver; newsclippings and other
articles. Also includes photographs: Richard and Lily Dancing the Cake Walk; Fanny
Smith Children, Richard, Florence, Lily, and Myrtle, 1904; Vets of American Legion;

Box 9
Folder 14 - Black History
Manilla folder marked KKK with newsclippings

Box 9
Folder 15 - Geneology Charts
Pedigree charts, Family Group Sheets, notes, newsclippings for
Harold Smith;
Effie Cockerham;
Juanity Randall Lambert;
Alice Roges Green;
Naomi Jackson;
Annie Washington;
Collins Hookfin;
Sidney Smith;
Includes photos of Harold Smith and Estes Smith.
Also includes recipes: Old Fashion Ginger Bread, Baked Chicken Loaf, Tangipahoa
Parish Bread Pudding, Easy Rolls, Apple Chicken, Hello Dollies, Buttermilk Pralines,
Buttermilk Pound Cake

Box 9
Notebook � Sweet Home Museum's Home Remedies

Box 9
Framed article - "Shadow Over the City", Louisiana Historical Quarterly, pgs 152-53

Box 9
Harris, T.H. The Memoirs of T. H. Harris 1908-1940. LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1963.

Box 9
Ebony Pictorial History of Black America Volume 1 African Past to the Civil War. Ed. Ebony.TN: Southwestern Co., 1971.

Box 10

Folder 1: Sigurd Sire Letters (2 pieces)
Folder 2: Sorrel Genealogy Notes (97 pieces)
Folder 3: Swearingen Genealogy Notes (32 pieces)
Folder 4: Strickland Genealogy Notes (142 pieces)
Folder 5: Speed Genealogy Notes (39 pieces)
Folder 6: Snow Genealogy Notes (4 pieces)
Folder 7: Stafford Genealogy Notes (4 pieces)
Folder 8: Smith Genealogy Notes (93 pieces)
Folder 9: Singleton Genealogy Notes (10 pieces)
Folder 10: Simmons Genealogy Notes (103 pieces)
Folder 11: Small Genealogy Notes (3 pieces)
Folder 12: Wall Genealogy Notes (15 pieces)
Folder 13: Seale Genealogy Notes (21 pieces)
Folder 14: Sharkey Genealogy Notes (8 pieces)
Folder 15: Self Genealogy Notes (44 pieces)
Folder 16: Schultz Genealogy Notes (30 pieces)
Folder 17: Schwartz Genealogy Notes (66 pieces)
Folder 18: Sandifer Genealogy Notes (20 pieces)
Folder 19: Sanders Genealogy Notes Folder 1 (190 pieces)
Folder 20: Sanders Genealogy Notes Folder 2 (59 pieces)
Folder 21: Miscellaneous notes, newsclippings; ancester chart - Hookfin, from notes of Ada Atkins Sept 1951; photos: 1974 Kentwood election commissioners, choir singing, unidentified children, 1976 Kentwood PTA Officers, unidentified photo of one lady, two men; Rev. Herbert Garner, Temple Chapel; Wheat, Amite; unidentified girl; unidentified girl; unidentified man (49 pieces)

Box 10

Folder 22: A-B files: notes, personal correspondance, newsclippings - Atkins, Amacker, Allen, Addison, Brumfield, Butler, Bates, Burton, Brown, Buckhalter, Black, Braziel, Brooks, Bryant, Byrd, Buckley, Bennett; Dedicatory Service for the New Edifice of the Mount Olive Baptist Church; Minutes of the Amite River Colored Baptist Association (1910); photos: Doris Atkins; Pianist Amos Addison, son of Idella; negative of Willie, Curtis, and Ellis Brumfield and Willie Thompson; Kentwood Elementary Young Authors Contest 5/26/1988; unidentified woman in chair; Osyka Centennial; two unidentified men in mechanic uniforms; youth corps; unidentified runner; two unidentified men with fish; Della Strickland; Kentwood Homecoming Court 1987; Queen Brumfield; unidentified women filling bags; Connie Cook. (165 items)

Folder 23: C - D- E- F files: notes, personal correspondence, newsclippings - Cook, Cooper, Carter, Coleman, Cage, Cutrer, Caston, Clark, Crains, Chapman, Dyson, Dillon High School, Elzy, Freeman, Fultz, Fluker, Ford; Photos: Bennie Cook (2 photos); two unidentified women; All Stars, Feb 1985; Cooker, Feb 1985; two unidentified women; Mary Ann Cooper; Sabrina Fluker 7/16/1987; Margaret Freeman; Percy L. Fluker, 5/11/1989. (88 items)

Folder 24: G - H - I - J - K - L files: notes, personal correspondence, newsclippings - Gordon, Gaines, Green, Gibson, Gayton, Robertson, Rankin, Hoover, Hall, Hookfin, Hackett, Hudson, Holden, Holland, Hill, Tillis, Holloway, Howard, Harris, Hampton, Imes, Cage, Johnson, Washington, Jackson, Jenkins, Joiner, Jones, James, Knox, Knighten, Kinzy; Leggett Photos: Nancy Holden, 1975; Emma Hudson Feb 1940. (152 items)

Folder 25: M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T files: notes, personal correspondence, newsclippings - Mabry, McKay, Marsalis, Morris, Mack, McKinley, Magee, Mercelous, Miller, McCray, Martin, Muse, Moore, Nevels, Putnam, Putmon, Wilkerson, Pool, Pounds, Perkins, Lampton, Pugh, Parker, Quinn Chapel, Perry, Robinson, Smith, Robertson, Ramsey, Richardson, Roberts, Ross, Cook, Brim, Tillis, Thompson, Thomas, Temple; Photos: Marilyn Pool, Tangipahoa; Rev. Harrison Putnam; Geneva McKinley Dees; James and Dora Morris, Golden Wedding 1980. (119 items)

Folder 26: U - V - W - X - Y - Z files: notes, personal correspondence, newsclippings - Varnado, Wright, Wilson, Walker, Wells, Womack, Wilkerson, Putmon, Watson, Williams, Wyre, Wricks, Wire, Wade, Wethers, Winters, Wesby, Warren, Washington, Easley, Patterson, Felder, Patton; 50th Anniversary Volume Louisiana Library Association Bulletin; Arna Bontemps Brochure; Photos: Fochia Varnado Wilson; Elise Womack; Ellice Womack; Nezzy Womack, 6/23/1988; R.D. Watson; Yolanda Williams. (112 items)

Box 11A

Folder 1: Army Air Force Training Command Class 43-G Yearbook (1 Piece)
Folder 2: Louisiana State Normal College Potpourri 1922 Yearbook (1 Piece)
Folder 3: Northwestern State University, The Potpourri 1981-1982 Yearbook (1 Piece)
Folder 4: Northwestern State University, The Potpourri 1983 Yearbook and Letter (2 Pieces)
Folder 5: Chesbrough High School, The Wildcat Yearbook 1954, 1955, and 1956 (3 Pieces)
Folder 6: Chesbrough High School, The Wildcat Yearbook 1958 and 1959 (2 Pieces)
Folder 7: Daughters of the American Revolution (2 Pieces)
Folder 8: Roy Thomson 8th and 9th Grade Record Book 1915 (1 Piece)
Folder 9: Northwestern state University Alumni Columns Magazine, 1974 (1 Piece)
Folder 10: Kentwood Masonic Group Photo, Date Unknown (1 Piece)
Folder 11: Mississippi A&M 1915 Class Photo (1 Piece)
Folder 12: Saturday Evening Post Magazine Feb. 1954 (1 Piece)\
Folder 13: Daughters of the Confederacy (43 Pieces)
Folder 14: Genealogy Notes (79 Pieces)

Box 11B
Folder 15: Northwestern State University Eugene P. Watson Library Papers (62 Pieces)
Folder 16: History of Tangipahoa Parish (49 Pieces)
Folder 17: Library Notes (14 Pieces)
Folder 18: Brochures (67 Pieces)
Folder 19: Daughters of the American Revolution (113 Pieces)
Folder 20: United Daughters of the Confederacy (67 Pieces)
Folder 21: Civil War Information (99 Pieces)
Folder 22: Newspaper Clippings on Indians in Louisiana (11 Pieces)
Folder 23: Kentwood Newspaper Clippings (53 Pieces)
Folder 24: Personal Correspondence and Pictures (10 Pieces)
Folder 25: Church Brochures and Map to Church (3 Pieces)

Box 12
Folder 1: Cheremie Family Genealogy (17 Pieces)
Folder 2: Chance Family Genealogy (27 Pieces)
Folder 3: Chambers Family Genealogy (12 Pieces)
Folder 4: Clarke Family Genealogy (19 Pieces)
Folder 5: Chapman-Morgan Family Genealogy (5 Pieces)
Folder 6: Collette Family Genealogy (1 Piece)
Folder 7: Cole Family Genealogy (8 Pieces)
Folder 8: Catha family Genealogy (30 Pieces)
Folder 9: Castle Family Genealogy (17 Pieces)
Folder 10: Castella Family Genealogy (15 Pieces)

Box 12
Folder 11: Kentwood Catholic Church History (30 Pieces)
Folder 12: Collins Family Genealogy (16 Pieces)
Folder 13: Conerly Family Genealogy (33 Pieces)
Folder 14: Cook Family Genealogy (11 Pieces)
Folder 15: Corkern Family Genealogy (21 Pieces)
Folder 16: Courtney Family Genealogy (18 Pieces)
Folder 17: Covington Family Genealogy (6 Pieces)
Folder 18: Fendalson Family Genealogy (15 Pieces)
Folder 19: Felder Family Genealogy (22 Pieces)
Folder 20: Faust Family Genealogy (4 Pieces)
Folder 21: Fairburn and Farmar Family Genealogy (44 Pieces)
Folder 22: Foster Family Genealogy (36 Pieces)
Folder 23: Franklin Family Genealogy (8 Pieces)
Folder 24: Frazier Family Genealogy (28 Pieces)
Folder 25: Fussell Family Genealogy (7 Pieces)
Folder 26: Freeland Family Genealogy (36 Pieces)
Folder 27: Foil Family Genealogy (1 Piece)
Folder 28: Flowers Family Genealogy (1 Piece)
Folder 29: Fletcher Family Genealogy (45 Pieces)
Folder 30: Finch Family Genealogy (12 Pieces)
Folder 31: Fenn Family Genealogy (22 Pieces)
Folder 32: Miscellaneous "G" Family Notes (47 Pieces)
Folder 33: Fray Family Genealogy (74 Pieces)
Folder 34: Graham Family Genealogy (24 Pieces)
Folder 35: Gorman family Genealogy (14 Pieces)
Folder 36: Gordon Family Genealogy (2 Pieces)
Folder 37: Gorings Family Genealogy (4 Pieces)
Folder 38: Glasscock Family Genealogy (4 Pieces)
Folder 39: Givens Family Genealogy (1 Piece)
Folder 40: Davis Family Genealogy (27 Pieces)
Folder 41: Dean Family Genealogy (38 Pieces)
Folder 42: Gates Family Genealogy (25 Pieces)
Folder 43: Gammill Family Genealogy (9 Pieces)
Folder 44: Gardner Family Genealogy (3 Pieces)
Folder 45: Gibbs Family Genealogy (6 Pieces)
Folder 46: Miscellaneous "D" Family Notes (188 Pieces)
Folder 47: Day Family Genealogy (82 Pieces)
Folder 48: Crosby Family Genealogy (4 Pieces)
Folder 49: Crawford Family Genealogy (56 Pieces)
Folder 50: Donahue Family Genealogy (8 Pieces)

Box 12
Folder 51: Doughty Family Genealogy (13 Pieces)
Folder 52: Draughon Family Genealogy (8 Pieces)
Folder 53: Edwards Family Genealogy (35 Pieces)
Folder 54: Efferson Family Genealogy (8 Pieces)
Folder 55: Ellzey Family Genealogy (11 Pieces)
Folder 56: Everett Family Genealogy (10 Pieces)
Folder 57: Dean Ellis Family Genealogy (9 Pieces)
Folder 58: Dixon Family Genealogy (4 Pieces)
Folder 59: Winston DeVille Family Genealogy (3 Pieces)
Folder 60: Dick Family Genealogy (9 Pieces)
Folder 61: Pecker Family Genealogy (54 Pieces)
Folder 62: Conner Davis Family Genealogy (10 Pieces)
Folder 63: Easley family Genealogy (51 Pieces)
Folder 64: Edwards, Eddards, and Edwins Family Genealogy (47 Pieces)
Folder 65: Dykes and Felder Family Genealogy (126 Pieces)
Folder 66: Dearman Family Genealogy (7 Pieces)
Folder 67: Miscellaneous "C" Family Notes (71 Pieces)

Box 13
Folder 1: Newspaper clippings, thankyou notes, 1981 (Kentwood Music Club, Camp Moore Museum events, J.O.Y club) (92 items)
Folder 2: Newspaper clippings, thank you notes, church bulletins, 1981 (Pike County/McComb, MS events, articles on historical sites/markers) (34 items)
Folder 3A: Newspaper clippings, personal correspondence and notes, brochures, pamphlets, 1982 (260 items)
Folder 3B: Notebook with notes and newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, 1982
(14 items)
Folder 4: Notebook with personal notes and newspaper clippings, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, photo of Morris House in the North, 1982 (34 items)
Folder 5: Personal correspondance, newspaper clippings, Soil and Water Conservation Newsletter, 1982 (73 items)
Folder 6: Notebook with personal notes and newspaper clippings, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, 1983 (72 items)
Folder 7: Notebook with personal notes and newspaper clippings, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, personal planner/calendar 1983, 1984, 1985 (110 items)
Folder 8: Desk calendars with notes, 1983, 1984 (3 items)
Folder 9: Newspaper clippings, copies of Eastern Star Programs, personal notes, mailing lists, 1984 (113 items)
Folder 10: Newspaper clippings, copies of Eastern Star Programs, personal notes, correspondence, curriculum vitae James P. Morris, 1985 (169 items)

Box 13
Folder 11: Newspaper clippings, programs, brochures, personal correspondence, 1986
(103 items)

Box 14
Folder 1: Visitor Guides, Museum Guides, newsclippings, personal correspondence (Visitor's Guide Royal Palace of Madrid, by Jose Luis Sancho, Editorial Patrimonio Nacional, 1996 with ticket, Mississippi Arts Pavilion brochure and notes; Student Guide "What to See at the Exhibit The Majesty of Spain Royal Collections from the Nuseo del Parado and Patrimonio Nacional"; Book jacket "I, The King" by Frances Parkinson Keyes; El Cazador Museum info card; "Journey to the End of the Earth" and "Journey's End, Journey's Beginning" by Elizabeth Sherrill; Visitor Guides "The Historic New Orleans Collection," "General Sweeny's Museum of Civil War History," "Branson Civil War Museum" "Natchez on the Mississippi 15th Annual Showing," "The Cabildo"; Louisiana Map, Visitor Guide Ocean Springs, Loupe's Supermarket Calendar 1992 "500 Anniversary The Discovery of America 1492") (48 items)
Folder 2: Newspaper clippings and notes (2 items)
Folder 3A: Newsclippings, notes, Charles Estiene Gayarre and Roncal (196 items)
Folder 3B: Newsclippings, notes, Charles Estiene Gayarre, Roncal, Grace King (115 items)
Folder 4: Notes, newspaper clippings, Gayarre; publication "le Baton Rouge Roots Along the River, Vol IX, No 1, Winter 1989; publication "le Baton Rouge" Vol. IX, No. 2, Spring 1989; publications "The Historic New Orleans Collection Quarterly" Vol XXI, Number 4 Fall 2003 and Vol XXII, Number 1 Winter 2004 (16 items)
Folder 5: Newsclippings, photos, personal correspondence, notes Gayarre and Roncal; publication "Louisiana Woods and Water" Vol 1 No. 6 April 1972 (84 items)
Folder 6: Publication, "Louisiana Heritage" Spring 1969 (1 item)
Folder 7: Publication, "The Know Nothing Party in New Orleans: A R'eappraisal" by Leon Cyprian Soule', The Louisiana Historical Society, 1961 (1 item)
Folder 8: Newsclippings, notes Gayarre and Roncal; audio tape June 8, 1996 Irene Morris Charles E.A. Gayarre (12 items)
Folder 9: Publication "The Louisiana Historical Quarterly Charles Gayarre Number" Vol 33 No 2 April 1950, with bookmarks and notes (1 item)
Folder 10: Publication "The Louisiana Historical Quarterly" Vol 15 No 3 July 1932, with bookmarks and notes (1 item)
Folder 11: Newspaper clippings, notes, tourist brochures Phillip II and Spain (71 items)
Folder 12: Copies of 1902 booklet, Mathilda Grey, Zoe Preston; newspaper clippings, notes, personal correspondence (25 items)
Folder 13: Alexandria Museum of Art brochures and information sheets "The Heart of Spain"
(8 items)
Item 14: Book "A Southern Treasure of Life adn Literature" by Stark Young, Charles Scriber & Sons, 1937, with notes and newsclippings
Item 15: Book "Creole Families of New Orelans" by Grace King, Claitor's Publishing Division, 1971, with bookmarks, notes, and news clippings
Item 16: Book "Memories of a Southern Woman of Letters" by Grace King, The Macmillan Co., 1932, with bookmarks, notes, newsclippings and book jacket.
Item 17: Book "Grace King of New Orleans A Selection of Her Writings" edited by Robert Bush, Louisiana State University Press, 1973, with notes and newsclippings

Box 15
Folder 1: Personal Record Book, 1975, personal notes, newsclippings (1 item)
Folder 2A: 1978 newsclippings, notes, personal correspondance (95 items)
Folder 2B: 1979 newsclippings, notes, personal correspondance (87 items)
Folder 2C: 1979 personal notes, 1978 calendar (21 items)
Folder 3A: 1979-1982 newsclippings, personal correspondence, southeastern United States map, photos (126 items)
Folder 3B: 1979-1982 newsclippings, personal correspondance, Southeastern Alumni News Winter 1971 (137 items)
Folder 4A: 1977-1978 personal date book with notes, newsclippings, appointment calendar 1978, 1979, 1980 (92 items)
Folder 4B: 1974 personal book with notes, photos, newsclippings, personal correspondance
(1 item)
Folder 4C: 1979 appointment book with notes, newsclippings (1 item)
Folder 4D: Notebook 1978-1980 personal notes, newsclippings, personal correspondence
(1 item)
Folder 5A: 1980 personal desk diary with notes, newsclippings (1 item)
Folder 5B: 1981 personal planner with notes, newsclippings, photos (1 item)
Folder 5C: 1981 pocket calendar with notes, newsclippings; 1981-1982-1983 appointment calendar with notes newsclippings (2 items)
Folder 6A: 1982-1983 personal calendar with notes; 1982-1983 personal calendar with notes; 1982 appointment book with notes, newsclippings, personal correspondance, photos (3 items)
Folder 6B: 1982 personal diary with newsclippings; personal correspondance (50 items)

Box 16
Binder 1: Ledger 1968 (Newspaper clippings 1966, 1968, 1979) (129 items)
Binder 2: 1975 (Newspaper clippings 1936, 1966, 1975, 1977; personal correspondence and newsclippings 1975-1976; certificates of appreciation, event programs, tourist brochures - Tangipahoa and Kentwood; Notes: 1988 and "Please Talk About Us When You are Gone") (114 items)
Binder 3: 1978 (Newspaper clippings, notes and personal correspondence, 1968, 1974-1978; Rotary Club newsletter, event programs, photos) (249 items)
Binder 4: Scrapbook Kenneth Dyson (Newspaper clippings, notes, photos Kenneth Dyson; newspaper clippings, Mrs. Vesta Schilling; Dyson Scholarship Winners) (96 items)

Box 17
Binder 1: Main Street Kentwood photos and notes (1 item)
Folder 2: Publication- "Milk Ordinance and Code 1953 Recommendations to the Public Health Service," US Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1953 (1 item)
Folder 3: Publication- "Official Annual 1937 District E Fourth Corps Area, Civilian Conservation Corps"; Civilian Conservation Corps photos, newspaper clippings, notes (38 items)
Folder 4: 1954 Map of Kentwood, LA; Mape of Hammond, LA; newsclippings, notes, Civilian
Conservation Corps photos; Kentwood Water Presentation Poster with reports by Terry Bridges, Peggy Sue Blades (27 items)

Box 18 A
Folder 1: Hale Family Genealogy (15 items)
Folder 2: Haney Family Genealogy (3 items)
Folder 3: Hardy Family Notes (7 items)
Folder 4: Harrell Family Genealogy (56 items)
Folder 5: Hart Family Genealogy (64 items)
Folder 6: Harvell Family Genealogy (23 items)
Folder 7: Hayden Family Genealogy (3 items)
Folder 8: Haynes Family Notes (18 items)
Folder 9: Hewitt Family Notes (15 items)
Folder 10: Henkel Family Genealogy (51 items)
Folder 11: Hinkle Family Notes (17 items)
Folder 12: Henkee, Keen, McClendon Family Notes (21 notes)
Folder 13: Hodges Family Genealogy (88 items)
Folder 14: Hogan Family Genealogy (59 items)
Folder 15: Publication Louisiana Freemason (1 item)
Vol. 18 No. 3 1989
Folder 16: Holloway Family Notes (40 items)
Folder 17: Holmes Family Genealogy (22 items)
Folder 18: Holton Family Genealogy (6 items)
Folder 19: Hope Familt Genealogy (9 items)
Folder 20: Houeye Family Genealogy (15 items)
Folder 21: Hughes Family Notes (15 items)
Folder 22: Hughes Family Genealogy (82 items)
Folder 23: Hughes Family Genealogy (85 items)
Folder 24: Hunt Family Genealogy (21 items)
Folder 25: Hurst Family Genealogy (17 items)
Folder 26: MIsc. "H" Family Notes (41 items)
(Howes, Husser, Hyde, Hnaks, Hartner, Hatcher, Harris, Hammond, Hull, Hawsey, Herring, Hinckley, Hinson, Higginbotham, Howze, Harvell, Hemphill, Hobgood, Harden, Hayden, Holton, Helmers, Headricks)
Folder 27 A: Hutchinson Family Genealogy (109 items)
Folder 27 B: Hutchinson Family Genealogy (27 items)
Folder 28: Misc. "H" Family Notes (89 items)
(Hyde, Haney, Higginbotham, Hardy, Herd, Heep, Hayden, Hillhouse, Hemphill, Husser, Hednerson, Hickingbottom, Hodge, Herrim, Hoff, Hogan, Hogs, Hostettes, Holly, Huff, Humble, Harvey, Huselton, Holton, Hartner, Harvin, Hamberlin, Hambright, Hanks, Hayes, Hartley, Hope, Hatcher, Hester)
Folder 29: Misc. "H" Family Notes (19 items)
(Higgins, Howes, Hope, Holemes, Hilburn, Hatcher, Holton, Hutchinson, Hart, Henkel)
Folder 30: Misc. "I" Family Notes (16 items)
(Impson, Irwin, Inzinna, Isom, Independence Story)
Folder 31: Jackson Family Genealogy (22 items)
Folder 32: Jenkins Family Genealogy (8 items)
Folder 33: Johnson Family Genealogy (34 items)
Folder 34: Misc. "J" Family Notes (15 items)
(Jenkins, James, Jacobsen, Johnson)
Folder 35: Misc. "K" Family Notes (45 items)
(Keyes, Kent, Knipper, Kinchen, King, Kluchin, Kingsbury, Knightton, Kirkland, Kopsco, Kelly, Knight, Koepp, Kramer, Keller, Kelley, Key, Kenndy, Kendrick)
Folder 36: Keen Family Notes (7 items)
Folder 37: Centerpiece (12 items)
Vol. VI� spring/summer '98
Folder 38: Misc. "H" Family Newsclipping (7 itmes)
(Hornsby, Hilburn, Hazzel, Hodges, Holden, Hope,)
Folder 39: McMillan Family Genealogy (45 items)
Folder 40 A: Kenndy Family Notes (57 items)
Folder 40 B: Kenndy Family Notes (41 items)
Folder 40 C: Kenndy Family Genealogy (80 items)
Folder 40 D: Kenndy Family Genealogy (98 items)
Folder 41: Kirby Family Newsclipping (2 items)
Folder 42: Louisiana The Pelcain State (12 items)
by: Edwin Adams Davis
Misc. Newsclipping and pictures
Folder 43: Misc. Picutres of politics (15 items)
Folder 44: Personal Cards (33 items)
Folder 45: Champlin Family Photes and Notes (10 items)
Folder 46: Political Photos (5 items)
(Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Burrell Carter, Duncan Kemp)
Folder 47: Old Photos of people (25 items)
(W.D. Eastland, Bessie Martin, Belle, Dr. Mandeville, Bulter, Hugh Loggins, J. B. Edens, Dr. J. M. Jones, Tom Green Davidson)
Folder 48 A: Dairy Farmers History (100 items)
Folder 48 B: Dairy Famers History (69 items)

Box 18 B
Folder 49: Kentwood, LA Centennial Celebration '93 (1 item)
Folder 50: Old Pictures of Kentwood and residents (1 item)

Box 19
Folder 1: Newspaper clippings, personal correspondence (8 items)
Folder2: Pickard Family Genealogy (24 items)
Folder 3: Photographers file, notes, copy of newspaper article "Mt. Hermon Part 3 The Otts"
(8 items)
Folder 4: Phillips Family Genealogy (54 items)
Folder 5: Parsons Family Genealogy (5 items)
Folder 6: Parker Family Genealogy (38 items)
Folder 7: Palmer Family Genealogy (14 items)
Folder 8: Painter Family Genealogy (11 items)
Folder 9: Misc. "O" Family Notes (O'Malley, Odom, O'Neal, Owen, Owens, O'Quin)
(13 items)
Folder 10: 1997 Calendar "Proud Moments in Tangipahoa History" (6 items)
Folder 11: Bob Osteen Family Notes (13 items)
Folder 12: Ott (obituary) (1 item)
Folder 13: Newspaper clippings - oilwell (4 items)
Folder 14: Frances Powell Otken Family Notes (3 items)
Folder 15: Misc. "N" Family Notes, newspaper clippings (Newton, Newell, Nesom, Norwood, Nereaux, North, New, Nevin, Neal, Neelis) (20 items)
Folder 16: Nyme Newman Family Notes (71 items)
Folder 17: Newman Family Notes (37 items)
Folder 18: Naul Family Genealogy (48 items)
Folder 19: Oki-Nguyen Family Notes (10 items)
Folder 20: Napier Family Notes (13 items)
Folder 21: Quin Family Genealogy (9 items)
Folder 22: Quin Family Notes (3 items)
Folder 23: Quillen Family Notes (27 items)
Folder 24: Misc "P" Family Notes (Pipes, Pigott, Poole, Perkins, Pray, Perry, Pickering, Parker, Pool, Phelps, Payne, Phares, Potts, Prichard, Porter, Phillips, Pullam, Pipkin, Penn, Polk, Palmer, Pickingham, Pattenotte, Penn, Pevey, Paschal, Preece, Pinell, Pollock, Prescott, Prewitt) (71 items)
Folder 25: Prestridge Family Notes (11 items)
Folder 26: Progress Report "The Effects of Industrialization on Rural Louisiana A Study of Plant Employees", newspaper clippings (5 items)
Folder 27: Newspaper clippings - Paul Price (9 items)
Folder 28: Prine, Prime, Prines Family Genealogy (23 items)
Folder 29: Price Family Notes (55 items)
Folder 30: Pray Family Genealogy (20 items)
Folder 31: Powell Family Genealogy (27 items)
Folder 32: Pike Family Notes (7 items)
Folder 33: Pierce Family Notes (13 items)
Folder 34: Perryman Family Genealogy (20 items)
Folder 35: Pigott Family Notes (22 items)
Folder 36: Parsons Family Notes, Porter Family Notes, personal correspondance (6 items)
Folder 37: Roddy Family Genealogy (6 items)
Folder 38: Robertson Family Genealogy (49 items)
Folder 39: Roberts Family Genealogy (16 items)
Folder 40: Roberts and Owen Roberts Family Genealogy (104 items)
Folder 41: Rhymes, Rimes Family Notes (42 items)
Folder 42: Rheames Family Genealogy (27 items)
Folder 43: Reeves Family Genealogy (25 items)
Folder 44: Ravencraft Family Genealogy (7 items)
Folder 45: Raley Family Genealogy (25 items)
Folder 46: Rankin Family Genealogy (29 items)
Folder 47: Raborn, Rayborn, Raibarn, Rabourn Family Genealogy (75 items)
Folder 48: Misc. "R: Family Notes, Genealogy (Rhodes, Rhodus, Rhoner, Rogers, Ramsey,
Rand, Redmond, Raborn, Ryals, Reed, Richert, Reimers, Roberts, Rhody, Raley, Rimes, Robertson, Ricks, Rowley, Reeves, Russell, Rabalais, Rickert, Rodriguez, Randall, Rushing, Randol, Riddle, Redden, Redmon, Reynolds, Rogillio, Ridgedell, Reid, Rownd, Richardson, Reich, Roper, Roseborough, Rosborough, Rosebrough, Rosebraugh, Robards, Robinson, Rials, Robins, Ryan, Reese) (112 items)
Folder 49: Russell Family Notes (33 items)
Folder 50: Zachary Family Genealogy (15 items)

Box 20
Folder 1: High School Dipolma Frank Levi Brown; Sons of American Revolution Member
Certificate, Frank Lewis Brown Jr.; Student Body Handbook Franklin High School,
Vol. 6; photo Roger Knight (25 items)
Folder 2: Newspapers- Franklin New Era Jun 4, 1908; Greensberg Weekly Star & Journal,
Jul 27, 1867; Amite City Democrat, Mar 18, 1876 (6 items)
Folder 3: Publication- "Louisiana", Jan-Mar 1980; Newspapers- The Florida Parishes
Apr 26, 1905, Dec 22, 1906, Sept 6, 1924; The Tangipahoa Parish News Nov 25, 1926,
May 26, 1927, Sept 15, 1927; The New Delta Oct 10, 1890; personal correspondence
(11 items)
Folder 4A: Newspapers- Roleland Herald Jul 1, 1921; The Farmer's Friend, Sept 30, 1939;
The St. Helena Echo Aug 16, 1957, Aug 23, 1954, Sept 21, 1956, Mar 29, 1957,
Nov 15, 1957, Apr 4, 1958, May 23, 1958, Jun 6, 1958, Jul 4, 1958, Dec 3, 1954
(17 items)
Folder 4B: Newspapers- The Amite Progress July 12, 1945; Times Picayune Apr 8, 1940;
The Amite Progress Oct 1, 1936 (4 items)
Folder 5: Newspapers- Amite City Independent Nov 11, 1899 reprinted 1976 News Digest;
Daily Picayune Jun 14, 1901 (15 items)
Folder 6: Newspapers- The Times Democrat Jun 6, 1908; The Daily Picayune Jun 12, 1908
(3 items)
Folder 7: Kentwood Ledger, letters, invoices for compugraphic equipment, office supplies
(40 items)
Folder 8: Newspapers- St. Helena Echo Aug 10, 1900, Jun 5, 1908, Mar 19, 1907 (7 items)
Folder 9: Kentwood Newspapers- Kentwood News Jul 29, 1993; Kentwood Ledger
Jul 28, 1993; Kentwood Commercial Jan 25, 1934; newsclippings, notes (37 items)
Folder 10: Newspapers- The Kentwood New Era Oct 15, 1914; newsclippings, notes (10 items)
Folder 11: Newspapers- Kentwood Commercial Mar 10, 1916, May 18, 1917, Feb 9, 1923,
Mar 12, 1936, July 11, 1929; Hammond Vindicator May 5, 1922; Kentwood Chronicle
May 1924 notes (22 items)
Folder 12: Newspapers- Kentwood Commercial Dec 11, 1925, May 19, 1927, May 17, 1928,
Jul 11, 1929, Sept 5, 1929, Aug 4, 1932, Jan 11, 1934, Jan 25, 1934, April 26, 1934;
Kentwood News May 21, 1926 (22 items)
Folder 13: Newspapers- Kentwood Commercial Apr 20, 1939, Jan 10, 1941, May 30, 1940,
Jul 25, 1941, Apr 25, 1941, May 23, 1941, Jun 2 1944, Dec 28, 1945; The Progress
May 27, 1938 (17 items)
Folder 14: Newspapers- Kentwood Commercial Nov 8, 1946, Aug 23, 1946, Aug 30, 1946,
May 7, 1948, Apr 2, 1948, Mar 19, 1948, Dec 2, 1949, Aug 19, 1949 (11 items)
Folder 15: Newspapers- Kentwood News Oct 16, 1952, Jan 19, 1956, Apr 5, 1956; Kentwood
Commercial May 29, 1953, Dec 10, 1953, Jan 28, 1954, Nov 25, 1954; JP Morris & Sons advertisement 1955 (23 items)
Folder 16: Newspapers- Kentwood News Jun 19, 1969, May 29, 1969, April 3, 1969; Kentwood
Ledger Mar 27, 1969, Mar 13, 1969 (6 items)
Folder 17: Newspapers- Kentwood Ledger Progress Edition May 22, 1969; Kentwood Ledger
Jan 23, 1969 (5 items)
Folder 18: Newspapers- Kentwood Commercial Feb 13, 1948, Mar 5, 1948, Mar 12, 1948;
Photo, printing press Jun 30, 1966; Kentwood Ledger Jun 30, 1966, Jul 7, 1966 (9 items)
Folder 19: Newsclippings on Stewart, Sanders Carruth (3 items)
Folder 20: Mitilda Stream notes, newscloppings (6 items)
Folder 21: Amaker Family Notes (74 items)
Folder 22: Maud Amacker Arnett newsclippings, notes (18 items)
Folder 23: Photos - Kent, Preston, & bookkepper (pegleg) Hasbrouk; notes, Amacker; St.
Helena Census 1880, Postcard, State Street, Eagle Lake, Texas; Postcard, Waterloo,
Iowa; notes (5 items)
Folder 24: Kent Family Notes (52 items)
Folder 25: Foxy Kent Family Notes (6 items)
Folder 26: Jean Francois Millet print; notes; publication- "Famous Artists III. Millet" by Nellie
Petticrew Cranston, Owen Publ Co., 1913 (13 items)
Folder 27: Book- "Footsteps of the Flock or Origins of Louisiana Baptists" by Rev. Ivan M. Wise, Vol 11, Second Ed., Part 1; letter from Erbon W. Wise; Program and invite, First Baptist Church of Kentwood; Safety Service Newsletter, Nov 1941; publication- "Two Rivers Baptist Association Women's Missionary Union Yearbook 2007-2008" (36 items)
Folder 28: Varnado Family Notes; 1950 Kentwood Garden Club photos family homes, churches, schools; newsclippings (117 items)
Folder 29: Newsclippings, Catalog Homes; Newsclippings, Kentwood Main Street Businesses/Buildings; photos, notes (8 items)
Folder 30: Newspapers- Amite News Digest Sep 27, 1957; Kentwood News Apr 2, 1959,
Sep 20, 1962, Sept 16, 1965, Mar 27, 1969; Kentwood Commercial Jan 11, 1962;
Kentwood Ledger May 8, 1969, May22, 1969, Feb 6, 1986 (20 items)
Folder 31: Frank Lewis Brown - photos and personal correspondence from Ledger files
(239 items)
Folder 32: Brochure "The Public Face of Religion in Tangipahoa Parish"; newsclipping
"Card of Thanks The Family of Robert and Anna Mae Lusco Cheramie (2 items)

Box 21
Folder 1: Publication- "The Louisiana Genealogical Register", Vol XXX No.3 Sept 1983 with
notes and newsclippings (1 item)
Folder 2: Taylor Family Genealogy (34 items)
Folder 3: Tate-Taylor Family notes (16 items)
Folder 4A: Tate Family Genealogy (255 items)
Folder 4B: Tate Family Genealogy (164 items)
Folder 5: Tidwell Family Genealogy (55 items)
Folder 6: Tisdell Family Notes (Carey & Tisdell) (9 items)
Folder 7: Tate Family Notes (20 items)
Folder 8: Terry Family Genealogy (69 items)
Folder 9: Temple Family Notes (10 items)
Folder 10: C. Terry Family Notes (26 items)
Folder 11: Terry Family Genealogy (89 items)
Folder 12: Thames Family Notes (72 items)
Folder 13: Thigpen Family Notes (5 items)
Folder 14: Thompson Family Genealogy (115 items)
Folder 15: Thornhill Family Notes (46 items)
Folder 16: Eddie Thornhill 1920 Class Reunion photo, program, newsclippings (45 items)
Folder 17: Clyde Thorpe Family Notes (12 items)
Folder 18: Tillery Family Notes (12 items)
Folder 19: Tucker Family Notes (43 items)
Folder 20: Peter Turner Family Genealogy (44 items)
Folder 21: Tynes Family Notes (9 items)
Folder 22: Misc. "T" Family Notes (Tolar, Thomas, Thatch, Tubb, Townes, Trawick, Turnage,
Toney, Turner, Turley, Tempel, Torrence, Tally, Talley, Terrell, Terry, Taylor, Tarver,
Tallman, Teston) (41 items)
Folder 23: Underwood Family Notes (32 items)
Folder 24: Misc "U, V" Family Notes (Vining, Vernon, Varnado, Vine, Vaughn, Venable)
(31 items)
Folder 25: Van Family Genealogy (29 items)
Folder 26: Watson 50th Anniversary invitation (1 items)
Folder 27: Varnell Family Notes (3 items)
Folder 28: Varnado Family Notes (5 items)
Folder 29: Venable Family Notes (8 items)
Folder 30: Travis Family Notes (2 items)
Folder 31: Tate Family Notes (14 items)
Folder 32: Tabor Family Notes (50 items)
Folder 33: Talbot Family Genealogy (7 items)

Box 22
Folder 1: Bogalusa, LA 1920 Hospital Pictures (7 items)
Folder 2: Brown Family Genealogy (42 items)
Folder 3: Bridges Family Genealogy (102 items)
Folder 4: Bridges Family Newsclipping/ Photos (7 items)
Folder 5: Breeden Family Genealogy (5 items)
Folder 6: Brechen Family Genealogy (19 items)
Folder 7: Bryan/ Bryant Familes Genealogy (81 items)
Folder 8: Misc "B" Family Notes (12 items)
Brauning, Baker, Breenings
Folder 9: Brabham Family Genealogy (53 items)
Folder 10: Echo of Black Horn by Ethel Knight (3 items)
Folder 11: Booker Family Notes (4 items)
Folder 12: Birch Family Genealogy (98 items)
Folder 13: Blackwell Family Genealogy (12 items)
Folder 14: Blake Family Genealogy (35 items)
Folder 15: Blades Family Genealogy (77 items)
Folder 16: Louisiana Genealgoical Resister with notes of bond (6 items)
Vol. XLVII No. 1 March 2000
Folder 17: Tourist Attraction� Bonnie Brook Park (29 items)
Publication� Kewpiesta Kourier
Vol XVI No. 1 Spring 1994
Cookbook� Rose Ozark Recipes
From the ear of Rose O'Neil (1890-1940)
Newspapper clippings/ postcard of Bonnie Brook
Publication� Ozarks Vistors, Nov-Dec 1971 pg 6
Folder 18: Barksdale Family Genealogy (10 items)
Folder 19: Bass Family Notes (24 items)
Folder 20: Batesman Family Notes (10 items)
Folder 21: Bates Family Genealogy (21 items)
Folder 22: Bazoon Family Genealogy (17 items)
Folder 23: Barnes Family Notes (27 items)
Folder 24: Pearl Phillips Belangers (16 items)
Folder 25: Misc "B" Family Notes (37 items)
Bridges, Baham, Bickham, Bryan, Blades, Booty, Bond
Folder 26: Beriwck Family Genealogy (24 items)
Folder 27: Newsclippings of Senator Bilbo (7 items)
Folder 28: Biggs Family Notes (6 items)
Folder 29: Arbuthnot Family Genealogy (35 items)
Folder 30: Misc. "B" Family Notes (14 items)
Bates, Brister, Bethel, Brown, Baham, Barclay
Folder 31 A: Misc. "B" Family Notes (140 items)
Brumfield, Burris, Blackwell, Booty, Bond, Bacot, Baker, Barnes, Bridges, Brabham, Burns, Brown, Bradley, Blake, Bates, Browning
Folder 31 B: Misc "B" Family Notes (169 items)
Bethel, Bowman, Breeden, Byrd, Bickham, Barksdale, Baldes, Bankston, Burch, Bunch, Boyd, Birdsong, Bell, Boggs, Byrant, Boulingy, Brown, Bulter, Boone, Blair, Bedwel, Bidwell, Ball, Buras, Bennette, Ballard, Burton, Blount, Benton, Bass, Bannister, Barremore, Bravo, Buuckley, Bates, Bateman, Benefield Bentley.
Folder 31 C: Misc. "B" Family Notes (70 items)
Brewer, Ballard, Bassett, Borck, Bateman, Balnchard, Bowles, Bellue, Berry, Broyles, Bottofs, Blomquist, Bamber, Benefields, Bland, Baliey, Bourgeeois, Brealnd, Brauninger, Boagni, Baham, Berger, Billings, Bardwell, Bryan, Bracey, Brister
Folder 32: Bahm Family Newsclipping (8 items)
Folder 33: Ballard Family Genealogy (3 items)
Folder 34: Bard Wire History (37 items)
Folder 35: Alford Family Notes (110 items)
Folder 36: Allen Family Genealogy (108 items)
Folder 37: Andrews Diary (Sept 1852) (48 items)
Folder 38: Andrews Fanily Genealogy (20 items)
Folder 39: Anglin Family Notes (28 items)
Folder 40: Adams Family Notes (25 items)
Folder 41: Adopted Childern Paper (16 items)
Folder 42: Addison Family Genealogy (43 items)
Folder 43: Ainsworth Family Notes (24 items)
Folder 44: Alford Family Genealogy (129 items)
Folder 45: Abraham Family Newsclipping (10 items)
Folder 46: Misc. "A" Family Notes (227 items)
Akers, Andrews, Addison, Allen, Alford, Alleman, Anderson, Allison, Anthony,
Amacker, Abraham, Anglin, Adams, Applewhite, Atkinson, Abernathy, Allain, Alston, Arrington, Austin.
Folder 47: Art Newsclippings (47 items)

Box 23
Book 1: "Thru the Years Records of Ila Venable Brown and Other Families of St. Helena
Parish, LA" by Irene Reid Morris, 1965, with newsclippings and notes (1 item)
Folder 2: Publication- "70 Years of Service Above Self 1936-2006 Rotary International District
6840 Club 3986 Kentwood, LA", by Irene Reid Morris, with notes and newsclippings
(1 item)
Folder 3: Booklet- "Mostly Momie's Recipes, 1988" with personal correspondence (1 item)
Folder 4: Publication- "History of the Beginnings of Kentwood Lodge No. 248 Free and
Accepted Mason of Louisiana A list of those who have served as Worshipful Master and
Masonic history and present membership," compiled by James Polk Morris Jr.,
Secretary, assisted by Irene Reid Morris, Morris Printing Co., May 1955 (1 item)
Folder 5: Booklet- "The Charles Sanders Family," compiled by Iren Reid Morris, Sept. 1965
(1 item)
Folder 6: Publication- "J. Polk Morris & Sons- Kentwood, LA" by Irene and Jimmy, Irwin
Publishing, 1967 (1 item)
Folder 7: Publication- "Baptist Women's Missionary Union of Tangipahoa Association 1914-
1964," by Mrs. J.H. Campbell, Mrs. A.L. Ladner, Mrs. James Polk Morris, Jr. (1 item)
Folder 8: Publication- "Historical Notes First Baptist Church Kentwood, LA" by Mrs. J.P.
Morris, Jr., 1964 (1 item)
Folder 9: Publication: "Journal of Louisiana Baptist History," Vol. 6, 1993, Louisiana Baptist
Historical Association (1 item)
Folder 10: Publication- "Local Lore & Legend Scrapbook," by Irene R. Morris, published in
Kentwood News Nov. 30, 1961- Nov. 15, 1963 (1 item)
Folder 11: Publication- "It is Remembered" by Irene R. Morris published in Kentwood Ledger
July 1966-Sept 1967 with notes and newsclippings (1 item)
Folder 12: Publication- "All Roads Lead to Kentwood The hub of a fine farming and dairying
section 1893-1993." by Kentwood Chamber of Commerce, 1993 (1 item)
Folder 13; Publication- "Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Papers." Joy Jackson, ed.,
Vol. 6 1979; publication- "National Society Daughters of American Revolution Halimah
Chapter 6-024 LA Yearbook for 1977-78," with notes, newsclippings (2 items)
Folder 14: Publication- "Order of Eastern Star Louisiana's Lovely Legacy 100 Golden Years
1900-2000 Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Stars." by Irene R. Morris, PM Ira #84;
Program- "Program 1959-60 Our Pearl Holland Memorial Session Grand Chapter Order
of Eastern Star State of Louisiana" (2 items)
Folder 15: Publication- "12th Census of Population 1900 Tangipahoa Parish (Kentwood Area)
Wards 1 and 2 Louisiana Kentwood, LA Centennial Celebration 1893-1993," by
Tangipahoa Parish Historical & Genealogy Society, 1993 (1 item)
Folder 16: Publication- "Upstart Annual 1990 A Collection of Library Programs Displays Tips
Tricks Stories Poems Songs Games Activities and More!" 1990, with personal
correspondence (1 item)
Folder 17: Publication- "Tangipahoa Parish Centennial Offical Souvenir Program 1869-1969"
(1 item)
Binder 18: Amite County, Mississippi Records from "Casey & Otken's History of Amite
County" (Marriage Licenses Vol 5, Land Records Conveyance Book 1, US Census 1810,
Records of Doctor Licenses 1827-1833, US Census 1830, Orphan's Court Records,
Land Abstract Applications, Wills and Administration, 1809-1820, Vol 2 1819-1821,
American States Papers, Journal of Land Commissions, Land Grants), with personal
notes (1 item)
Binder 19: Amite County, Mississippi Records (Marriage Licenses Vol 1 1810-1835, Vol 3
1838-1844, Vol 4 1844-1855, Vol 5 1855-1869, Wealthy Planters, Wills, Vol 1 1819-
1848, Book 2 1845-1860, US Census 1805, Inhabitants of Mississippi 1816) (1 item)
Folder 20: Misc. Notes (4 items)

Box 24
Folder 1: Photos, newsclippings - Kentwood, LA buildings; photo and notes, Alfred Stoessell; newsclippings, Papa Cain Walls; invoice (62 items)
Folder 2: Photos, notes, newsclippings, Kentwood, LA buildings; programs, Kentwood Centennial (48 items)
Folder 3: Paper - "Kentwood's Contribution to the Tangipahoa Strawberry Industry" by Michael L. Varnado, Nov 1979 (19 items)
Folder 4: Notes, death of Mrs. Hall; Publication - Louisiana Power and Light Safety Service, Nov 1941; Paper - "Kentwood, LA"; Letter to Edith Hall from R.C. Hall "Cottage Hill Farm"; notes, Sweet Home Baptist Church; Poem with notes by Alfred E. Hastelley (18 items)
Folder 5: Notes, newsclippings, Kentwood Hotel; Program, Kentwood Centennial (6 items)
Folder 6: Kentwood, LA significant pictures, newsclippings, notes (46 items)
Folder 7: Notes, newsclippings "Diary of 1861-65 by Kent"; "The Kangaroos of 1969" by Les Brumfield; "An Unforgettable Character" by Hodding Carter (73 items)
Folder 8: Notes, photos, logging in Kentwood; Plaque with Brooks-Scaneon Lumber Co., invoice (9/1909); Photo Kentwood 1908; newsclipping on Florida Parish Chronicles (9 items)
Folder 9: 1902 Tom Thumb Wedding photo, notes, newsclipping (6 items)
Folder 10: Photos, 1905 Music Class; 1902 Mrs. Wilson's party; Ladies Missionary Group Kentwood Methodist Church (1911-1913) (17 items)
Folder 11: Kentwood School from Broyles Scrapbook; Forget Me Nots book with photo and notes; Emily E. Sander's kindergarden class 1915; Picnic party 1902; photos - Bill Davis, TD Hoskins, Stephen H. McLaughlin, Angus B. Lee, Charlie Carpenter, LB Bunk Ligon, JH Delaughter (16 items)
Folder 12: Programs, advertisements, newsclippings events 1915-1922 Kentwood, LA; information on Town of Kentwood (Mayor's letterhead); newsclipping Kentwood Commercial Dec 28, 1939; newsclipping Sawmill Family Children Mar 1969; Hammon's Family Home; McGehee Drug Co. (18 items)
Folder 13: Notes on post offices and Kentwood and Eastern Railway lines; Map Kentwood and Eastern Railroad line; news article "He Captured the Lumbermen's Image" by Jay Stuller, Ford Times, Feb 1980; photos, logging postcard; postcard Farmside County Store, Long Grove, IL; newsclippings logging/sawmills (26 items)
Folder 14: Publication - "Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Papers, Vol. 7 1980; Publication "Green Diamond Official Publication of the Illinois Central Historical Society, Issue 84 Mar 2008; notes, newsclippings, railroad lines, logging, Old Banner Mill 1905 (28 items)
Folder 15: Watercolor Frances Ann Mason Hanford 1911 (1 item)
Folder 16: Notes, Tangipahoa History; newsclippings Stebbins Lumber; Wilson-Naul Co (52 items)
Folder 17: Photos, logging, Brook Scanlon Mill (10 items)
Folder 18: Photos, newsclippings, horses, buggies, blacksmiths (14 items)
Folder 19: Photos, notes, newsclippings automobile (14 items)
Folder 20: Photots, notes, newsclippings, personal correspondence Sarepta Church, Damascus Church (13 items)
Folder 21: Photos, notes "Group of 19" - 4th of July picnic 1901; On bridge, Spring 1901 (9 items)
Folder 22: Photos, notes, newsclippings "Group of 11" - 1902 (15 items)
Folder 23: Photos "Group of 16" - Tangipahoa River scene, 1901 (16 items)
Folder 24: AB Morris Family Genealogy (84 items)
Folder 25: Publication - "Louisiana Power and Light Safety Service" Nov 1970 (6 items)
Folder 26: Kentwood Centennial 1993 - brochures, newsclippings, copies of photos (6 items)
Folder 27: Kentwood "H" Day Honoring Helen H. Singleton 1987 - program, personal correspondence, photos (8 items)
Folder 28: Photos "Political People" photos of Lanny Conerly, J. Bennett Johnston, Capt. McCormick, Rev. Jim Ham, Ed Newman, Carmen Moore, Dr. Luther Dyson, Edwin Schilling, Vesta Dyson Schilling, Clea Parker, Harvey Hutchinson, Dr. Helenack. Tom Brumfield, Gorden Burgess, Sen. Dykes, Felix Laiche, Tally Raborn, Dr. Charles Moorman, Kevin Reilly, Jim Brown, Joe Knight, Edwin Edwards, Macon Oswalt, Russell, James H. Brown, Jr., R. Landon Greaves, Finch, Otto Passman, Jimmy Davis, John Rarick, Henson Moore, President Nixon and Passman, Russell Long, Southeastern 50 Yr. Grads 1989, Wayne Reggie Goldsby and Mrs. James K. Allen, Ernest Backmon, Julia Bryant Forrest, Weldon Russell, Larry Crain, BB Raborn, Bob Odom, J. Paul Ardillo, Ed Layrisson, Sen. Thomas Hudson, Mary jo Cutrer, Edsel Graham, Hollis Yarborough Jr., Gordon McElveen, Dwayne Graham, Lambert, 1974Kentwood Officials swearing in, DV Pottle, Agnes Bennett Yarbrough (67 items)
Folder 29: Photos, programs, notes, newsclippings Dr. AG Root's Class, Aug 1937; kentwood Music Club (17 items)
Folder 30 "Kentwood 1941" - Photos, notes, newsclippings Louisiana Power and Light; and Kentwood Music Club (17 items)
Folder 31: Publication - "Louisiana Power and Light Safety Service" Nov 1941 ( 10 items)
Folder 32: Copy of 1950 Dunn and Bradstreet Reference book and notes (3 items)
Folder 33: "Kentwood 1954" Publication - "Louisiana News Digest" Feb 1952; ublication - "Louisiana Municipal Review" Dec 1954 (13 items)
Folder 34: "Kentwood 1965" Publication "Southeast Louisiana Agri-Dustrial Futurama" April 1965 (29 items)
Folder 35: Photo - Kentwood Men (2 items)
Folder 36: Ethel Joyal's Newsclipping Scrapbook 1938 and 1939 and notes (4 items)
Folder 37: Copies of Kentwood Commercial, 1935 from Nick Murray, Jr. (51 items)

Box 25

Folder 1: Sheet Music/Lyrics (20 pieces)
Folder 2: Sheet Music/Lyrics (20 pieces)
Folder 3: Sheet Music/Lyrics (45 pieces)
Folder 4: Sheet Music/Lyrics (27 pieces)
Folder 5: Sheet Music/Lyrics (49 pieces)
Folder 6: Programs from various Plays/Church Musicals/Symphonies (25)
Folder 7: Programs from various Plays/Church Musicals/Symphonies (25)
Folder 8: Programs from various Plays/Church Musicals/Symphonies (15)
Folder 9: Church information/bulletins/Pamphlets on Living a Christian Life (28)
Folder 10: Correspondence (20)
Folder 11: Articles/Information on Musicians/Music (73)
Folder 12: Newspaper Articles (51)

Box 26- Programs/Brochures/Magazines/Travel Guides

1. State of Louisiana Public Documents, January-June 1956, July-December 1956, July-December 1961
2. Hatchee-Thlako Harmony, by E.W. Carswell
3. Records and Recollections of Thibodaux, Louisiana, William Littlejohn Martin and The Woman's Club of Thibodaux, Louisiana
4. St. Martinville: The Land of Evangeline In Picture Story
5. Fourth Annual Louisiana Tour Guide
6. Our Louisiana: A Retrospective Booklist, The New Orleans Public Library
7. National Wildlife, Feb-Mar, 1994
8. Louisiana: A Students' Guide to Localized History, Joe Gray Taylor, 1966
9. Kenner: An Historical Sketch, Mel Leavitt
10. St. Charles Parish:A Brief Look at the Past, nancy Tregre Wilson
11. Louisiana & Tobacco
12. Placenames of Jefferson Parish, Dr. Leslie G. Whitbread
13. River Trails, Bayous and Back Roads: Louisiana, A Dream State
14. Synopsis of the History of Louisiana, Chevalier Guy Lonial Du Fassal
15. Louisiana Capitol Guide
16. Maps of Louisiana from the Louisiana Department of Conservation
17. The Mississippi River, Richard Joel Russell
18. New Orleans Public School of the Air, Session 1925-1926
19. Jack Tinpan and the Ghost at Hollins' Gate and Other Tales, Raymond J. Martinez
20. Fortier's Louisianacana Humourous Highlights of Louisiana History: Tongue in Cheek Reflections of a Native Creole-Cajun
21. Fifth Annual Tour Guide: Louisiana
22. Explore Louisiana First- Participating Passport Merchants, 1976
23. See All of Louisiana All Year 'Round
24. American Journeys: An Anthology of Travel in the United States, E.D. Bennett, 1975
25. Offical Guide Book to the World's Fair of 1940 in New York
26. Offical Guide to the Expo67 in Montreal, Canada
27. Louisiana Purchase
28. A Bicentennial Guide to Louisiana: Landmarks of Louisiana as Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
29. The Historic New Orleans Collection
30. A Guide to Rainy Days...Sunny Days...Conge' Days: Family Fun in New Orleans, Beth Cary & Elizabeth McCarthy
31. The Louisiana Purchase, U.S. Department of the Interior
32. New Orleans Coloring Book
33. Wonder Wall at the Louisiana World Expro, 1984 (2 copies)
34. The Sun King: Louis XIV and the New World at the Louisiana State Musuem, 1984
35. Louisiana Superdome Press Kit
36. Offical Grand Opening: Louisiana Superdome, 1975
37. The History of Holmes Is the History of New Orleans, John Chase and Shep Pleasants
38. Packet on the Louisiana World Expo
39. The Historic New Orleans Collection Newsletter, Summer 1984, Fall 1988
40. New Orleans Convention & Exhibition Center Information
41.Readings in Social Science Louisiana, Louisiana State University, 1935
42.Fall is Fabulous in Louisiana, Oct-Dec 1973 (2 copies) 1969
43. Map of Louisiana
44. Newspaper Articles (25 pieces)
45.Small travel pamphlets and brochures (53 pieces)

Box 27
1A and 1B.Cards, Thank You Notes and various Invitations (121)
2.Information Pamphlets, Church Bulletins, and Brochures (26)
3.Letters (54)
4.1997 Independence Italian Festival Program Book
5A and 5B. Geneological Notes
6A and 6 B. Obituaries
7. Wedding Announcements
8. Births/Birthdays/Reunions/Anniversaries
9. Newspaper Articles
10. Newspaper Articles
11. Newspaper Articles
12. Newspaper Articles

Box 28: Indian and Travel Information
1. Weeks/Avery Island Indian/Archeology Information (14 items)
2. Cherokee/Choctow Information (50 items)
3.Caddo Area Indian and Archeological Information (14 items)
4. Poverty Point Indian and Archeological Information (31 items)
5.Marksville Area Indian and Archeological Information (19 itmes)
6.Charedon, Coushatta, Tunic Indian and Archeological Information (80 items)
7.Bayou Jasmine and Florida Parish Area Indian and Archeological Information (106 items)
8. Indian Information
9. Indian Information
10. Indian Information
11. Indian Information
12. Guide Books and Maps
2 Shawls, 1 basket, 1 Authentic Reproduction of an Indian Vessel dating from about 1500 AD

Box 29
1. Obituatires, Wedding Announcements and other newspaper articles 1949-1950
2. Order of the Eastern Star: Louisiana's Lovely Legacy 100 Golden Years 1900-2000
3.Kentwood's Facilities and Resources for Industry 1955 (2 copies) and 1964
4. New Orleans Magazine May 1988 , Information about the Louisiana State Captial, 50 Years of Service, Airline Motors Restaurant placemats, 1939-1989
5. Dairy Festival and Industry newspaper articles, 1974, Dairy Farmers Appreciation Dinner for Contributors
6. American Legion information on Alcy Gill Post in Kentwood
7. Kentwood history notes
8. Sketches from the Kentwood and Osyaka area
9. Black History Notes and Folklife Information
10. Local Club and Committe information
11.Concerts and Dance invitations
12. Post Office Information
13. Kentwood Water Information
14.Owen Roberts family information
15.Bank Information
16. Local Doctors and Medical Information
17.Fireman Information
18. Mayors
19. Church Sketches
20.Library Information
21. Police Information and Photos
22. Telephone
23. Tangipahoa Parish Information
24. Newspaper History Information
25. Oral History Information
26. Methodist Church Information
27. Knights of Pythias, Amite/Kentwood Lodge Newspaper Articles and Reglia Pin

Box 30

1. Cards and Letters
2. Newspaper Articles
3. Miscellaneous Items
4. Business Cards (8) Political Flyers (3)

Box 31
Binder 1: Sensational Stories (70 items)
Binder 2: Main Line Railroad (161 items)
Binder 3: Brooks Scanlon Mill (41 pages)
Binder 4: Kents Mill (28 pages)
Folder 1: Black History (87 items)
Folder 2: Misc. Planners/ Calendar 1985-1986 (5 items)
Folder 3: Misc. Notes, Family Notes, News Clippings (147 items)
Johnson, Rials, Northeast Lodge N. 435 Sept. 1987, Helen, Reeves, Gibson, Christmas Tree Farms, Romero's Book Collection, Central Progressive Bank records� Jan '83, Ford, Boyd, Brock, Bullock, Broom, Barrier, Blaine, Bunkley, Breeden, Beard, Burch, Black, Ballard, Beatty, Blackwell, Beves, Byrd, Everett, Butler, Burton, Brumfeild, Bunch, Kentwood Centennial, Conerly, Connolly, Coghlan, Callihan, Country Real Estate, Pigott, Wiregrass Festival and Murals.
Folder 4: New Orleans makes Irene Morris an Honorary Citizen; Program, Gen. Robert E. Lee
and Thomas J. Jackson Birthday Celebration, Jan 11, 1981; newsclipping Mar 11, 1981
Morris' record.

Book Collection

Box 1

New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album, Al Rose & Edmond Souchon
A Pictorial History of Jazz, Orrin keepnews and Bill Grauer, Jr..
The Book of Jazz from then till Now, Leonard Feather
Singing America, C.C. Birchard & Co.
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, H.O. Brunn
The Book of European Light Opera, David Ewen
Seven Centuries of Popular Song, Reginald Nettel
The History of Jazz, Marshall W. Stearns (2 copies)
The Story of Jazz as Told by the Men Who Made It: Hear Me Talkin' To Ya, Nat Shapiro and Nat Hentoff
The American Composer Speaks, Gilbert Chase
A Guide to Great Orchestral Music, Sigmund Spaeth
The Concert Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Symphonic Music, Robert Bagar and Louis Biancolli
Baptist Hymnal, Walter Hines Sims
Papa Was in A Hurry, Gertrude S. Carruth
Singing Evangelism: Billy Graham Campaign Songs, Cliff Barrows
Coleman's Songs For Men
Look and Live Songs
Great is the Lord
Crusader Hymns and Hymn Stories, Billy Graham Team
All What Jazz, Philip Larkin
Music Club Programs from All Nations, Arthur Elson
New Baptist Hymnal
Christian Worship, A Hymnal

Box 2

The Real Jazz Old and New, Stephen Longstreet
Sportin' House: New Orleans and the Jazz Story, Stephen Longstreet
The Cottons of Catahoula and Related Families, William Davis Cotton with Carole Cotton-Winn
The Ramond Family and Related Lines
The Journal of Mississippi History, January 1941, April 1944, October 1947, July 1949, July 1951, October 1951, Fall 1998
It Happened Here: True Stories of Holly Springs, Olga Reed Pruitt
Uncle Harry, Harry Ernst Wierville
The Lyons Family, Charlton Havard Lyons
J.M. Price: Portrait of A Pioneer, Clyde Merrill Maguire
Abracadabra, or One Democrat to Another, Clayton Rand
Welty, Eudroa Welty
A Brief History of the War, Frederic Duncalf
The Dragoon Story
Daughter of the American Revolution Magazine, February 1953
Mississippi Travel Guides
El Nuevo Constante
LLA Bulletin, Winter 1998
The Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial
Chirping at Stars, Deane Settoon Mernagh
Mississippi Piney Woods: A Photgraphic Study of Folk Architecture, Patti Carr Black
Linda Visits New Orleans Coloring Book
Saints or Horse Thieves, Damon A Veach
The Louisiana Genealogical Register, September 1993
Ancestor Hunting, Mildred deWeir Smith Watkins
The Folk Songs of North America, Alan Lomax


Box 1

Folder 1: Salandino Family
Folder 2:Drainage Board, Flooding, Trees Down, Tom Wall and his Father's house on River Bank
Folder 3: Fishing, Hunting, and Swimming Photos
Folder 4: Miscellaneous Photos
Binder 1: Belle Fondren Perkins Photos; geneaology information; newsclippings