C. Howard Nichols Student Papers Collection


BOX   1 


1. ACADIANS (see also CAJUNS)

The Acadians by Sunny Scariano

Acadian Settler in Lafourche des Chetimaches by Christy Bourgeois

The Acadian Influence on St. James Parish by Lori Melancon

Acadians of the Louisiana Bayous by Lisa Dunn

The Acadian’s Pilgrimage by Scott J. St.Pierre

The Legendary Acadians by Tina Oxholm

The ACADIANS by Darla Duplessis (Student papers)

Early Louisiana Acadians by Steve P. Causin

The Acadians of Louisiana by Cindy Fabre

The Acadians in Louisiana by Mona J. Moran

The Other Side of the Fence, My English Heritage in Relationship to the Acadians by
Gail K. Small wood


Educational Problems for Blacks in Ascension Parish (1950-1980) by Anita Christy

Free Men of Color – the Battle of New Orleans by Barbara McFarland

Black Life in Louisiana Reconstruction by Tamatha Keehn

Blacks in Louisiana Politics, 1860-1877 by James W. Way

The Right to Chose (sic) by Robert Chambliss

The Role of Negroes in the War of 1812 by Dionne L. Deamer

A Study of Integration in St. Tammany Parish by Pam Breazeale

Integration at Southeastern Louisiana University by Terry H. Gaten


Louisiana Catahoulas by Christy Williams

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog: Origin and Characteristics by Beverly Cutrer

The Catahoula Leopard Dog: State Dog of Louisiana by Wayne Gilchrist

Louisiana Catahoula by James Howard Nesom

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog by Donald Perkins, Summer 1982.

A Look at the Brown Pelican by Debra Williams

The Birds Of Louisiana by Allyson Harrell

The Nutria in Louisiana by Judith L. Smith

The Louisiana Black Bear by Barbara Graham

Animal Discoveries in the Louisiana Territory by Wendy Lee Genre


The Atchafalaya Basin by Margaret M. Niehaus

The Atchafalaya Basin by Michael Johnson

Tales From The Atchafalaya Swamp by Catherine Benoit

The Atchafalaya Basin by Simone LeBouef

The People of the Atchafalaya by Norman Cummings, Jr.

The Atchafalaya Basin by Stanford Le Blanc

The Atchafalaya River by Joseph Coleman


History of Atchafalya Basin by Darrell L. Gross

Life in the Atchafalaya Swamp by Stephanie Strother

The Atchafalaya: Its Rich Natural Resources by Stephen L. Givens

An Overview of the Atchafalaya Basin by Robert Belloni, Jr.

The Atchafalaya Basin by John Collins

The Atchafalaya by Dwayne Severio

The Future of the Atchafalaya by Holly Wortmann


Avery Island—Home of Tabasco by William Simpson

The History of Avery Island by Stacy Coker

Avery Island—A Unique Paradise by Rebecca Baham


The Baratarians by Patrice Ledet

Barataria by Karen Lynette Ballard

The Barataria Region by Jill Williamson

Uncle Same and the Battle of Delacroix Island by Loren R. Gowland

The Baratarian Effort in the Battle of New Orleans by Herbert B. Sutieney


The Battle For New Orleans by William Patrick Clelland

The Battle Of New Orleans by Tim Mattei

The Night The War Was Lost by Joan E. Watzke

The War Of 1812 And Its Battle In Chalmette, Louisiana by Geralyn Grob

The Battle of Algiers, 1815 by Emile Breaux

The Battle of New Orleans by Chad Aucoin

The Battle of Liberty Place by Troy Barbay


 A History of Bayou Lafourche “The Small Man’s Bayou” by Alton Tony Sziber Jr.

Bayou Plaquemine And The Plaquemine Locks by Mary Nesbit

The History of the Plaquemine Locks by Dawn A. Orcino

Bayou Plaquemine and the Plaquemine Locks by Sandy Palermo

The History of Bayou Barbary by Deanna Woods

Bayou Chene by Dean A. Davis

The Elegant Bayou Teche by Stacey Allain

Romance in Louisiana by Tracey R. Migeot


The Bonnet Carre Spillway by Blane Matherne

The Bonnet Carre Spillway by Stacy L. Duhe

The Harvey Canal and Castle by Lesley A. Savona

Lake Pontchartrain: An Overview of the Lake by Melinda Scudari

The History of the Plaquemine Lock from 1909 to the Present by Tammy Zito (2 Copies)

Economic Impact of the Mississippi River on Louisiana and New Orleans by Rachel A.

From the Beginning—the Water and the Land by Lloyd Meibaum

The Red River by Heidi Peck, July 6, 1995.

The Mississippi Bubble by Thomas Costain.

The Rogriguez Canal  by Thomas Lawson Peets

False River: Through the Years: by Brandy L. Henry

Bonnet Carre Spillway by Sharon Simon


The Rise of Cliff Neese and Neese Industries (Vinyl) by Robbie Latuso

The Canning Factory (Blue Runner) by Hope Bass

Bullwinkle’s – A Beginning by Dana Bennett

Crawfish Industry by Joel Drago

The History of The Roman Candy Man by Casey Buchta

H. Holmes Company LTD. by Patricia Lawson

The Lyon Cypress Lumber Company by Julie Vicknair

The Lyon Cypress Lumber Company by Chad Trosclair


Nostalgia on Wheels (the Roman Candy Man) by Donna C. Bosarge

The Cultivation of Perique Tobacco: A Unique Aspect of Louisiana by Elizabeth Reno

Soft-Shell Crawfish: A Pioneer Industry in Louisiana by Rebecca Bass

Louisiana Seafood Industry: The Problems Associated With It by Christie Duvic

A Bit of Palermo Alive in New Orleans (Brocato’s Ice Cream) by Nelson Morgan, Jr.

New Orleans Journalism—The Formative Years by Steve Pollack

Petroleum in Louisiana by Allison McCullough

Yellow Magic (sulphur) by Stacey Bradford

Acadia Dairy: A Major Source of Nutrition for Over 50 Years for the Local People of
Thibodaux  by Eudolia A. Lenard

The History of AC & C by Sunny Shipp

My Family’s Corporation in Louisiana by Stephen Fernandez, Nov. 27, 1985, History

History of Godchaux  by Pebbles Delaneuville


The Bourgeois Family Business—68 Years and Growing…by Jody Melancon

McIlhenny Tabasco Company by Margie D. Edens

Dixie Brewing Company by Mark McCahill

Anthony’s—Family Grocery and Grill by Rachel R. Anthony

Viallon’s Drug Company: Four Generations by Ellie Daigle

From Onions to Oil (Bayou LaFouche) by Feltus Rhodes

Strawberry Culture by Latricia Stafford

Jefferson Marine Towing by Joy Lynn Boudreaux

Sousa Frederick Von Ehren’s Trade Labels: Illustrate Turn-of-the-Century Louisiana
by Laureen H. Dunn

Schwegmann Supermarkets by Liz Exnicios

Fulco’s and Its Place in Metairie’s History by Melanie Scioneaux

History of a Grocery Store by Kelly Babin

A Taste of Louisiana by Lisa Hustmyre

Wayne’s Bakery 1945-____ by Sonia Dauzat


BOX   2 



My Grandfather’s Family—Perique Tobacco Farmers by Nicole M. LeBlanc

Pierre, “Perique,” and Pride by Pam Laiche, Summer 1982.

Village Fabrics by Laura K. Hall

A History of Southern Shipbuilding Corporation by Joanne Stafford

The History of the Cattle Industry in Louisiana by G.M. Scarle

Unionism in Louisiana by Charlene Renee Coon

The Louisiana Fur Trade by Otis Calvin Tynes II

Louisiana Cotton by Susan Vidrine

Perique Tobacco: The Life’s Blood of a Fading Generation by Rachael M. Zeringue


Illinois Central Railroad by Jennifer Dostall

The Busy Railroads in Louisiana by Patricia LaFleur

H. Holmes Company, Ltd.: A New Orleans Legacy by Constance A. Chemay

East Ascension Telephone Company by Stacie F. Chelette

Norris Syrup: A West Monroe Tradition by Marsha Prather

Louisiana’s Native Jewel (Tabasco Sauce) by Elizabeth Weston

A History of WDSU-TV Channel 6 & New Orleans by Mark R. Baio

The Industrial History of Louisiana by David Simpson

Auction-Hart Jewelers: A History of a Metairie Jewelry Store by Cindy Cavallero

The Tuscaloosa Trend Rainbow by Wilma N. Bickham

“The History of the Mint in New Orleans” by Amanda Adragna

Our Family Business [Dairy] (An Autobiography) by Kathy Currier

Katz, Besthoff, and the Color Purple by Dominick Ferrara

Tabasco by Ashlee Dunn


Crawfish: A Food or a Living? by Lucinda Dudley

Oilmen and Their Louisiana Legacy by Melinda Collins

The High Cost of Oil in Louisiana by Deborah Roberson

The Coureurs des Bois: A Dying Breed (Fur Trappers) by Cathy Cartozzo

The Fur Industry of Louisiana by Richard Barnett

The 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans by Lesley Loesch

The Louisiana World Exposition-1984 by Stephanie Cox, April 29, 1985.

The Financial Shortcomings of the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition by Laurie Prechtel

The New Orleans World Exposition’s of 1884 & 1984: A comparison by Mr. Gary Manzella

Thornings’ Seafood: A Brief History by Donald Laiche

The Louisiana Lobster by Lawrence R. Ribbeck

A History of South Louisiana’s Commercial Crawfish Industry by Stephen Landry

The Crawfish Industry in Louisiana by Stacy Sicard

H. Haywood and Company Past and Present by Rebecca M. Hayward

Unique Crops in Louisiana by Tim Lynas

The History of Coffee in Louisiana and Community Coffee’s Contribution by Sharon Moran

 4. CAJUNS (see also ACADIANS)

Louisiana’s Cajun Heritage by Vanette L. Averett

The Language, Cajun French by Rebecca Beth Riddle

Cajuns: A Brief History by Karen L. Siegert

Cajuns by Loleta Denise Lewis

Portrait of a Cajun by Cassandra Seguin

The Cajun Taste of Life by Robin Thurmond

Acadians are Cajun by Debi Saurers

The History of Antoinette Cheramie Adams by Claire France

A People Called Cajun by Susan Haas


St. Basil’s Academy The Beginning of Catholic Education in Plaquemine by Tammy Grant

The Development of a Catholic Tradition: The Academy of the Holy Angels by Karen M.

Academy of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau, Louisiana “A Link in the Chain of Louisiana

History” by Karen L. Minor

Academy Of Holy Angels by Lesa Zeller

Mt. Carmel-On-The-Teche 117 Years of Catholic Education by Tonja Delahoussaye

The Academy That Still Stands (Holy Angels) by Colleen Smith

The History of Brother Martin High School by Fran Fulmer

 Holy Cross High School by Chris Abide

Saint Joseph’s Academy: The Tradition Continues by Janet Landry


The Williams Cemetery: A Family Inquiry by Helen Chick

New Orleans: Its Unique Burial Traditions by Thomas M. Adams

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 by Tommie Kay Cook

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 by Ellen Fraiser

The Girod Street Cemetery by Jean Cobb

St. Louis I Cemetery by Laura Leigh Dewees

The Girod Street Cemetery by Jennifer Falgout

Cemeteries by Kristen Folse

New Orleans First Cemeteries by Kim Kuhne

The History of the Metairie Cemetery by Monique Plauche’

Highland Cemetery by Thomas Smythe

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 by Frances Barry

Metairie Cemetery by Linda Hunt

Louisiana Cemeteries by Patricia Crawford

The St. Louis Cemeteries of New Orleans by Holly Saba

The Symbolic Gravestones in New Orleans Cemeteries by Tabitha Townsend

Photo report: Cooper Community Cemetery, Robert Louisiana, John Bardwell.


A New Orleans Tradition in Giving (WYES Auction) by Suzanne Anderson

The Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home: A Circle of Love, 1899-1989 by Sareptha Cutrer

Maryhill, A Camp for the Children of Louisiana by Leslie Guidry


The History and Importance of the St. Louis Cathedral by Anita Songy

The St. Louis Cathedral, A Charming And Important Historical Landmark by Pam Lagreco

The St. Louis Cathedral by Rachel Brown

St. Louis Cathedral by Kristy Scofield

 A Description and Analysis of One of the City’s Most Notable Landmarks: The Saint
Louis Cathedral by Lana Owens

St. Clement of Rome Church by Kathleen Pelltier

St. Vincent De Paul Church and Parish by Donald Rowan

 8. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

The Humble Beginnings of Our Lady of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in St. Amant, Louisiana 
by Robin S. Anderson

The Growth of a Church (Lady of Holy Rosary) by Pamela Babin

Our Lady of the Rosary Church by Teresa David

The Ascension Catholic Church at Donaldsonville, Louisiana by Shawn Harrell

Ascension Catholic Church by Maria Arceneaux

La Iglesia de la Ascension de Nuestro Senor Jesu Christo Le la forche de los Chetimaches
by Brian Hawthorne

St. John the Baptist, the Durable Church by Dudley A. Stadler III

The Cathedral (Alexandria) by Karen Campo

 9. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

A Legacy of Worship (St.Teresa of Avila in Gonzales) by Hope Gautreau

The Journey to St. Theresa Parish by Brandi Anseman

The Unity of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church by Cynthia L. Bezet

Sacred Heart Church (East Baton Rouge Parish) by Elizabeth Fasullo

The History Of Our Lady Of Blind River Chapel by Kendell Dupuy

180 Years Old—St. Michael’s Church, Convent LA by Michelle Brown

 10. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

The History of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church by Melissa Mondello

A History of St. Joan of Arc Church by Dona Chaix

The History of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church by Amy Detillier

The History of St. Joan of ArcChurch by Carla Schexnayder

St. Charles Borromeo Church…”The Little Red Church” by Kristine Hymel

A History of St. Charles Borromeo Church by Monique Faucheux

The Little Red Church  by Sherry Davis

The Red Church by Sharon O’Meallie

 11. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

The Little Brown Church On The Water by Laurene June McQuiston Eddards (2 copies)

The Baptist Church of St. James Parish by Angela Arnold

History of First Baptist Church of Chalmette by Jan Bilbo

 A History of the First Baptist Church of LaPlace, Louisiana by Cindy Truant

Milton S. Shirk (First Baptist Church – Kentwood) by Sharon Miles

First Baptist Church Slidell, Louisiana by Karen Hollingshead

The Making of a Church (Little Prairie Baptist) by Rene R. Watson

Liberty Baptist Church Sesquicentennial by Melanie C. Knight

Sherman Church Through the Years by Cynthia Magee

 12. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

Little Farms United Church of Christ by Michelle S. Falgout

Central Louisiana Churches of Christ by Rachel L. Morrow

Little River United Pentecostal Church by Jeremy Dickerson

The Church Called Revival Temple by Pamela Rogers

First Presbyterian Church In Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Laura Briggs

“The History of the W.B.R. Presbyterian Church” by Michelle Cogburn

Touro Synagogue by Peggy Pollock

 13. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

The History of St. Margaret’s Church by Kim Stewart

St. Helena Catholic Church and Three Generations of the Browns by Tammy B. Ensign

Holy Rosary Catholic Church St. Amant, Louisiana by Brice Guitrau

Holy Rosary Catholic Church St. Amant, Louisiana by Rachel M. Liotra

Alexis Cloutier’s Little Chapel by Erica Lasyone, March 27, 1998.

The History of St. Pierre De Bonnet Carre by Marla Butler

The Church that Challenged Disasters by Deanne Commonder

St. John the Baptist Parish and Laplace by Sherry Loup

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church History and Mystery by Jenifer Hall, April 3,

The Marianite Sisters of Holy Angels by Suzie Toups

Old St. Patrick’s Church by Barbara Kotter

The History of St. Patrick’s Church Becky Zimmerman

The North Lake Missionary by Blinda Schoendorf

The Little Red Church by Gavin P. Bradley

The Little Red Church by Brandon P. Bradley

The Little Red Church by Danny Strickland

The Little Red Church by Becky Dufrene

 14. CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

The History of the Saint Louis Cathedral by Donna Anzalone, Hist 321, April 1, 1985.

The Historic St. Louis Cathedral by Rosalie Guidroz, Hist 321, July 11, 1983.

The History of the St. Louis Cathedral by Pam Jones, Hist 321, Oct. 25, 1984.

Saint Joseph Cathedral by Koren P. Losack

The History of Saint Joseph Cathedral by Perry Le Grange

Saint Joseph Cathedral by Kevin LeBlanc

History of Immaculate Conception Parish by Lamar Partin

History of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church by Michelle Bencaz

St. Francis Mission Church of Pointe Coupe by Ellen G. Cancienne

A History of St. Peter Church by Libby- Charrise R. Henderson

The Recaptured History of St. Michel De Cantrelle by Tricia Lakey

The Old St. Gabriel Church: A Resting Relic by Janet Thorne

The Madonna Chapel, Smallest Chapel in the World by Kristi Smith

 15.CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

Baptist Entry into Catholic Louisiana William M. Godwin

Lee Valley Baptist Church by Donna Carlton

Terry’s Creek Baptist Church by Mamie K. Crawford

The life of Woodlawn Baptist Church by Tricia Wagner

History of First Baptist Church of Laplace by John C. Hunsaker

The History of Southside Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Margaret Knox

Magnolia Baptist Church: Its History and Its People by Gregory Sullivan

The Growth of Covington First Baptist Church by Jimmie Lee Williams

The History of Southern Baptist Hospital by Jeanne Wirth

 16.CHURCHES (see also RELIGION)

Christ Church in Napoleonville  by Cathy Lauland

The History of the Church of Jesus Christ by Tanya Stelly

Historic Grace Church by Caren Roderick

A New Church in an Old Community by Robert Nelsen

The History of St. Francis Episcopal Church by Deanna Johnson


Box 3



Desegregation in a Southern City: New Orleans in Conflict by Stephanie Nelson

Integration During Reconstruction by Virginia Shultz

The Buckeye Three by Beverly Dyer

The New Orleans School Crisis of 1960 by Bruce E. Byrd

Overview of Plessy v. Ferguson by Julee Stevens

The Desegregation of Public Schools in New Orleans by Paula Courtney

New Orleans Public School Integration by James A. Packard


A Reflection of A Confederate Girl’s Diary by Tamara B. Colman

Louisiana Women During The Civil War by Chantelle Cox

Butler’s Reign in New Orleans by Eric T. Taylor

Butler And The Belles The Women of New Orleans During the Civil War by Sharon Dick

Federal Economic Occupation of New Orleans During the Civil War by Stephen Ane____

The Legacy of Lizzie Ross by Amy Zedlitz

A Shift in Priorities by Melinda Smith

Mrs. Joanna Waddill, a Heroine Among the Confederates by Cami Crabtree

 3. CIVIL WAR (see also FORTS)

A Historical View of Camp Moore by James W. Todd

Camp Moore by Cathy Wall

The Founding and Destruction of Camp Moore by Karey Keever

Fort Polk, Past, Present and Future by Kathy L. Kinnison

Brother Against Brother, Cousin Against Cousin by Nicole Little

Slavery During The Civil War by Beverly Lynn Powell

 4. CIVIL WAR (see also FORTS)

Battles of the Third Louisiana Infantry by Micha L. Watts

Making History Come Alive: Re-Enacting Civil War Battles by Craig Couturier

The Tigers by Sydney Lucille Jacob (2 copies)

The Louisiana Tigers by Keith Schexnayder

Turning Point of the Red River Campaign (Battle of Mansfield) by Jarrett T. Griffith

The Battalion Washington Artillery of New Orleans During the Civil War by Keith G.


The Siege of Port Hudson by Minnie Jackson

Running the Batteries of Port Hudson by Travis Patrick Lanier

Port Hudson by Monica Brown

Port Hudson: Its’ place in history by Tammy Morales

The Struggle for Port Hudson by Ralph W. Shaw,III

Fort Desperate-A Fortification Of Port Hudson by Latonia Roberts

The Priest Cap June 14, 1863 by Dairon Bueche

Port Hudson, Louisiana Before, During and After It’s (sic) Civil War Involvement by
Anna M. Lyons

Port Hudson: A Louisiana Battle Remembered by Gregg Triche

Civil War at Point Hudson by Dorrel Triche


Harriott Sophie Newcomb Memorial College “A Tremendous Beginning From a Tragic End”
by Theresa A. Winegeart

Xavier University Of Louisiana by Regan Greenup

Tiger Stadium (Wants vs Needs) by V. J. Miller

Jefferson College by Drucilla Siears

Jefferson College by Robin A. Melancon

Leland College by Linda Territe

The History of Silliman College by Kaye Herrod

Tiger Stadium: A Louisiana Institution by Wm. Keith Holden

The Conspiracy that Shocked La.’s Most Prestigious School by Roger Casama

A Newcomb History by Melanie Mister


Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries by Kimberly Savoie

Louisiana Conservation: Aspects of a Necessary History by Charles P. Neeley, Jr.

Trees and Wildlife In Louisiana by Sarah S. Vliet

Louisiana’s Vanishing Wetlands by George Crouse

A Drowning State by Timothy Teer

Concerned Louisianians by James Faucheux

Coastal Erosion: The Louisiana Problem by Benjamin M. Manuel

Louisiana: A Vanishing State by Philicia Mollere


Louisiana Wetlands: History in the making by Chad Lemoine

Engineering Marvel or Mistake, The Complete Disappearance of a Natural Lake by Donna

A Symbol of Hope: The LaBranche Wetlands by Shawn R. Gerhart

A Natural Disaster in the Making  by Donald Anderson

Coastal Land Loss in Louisiana by Philip Hoz

Crawfish by Meriam Chirchirillo

Crawfishing in Louisiana by Christy Dillenoffer

Alligators in Louisiana by Loren McCon

Louisiana’s Three Major Agricultural Products by Brian Faucheux


Beauregard: The Creole General by Anthony L. Enterante III

Who are Creoles in Louisiana by Cecelia D. Lewis

Louisiana Creoles by Scott P. Cole

The Beginning of the Isle of Brevelle Colony by Charlotte Henderson

History of a River Road Creole Cottage by Eileen Rivers

The Creoles of Louisiana by Melissa Jackson

The Creoles of Louisiana by Stephanie Koch Kysar

Creoles of Color by Juile Lachapelle

The Creole House Museum and The Creole Summer Festival by Sibyl M. Taylor

Creoles, Free People of Color by Keith Thierry

Free People of Color – The Creoles by Dianne Winkler          

 9. CRIME (see also LAW)

The Rise of the Criminal Society In New Orleans by John Papa

Organized Crime In Louisiana by Roger Gittinger

Richard Leche And The Louisiana Scandals by April Drushel

Carlos Marcello And Organized Crime In Louisiana by Jason D. Rollins

The Mafia and Carlos Marcello in Louisiana by Edward Robertson

The Mer Rouge Murders: The Klan in Full Power and a Failure of Justice by Stephen

The Introduction of the Mafia into New Orleans by Anthony Danna

Louisiana Train Robber by Stephanie Simmons

A Crime Against Louisiana by Roman K. Lambert

KKK and Its Spread Into Louisiana by Judy Zachmann

The Louisiana Klan by Stephen Stokes (Photograph included)


The Lingua Franca of Louisiana by Alic B. Talley

Folklore of the Louisiana Cajuns, Creoles, and Negroes by Michelle S. Harvey

A Disconnected Yankee in King Edward’s Court by Melanie Hunter

Louisiana Life as Seen Through Folk Art by Martha Broussard

How Louisiana Talks by Alana Short LeBreton


The Introduction of Leprosy in Louisiana by David Saucier

The Mystery Disease of 1853 by Michele Nichols

The Forgotten Colony (Leper Colony) by Michael F. Latino

Yellow Fever in New Orleans by M. Brayard

Yellow Fever—The Siege of 1853 author unknown.


H. Harris: Crusader for public education in Louisiana by Laurie Andorfer

H. Harris- A Pastoral Leader of Louisiana Public Education 1908-1940 by Cynthia Ann

The Development of Education in Louisiana by Carolyn Savage

Development of Education in Louisiana: From its Beginning through the Civil War by
Mary Boudreaux

Early Education in Louisiana by Linda Hubert


Yugoslavs in Louisiana by Val Sumich

The German Immigrants Under John Law’s Company by Margaret Hastings

The Lebanese Addition to the Melting Pot at LSU by Renee Honoree

The German Coast by Britten Oubre

A Look at the Countries Where My Parents Were Born by John A. De Bram

The Establishment of the German Coast by Linda S. Siegrist

The Immigration of the Canary Islanders to Louisiana by Elizabeth S. Robison


My Ancestors—Irish Immigrants to Louisiana by Tammy Faye McLain

Cuban Exile Finds Freedom by Gwen McCune

Daughter of Sicilian Immigrants by Rose Harris

Raising of an Immigrant’s Family in New Orleans by Dwayne M. Judice

The Settlement of the German Coast by Carolyn A. Maurin

The Germans in Early Louisiana by Stan Watts, Jr.


The Germans  of Roberts Cove: Their History and Cultural Evolution by Reinhart Kondert.

Book Report, Southern Legacy, Kimberly Gross, September 28, 1993.

The Quadroon and The Quadroon Balls by Alethea Beazile

“Anglo-Saxons in the Florida Parishes” by Elizabeth B. Blanchard

The Struggle for Identity by Leon J. Dion

The Irish in Antebellum New Orleans by Melinda Smith


Italian Immigrants in New Orleans by Felicia Currera

The Pellichinos: The Americanization of an Italian Family by Deborah Locicero

Louisiana’s Italian Culture by Lyle Soniat (Slide Cutlines)

Italian Festivals in Louisiana by Lyle Soniat

Tangipahoa’s Italian Immigrants by Damon R. Iannelli

Buck Blum, My Father Not My Dad by Tracey Blum

The Immigration of Jews to New Orleans by Brenda Boeneke

Temple Sinai. . . A Structure and Its People by Lois Zivitz


BOX   4 



Papa Klein by Karen Klein

My Grandparents: Pazie & Alfred by Rebekah Blythe

The History of the Andrepont Family by Mike A. Japp

George Huguet by Kathleen Huguet

The Juneau Family of Brouilette Community by Cheryl Wallace

My Grandfather: Lieutenant Commander James Peeler by Tina Carpenter


Robert Lawrence Bindewald Sr. by Rebecca L. Bindewald

The Janet Girls Of Clio Street by Shiela J. Thompson

Crawford A. Bishop “Jack of all Trades” by Pam Babin

Gerard Bourque-The History Of His Life by Denee’ Bourque

Harris And Verna Broussard Viator by Joey Rouse

Changes in the Lives of a Family From Delta Farms by Terrilynn St. Pierre


Thomas Gwynn Rapier II: A Personal Profile in Louisiana History by James D. Planchard,

Guillaume Jean Burat by Edward A. Lambert

Memories on Main Street by Joel’ Baer

My Grandfather by N. Dale Simmons

The Life of Amay Savoy Lopez by Amy Lopez

Charles W. Hughes, My Grandfather by Kathleen Hughes


Great-Grandpaw Tullos by Troy E. Johnson

John Garrett by Sharon L. Ponds

The Chauffe Family in Louisiana by Kathleen Chauffe

“The Struggles of Chickie” by Dedra Major

Marie Elmire Bodin Gassen: An Extraordinary Woman by Wendy Jacocks

Pansy Elizabeth Ferguson Richardson: A Legacy of Love and Leadership by Jill E. Richardson


Yesterday Memories by Linda Morgan

The Oncal Odessey by Eric John Seneca

The Givens Heritage by Linda Faye Givens

Mrs. Agnes Bueche “Old Mom” by Lisa Carmouche

Harold Andre’ Buras: His Journey Upriver by Suzanne Andrea Buras

Harrison Eugene Croft: One Man’s Contribution to Louisiana’s History of Aviation by
Erik Corkern


A Little History of a Hustmyre and Family by Jonathan P. Hustmyre

“Miss Emma” by Kelly Salter

My Grandmother by Dina Bourdonnay

My Grandparents by Debbie Parr

Pierre E. Tholozan, My Great Ancester by Chad M. Medine

Wolfgang Orth, Jr.: German Immigrant to Louisiana by Paula Meyer


My Grandmother, Agnes Meshell Sanders, Purveyor of a Legacy by Terri Arnold

The Great Flood of 1927 and the Scott Family by Gayle McPhearson

The Deroches–A Short History Of A Native Louisiana Family by Bonnie Beauchamp

The Hero, the Doctor, the Man: Dr. James Cannon, my Great-Grandfather by Shawn Earnest

“Uncle Dave” One In A Million by Suzanne Louviere

My Family History/Autobiography by Dawn M. Riley


A Sketch of a German in Early Louisiana by Kathy Muller

Jules Joseph Arceneaux: A Family History by Byron Todd Arceneaux

The Francesco LoBianco Family’s Immigration To Louisiana: An Italian Heritage by Ronnie
D. LoBianco

Three generations by Jeffrey S. Garland

The Life Of Jesse Mack Gore by Irene J. Dennis

Our Barnett Family 1700-1978 by Mary Brannon Jackson


Eva D. Underwood by Ellen J. White

“Melancon-Past, Present, and Future” by Shelly Brian Melancon

My Caillouet Ancestry by Christine Caillouet Bergeron

Joseph Paul Treen by Mrs. Madelyn Laborde

Amy Lopez: Fifth Generation Leblanc by Amy Lopez

Vicki and Bob–Naturally N’Awlins by Robert Rudolph


We Call Her Mumsey by Kaley Drago

Louis S. Kurtz by Gwen Kurtz

The History of the Henry Quin Home and Family by Bonnie P. McDaniel

My Grandfather-A Man From Mansura by Jack Gutweiler

Times Have Changed by Debra Willson

The Estay Family: Past and Present by Sonya Adams


Reflections of Some Louisiana Residents by Sandra Crowder

My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather–Garrigues de Flaugeac by Aimee Atkinson

John Davenport: A Puritan In Early America And His Descendent Mertie Crissey Scholl
In Louisiana by Cecile Scholl

My Kinsman, Henry Skinner by Shawn Skinner

The Life Of Ruby McKenzie And Murphy Joseph Kennedy by David Carter

Bruce Martin Huber by Michelle Morse


Tri Generational Family History by Elizabeth Adkins

From Tennessee Hills To Louisiana Delta, A Family History by Linda C. Ross

The Bankston Genealogy by Karen A Bankston

Biography: Norbert Wallace Lovell by Deirdre Lovell Dimaggio

Remember Me by Robin A Keller

English in the South by Jo Anne Schneider


The Aucoin Family, From the Corner to the End of the World by Tina Blanchard

Nicholas Family History by Christi Blackwell

The French-Acadian Naquins by Kelli Renee Naquin

The History of the Barrow Family in Louisiana by Amy E. Barrow

Traylor Family History Report by Spencer Harris

My Family Heritage by Rebecca Ann Amerson


Shaking Hands with the Past by D’Anna Poor

A Brief Genealogical History of the Crockett Family by Jennifer L. Crockett

A Family of Athletes by Briar Leonard Kleinpeter

The Jones Family History by Diane Spears

The Willis Simmons’ Family History by Wanda Simmons

The Harrisons: A Family History by Joshua H. Dyer


Remondet: Legay of a Great People by Rusty Remondet

A Galy Family History by Jennifer Elizabeth Galy

The Woods Family History by Patrick J. Woods

A Family Line of Three Generations by Jodi Cook

Remember When by C. J. Perault


BOX   5 



The Singletary Tree by Rachael R. Craft

Sam A. Alleman: Great-Grandfather by Tammy Hebert

The Life of Sedonia Perque by Ricky Joseph Winebrener

My Nacogdoches County, Texas family by Susannah Simmons

The Biography of Henry Forno by Jennifer McPherson


Three Generations by Jeannine Marie Gilbert

My Family History by Brandi Howe

The Weil Brothers of Rayne, Louisiana by Abby Lalanne

My Dad, Dr. Richard William Leblanc by Michelle Rene’ Leblanc

Manuella Roubique Johnson by Ashley Spano McClanahan

Dr. Adrian A. Landry One Brave and Courageous Person by Kelly J. Landry


My Family History by Daniel Laub Simon

 “Charles S. Richardson Jr.” by Barry Richardson

A True Southern Bell by Christopher M. Holetz

Sylvia Troxler-A Real Southern Belle by Andrea Thornhill

Salvatore DiMartino: An Italian New Orleanian by Dina Marie DiMartino

A Louisiana Frenchman by Elizabeth A. Smith


The Last Carriage Ride of Leon Gervais by Stacey M. Henry

From The Bayous Of Louisiana… To The Red Devils Of World War II by Stephen Paul

Immigration to America: A Family Fulfills Their Dream in Louisiana by Eka Graham

My Family and the Port Allen Post Office by Jane Almond

Life In Early Louisiana by Earl Baudin

Life On The Louisiana Coast With The Jones’ by Marla A. Jones


The Gallier Family of Louisiana by Tara Matthews

Henry Richardson and My Louisiana Heritage by Vickie Richardson

The Great Floods During Big Mama’s Lifetime by Catherine H. McCartney

Ray Cresson, Photographer by ? Cresson

Guillory Family by Robert Guillory


Christmases Past by Rodney B. Hastings

The Reine Family: Two Hundred and Sixty-six Years in Louisiana by Pamela Reine

The Life of Russell Joseph Talamo by Rhonda Ramos Stanton

My Grandfather – A Man of Many Talents by Susan W. Martin

The Life of Severin Charles Plaisance by Robert Michel

The Life of Daniel Ott by Laurie Varnado


My Lineage by Rebecca Moreau

Paving the Way by Cathy Dryer

Bogan History by Darla Jines

Joseph Sexton, Towboat Captain by Dorothy Sexton

The First Shipyard on the Harvey Canal by Sherry T. Hall

Mary Rochelle’s Recollection of the Bujols by Linda Rochelle


The Mayer-Dillon Family History by Leslie A. Mayer

A History of the Hubbs Family: Then and Now by Kimberly Swearingen

My Family History, Sorapuru and Guimont by Loretta Sorapuru Faciane

Family History by Crissy Deroche

My Family History by Jessica E. Aubrey

Family History by Mecia Boudreaux


My Grandfather – Born and Raised in North Louisiana by Christy Nijoka

The Cultural Diversity of my Family by Jon Guinn Hillyard

The Robbins Family Tree by Donna Robbins

Peter T. St. Amant, Direct Descendant of One of the Early Families of Louisiana by
Bret Sullivan

Family History Research Paper by Janell A. Nelson

A Journey Into My Past by Tammy Ann Galliano


My Family History by Nicole A. May

The Observation by Cheri Jeanfreau

My Great Grandfather, “The Doctor” by Chanda Pennington (2 copies)

Family History by Collleen M. Huiatt

My Family History by Stephanie Bradford

Pa and the Acadian Village by Kyra L. Fontenot


LeBreton by Candy Charest

Lillian Marie Langlois Garaudy: My Grandmother by Mary Garaucy Hoover

Joseph Arthur Engels Family by Annette Rogers

My Family and their Contributions to Louisiana by Kelly Guidry

Family History by Denise Thibodeaux

The Struggle and Determination of a Louisiana Family by Marie Bourgeois Bernard


The Moise Family by Thomas Bivens

The Calhoun Family by Marjorie L. Roy

Family History Report by Russell F. Adams

The Waskom Family by Shannon Sharp Waskom

Chris Laiche Family History by Chris Laiche

The Delahoussaye Family by Lynn Broussard


Autobiography by Charlotte G. Laciura

Rachel Renee Schiro McElveen Family History by Rachel S. McElveen

A Williams Tradition by Charlene Williams

My Louisiana: A Personal History by Crane P. Wolf

A Journey Through Time: Three Generations of Steins by Rami Kay Stein

My Family History by Glynn A. Revere


BOX   6 



Family History by Jeanne Pastor

Family History by Darren Joseph Vogt

My Family History by Lacy Wright

Family History by Mary Angela Simoneaux


Family History by Laura Foster

My Family: Past and Present by Kimberly Bryer

Coates Family History by Tonya A. Stafford

Family History Project by Cathy Bottolfs

My Family History by Melanie Agnello

A Brief Family History of Bill and Ruby Gauley by Tammi Gauley Nelson

A Historical Glance at Longevity in Louisiana by Sonja G. Scott


Family History of Julie Rawls by Julie Rawls

Family History of Punch/Duet by Darryl Duet

Family History by Shannon Roberts

Family History Report by Jason Paul Fontanille

Dupuy Family History by Michelle Ann Mayon


Family History by Kelli Lynn Gladney

The Sanders by Robert Sanders

Family History by Rhonda Armoney

Family History of Three Generations by Sidney Stevens, Jr.

Family History by Stephanie Day


The Hutchinson Family Chronicles by Deana D. Tomlinson

Family History by Julie K. Ferrara

Grandma Jennie’s Scrapbook by Pam Pistorius Brumfield

My Family History by Lynette F. Smith

“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” by Traci Threeton


Howe History: Three Generations by Monica Moran

The Adams Family of Louisiana by Niki Thompson

The History of the Portera Family in Louisiana by Brandi Schaeffer

My Father, the Imperial Wizard by Richard Wilkinson

My Grandfather’s Working Years by Patti Burns Black


Family History by Erika L. Weldon

My Family History by Deborah Dawson

Brief Family History of Diedre B. Perkins by Diedre B. Perkins

Family History by Tiara Stilley Harper           

Family History by Pamela Paige Johnson

Our Land and its Role in Louisiana History by Belinda Austin


Family History by Michelle Ritter

One Man’s Family: Peter Buchler by Barbara Drott

In Search of a Dream by Linda Shipley Fryoux

Through the Years – A Bayou Lafourche Family by Celeste P. Induni

The Making of Mike Fussell by Holly Dawn Lewis

The Bienvenus, A Part of Louisiana by Ronda Marbry


The Life and Times of Jacques Cantrelle by Dinah B. Corkern

Family History by Leslie Posecni

My Forefathers by Allen E. Horrell

Myrta Fair Bradbury Craig, A Grandmother for all Seasons by Sheryl D. Craig

My Grandmother, Helia Peltier Matherne by Paulette Laurent

A Great Woman, Florence Sumrall Sanifer by Myra Sandifer Stewart


The History of My Family by Chuck Wilkins

The Derbannes: The Heritage of a Louisiana Family by Randolph Moody

My Grandmother by Kathryn E. Cox

Jacques Cantrelle of Cabahannocer and His Heirs by Sedley Font

The Life and Times of Johnnie Watts by Billy Balfantz

Alexandre de la Bonneval: Maitre d’Armes by David C. Moody


The Stoulig Family: A Look Back by William Bradley

My Family History by Steve T. Weiser

Tracing My Roots by Melissa J. Kennedy

Family Affair by Becky Blanchard

The Life of Leon Adam Chiasson by Michelle Gruntz

The Leader of the Band by Melissa Coniglio


Perseverance: The Trials and Tribulations of Lester J. Millet, Jr. by Lester J. Millet,

The Life and Times of J.A. Ball by Laurie L. Ball

Grandma – Our Little Old Lady by Rachel Foster

Josephine and Bertrand: Their Road to Success by Maureen Terese

The Humphries Ancestry by Shirley Zimmerebner

A Man for All Causes by Jody Darville

Warden Family by John Warden

My Great-Great-Grandfather Jose (Pepe) Llula by Linda Lee


Family History by Linda A. Watts

Family History by Todd D. Castiglia

What’s Not to Like? by Jo-Ann Deer

My Louisiana Heritage by Shannon Bourg

Family History by Melodye Fredrick

Family History by James Sasser

Three Generations of the Gauley Family by Monika Zipperer


The Life of a Legend: The Story of George Lewis, A Great Jazzman by Walter Mitchell
Stockett III

Fendlason Family History by Jeff Williams

My Fitzmorris Family History by Robin Keliikoa

A Man Who Lived Louisiana History by Waldo Cockerham

Family, Community, and Church: `Tis Grace That Has Brought Us Safe Thus Far’ by Sherry

My Family History by Wendy Puma


Seven Generations by Rebecca Milton

Sides Family History by Amie G. Sides

A Journey of Faith: The Life of Flagier Tourere Michel by Penny Blanchard

Family History by Chrissie Roux

Family History by Kacey LeBlanc

The Latiolais Family: A Legacy of History by Dixie Matthews


Laciura Family History by Ashley Laciura

Chopin Family History by Robert N. Chopin

My Family History by Joelle Wilkinson

Hooper Family History by Tracy Donovan

Family History by Tiffany L. Welch

A Family History by Melissa Boudreaux


Mott Family History by Shelly L. Miller

Three Generations of Harville by Richard P. Edmonds

The History of my Family by Sandy Einsel

Family History Report by Jennifer Butler

Hutchinson Family History by Rhonda Cowart

The Spans of Bogalussa by Reginald Span


Family History Project by Tongia T. Jackson

A History of the Perrin Family by Joyce P. Purvis

The Ardillo History by Roslyn Ardillo

Kendrick by Kathleen McCarty

Family History by Kindra Dreher


The Settoon Saga by Kerrie Lynn Hill

Williams History by Joseph Williams

The Life of Sandra Jean Draughn Phillips Brand Best: A Southern Lady Born and Raised
in Louisiana by Rand E. Phillips

Do not go gently into the dark night: A look at the lives of William T. Shinn, Elizabeth
S. Terrell, and Johanna T. Domingue by Johanna L. Terrell

Family History Term Paper by Michelle Russell

Koleszar Family History by Amy N. Foster

Family History by Melissa Melancon


From Peljesac to Plaquemines by Greg Carpenter

The History of Loretta’s Family and How it Influenced Her Life by Loretta McCalope

Daspit Family History by Marie Therese Duval

The Evolution of the Wild’s in Louisiana by Christina L. Brown

A Definition of Strength by Jamie Lynn May


Cecil P. Morgan by Ann Marie Huval

Working Personally with Sam Brocato by Suzanne Boekhout

Rosario Sampere: The Pioneer Generation by Lori Sampere

Where My Life Begins by DeVita Cyprian

One Good Ball Deserves Another by Michelle Renee Downing


Guillot Family History by Leigh Anne Cantrell

The Guarino/Ruff Family History by Patricia Guarino

The Gaudets of Louisiana by Meredith R. Hopper

Zanco Family History by Patricia A. Sylve

My Family History by Shirley Kuebler

Three Generations by Grant Berne

Family History by Amanda Vicknair


The Coming of the Cantrelles by Jennifer Price

Deckwa Family History by Melissa J. Deckwa

Creel History by Peggy Saucier

Three Generations by Ann Hingle

My Family History by Wendy Puma

White Family History by Shannon White

Family History by Jennifer Bowles


Summers Family History by Sarah Summers

Smith Family History by Robert James Smith

My Family History by Nicole M. Morales

Thibodeaux Family History by Kenneth Galloway

Masters Family History by Jennifer Ann Masters

Williams Family History by Theresa L. Williams

Family History by Becky Ganaway


William Magee and Descendants by William Brent Magee

Family History by Jennifer Planetta

A Family History by Rikki Rivers

Sultzer Family History by Jennifer Sultzer

Family History by Stacy Lacombe

Three Generations of Achords by Tracey L. Raborn


A Family History by Cathryn Goynes

A Louisiana French Family Tree by Harvey D. Dickerson

Three Generations by Chrissie Roux

How Fate Made Me a Louisianian by Bridget Hayden

My Dawson Family Tree by Jill A. Dawson

Family Johnson by Amy Johnson


Robertsons in Louisiana by Theresa Robertson

Templet Family History by Kelly Scott

Daigle Family History by Julie Templet

Andrepont Family History by Cindy Perio

May Family History by Tonya McAvoy

The Siebert Family History in the U. S., Late 1800’s to Present by Wanda Marie Williams


Freret Family History by Sarah Wynne

The LeBeau History by Tracy LeBeau

Montz Family History by Candee Rozycki

Family History by Jalyn Davis

The Wood and Pitre Family, The Louisiana Connection by Holly W. Baham

Bankston Family History by Caleb Bankston

Bibles, Germans, and Barbecues by Bill Ross


The Davidge Family by Brandee Piediscalzo

A Family History of Governor William Wright Heard by Lezlie Berteet Rice

The Wall Family History, Three Generations, A Narrative Essay by Derek Wall

Three Generation Family History by Sharon Elaine Thompson

Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life) by Lori Tucker

Family History Paper by Kim Cutrer


Eschete Family History by Madzie Eschete

Notariano Family History by Patricia Stone Pitzer

Family History by Damien Mason

Malnar Family History by Heather Malnar

Family Love by Kristie Valentine

Where Did I come From? by Allison Thompson


The Albert Millet Family History by Jill Leach

Family History by Stephanie L. Murphy

The Dugars by Carol Lynn Fowler

Charles Lindbergh McCarty by Tammy Blackwell


BOX   7



My Family History in Louisiana by Sara Wiley

My Family and Claiborne Parish by David Dunham

Family Ties by Stephanie L. Jones

Juneau Family History by Barbara M. Juneau

Family History by Ashley E. Spaht

Family History by Donn Terese

My Family Story by Aliacia Anne Simmers

The History of the Derbes Family in Real Estate Development by Karen Madrazo Derbes

The History of the Forest Family by Courtney Couvillion

James Aswell by Amy Aswell


Family History by Alana Russell

My Family by Tanya Faucheaux

Pierre Trepagnier by Gregory Walter Kelly

The Barrow Family and its Influence on Early Louisiana by Esther L. Brown

A Family History by Rebecca Henry

Family History by Shari E. Giglio

My Family Heritage by Brooke D. Brossette

Family History by Ellen Ledoux


My Family History by Barbara Villemarette

Norbert Trepagnier by Frederick William Kelly

Three Women in History by Caitlin Cooper

The Light by Kendra Jeffers

The Schroeders: A New Orleans Family by Ann McHugh Schroeder

A Family History by Karrie Verdun Raney

Family History Project by Lori J. Wehner

My Family History by Carol Dearman


My Family Legacy by David E. Hall

Matrilineal History of Wendi Leia Weathers by Wendi L. Weathers

A Brief History of Gustave Guidry, Jr. by Jimmy Bible

Where I Came From, A Family History by Jeff Bevill

La Petite Americain by Darla Kinchen

A Journey into My History that Opened the Door to My Past by Althea J. Lombas

My Louisiana Family History by Tracy M. Kehoe

Black Gypsies of Louisiana by Norman Davis


Family History by Stacey Allain

The History of the Arthur Name by Joseph L. Arthur IV

The Life and Times of my Eighty-Two Year Old Grandfather by Laurie Candies

The Rabalais Family of Avoyelles Parish by Julie Rabalais

My Family in the Years Just Prior to the Civil War by Nancy Boudousquie

The Life and Career of Boliver Eli Talley, Jr. by Brandon Talley

House History by John L. Walters



Student paper by Scott W. Camp.

The Gugert-Kennedy House by Ken Kennedy

The Life and Times of Henry Stein by Janet Stein

My Ukranian Ties by Kimberly Gross

Photo-Essay Supplemental to Biography by Kimberly Gross

Family History  by Tricia Schonberg

My Grandparents: A Legacy in a Small Town  by Mitzi Milton

Dudley Leblanc by Casey Campbell



Dear Grandbaby: A Look into Your Past by Martha Georgel

Louisiana History Project by Dondra Bettencourtt

The Danjean Family History by Mandy Brown.

The Majorie Children and Their Roots by Anna Majorie

My Family History by Jessica Guy

My Family by Trudy Armstrong

My Family by Dione Ohlsson

A paper turned in by Ashley Pirie



The Ardoin Family in Louisiana by Andrea Ardoin

A Family History by Fred Jason Beam

The Berthelot Family by Alicia Marie Boner

The Broussard Family Men by Amy Broussard

My Family History by Courtney Lynn Campbell

Three Couvillon Generations by April Dansby

Ge Gel by Dana Delgado

Legend of the Olive Jeanette by Randy Duhe

The Evans family history of Brusly, Will it continue? by Joel E. Evans

My Family History by Sherie Fairburn

My Family by April Forbes



Herbert Family History by Ginger Grantham

Family History by Kris A. Jones

Lomasney Family History by Mary Beth Lomasney

How My Family Came About by Cindy McClendon

Eva Gautreau McCrory: A Quick History by Angi McCrory

The World War II Experiences of Ensign John P. Donohue: A Family History by Patricia

History of the Merritts  by Kimberly Merritt

The Pichoff Family History by Rebecca Pichoff

Guess What! You are a Louviere! by Laura Louviere Portwood



Sharon Mignon Stephen

Mary Bradley Nears by JoAnne Stevens

The Johnson-Jackson: A Family Tie by Lucretia Marcella Turner

Eighty Two Years of Graham Family History by Sam Waguespack

My Great Grandfather: A Fragment of Jean Laffite’s Tribe or Just A Man Who Found Barataria
Paradise?  by Christine Alombro

Citizen Hayes by Becky Ban

Louis J. Berthelot by Lolita Berthelot

Grandparents—A Life of Their Own by Carol A. Catoire

The Perise Family by Phyllis Dattalo



Iota and the Doucets by David Doucet

The many lives of Lloyd “Hank” Jones by Margaret Fekete

Jay Frisard: An Autobiography by Jay Frisard (Student paper)

Percy Ferrand—A Man to Remember  by Elizabeth Haas

A Texas Family in Louisiana  by Mary Van Huss

The Life of Marie La Grange Patin by Michelle Patin

A Louisiana Family by Bill Reason (Student papers)

Odette by Laurie Smith

My Unknown Grandfather by Elizabeth M. Soeller

Student Paper by Kevin Beecher


BOX   7A 



The Migration of the Cloey-Douglas Family:  by Traci Douglas

The Gassiot (Gassiott) Name:  by Gralin Gassiott

From a Large to a Small Family: by Dawn Henderson

LeJeune  Family History by Kim LeJeune

Family History by John  O’Neill

Parr Genealogy Report by Anthony Parr

Silliman:  by Jessica Nicole Phipps

My Family History: by Leigh Ann Chapman Polk

My Family: by Dorothy H. Prince

Four Generations: by Erika Sampey


The Marchand Family of Duplessis: by Lynette A. Sanders

Shane Trosclair

The Beginning of the Miller Heritage in Louisiana: by Vanessa Whitehead

How I came to be!! by Amanda Wightkin      

A Maryland Yankee in the Peralta Court: by Jamy Wood

The Farncois Pitre Family by Lucy Ayers

My History by Ann Barron

The Mercers by Byron Bellew

The Berkley Family History by Nathan D. Berkley


The life of a Louisiana Potter by Emily Brodnax

The Payne Family by Sonethia P. Burton

Prison through the eyes of my Mother by Kathleen E. Carpenter

Gretchen Kirchen Cook

Family History Paper by Kathryn J. Doles

From Switzerland to the Wild West by Danielle Christine Durr

My Family History by Laura Fazekas

My Family History by Tim Fondren

Lemoine: A Family History by Chrissi L. Fucci

Generations by Betty J. Gainey


Courthouse Project by Toni Graves

The Heine Lineage by Brian Heine

The Kass Family History by Kelley E. Kass

The Family History of the Kornick’s by Ronnie Kornick

My Family History by Debbie Kohnke

Growing up in a Large Family by Lisa Burke Kuehne

Lambert-Berthelot Family History by Sandy Lambert

My Family History by Brandy McDonner

Some Say Wierd, I Say Normal by Staci Molaison

Sartina-Manzulla-Ney: Family History Report by Shannon S. Ney

The Alesich Heritage in Louisiana by Lucille A. Palmisano


Family History by Roger Piha Paul

Patricia Rodrigue

The Story of My Dad by Mary Kathryn Spaulding

My Family History by Gina Starns

The Barrilleaux’s of Brule Labadie by Troy David Stevens

Family History by Jill M. Vermice

Legacy of A Kentucky Woman  by Becki Weisser

Three Generations of Willard: An American Family History by Samuel Willard

The Favret Family by Brett Wilson

The Acosta Family by Don Steven Acosta


Family History by Angela Allo

A Family History by Bobbie Lynn Autin

My Uncle—The Only New Orleans Area Survivor of The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis
by Leigh Ann Barbato

A Tale of Four Alexanders by Stacie Eileen Botsay

The Sugar Cane Generations by Cynthia M. Boucher

Broussard Family History by Ricci Broussard

Dwinette M. Brown: A Family History by Dwinette Morre Brown

A Brief Biography of Cleon E. Allen by Michael L. Cassel

Beautiful Legs by Laura DeBlanc


A Family History of Rhodie Delhom by Rhodie S. Delhom

Grandpa by Jan Dockens

Four Generation Family History  by Shonda Efferson

Land of My Birth by Patricia Galloway

Edmond C. Gazave, A Family History by Judy Gazave

The Blanchette Family History by Janet Goff

What is in a Nme? by Judith Gautro Harvey

Talbot Family History by Nicole Haeberlein

The Southern Heard Family by Brandy Heard

The Thome Family History by Alisa Hernandez


A Family History by Minnie Jackson

Family History by Stacy Leeman

Family History by Sarah E. Letsch

A History of My Family by Arthur E. Lyons III

A Genealogy Paper by Donna Anne Moschitta

A Personal Odyssey by Linda Mullen

A Family History by Randolph J. Pistorius Jr.

The Randazo Family by Melinda Randazo

The Robichauxs of Louisiana by Leanne Robichauxs


The Daughters of Three Missionaries by Jerry Ann Seals

Family History by Shelley Shively

My Louisiana Heritage by Douglas Simpson

A Letter to a Relative by Brandi K. Verbois

The Silver Fox by Nichole Wagner

Family Tree by Scott Wieber

My Family History by Kerri Wilder

A Mother’s Lineage by Corrin Aranyosi

The Canary Island Cavaliers by Michelle B. Braud

Grandfather’s Life In Plaquemines Parish by George Joseph Cosse’


In Search of Generations by Rachel Carrigan

Johnson Family History 1812-1996 by Rebecca Dussouy

Let Justice Be Done by Barry M. Flach Jr.

The Ronquillo Land Grant by Rhonda A. Gebbs

The Establishment of the John A. Guerin Family in Pointe Coupee by Jeanne Guerin

The Buras Heirs of Plaquemines Parish by Jerry J. Kraemer Jr.

Lizette Louviere’s Family Heritage by  Lizette Denise Louviere

My Family History by Brandy Leigh Marse

Three Generations of Strength by Sharon Nelson

My Family History by Connie Quave


Autobiography: Clarence Risin by Clarence Risin

Roussel-Benoit Family History by Kim Roussel

The Migration of the Stewarts and the de Generes’s to Louisiana by Brian Stewart

My Grandmother and Her Cajun Culture by Tammy Taylor

Smarts by Celeste Agaisee

Tracings of The Chopin Family in Louisiana by Lamie Kathleen Chopin

Charnelcia’s by Rachael Cortez

The Man I Never Knew by Tessa Brown Cotten

Mes Racines en Nouvelle Orleans (My Roots in New Orleans) by Janet Craddock

The Journal of My Progenitors by Kathryn Fletcher

Edward Jacob Frederick, Sr. by Sandra L. Frederick

The Rainey Family: A Story of Survival by Pamela Hoover

My Grandfather—A Part of Louisiana History by Kathleen Hughes


The Kramer Family History by Cindy G. Kramer

Montz Enterprises by Jeffrey M. Montz

Georgette Castaneido Ostarly: Her Childhood to After the Depression Years by Lori

From Sun to Sun (The History of the Randozzo Family) by Emily Randozzo

A Taste of History by Joel Scott Reech

Reminiscing with Lena Reid by Sheila Stewart

A Dream That Came True by Joan Gordon

The Wilfred A. Naquin’s of Isle au Jean Charles: A Three-Generation Biographical Sketch
by Rodney Gene Walker, Jr.

Family History by Judith Traina

Louisiana Through Grandpa’s Eyes by Terri Calderone Lodge


My Great Aunt: The First Woman in the Legislature by William Stephen Stafford

The Choice of Wills in Louisiana  by Joyce Whidden

The LaPuma Family by Rhonda Canale

The Lama Family by James E. Hanlon III

Big Joe by Dee Schillace

Annie Matise Marten by Sylvia O’Neill

My Great-Grandfather: A Sicilian Immigrant to Louisiana by Rebecca Tucker

The Story of Nick Abate: a personal insight into life in Louisiana by Reine A. Legendre

Joanna Vaccaro Maggio: Life as an Italian- American by Elizabeth R. Johnson

Mama, Signora Meraviglioso by Naney Burns

My Grandmother: A Sicilian Immigrant to Louisiana by Wanda Rougeau

My Grandfather by Melissa Millet

Tony Trapani by Toni Jean Clemons


Joseph Laporte

Jennifer Mo by Jennifer Mo

The Richards Family History by Deborah Wondergem

Linda Still by Linda Still

Book Review by M. Karen White

Family History by Patricia A. Guice

History of the Urrea and Hann Families by Denise D. Urreta


Louis Moreau Gottschalk by Deanna G. Dowell

Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard by Timmy Williams

James Wilkinson by Colleen Holmes

Edward MC Ilhenny by Debra Kermany

“Uncle Earl And Blaze” by Eric Mercer

Bertoul Cheramie: Louisiana’s Seafood Pioneer


Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini by Dana Kilgore

Margaret Haughery by Charlotte Milton

“Bernardo de Galvez” by Denise Donlan

Earl Kemp Long by Donna McCann

Papa Knew Perez by Abigail Hingle Brooks

Time for a Change (Buddy Roemer) by Karen Nowak


The Life Of John James Audubon by Doug Fulmer

Betty Meyer: The Child Star in New Orleans by Kathy Coates

Alton Ochsner by Britt Frank

“Pistol Pete: A Louisiana Legend” by Lisa M. Stilley

Margaret Haughery by Lela L. Peairs

Rachel, An Exceptional Woman by Jill Calmes


Louis Marcel Falgoust: “Surgeon of the King” by Tanya L. Falgout

Jacques Phillippe Villere by Teresa D. Bennett

David Duke by Gary James Wintz

The Political History Of Louisiana’s Own David Ernest Duke by Larry Christopher Miller

A “Tarzan of the Ring” Louisiana Boxing Legend by Mark Marullo

The Savages’ Friend (Adrien Roquette) by Bonnie Rouquette


The Tenure of Colonel Donald Thibodeaux Superintendent of The Louisiana State Police
by Bonnie W. Brecheen

Louis Joseph Lambert, Jr. As A Louisiana Politician by Tracey Ann Ward

Kate Chopin by Marci Davis

Louisiana Governor Bernardo de Galvez and the American Revolution by Freddie McNabb

Wedell-Williams: Louisiana’s Aviation Pioneers by Mary G. Stilley

Charles Lacoume, A French Immigrant in New Orleans by Debbie Aldridge


Clementine Hunter by Karen N. Recer

Andrew L. Erwin, St. Tammany Parish’s Hero by Greg Saurage

Margaret Haughtery: Philanthropist of the Orphans by Phyllis W. Hampton

Huey Long by Brad Gremillion

The Villere Branch by William Majoue

John McDonogh by Martha Ferguson


Rudolph Matas by Wanda Leu

The Life of Jacques Philippe Villere: First Native-Born Governor of Louisiana by Godfrey

Dr. George Shannon Long, Uncle I Never Knew by Betsy Hiter

The Spokesman of the New South: Hodding Carter by Cody Vega

Harnett Thomas Kane by Lucy Anders

Earl Long – Louisiana’s Own Uncle by Edward E. Foil, Jr.


Leander Perez’s Political Dynasty by Rodney Mercado

Dorothy Dix by Marie Hill      

Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle by Tracy L. Fritsch

Henry Clay Warmouth, Governor, 1868-1872 by Kimberly Nicol Gross

John Slidell’s Effect on America by Michael F. Vivien

The Contribution of Lucy Audubon by Roberta Elizabeth Nores

Leon Godchaux, “Louisiana’s Sugar King” by Kelly Savoie


BOX   8 



“Won’t You He’p Me?,” Governor John J. McKeithen by Hollis Milton

David Duke: A Racist or a Republican? by Alonzo Ray Luce

John Audubon’s Time at Oakley by Christine McKegney

A Biographical Sketch of Edwin W. Edwards by Linda Beattie

Louisiana’s Sugar King (Leon Godchaux) by Lori Ansardi

Henry Schuyler Tibodaux by Angela Boudreaux

The Life of Clementine Hunter by Michelle Lacayo, April 3, 1998.

Jimmie Davis by Teresa Guagliardo, April 3, 1998.

A New Orleans Chief by Jamie Miller, April 3, 1998.

You are my sunshine by Lorne Krout, November 15, 1995.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk by Dorothea Sawyer, May 17, 1965.

Samuel Zemurray:  A Success Story by Theresa Ditta, April 2, 1986.


The Life of Clementine Hunter by Menette L. Wilson

The Schwegmann Era by Tammy Lewko

A History of Eugene Waldemar Vogt, Sr. by Linda Ferguson

Dorothy Dix – A Woman of Louisiana by Laura Gardner

Vida Blue by M. Turner, Jr.

Paul Capdevielle, Mayor of New Orleans by Margaret Susslin

The Notable Philip Forschler by Tammy Hemard

Home of Juan de Couevas  by Amy Bordelon           

Huey P. Long by Karen Boyd

Louis Armstrong, Play That Jazz by Wayne Chambers

Louis Armstrong and His Life in New Orleans by Shasta Darensbourg (Student paper)

Earl Kemp Long by David Howard


Earl K. Long – Election After Succession by Stacy Badon

John B. Fournet: His Significance in the Reign of Huey P. Long by Jolie Fournet

William White Tison: A Louisiana Educator by Kathy P. Cole

Eight Years with Governor John J. McKeithen by LaTricia B. Green

Louisiana’s Jim Garrison by Mike Toups

Earl Kemp Long and His Sanity Trial by Angelia C. Jacobs

Louis Armsgtron: A Louisiana Jazz Musician 1900-1971 by Mary Lavell Magee

H. Harris–Educator the hard way by G. Kay McLaurin

The McIlhennys of Avery Island  by Sharon Mitchell


Seaman Asahel Knapp by Michael Enright

Rudolph Matas by Sammie Sue Neal

Rudolph Matas by Joseph J. Bosch, Jr.

Rene Bourgeois by Theresa Thomas

Claire Lee Chennault by Kimberly Alexander

Clementine Hunter by Gretchen B. Compton

Seaman A. Knapp by Jo Ann Moll


The Life of Margaret Haughery by Mary Ann Ingles

 A Sharecropper’s Dream (Jimmy Davis) by Danielle St. Amant

 Who Is David Duke? by Angelle DeLaneuville

Magaret Haughery by Karen Whisnant

Earl K. Long by Paul Brady

Jimmy Swaggart: The Boy, the Man, the Evangelist by Cindy Morris

La Salle: Expedition II by Rebecca Parrish

Almonester: Colonial Benefactor of New Orleans by Kay Ann Pete (Student paper)

Louis Armstrong by Melanie Pierce (Student paper)

Earl Long by Catherine Rose

John Law’s Bubble: Bigger . . . and then Bust  by Thomas A. Siegrist


Jacques Phillipe Viller, Louisiana’s First Native-Born Governor by Mary Katherine

Leon Godchaux: The American Dream by Tracy M. Bynum

The Legacy of the Destrehan Family by Monique Christine Sutherland

Jimmy Davis – A Louisiana Legend by Rebecca Oliphant

David Duke: A Man to be Taken Seriously by Glenn W. Gruber

Huey P. Long  by Mellonee Simmons

James H. Davis by Katy L. Sullivan (Student paper)

Earl Long by Albert Walker

Huey Long by Jim Womack

Bibgraphical Sketch of Representative Hale Boggs by John Wooton

Governor James H. Davis: The Sunshine Governor:  by Brandy Renee’ Evans


Edwin Edwards by Ellen Russell

Who Was the First Native-Born Governor? by Christy Hoover

The Jimmy Davis Administration by Stacey J. White

Leon Godchaux and the Sugarcane Industry by Anthony Massi

Margaret: A story worth retelling by Melissa Woods

The writings of Grace King, Based on Region, Gender and Race: by Angel Badon

Report on effect of Le Moyne Family on French Louisiana: by Jerry Hirsch

Clementine Hunter: A Self-taught Louisiana Artist by Margaret Hoidal

Frances Parkinson Keyes: A Remarkable Woman of Her Era by Ann Crigger Shaw



Charles Frederic D’Arensbourg by Eric Breaux

The Legacy of Lawrence Pieree Duplessis by Randy L. Crawford

I Heard you singing, A. E. Wilder, Jr. by Sarah Elizabeth DePriest                 

In Memory of a Great Pioneer “Eli Jordon” by Vicky Melancon

In Search of a Better Life…by Jason Chaisson Naquin

The political life of George T. “Joe” Oubre by George T. “Joe” Oubre

Frenier by John Perillouux

Pere Eyraud: The Last French Priest of Louisiana by Linda Burk

William F. Roy by Kathleen B. Doody

Edward Livingston by Loretta Blahut

Jean and Pierre Lafitte Friend or Foe by kerry Brignac

Jean Laffite: Pirate, Hero by Lillian Bowler

Henry Clay Warmoth by Karyn J. Bryars



Abe Adrien Emmanuel Rouquette by Terri Calderone

Memories of Alfred Louis Warriner by David E. Causey

Delesseps S. Morrison: King of the Crescent City by Christopher D. Cowart

Charles Emery Cate, Hammond’s Architect by John Dorsa

Huey Pierce Long by Cathy Dryer

Kingfish: Louisiana Political Boss by Carmen O. Dubon

John James Audition, The Naturalist by Alicia Dudley

Huey Pierce Long by Susan Graham

Ernest Nathan Morial: New Orleans First Black Mayor by Monica Gray

James Gallier, Sr. New Orleans Architecture by Vicki Maret Guercia



Edwin Edwards: The Man Behind the Office by Larry Hart

Huey P. Long: King Con in Louisiana by Donald Hutchinson

The Last Hayride by Skipper Johnson

Irma Thomas: The Birth of The Blues  by Earnest Labee

Bienville: “The Father of Louisiana” by Max Lewis

L. Wright – the Wizard of Rice by Linda Lott

Henry Clay Warmoth by Todd Meades

Events Leading to the Installation of American’s First Black Governor by Joseph M.

Daniel Henry Holmes by John H. Netterville

The Elusive Dream of Adrien-Emmanuel Rouquette by Cindy Rathke

The Life of Chahta-Ima” by Jeanine Prieto

A Comprehensive Investigation of Lyle Saxon by Bobbie Pravata

New Orleans and Tennessee Williams by  Russell Payne

The Johnson Legacy by Erin Pottle



Huey Long, A Possible Dictator by Dana Smith

The Trial of Edwin Edwards by David Swan

Martin Behrman and His Six Mayoral Campaigns by Barbara Talbot

Dr. George H. Tichenor by Jane S. Wicker

The Life of Julien Poydras by Carol Williams

Francis vs. Reseveber by Anna Haldana         

Beverly Brown, A Spice ot Louisiana’s Life by Glenn Ball (included Hammond Public

Poydras’ Contribution to Pointe Coupee and Its Neighbors Unknown Author

Adrien Emanuel Rouquette Unknown Author

John James Audubon Unknown Author

Gilbert F. Hennigan Unknown Author


The Jambalaya Festival by Stacey King

International Acadian Festival by Walter Meinhardt

Bonfires by Dana Perilloux

Bonfires of the River Parishes by Lori Guidry

The Sorrento Boucherie Festival by Lisa Longanecker

Louisiana World Exposition by Lisa Braem


The Christmas Bonfires: A Growing Tradition by Kellie Hess

Louisiana Jambalaya Festival by Liz Nance

Gonzales Jambalaya Festival by Mitch Lambert

Gonzales: The Jambalaya Capital of the World by Elizabeth Stephens

Gonzales…the Jambalaya Capital of the World by Mindi Gautreau

The Louisiana World’s Fair by Linda Watts


The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival by Mignon Chauppette

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Jambalaya Festival but Were Afraid to
Ask by Shawnee Marchand

The Gonzales Jambalaya Festival by Andree Ellender

The History of Des Allemands and its Catfish Festival by Eva Harrison

1884 World’s Cotton Centennial Exhibition at New Orleans by Donna Turner

Only in New Orleans: A History of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival by India

The New Orleans Jazzfest by Dorinda Hebert

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival by Jacqueline Wright



Louisiana Folklore by Debbie Hendrickson

Gumbo Ya-Ya Book Report by Valerie Eastman

11. FOOD (see also RESTAURANTS)

Andouille by Kristina Bandsma

What’s So Great About Louisiana Cuisine? by Donna M. Williams

Zapp’s Potato Chips: The Little Chippery in Gramercy, Louisiana by Brenda Alford

New Orleans Cuisine by Monica R. Lacy

Central Grocery and its World Famous Muffelatta by Anthony Licciardi, Jr

Andouille: The Sausage King of the World by Raynette M. Lennix

12.FOOD (see also RESTAURANTS)

La Bonne Cuisine by Maribeth Rhodes

The Origin of Creole Cookery by Karla Atwood

The King Cake by Amy Furtick

The Mayhaws on Mayhaw Hill by Mardelle Blount

History of Becnel’s Jambalaya by Aimee Becnel

Jambalaya: From a Pauper’s Dish to a Delicacy by Evelyn Babin

Crawfish Eater in the Family by Stevie Vampran

A Most Significant Contribution: The Cocktail by Lauren Coghlan

Louisiana’s Historical Kitchen by Terry L. Russell


The Continuing Factor in Louisiana’s History: Quercus Virginiana by Timothy Moore

Spanish Moss by Charles Wiedeman

Kisatchie National Forest by Rhonda Bell

The Enchanting “Tree Hair” of Louisiana by Stacy Collins

The Louisiana Cypress Lumber Company: Production and Rent Income by Robin Hauck

 14. FORTS (see also CIVIL WAR)

The Founding of Fort Saint Louis: An Economic and Civil Asset to the Louisiana Territory
by Kyle Casey Lewis

Fort Maurepas The First Louisiana Establishment by Kelley M. Hanley

The History of Fort Jackson by Steve Bigner

Early Forts in Plaquemines Parish by Joseph Miller

Fort Maurepas by Melvin Meyers, Jr.

The History of Fort Jackson by Gena Lynn Mays

Fort Maurepas by Kathie Tumminello

Fort Jackson by Traci Matte

Fort Jackson, Louisiana by Ruth Anne Angle

Fort Jackson and Fort St. Phillip Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Candice Gianelloni

 15. FORTS (see also CIVIL WAR)

The Mighty Fort Jackson by Frances Cleveland

The Forgotten Fort by Maria Helgeson

The Big Job of a Proud Little Fort by Kim McGregor

Origin of Louisiana: Fort Maurepas by Steven J. Hymel

Naval Engagement at the Forts by Michael L. Runals

Fort Butler-It Took A Lickin’, And Now We Are Diggin! by Monique A. Burdette

Fort Pike: Protector of the Rigolets:  by Michael J. Stoehr

The History of Fort Jackson by Lori Nelson

Fort Maurepas by Louis F. Jessup, Jr.

Fort Livingston by Glen M. McCloskey

The History of Fort Jackson Unknown author


 BOX   9 



Early Architecture in the French Quarter by Bridgette K. Fitzgerald

The French Quarter by Jimmy Speyrer

Withstanding the Test of Time: The New Orleans French Market by Stefanie Miller

 2. HURRICANES          

Hurricane Betsy by Robin E. Johnson

The Lady That Wasn’t A Lady (Hurricane Betsy) by Diane M. Comment

Hurricane Betsy by Sharon Monistere

The Lethal Lady Strikes Home (Hurricane Betsy) by Melinda Boteler

Hurricane Betsy of 1965 by Veronica Jennings

The Fish Kills of Hurricane Andrew by Dawn Mascarella

Hurricanes, and the Killer Hurricane of 1893 by George Rogers Smith

The Unhappy Alliance of Wind and Water by Stephen J. Ball

Hurricane Carmen by Don Bolton.

A Hurricane You Couldn’t Drink by Laura Gray

The Towns that blew away with the wind by Jodie I. Hoover

And Now for the Weather… by Rachel Gipson

Hurricanes in Louisiana: by Mickelle Russelburg

A Day of Death and Destruction by Chris Trepagnier


The Mobile Indians by Roger Fritchie Jr.

“The Indians of Tangipahoa Parish” by Deborah Westmoreland

The Louisiana Choctaw by Patricia Anderson

The Tunica Indians by Laura White

The Tunica Indians by Stephen Eckler

Poverty Point by Jeffrey C. Schluter

Sold Down the River by Karen Lambert

Sold Down the River by Karen Lambert (revised copy)

Poverty Point: A Magnificent and Mysterious Historical Site by Linda B. Love

The Poverty Point Indian Culture by Kimberly Poleto

History of the Troyville-coles Creek Indians by Charlotte Erdey

The Indian and Black History in Louisiana by Shannon Gail Guidry

Indian Pottery at the Mouth of the Tangipahoa River by William B. Cobb


Louisiana And Its Prehistoric Indians by Donald C. Schneeweiss

The Chitimacha Indians by Keri Magee

The Indians Of The Louisiana Territory by Sharon Tipton

The Caddo Indians by Joel Barrix (2 Copies)

The Choctaw Indians Of Louisiana by Kristine Smith

Caddo Indians of North Louisiana by Deborah A. McGill

The Houma Indians by Cynthia Bergeron

The Customs of the Choctaw Indians by Sandra Rivette

The Indians of Louisiana by Lisa Monique Myers

The Chickasaw of French Louisiana by Roxann Lewis

The Choctaw of Bayou LaComb by Mandy Tontaine

The Atakapa of Southwest Louisiana by Tamara Doucet


The Caddo Indians by Jerry Jones

My Indian Heritage by Danny C. Reeves

Poverty Point: A Louisiana Prehistoric Civilization by James Tageant

Poverty Point by Brett Butler

United Houma Nation by Pat Arnould

The Caddo Indians by Kimberly Bush

The Choctaw Indians in St. Tammany Parish and Bayou Lacomb by Sherri Hyde

History of the Caddo Indians by Stanley A. Vicknair

The Choctaw: Allies of the French

Choctaw Indians by Ryan Lee

Choctaw Indians: by Carla Marcell Erwin


What About the Tunica Indians? by Staci Warner

The Religious Practices of the Natchez Indians by Joseph W. Prelliam

The Caddo Indians of Northwest Louisiana by Connie Rossie

An Archaeological Assessment of Coastal Louisiana Indian Sites by H. Seth Orenstein

Mounds and Middens by Christy Erwin

The Coushatta Indians of Louisiana by Cinda Jones

The Indians of Avoyelles Parish by Kim A. Roy

Indians Before The Europeans The Start of Louisiana by Donald L. Barba

A Survey of early Native Indian Plant Cures and of Plants Indigenous to The Florida
Parishes Area by Brenda Meadows

The Acolapissa Indians of St. Tammany Parish by Patricia Lynn Downey

Who were the Aboriginal Louisianians (Unknown)

Narrative to the Louisiana Indians by Reid Roueche

Houma Indians: by A. Blake Hebert


Changes Through Time: The Story of Last Island by Tina W. Head

The History of Jefferson Island by Nicole Rambin

The End of an Era: The Story of Last Island by Laurie A. Dauzat

The Sagrera Family on Cheniere au Tigre by Donna Schisler

History of Grand Isle by Eric Zeringue

The Tale of Last Island by Kerma S. Johnson

Grand Isle, Louisiana by Scott Newman, November 1, 1995.



The Islendos of Saint Bernard Parish by Kristi Lynn Illg

The Islenos Hertiage in Saint Bernard Parish by Jason Smith

The Ileno’s Secret War by Vincent Kannair

The Islenos by Stacey L. Griffin

The Islenos by Rochelle Stutts


Lafitte, the Infamous Privateer by Christoper Nolan Cahill

The Legend of Jean Lafitte and the Pirates of Barataria by Kayce L. LaRocca

Jean Lafitte by Jason Lafitte

Jean Lafitte: Louisiana’s Patriotic Pirate by Angela Rogan

Jean Lafitte: A Colorful Character in Louisiana History by Nancy Stokes

Jean Lafitte by Pam Gordon

The Saga of Jean Lafitte by Greg Tauzier

Jean Lafitte Unknown Author

 9.LAW (see also POLITICS)

Divorce Under the Louisiana Legal System by Beverly M. Miller

The Development of the Louisiana Civil Code by Todd Poor

The New Orleans Police Department by Debra Hunter           

Prohibition in Louisiana by Maryanne Lawley           

A Look Into the History of Louisiana’s First State Constitution by Pauline S. Good

Louisiana Civil Code by Keri Dzuris

Napoleonic and Louisiana Divorce Laws in Comparison by Sheree C. Rice

Louisiana State Penitentiary by Melissa Correro

The Founding of the Louisiana Civil Code by Jennifer K. Crull

Louisiana Child Labor Laws by Lisa M. Giles


The Root Of All Evil; A Study of the Louisiana Lottery Company by Raymond Alphonso

A Brief History of the Louisiana Lottery Company by Jennifer Lee

Lottery History of Louisiana by Carolyn R. Dupont

A Brief History of Louisiana Lotteries: First, Illegal, and Current by Velvet Anglin

The Lottery Revisited by Jonathan Wilcox

Scandal in the Late Nineteenth Century: A Brief History of the Louisiana Lottery by
Chris M. Seybold


Is A Lottery the Answer? by Robert Walker

The Louisiana State Lottery; 1868-1893 by Cynthia M. DeSoto

Casino Gambling and Louisiana by Shane Vicknair

The Black Hand by Matthew Reames

A Louisiana Lottery: A New Idea? by Patricia Landaiche

The Louisiana Lottery Company (1868-1893) by Regan Miller

The First Louisiana Lottery by Robin Sullivan

The Louisiana Lottery Company by James Mitchell


The Louisiana Purchase by David Terrebonne

The Louisiana Purchase By Rachelle Montz


Rex, “King Of The Carnival” by Cheryl M. Santangelo

Mardi Gras in New Orleans by Darren Blackmon       

Behind Carnival Balls and Their Royalty by Sheri M. West

Mardi Gras by Patricia Dixon

The Day the Music Died; The Effect of the Dorothy Mae Taylor Ordinance by Kathy Demarie

Carnival in Louisiana by Mechelle Adams

My 1992 Mardi Gras Season by Heather Jones

The beginning and role of BACCHUS in Mardi Gras by Joseph Williams, Summer 1995.

How the Tradition of Mardi Gras Began by Jennifer Gartman, Oct. 25, 1985.

A Brief History of Mardi Gras by Angi Gilbert, Hist 321, April 1, 1987.

It Was All For Fun:  The carnival club that began as a joke by Debra Hunter-Smith,

Mardi Gras by Vincent Tallo, Hist 321, March 26, 1987.


The Beginning of the Mistick Krewe by Laurie Switzer

Cajun Mardi Gras in Mamou by Nicole Smith

Cajun Mardi Gras by Andrea Aguillard

The Endymion Parade by Steven Peyroux

Rex and Comus:  The Royalty of Carnival by Kristina Rau, Hist 321, November 7, 1986.

The Mardi Gras Indians, Past and Present by Allyson Williams, Hist 321, April 1, 1992.

Mardi Gras by Kathy Sampson, Hist 321, July 16, 1982.

A Brief History of Mardi Gras by Angi Gilbert, Hist 321, April 1, 1985.

Mardi Gras by Chuck Quin, Hist 321.

The Early Days of Mardi Gras by Denise Easterling, October 21, 1983.

The Fleur-de-lis and Its Place in Louisiana History by Micheal McLin


Marie Laveau by Tracey S. Rossie

Marie Laveau and Voodooism in New Orleans by Theresa Curtis

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans by Jim Ludwig

Marie Laveau: Louisiana Voodoo Queen by Renee Roberts

The Contribution of Voodoo to the History of New Orleans by Debbie Bradwell

Marie Laveau: The Voodoo Queen by Francina Washington

Voodoo:  Its Beginning in New Orleans by Tara Jarreau, March 23, 1982.

Voodoo in Louisiana by Michael Phillips.      

Marie Laveau–Priestess of the Voudous  by Tanya Hux, November 12, 1986.


BOX   10 



The Greater Baton Rouge Hospice Foundation by Jennifer M. Wager

Sister Stanislaus And Charity Hospital by George Y. Durrett

Carl Tupper: Changing Perceptions Of The Handicapped by Courtney Johnson

Gillis W. Long Hansen’s Disease Center Carville, Louisiana by Valerie Savoy

United States Public Health Service Hospital Carville, Louisiana by Hilda Rocha

A Look at Ochsner Medical Center by Nancy Folse

The Founding of the “Big Free” (Charity Hospital) by Marina Hernandez

Pharmaceutical Regulation in Louisiana: the Early Days by Robyn E. Walsworth-Teekel

The National Hansens Disease Center A Brief History by Darlene Babin

United States Pubic Health Service Hospital by Connie Fairchild


The Early History of Charity Hospital by Linda J. Corey

The First Twenty-Two Years: The Ochsner Medical Center by Annette M. Robichaux

Carville, A Miracle Place by Michelle Arceneaux

Gillis W. Long Hansen’s Disease Center, Carville, Louisiana by Lori Lambert

Charity Hospital of New Orleans by Renee Midkiff

The Carville Lepercolony by Madonna Murray

Childbirth in Louisiana by Jonis Jones

The Changing Face of New Orleans’ Charity Hospital by Wendy M. Varnado

Charity Hospital at New Orleans by Cynthia Buchhlz

 3. MILITARY (see also WORLD WAR II)

The Protection of New Orleans by Robert Bourg

A Brief History of the Louisiana Air National Guard by Carl M. Muse

 A History of England Air Force Base at Alexandria, Louisiana by Darlene Crawford

Naval Support Activity: From Sugar Plantation to Military Installation by Laurie A.

Jackson Barracks: The Past and the Present by Cheryl L. Spencer



History of Special Olympics in Louisiana by Melinda Burk

The Louisiana Progress (An interpretive essay) by Frank Sandage

Cajuns and Blue Dogs: The Works of George Rodrigue by Lisa M. Long

Head-On Collision by Richard C. Hill

A Short General History of Ducks Unlimited  by Jeanne M. Lorio


The Cabildo by Jennifer M. Meyer

The Cabildo by Melissa A. Fleming

Tee Joe Gonzales Museum by Tassy Aldridge

The Historic Cabildo Building by Gisela McMahon

The Cabildo Fire of 1988 by Evelyn Green

The Sun King Exhibit: A Journey through History by Lori Emery

 5. MUSIC (see also STORYVILLE)

New Orleans Jazz by Yvonne York

Jazz in New Orleans by Loretta Traylor

Music by Staci Buckley

The Development Of Rhythm And Blues In Shreveport by Karen Wimberly

The True Story of Buddy Bolden by Rae Anne Chapman

Louis Armstrong: The Man and his Music by Jeniffer Ouder

Music Throughout Louisiana by Heather Schott

 6. MUSIC (see also STORYVILLE)

Baylus Benjamin McKinney the Man and his Music by Glenda Miller

Jelly Roll Morton – Louisiana Jazz Artist by David Alan Pearson

Harry Connick Jr. by Gina Centanni

New Orleans Musicians and Their Music by Gary J. Lacoste

Pete Fountain and All That Jazz by Dena Kaye Monson

The Birth of Jazz in New Orleans by Laetitia A. Dwyer

Jazz by Dane Brunies

New Orleans and The Beginnings of Jazz by Robert M. Strauch

Ernest “Punch” Miller’s Contribution to Jazz by Colleen Miller

New Orleans Jazz by Debi Tallo

Profiles of a disc jockey by Julie Matherne


Texaco: A Louisiana Plant by Kristi Picou

Norco Manufacturing Complex by John R. Clancy

A Day of Disaster by Andy LaBorde

A History of Norco by George W. Roussel


Louisiana Bar Pilots by Anne Lagattuta

The Louisiana Overseer by Margaret E. Cox

The Life of the Mississippi River Pilot by Christine Walker

My Father—A Bar Pilot on the Mississippi River by Sherrie Buras

Leon C. Buras, Jr.: A Bar Pilot on the Mississippi River by Sherrie Buras Manton

A Forgotten Livelihood by Melissa G. Loga (River pilots)

Captain Arthur T. Price, A Mississippi River Pilot by Elaine Wood, Hist 321, Nov.
7, 1986.

Louisiana Lightning: The Story of Ron Guidry’s Success by Daynelle Loyacano.

The History of Bobby’s Seafood by Jennifer L. Esteves

Aviation History in Patterson, Louisiana by Karen Mire

My Great-Grandfather’s Contribution to the Oil Industry in Louisiana by Angela Reed

The Gonzales Products Company, Incorporated by Lisa Gullett

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 60 by Paul Mouledous


The Doullut Houses by Jordan M. Walker

Historic City Park by Moya J. Runyan

The History of 718 St. Peter Street (Pat O’Brien’s) by Jo Ann Sherman

Pat O’Brien’s Home of the Hurricane by Deborah Glaser

New Orleans: A Great Place to Visit  by Beth Cunningham

Audubon Zoo: A Success Story by Renee Gidcumb

The Audubon Zoo by Joan D. Boyer

Listen to the Endless Rhythms of Jackson Square  by Lisa Graham

The Superdome: A Dream Come True by Lisa Bonano

New Orleans Famous Landmark, The Superdome by Michelle Stokes

831 Decatur Street: A Personality All Its Own by Jeri Hessler

The Streets of New Orleans by Dana Chenevert

The Haunted House by Kristen Folse

Cafe Du Monde by Joe E. Mesa

The Aquarium of the Americas by Cynthia Campeaux

2707 Chartres Street by Barbara Bankston

The Delta Queen by Rosania Michel


The Greater Baton Rouge Zoo by Connie Coon

The Natchez by Karen Cranford

Behind Stone Walls – “Angola” by Lauren Westmoreland

The Old Springfield Court House Building by Monica M. Sullivan

Jones Point by Melissa Gilboy

Historic Jones Point by Kim Walsdorf

The Story Behind a Buried Treasure by Amy E. Fox

El Nuevo Constante: An Archaeological Treasure Ship by Melanie Thigpen

The Sunshine Bridge by Karen McDonald

The Crescent Bar—A Brief History by John Bardwell

Louisiana by Debra Dean

Spanish Rule in the Louisiana Territory:  by Rachel Jenkins

Barkdale Air Force Base by Jesse Miers

Louisiana Lagniappe by Robin LeCompte

Granny’s Hwy. 190 Grist Mill–An Old Way of Life by Anthony Stogner


Steamboat Nostalgia by Susan A. Menard

The Dugas House by Lolores K. Berthelot

A Journey to Nova Scotia by Angelia Brown

Carrousel of Time by Lydia A. Foret

German Settlement in Acadia: A history of Robert’s Cove  by Virginia Patterson

The One and Only by Judith Bass

Los Adaes: A Spanish Heritage by Peter Bradley

The Fair with the Picnic Spirit, A History of the Washington Parish Free Fair by Tyrone

Horse Racing in Louisiana Past to Present by Steve Kissee

Book Review: Backdoor to the Gulf, The Pass Manchac Region, 1699-1863 by John Bardwell

The Louisiana State Museum by George Scheuermann

Louisiana Culture and Performing Arts by Ray Sibley

Louisiana Historical Society  by Regina T. Hyde

North Louisiana Historical Association Newsletter & Journal by Bryan Pedeaux

Louisiana Archives and Records Commission by George R. Howe, Jr

Friends of the Cabildo by Renee S. Austen

Tulane Jazz Archive by Ronald K. Usner

Tulane Department of Archives by Craig Bauer

LSU Department of Archives and Manuscripts by Bryan Pedeaux


Revision, Marker Project by Kimberly Gross

Historical Marker Project by Valerie Eastman

Historical Marker Project by Valerie Eastman

House History by Valerie Eastman

Photographic Essay, Loranger High School by Valerie Eastman

Belle Alliance Sugar Plantation by Helen Perello

Chretien Point by Maria Alexandria

Destrehan Manor House by Reed Alleman

Destrehan Plantation  by Lisa Loupe

The History of Destrehan Plantation by Kathleen Molaison Northington

Destrehan Plantation by Tammie Robead


The Mystery House on the Chenal by Sharman Temple

Mike Rogers

Oakwold: Home of Eight Generations by Carole Jeanean Wilson

Cinclare Plantation by Jennifer Lynn Hebert

The History Behind Ashland Plantation and the Man Who Built It by Mary Daina Kennedy

Laura Plantation Through the Years by Rhonda Perea

The Cabin by Michelle Bourgeois Tims

John Hampden Randoph’s “Nottoway” by Cheryl A. Cupit


Parlange . . . Reflections f the Past and Present by Debbie Oberfell

Wakefield Plantation House by Teresa Dunaway

Grevemberg House by Martha H. Cooper

L’Habitation Hermitage and the Bringier Familyby Eric Johnson

A Bond Between Centuries by Michelle Mannen

Glencoe Plantation by Laura Gabel

Elmwood Plantation by Flint Wade Brown

Plantation Life in Louisiana by Theresa Clement

Plantation Homes by Howard E. Hughes


San Francisco Plantation by Anita R. Duhe

San Francisco Plantation House by Cheryl Guzzardo

San Francisco Plantation by Melanie Acosta

Belle Grove Plantation by Vicki Torricelli

The Tree House by Jacinta Zeringue

Clementine Hunter by Lisa M. Myers

Le Petite Versailles by Keiley Anne Williams

Bernard Marigny de Mandeville’s Sugar Plantation by Chris Lovelock


Flemming Plantation by Martin Breisacher

What ever Happened to Louisiana’s Plantation Homes by William Webb

Hermitage Plantation by Theresa Gainey

Plantation Homes of Louisiana by Suzanne Huber

Houmas House by Mark Strother

Historic Houmas House by Karen Herman

Historic Houmas House by Deenie Wright

Residential Foundation Failures in Metropolitan New Orleans-1983 by Collen Fisher


BOX   11 



Manresa On The Mississippi River by Katherine K. Fontenot

“The Rene Beauregard House” by Debra Reynolds

Magnolia Mound Plantation House by Carl DiJohn

Ile Carencro, Sunset, Louisiana by Mary Katherine Clark

Magnolia Mound by Karen Hughes

Life On Magnolia Mound by Sharon Bourgeois

 Magnolia Mound Plantation House by Denice G. Thomas

The Many Changes of Magnolia Mound by Kim Reid


Uncle Sam Plantation by Lance Hooper

The Ormond and Destrehan Plantations by Sancy Guillot

Audubon’s Paradise: “Oakley” Plantation by Patricia Jeanise

Growing Up on Georgia Plantation by Tiffany Poche

One of the First Irish Plantations in the South by Rebecca Hymel

The Weeks Family and Shadows on the Teche by Chris Barnett

The Landeche Legacy by Linda Leona Lobue

The Ormond Plantation by Joseph Mire

The Ormond Plantation and its Mysterious Owners by Peggy McCrossen      

Ormond Plantation and the Assassination of Senator Basile Laplace by Aimee D. Butler


The Reconstruction of Greenwood by Stephanie Evans

Nottoway Plantation: History Close to Home by Michelle A. Thompson

The San Francisco Plantation Home by Elizabeth Torres

Mary Plantation by Brenda Boutwell

Nottoway by Rebecca Lorio

Shadow-on-the-Teche and Mary Clara Weeks by Roxana Giarrusso

Nottoway “The White Castle” by Margaret Siebert

Nottoway by David Samson

Historic Architecture and Homes of Louisiana by Myra Darlene Bullock


The Epps House by Sylvia Jean Jacobsen

Houmas House: A Fascinating Piece of Louisiana History by Donna Sibley

The Historic Houmas House by Andrea Bullion

Melrose by Tina M. Nicholas

Magnolia, the Sugar Cane Plantation by Robin Cook

Melrose Plantation by Cynthia Smith

Women of Melrose by Dawn Gainey

Personalities That Have Created and Enhanced the Melrose Plantation by Elizabeth Jenkins


Cinclare Central Plantation by Lisa Morales

Orange Grove Plantation by Perry DiCarlo

The Continuing History of the St. Louis Plantation by Yvette Catoire

Rosedown: Past and Present by Ruth Helen Hafele

History of Oak Alley Plantation by Tracey Spaulding

Columns Along the River: Houmas House 1800 by Jason Taylor

“The Carter Plantation” by Kenneth E. Johnson

Ashland Belle-Helene by Alison Babin

 A Story of Two Louisiana Plantations by Eleanor Hansen

 6. POLITICS (see also LAW)

 History of Louisiana Police Jury by Suzi Keller

Alexander O’Reilly: Irishman for Justice or Dictator? by Pamela Willie

The History of Politics in Louisiana Education by Don. H. Hulin

A Louisiana Statesman (Wade O. Martin, Jr.) by Bridget Brewster

The Unique Government of Louisiana by Jennifer L. Loyd

The Vieux Carre Commission: Posterity’s Last Prayer by Albert J. Robichaux II

Louisiana…A Speeder and Boozer Paradise by Troy A. Gilbert, Hist 321, July 13, 1990.

Women’s Suffrage in Louisiana:  A Small Glimpse by Julie Baker, 11-01-95.

A Half Century in Politics by Fay Wall Wilson

The Political Past of Louisiana: by Gary Womack

The Great Slave Revolt of 1811 by Chriselle L. Henry

The Last Hayricle: Louisiana at the Crossroads by Pamela Belser

Endnotes (Bibliography) by Debra Byrd


Crescent Quadroons by Lynnita Diaz

Sirens and Serpent Women: The Quadroons of New Orleans by Tina Richerson

The Quadroon Balls by Fernando Barreto


House Upon a Rock: About Southern Baptists in Louisiana by Melody Mercer

My Home: St. Matthew the Apostle Parish in River Ridge, Louisiana by Connie Warr

Father Richard, Our Pastor by Cynthia Costello

Joseph Willis: The Apostle of the Opelousas by Elizabeth Matroodnejad

St. Jean Vianney by Kathryn Hennington

The First Bishop of Lafayette by Mark Jeanmard

The History of Manresa Retreat House for Men by Jason M. Labbe

Birth of Holy Rosary Parish by Elizabeth Stephens

Father Francis Balay and His Lourdes Shrine by  India R. Pichon


The Effect of Catholicism on Louisiana by April R. Sutter

History of St. James Church Parish and the Influence of the Poirrier/Melancon Family
by Tracy Melancon Andry

History of SANYO by Peter Kline

The Dominican Laity by Melissa Kaye Mandella

Arista Fredrick of St. Matin Parish and His Patriarchal Line by Craig J. Frederick

Father Odilo and Folsom: The Making of  a Mission by Mary Pratt Lobdell

Berean Ministers by Dawn Pressler

The Brothers of Holy Cross. . .  Pioneers in Louisiana by Jodi Sciortino

10.RESTAURANTS (see also FOOD)

The Cabin by Sheree D. Gaudin

Lake View Seafood Restaurant by Patricia Smith

Antoine’s – A Taste of New Orleans by Karen M. Balamane

Arnaud’s, A New Orleans Tradition Since 1920 by Lisa Bustamante

The Cabin Restaurant, located in Burnside, Louisiana by Kim Gautreau


Louisiana School For The Deaf: Its History, Purpose, and Organization by Janna Leigh

John Curtis Christian School: A Louisiana Dynasty by Joseph Barras

Early Beginnings of Live Oak Elementary by Susan Davis

History of Public Education in Louisiana from Statehood to Present by Gregory P. Stelly

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts by Catherine Adarkar

Lynn Spears and the Learning Place by Elaine Simmons

A Teacher from the Past by Troy Hoover


Baker High School by Shari Wells

The History of Andrew Jackson High School by Natasha Stutts

The Way it Was: Fortier High Class of ’55 by Kathleen E. Harris

The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts: EXCELLENCE…the Minimum Standard
by Regina Ryan

A History of Charles E. Gayarre School by Betty Burroughs

A Brief History of Romeville High School by Rhonda Rome


The History of Special Education in Louisiana by Lynne Schaeffer

Silliman Institute: Leader if Education in the Felicianas by Merlin Dale Tynes

Lewisburg School by Diane Cole

A Capsule History of Sigma Chi at LSU by Matthew G. Alch


The Academy of the Holy Angels by Janet McLoughlin

The Academy of the Holy Angels by Angela Lopez

The Academy of Holy Angels (1948-1992) by Steve Chanpagne

Our Lady of Prompt Succor: A Louisiana Faith Tradition by Maria Kennedy

The Endurance of the Academy of St. Basil by Abby L. Albarado

The Uneasy Beginning of the St. Paul’s School  by Trevor C. Watkins

Ascension of Our Lord School LaPlace, Louisiana by Anne Billings


Loranger, Louisiana: A Brief History by Marie Rainey

Loranger Schools: A Photographic History by Marie Rainey

Loranger Depot Historical Marker by Marie Rainey

Courthouse Project on John Uriah Vining by Marie Rainey

My Family: A Brief History by Marie Rainey

Historical Marker on Southeastern Louisiana University by Marie Rainey

A Book Review on Dixie’s Forgotten People by Marie Rainey


Historical Marker of Hammond Junior College by Toni Graves

of A History of Patterson, La. by the Eighth Grade La. History Class of Patterson,
La. of 1965,      Book Review by Toni Graves

Cemetery Project of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Patterson, LA with Photographic
Essay by Toni Graves

Genealogy by Toni Lynn Graves

Historical Marker for St. Joseph’s Catholic Church by Toni Graves


 BOX   12 



A Prelude to the Mora Era by Larry J. Moskau, Jr.

Louisiana: A Sportsman’s Paradise by Anthony Trapani III

Louisiana Superdome: Crescent City Bubble by Danyel Muegge

Louisiana’s Whitetail Deer Hunting by Joe Harris

Horse Racing in Louisiana by Sherrel Alack

A Changing Way of Life (Fishing in Delacroix) by Tammy McNeely

Randy P. Romero: Bouncing Back (Horse Racing) by John G. Crawford III

History of Special Olympics in Louisiana by Michelle Chilton


Fish Spotting: The Industry and One Man by Martha Barbier

The Bowie: The Blade of the Bayou State by Bonnie Herbert

Trapping in Louisiana by Timothy Peachey

The Louisiana Superdome by George Reed

And They’re Off by Lisa K. Guidry

The Importance of Speckled Trout and Redfish to Louisiana by Brett Garcia

Our State of Winners (Special Olympics) by Susan Ortego


“Sportsmans Paradise” by Dolores Wade

“When the Saints Go Marching In” by Greg Hayden

Ninth Round—Remembering Tony Marullo by Staci D. Galloway

The Louisiana Superdome by Tracy Leigh Correjolles

The New Orleans Pelicans and Pelican Stadium by Chris Marshall

A Quest for Excellence: Head Football Coaches at LSU by Hazel Rouyea


Art Treasures In the Louisiana State Capitol by Wendell C. Fontenot

Louisiana’s Echoing Halls by Ashley Hebert  

The Making of Louisiana’s First Skyscraper by Ada Simmons


Storyville: Part of the New Orleans Legacy by Shawn Dufour

The Short Life of Storyville by Terrence C. Ott

Storyville: The Red-Light District by John H. Adams

New Orleans’ Red Light District: Storyville by Mark S. Dessauer

Storyville by Chad Cothern

Storyville: Twenty Years of Concentrated Decadence by John O. McDaniel

Storyville of New Orleans by Kris Schaumbury

Storyville: New Orleans’ Lost Playground by Philip Schenck


Storyville and Jazz by Donald Crocker

Storyville, U.S.A. by Johanna L. Davis

Storyville by Kristi J. Romano


The History of the Strawberry Culture Murals by Dale Sisamore

Kentwood’s Contribution to the Tangipahoa Parish Strawberry Industry by Michael Varnado

Migrant Strawberry Workers and their need for education in Tangipahoa Parish by Michael

Strawberry Wine by Madeleine Mathes

The Strawberry Capital Coin Club by Dori Steib

Where Have All the Berries Gone? by Jo’el G. Jones

Strawberry Farming—an Italian way of life by Donna Miller

The History of the Strawberry Culture Murals Unknown Arthor


On the Streetcar: Rolling Through Louisiana History by Julie A. McPherson

A Glimpse of the New Orleans Streetcar by Wendy Dillard

The New Orleans’ Historic Streetcar Line by Sheryl L. Peeler

The St. Charles Street Car Line: What Keeps Those Cars Moving? by Vicky Hempel

The Streetcars of New Orleans by Thomas Willmott

 “Ladies in Red” by Kristin Decossas

“The St. Charles Streetcar or the New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad” by Elizabeth


The Railways of New Orleans: From the Mule-Car to the “Last Line” by Pamela J. Brocato

The History of the Louisiana Streetcar by Stephanie Seghers

The New Orleans Street Car Lines by Samantha Bradley

The History of the New Orleans Street Cars by Jeff Landreneau

The Progress of the New Orleans Streetcar by Peggy Ketchum

Old No. 72 by Lisa Wessier

The St. Charles Streetcar—a Last Survivor from New Orleans’ Heritage by David Boone

The Saint Charles Streetcars of New Orleans by Shelia T. Harrell


The Sugar Bowl by Rhondalyn Alexander

Louisiana Sugar Plantations by Rhonda Blount

A History Of The Dugas & Leblanc Sugar Plantations by John P. Eckler

The Start of the Southerner’s Sweet Secret by Mary Catherine Dalton

Godchaux Sugar of Reserve, Louisiana by Kimberly Smith

Sweet Prosperity Turns Bitter: Louisiana Sugar Cane Production Through the Civil War
by Paul L. Mire

The Dugas-LeBlanc Sugar Legacy by Debi Blouin

Colonial Sugars Company: Louisiana Refining by Jodie Fontenot


The Making of Sugar From Sugar Cane by Diane Waguespack

Locomotive Fun by Stacy Landry

Louisiana Sugarcane by Rosanna R. Hoover

Growing Up on a Sugarcane Plantation by Lisa E. Dicke

Louisiana Sugar Plantation Railroads by Norma Kealy

The Syrup Scandal by Shana T. Sturdivant

Beginning in the New World in Sugarcane Fields by Glenn Monistere

The History of Godchaux Sugars and the Community of Reserve by Betty N. Laiche

The Godchaux-Henderson Sugar Refinery  by Aimee Jolly

Leon Godchaux and the Godchaux sugars refinery by Amy Vicknair


Maurin St. John Theater by Chris Poleto

The Saenger Theater: “A Monument Devoted to the Best in Music, Photoplay, and the
Theatrical  Arts” by Angela Benoit

New Orleans Theaters: 1791-1915 by Lisa Ann Brockhoeft

The Orpheum Theatre by Lori Musacchia

The Saenger Performing Arts Center by Rick Waller

The History of Opera in New Orleans by Diane Smith


The Factors that Determine the Voting Behavior of the Acadiana Parishes by Frank J.
Borne, Jr

Saint James Parish—We Can Do It Ourselves by Mary Carol Esneault

The History of St. Amant by Darren T. Truax

The Dry Kilns of Merryville by Richard Tyler

 History of St. John The Baptist Parish by Thomas Montegut

History of St. Charles Parish Through the Civil War by Cherie Durel


Pineville, Louisiana: A Small Town With A Large History by Marguerite Thomas

The Re-Creation Of The Old Vermilionville by Donna King

The Development of LaPlace by Mona Faucheux

Marrero, A Small City With A Big Heart by Harold Duhe’

The Irish Channel: A Glimpse of the Past by Tammy Latrache

Farm Life in Jefferson by Cherie Campeaux

The Irish Channel by Toni Messina


BOX   12A 



Indian Mound in St. James Parish by Shawn Murry

Distinctively Abbeville by Michael Libersat.

A Historic Look at Natchitoches by Kimberly Darcourt, April 3, 1998.

Marker Project, History 408, Kimberly Gross


A Pictorial History of Slidell, LA by Cherie Mattocks


Second Photo-Essay Supplemental to Biography by Kimberly Gross 

Sulphur by Johnny Cosse.


A Brief History of Walker, Louisiana (Including a Photo essay) by Sunny Shipp


A Brief Look Into The History Of River Ridge  by Stephanie Bilello

Broussard, Louisiana: A Brief History by Willaim Ryan Broussard

Power in the Parish by Barry Ethridge

The founding of Gillsburg by Sharon D. Harrell

Marksville Queen of the Towns by Mitzi Harris

The Gill’s Founding of Gillsburg by Rhonda Hemphill


Carencro, Cajunland of the South by Claude Kemmeson-

Ocean Springs: The Past Leads to the Present by Leslie Kimbrough

Bayou Lafourche by Mark Picou        

St. James Parish: A Historical Heritage by Shea Faucheux

Generations from Cajun Country by Suzanne Fourcade


New Iberia by Jennifer Mo

Evangeline, A mythical part of Louisiana History by Angel Adele Nettles

The Flood of 1927, Plaucheville, Louisiana  by Cynthia S.Orser

Algiers: A City of Character by Christine Johnson

Jennings: The Who, What, and When by Craig Norton

The History of a town of Carrollton by Jann E. Pace


Welcome to Algiers by Michelle Torres

Ruddock?! by Mary Beth Applin

St. Charles Parish Politics by Liz Baudouin

Laplace: The History and the Change by April L. Hager


Toledo Bend by Daniel R. Keaton

Biloxi Louisiana’s First Permanent Settlement by Michael Ladber

Sesquicentennial Celebration: Houma, Louisiana by Myra Milford

The People of Storyville by Al Norgard


The Fight to save St. Bernard Parish by Adrienne B. Rushing

A Tap Root to our Traditional St. Landry Homeland by Jessica A. Soileau

Hinton, Louisiana by Micah A. Wyantol

Holy Ghost Parish: A Brief History by Sherry Barberio


An Historic Outlook of: St. Ann’s Parish and Church by Christine Beauvais  

History of our Lady of Holy Rosary Parish and Sacred Heart Chapel by Bridget Bourgeois

Quarters Living in Pointe Coupee Parish by Irma R. Ferdinand

The Birth of Port Allen by Suzanne Kaczur


The Reapportionment of Plaquemines Parish by David Nielsen

A Bit of History From the Land of Plaquemines by Daryl Protti

Where in the Hell is Donaldsonville by Cindy Templet

“San Bernardo” The Parish by Craig Trentecosta

The History of Sacred Heart Parish and Fair by Craig Weber

Gonzales: The History by Michelle Chilton


The Story of Laplace by Clifton J. Cortez, Jr. 

Gonzales, Louisiana by David Duplessis

The History of Kenner by Elizabeth Ferrara

History of Laplace by Jill Hymel

Facts of New Orleans – Finding of New Orleans up to the Civil War by Meri King


Gonzales—Settlements to City by Letisa L. Lewis

Algiers—In the Beginning by Shelly Lingoni79

The History of the City of Kenner by Roland Meariman

Where did Laplace come from? by Jacquelyn H. Millet

The Hurst House of New Orleans by Deborah Romero


The History of LaPlace, Louisiana by Peri Savoie

History of Kenner by Kathy Schwing

Early History of Pascagoula by John Tomes

Old Algiers by Teri Verret

The History of Arabi by  Kristie Cantrelle



BOX   13 



St. John the Baptist Parish by Crystal Martinez

“The Unforgettable Spring” (1927 Flood) by Randy J. Caputa

Gonzales: The Building Of A Promising Future by Scott Sheets

Tapis Rouge by Diana Deffner

My Tensas Connection by David Dayton

St. James Parish by Mary Grace Keller


Boulevarde or Bust (Marrero) by Juli-Su Burrows

New Iberia: Past and Present by Dorothy Delahoussaye

St. John the Baptist Parish: Its Past and Present by Jennifer Kern

Terrebone Parish by Brad Cotten

Iberville Parish: Where in the World is Plaquemine? by Frances M. Washington

The History of Avoyelles Parish – with Special Attention to Bunkie by Traci Meredith


A Brief History of Bordelonville Louisiana by Janet Bordelon

The History, Culture and People who made Lutcher what it is today by Kelly Snyder

Louisiana’s Hidden Kingdom by Nicole Berry

The St. Amant’s Of St. Amant by Donna Marchand

LaPlace-Historical Highlights by Mary Gale Brescher

The Only Show in Town (Reserve) by Kimberly Clymer


Tensas: A Parish History by Amanda C. Smith

Synthesis Of St. Philip (Wallace, Louisiana) by Frank H. Nette Jr.

Addis From Boom Town To Present by Tammy S. Seneca

Allen Parish by Donna E. McLin

Settlement to City: Gonzales, Louisiana by Celeste Carmouche

Where in the Hell is Donaldsonville? by Cindy Templet


Rim of the Crescent (Marrero) by Ramona Pitre

The Growth of New Orleans from 1702-1762 by Margie P. Self

Ball-Town Community by Tamara Williams

New Iberia by Linda D. Huskey

Origin and Different Locations of a Parish Courthouse (Livingston) by Johnnie Watts,

 LaPlace: Then and Now by Shawn Sympson


Square 96, Lot 15: The Making of a Memory by Suzanne Thomas

“Garyville” by Kim Catoire

Bay St. Louis and the Toulme Family by Wendi Howard

Historical Natchitoches by Debra Dumas

 An Historical Account of Bayou St. John by George Duhon, Jr.

  A Small Part of Gretna by Saundra S. Newton


LaPlace…A History by Sandra A. Fernandez

Grand Ole Grand Coteau by Theresa McGrew

A Historical Look At West End by Todd L. Schubert

Madison Parish’s Greatest Disaster by Tony Hoover

What’s In A Name? (Place Names) by Tonja Lookhoff

A View of LaPlace’s Past by Kathleen Schafer

The Port of New Orleans by Toni L. Graves

New Llano, A Socialist Colony by Ashley Kozak

The Port of New Orleans by Cindy Colline


Iberville Parish: A History by Cherie Elizabeth Aucoin

Pilottown, One Man’s Paradise by Penny E. Crider

A Brief Look at St. Charles Parish by Marvel Berry

Gonzales by Mia Martinez

Washington, A Town of Memories and History by Michel Gibson


Harvey, Louisiana by Evelyn Vinet

St. John the Baptist Parish: Fading Traditions, New Traditions by Tammy Russell

A History of Marksville, Louisiana, My Birthplace by Jeanne Villemarette

The City of Gretna by Lynn Ann Melancon

Gretna, A History by Catherine G. Jones

Pointe Coupee Parish by Pamela J. Boudreaux


Destrehan…More than Just a Small Town by Erin E. Granier

A Scenic View of Old River by Karen L. Schmidt

The History of Natchitoches, Louisiana by Tiffini Sanchez

Bay St. Louis and the Toulme’ Family by Wendi Howard

Seventy-Five Years in Chalmette by Byron Strickland

Saucier: The Town and the People by Bridgette L. McElroy

The Flood of 1927 (Avoyelles Parish) by Melinda Rabalais


The Adventure Of The Ursulines by Kendell K. Hare

The Ursuline Nuns: The Journey to New Orleans and Their Contributions to the Colony
by Marisa R. Hintz

The Ursuline Nuns by Cherie Campeaux

Ursuline Nuns by Monica Ashley Morris

The Ursulines in Louisiana by Jennifer A. Mariande

The Ursuline Sisters:  Their Contribution to Our History by Cathy Bozanja,

Ursulines, The New Orleans Community by Nikki J. Bray

The Ursulines in New Orleans by Hope Kramer

The Adventures of the Ursuline by Joan Porter


The Ursulines in Louisiana’s History by Paulette Fairchild

The Ursuline Nuns: Adventures to the New World by Marcelle R. Penny

Marianites’ Journey Through Louisiana by Colleen E. Smith

Ursuline Academy in New Orleans by Jami Trahan

Origins of the Dominican Sisters in New Orleans by Victoria A. Krummel

The Ursulines of New Orleans by Lisa Doiron

The Ursulines Convent and the Contributions of the Ursuline Nuns by LaGina J. Sharp


Buy War Bonds! Buy A Share in America! Prisoner of War Experience In Louisiana by
Susan A. Broussard

A Cajun’s Account of World War II by Santo M

Camp Livingston by Eric Griffin

 Prisoner of War: One Louisianian’s Story by Christine Smith


BOX   14



Essay on Military History

2. ELDERHOSTEL (3 items)

Letter to C.H. Nichols, March 8, 1977

Elderhostel booklet, October 1988

Elderhostel booklet, October 1989

3. STUDENT ESSAYS (10 items)

Wattingy, Beth. “Algiers Point”. March 27, 1987

Barba, Stephen M. “Metairie- A Great Neighbor”. March 27, 1987

Bonura, Jody Lynn. “The Ursuline Nuns: A Tradition of Louisiana”. July 3, 1986

Ayrod, Andrea. “The Duchess of Erata Street”. March 30, 1984

Labure, Tammy. “My Family’s History”. April 7, 1997

Heltz, Lacey L. “Family History”. July 8, 1996

Cress, Kathy. “The Pointed History of the Chapotons”. July 8, 1996

Morgan, Melanie M. “The Morgan Family”/ July 8, 1996

Landry, Tammy. April 7, 1997

Luce, Kerri. “The DiStefanos-Three Generations in Louisiana”. November 6, 1996


 BOX   15


1. Student Papers (13 Items)

The Life of Ray and Mabel Sanders by Molli Magee

Step by Step by Tim Beatty.

Eliza Jane Christmas by Rodney B. Hastings.

Short Biography on Mr. James Fancis McCarroll by Stephanie James

My Grandfather: Woodrow Austin Higginbotham by Pam Green

My Family History by Michelle R. Kling

Settoon Generations 1860-1986 by Leisa L. Settoon

Term Paper by Kim Lee

Rural Life in Livingston Parish in the Early Nineteen Hundreds by Dan Norred

A history of Springville/ Centerville, Louisiana by Stacey E. Wise

French Settlement by Billy T. Balfantz

 My Dad – A Livingston Parish Resident for Over Six Decades by Sylvia Radley

Walker Baptist Church by Gina Cain

 2.Student Papers (12 items)

Springfield United Methodist Church by Billy T. Balfantz

Vincent Scivicque, Founder of Prot Vincent by Jeannie Peak

Church of the Immaculate Conception: Denham Springs, La by Phyllis Gautreau

My Family- The Perkins’ by Veronica Shavonne Robards

Michael Milton and his Descendants by Belinda Stafford      

The History of Frost by Janice Dubois

Judson Baptist Church by Geneva Gayle Saloom

Benefits and Hazards of a Local Railroad by Johnnie Watts Jr.

The History of the Settoon Family and their Fourth Generation Trade Store by Jeanie
P. Windham

The History of Simon Thomas: The Founder of the Thomas Community by Kimberly Taylor

The History of Doyle School by Linda V. Saucier

The Former Milton Old Field by Lisa Cox

 3. Student Papers (16 items)

Southeastern LA. University, The History of Livingston Parish by Tina Y. Welborn

Courthouse Records of Louis W. Ernest by Adam Daigle

Cemeteries on the Christmas Plantation, Livingston Parish, Louisiana by Rodney B.

 “Grandpa” by Pasty Williams

History of the Averett Family by Sherry Averett

Lori Laspe Pittman Family History by Lori Pittman

History of the Walker Baptist Church 1907-1989 by Gina Blocker

Minority Catholics in Central Livingston Parish by Peggy Nettles- Binning

The History of the Wascom Family in Livingston Parish by Stacey Wascom

A Glimpse of the Past: A Brief History of John Beverly Impson and his Family by R.
Dean Cutrer

A place of Beauty by Quailin Sue Pate

Linda Threeton: A Springfield Artist by Mercedes Fowler

The Spice of Life by Lisa Berthelot

R.H. Peak General Merchandise: A Family Endeavor by Jerry Fletcher

Racial Undertow on the Amite- Denham Springs by Ann Barnett

 Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez by Jamie Lyn Petito.

 4. Student Papers (13 items)

Nicholas George Martin: The French Immigrant by Melissa Martin Ard

The Life of Taft Faust by Michael T. Stewart

St. Margaret Catholic Church by April Michelle Wheeler

The History of Macedonia Church by Beth Moss

Dr. Lee A. Allen: Good Old Country Doctor by Dawn Rush

A Synopsis of the Hutchinson Family by Melissa Tallia

A Note about Omera Fletcher Allen by Janet Giveans

“Port Vincent, From the Beginning” by Claude M. Ray Jr.

Term Paper Assignment by Allison Taylor Willie

Mr. Seigle Hunstock– A Life – Long Resident of Denham Springs by Kathy A. Ritchey

The Life and Times of Amaluece Morris and Gladys Berthlot by Bryant E. Priest

Galveztown by Linda Perea

“The History of Holden” by Bart Kennedy

5. Student Papers (12 items)

No Title by Angelia Noel Turnage

That Hungarian Pride Shines Through by Julie B. Dugas

My Family – The Robards by Veronica Robards

The Hutchinson Men by Kenya Ann Hogan

The Past and Present Day History of Denham Springs by Susan Chavers

The Legacy of Oliver Owen Murrell by Koree Hagan

The Hutchinson Heritage by Amber Bigner

No title by Shellie Collura

 Denham Springs: Yesterday and Today by Jerri F. Small

The Train Derailment of Livingston, Louisiana by Traci Munn

Watson: Small, but full of Memories by Vicki G. Buhler

Mocsarys in Louisiana 1896-1937 by Thomas Mocsary

6. Student Papers (13 items)

Early Hungarian Settlement by Carol Starkey

The Hungarian Settlement by Michelle K. Stewart

La Cote Francaise (French Settlement) by Dana Marie Tanner

My Family History by LaDonna Long

The Watson Family History in Livingston Parish by Lynn Wisdom

The Fletcher Family by Melissa Albin

Burning Memories by Vicky Coats

The Denham Springs News by Richard K. Walls

Walker by Bobby N. Morgan

No title by Tanya Wood

The History of Killman by Kathleen Ouber

The Squealing Horn by Mark R. Clement

The Livingston Train Development by Kirk Comish



BOX   16


1. Student Papers (14 items)

A Family History by Susan S. Cryer

The Patriarch of My Family by Paulette Milles

History of Walker Baptist Church by Chantel Taylor

From Hard Times to Good Times in French Settlement, Louisiana by Angelle M. Acdoin

Revival Temple by Tim Rogers

Hebron Baptist Church of Denham Springs by Pasha McDonald

The Olah Family by James Louis Olah Jr.

History of the Walker Baptist Church 1907-1989 by Gina Blocker. March 29, 1989

History of the Walker Baptist Church 1907-1989 by Gina Blocker. November 6, 1989

The History of Denham Springs, Louisiana by Jeri Vincent

 Denham Springs: From Spring Water to Oil Wells by Michael D. Eddards

History of Denham Springs by Desi Rheams

The Establishment of Denham Springs by Mari Leigh Nevels

The History of Denham Springs by Ron Tarter

 2. Student Papers (15 items)

The History of Denham Springs by Perry Ballard

Denham Springs and the Corporate Ladder by Jamie Bowen

Chandler’s Department Store by Mach Forbes

James Drug Store by Barbara A. Averette

First Baptist Church of Denham Springs by Michael Eddards

Holden, My Hometown by Traci Woods

Hiram Pierce Hinson by Lindy Albin

Port Vincent Past and Present by Randy J Marchiafava

Vincent Scivicque Founder of Port Vincent by Nancy Abbott

My Grandfather, Lorin Chapman Wall by Melissa Wall Hecht

Springfield by David Hardy

Springfield by Melissa Burchfield

Springfield by Kimberly Dawn Threeton

The Sanders’ by Robert B. Sanders

“James Ivy Stephens” by Angela D. Leader

3. Student Papers (12)

Segments of My Family History by Victoria B. Lassalle

Maurepas Island Settlers by Adam Daigle

The Bazile Family: A Look at Our Past, Our Present, and Our Memories by Michelle Traylor

The Amite River: Its Beauty and Controversy by Richard Davis

History of the Amite River Trade by Claude McMorris

A Family Ancestor, Henry Tucker Comish by Denise Comish

History of Port Vincent by Cheryl Savoy

Michael Milton: Founder of Walker and Walker’s School System by Tonya Spillman

No title by Erika L. Weldon

No title by Cayce Lynne Fournier

The Life and Times of Emerson Davis by Monica H. Player

Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Papers 1974

4. Student Papers (15 items)

The Killing of two Confederate Soldiers at Springfield on July 4, 1862 by Julie Gainey

Springfield: A History by John Banks

Historical Homes of Springfield by Joanna Tallo

Springfield, Louisiana by Clementine Showers

Springfield by Joy Morse

Springfield, Louisiana by Barbara Richardson

A History of Springfield, Louisiana by Hilliard Threadgill

Galveztown by James E. Herren

Beckie Rosevear Papers, Title: “The History Of Hebron Baptist Church”

A Livingston Parish Legend by Rollin DiPalma

Lake Maurepas as a Food Source: Past and Present by Harold Steven Polk

My Heritage, From London to Livingston by Danette Whitehead Broussard

History of Live Oak School by Shirley Hodges

Frost, A Once Blooming Settlement by Angelia McMorris

The History of St. Francis Episcopal Church by Rosemary Patchen

5. Student Papers (16 items)

History of the Easterly Family by Rhonda Easterly

The History of La Cote Francaise by Joy Little

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Denham Springs Louisiana: A History by Rebecca
E. Sharp

Port Vincent: Past to Present by Angela M. Abbott

The Milton Legacy by Wade Milton   

The Alvin Grey Sibley Family by Rachel Blount

Cotton Family Heritage of Livingston Parish by Michael Cotton Jr.

“The History of Livingston Parish” by Marsha Ott

The Struggle for Survival in Varnado, Louisiana by Aylene Boone

Galveztown by Angelle T. Sigur

Galveztown Louisiana by Terri M. Ezell

The Historical Development of French Settlement’s Economy by Kellye A. Jones

History of French Settlement by Mark Williams

The Lipscomb Lineage by Kelly Lipscomb Thames

My Grandfather: A Migrating Sharecropper Who Settled in Louisiana by Melissa Richardson

Family History by Laurie Turner


BOX   17


1.  Student Papers (19 items)

Fourth Ward School by Doris Young

Family History Paper by Robin R. Miles

A Brief History of Mount Nebo Baptist Church by George Heine

Macedonia Baptist Church by Wanda Colkmire

The History of Saint Mary by Jamie Fontenot

Hebron Baptist Church by Jerry Wax

Colyell Baptist Church by Bonnie Hughes

Hebron Baptist Church of Denham Springs by Pasha McDonald

Arpadhon-The Hungarian Settlement by Kim Kinchen

The Hungarian Settlement by Joseph Fekete

My Great-Grandfather, Co-Founder of Arpadhon by Victoria Mocsary

A Proud Heritage by Jill M. Prokop

My Father’s Life as a “Fighting Tiger” by Joseph F. Labruzzo

History of Colyell Baptist Church by Rebecca Dean

The Gill Family History by Amy Wallace Bush

The Hungarian Settlement of Albany by Peggy Beard

The History and Customs of a Louisiana Hungarian Community by Laurie Hinson

Arpadhon, Natalbany, Lone Bear, Albany by Deborah P. Brown

Reverend Alexander Bartus by Yvette Pfiffner

2. Student Papers (19 items)

The Albany Hungarian Community by Tim Cowart

Albany, Louisiana by Flora B. Stewart

A History of the School in Albany, Louisiana by Laura W. Woods

Stewart Family History by Delta Steward Morrison

No title by Douglas M. Williams

Tracing My Roots by Gabrielle Lambert

The Fight at Wall’s Bridge by Ann Wilson

 A Glimpse Into the Family History of Mary Elizabeth Wolfe by Mary Elizabeth Wolfe

Family History Sample Paper

Description Paper

The Old Land Grant Office by Andrew Redmond

The School System of Greensburg From 1813 to 1904 by Paige M. Rohner

Grangeville Baptist Church Cemetery by James H. Caraway

An Early History of St. Helena Parish by Karen Watson

The History of St. Helena Parish by Sharon Buckton

My Family History by Angela Shockley

Williams Bridge on the Amite River by Powell A. Casey

A Complete History of the Historic St. Helena Parish by Lorena Elizabeth McClendon

Colleges in Greensburg by Kelly Newcomb

3. Student papers (16 items)

Life in Louisiana by Kimberly S. Price

My Grandfather Lester Douglas Hornsby by Ronda Brabham

Tommy Doyle by Joyce Doyle

No title by Rebecca A. Davis

Salute to Farmers by Alma Allen

The Early Timber Boom and Sawmill Railroads in St. Helena Parish by Tammy Johnson

The History of St. Helena Parish by Nellin B. Webb

The History of St. Helena Parish by Deborah Brewning

Kedron Baptist Church by Lisa Zachary

Mayer History to Morgan Land by Jonathan Sandifer Morgan

The Sibley Family by Tammy Graham

The Life of Many Hardships by Vicki Haik

Lazard Temple Church of God in Christ by Griffin, Monica

A House with a Tradition by Amy Carter

A Little St. Helena Parish History by Barbara L. Muse

Bye-Bye Birdie by Nick Harris

4. Student Papers (14 items)

Creation of Livingston Parish by Dana Thomas

The Birth of Livingston Parish by Mary A. Vaughan  

Livingston Parish’s Mobile Courthouse by Devan Pardue

History of Holden by Crandall Blount

Your Pleasure is Our Happiness, no name/author

The Man Behind “The Little Watchman” by Vera Harris

The History of the Livingston Parish Courthouse by Sanda Oliver

A Watson Family History in Livingston Parish by John Watson

The Livingston Parish Courthouse by Bryan Taylor

Macedonia Baptist Church by Virgie Morgan

James Dixon Lacey in Livingston Parish, Louisiana by Robert Becnel

History of Livingston Parish by Brain Easley

The Macedonia Baptist Church by Rachael Stewart

Eva Simoneaux Luke by Jeffrey P Peno

5. Student Papers (25 items)

The Creation and History of a Wonderful Parish by Donna Johnston

The Livingston Parish Fair by Linda Sibley

Life, Louisiana, and Me by Alex Prokop

Livingston Bank: Where Progress and Service are a Parish Tradition by Ann Miller

La Maison de Cambre by Stacey Babin

Walker and its schools by Donna Rushing

My Neighbor-The Mill by Sheila Holden

The Fourth Ward School: An End of Neighborhood Education by Judith Buccere

The Courthouses of Livingston Parish by Guy McDonald

History of Tickfaw, River Baptist Church by Sharon Courtney

Life During the Livingston train derailment by Clementine Shoulers

A Remnant of My Heritage by Karla Peak

Hebron Baptist Church by Jenny Roundtree

Whitehall, Louisiana by David Delatte

The Church in the Wildwood by Crystal Coburn

History of the Bedico Baptist Church by Jeff Holmes

A Courthouse on the Move by Joyce Page

The Creation of Livingston Parish and its courthouse locations by William Ellzey III

The Community with Two Names, Watson and Live Oak by Terri Livengood

A Chronicle Of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Schools-Mandeville, LA 1890-1986 by Donna
M. Gidick

The World’s Longest Bridge by Carolyn Senac

The Spell Family History by Kristi Nowlin

Mandeville Schools Past, Present, and Future by Mary May

Mandeville: The Dream Fulfilled by C. Howard Nichols

 Pelloat Family History by Jodi Pelloat O’Berry


BOX   18


1. Student Papers (28 items)

The Fuscias, The Hickmans, and the Bennetts by Nora L. Bennett

The Boudreaux’s History From 1884-Present by Angela Faust

Three Hundred Years of Family From Rene’ (1695) to Deena (1995) by R.A. Tony Guillot

Glenmora and the Wales-A Brief History by Donald C. Wale

Research Project by Sandra Vige

The Dupuy History by Tina C. Brady

Europe to America: The Immigration and Propagation of the LaBarbera/Bouyelas Clan
by Greg  Bouyelas

The Legendre Family by Christine Legendre

A Sketch of my family’s lives: Three Generations of Louisiana Women by Lori Meyers

The Rouchons: An Old Farming Family by Amanda L. Rouchon

Edwin Gumpert Hardware by Carl D. Gumpert

 “Gram” The Character of Adele Gassen Chaisson by Dawn W. Guillory

Louisiana History by Renny Hollingsworth

Hendrik William Vanderwall by Gail Vanderwall

The Louise S. McGehee School by Lisa B. Elstrott

Coming to America by Rebecca L Tallo

Louisiana Life: Growing up in the 1920’s and 30’s by Charles T. Cain

The Pontchartrain Railroad: Madness, Miracle, Or Milestone by Kathleen W. Thornton

A Luxury Hotel During the Depression: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Bellboy by Stephanie

The Vivien Family History by Sharon Vivien

Solis Family History by Alicia Solis

Growing up in New Orleans by JoAnne Williams

Campus Crusade for Christ at Southeastern Louisiana University by Renee Honoree

Genealogy of the Cranfield Family by Claude L. Cranfield

Pierre Daspit St. Amand by Sandy Drude

2. Student Papers (31 items)

A Family History by Kelly M. Smith

The Dougherty Family History by April Ashleigh Dougherty

The Great Grandfathers McNeely by Sharon Brewster

Hurricane Katrina by Panagiotis Kondylis

Hurricane Katrina by JP Wismer

Katrina by unidentified

Katrina by Deborah Lange

Katrina Paper by Gretchen Richet

The Grand Chenier McCalls, Millers, and Nunezes by Susan Sharlene Dunham

Bourgeois Brothers: Old Fashioned Ideals in a Modern World by Dena Bercegeay

(Dutchtown, Ascension) term paper by Becky Bunker

Tabby Thomas: Singing the Louisiana Blues by Michael Marcum

The Narretto Family by Dennis Narretto

The St. Joseph Altar by Marilyn Calcagno

My Great-Grandfather: A Sicilian Immigrant to Louisiana by Stephanie Tucker

Tony Monteleone: Childhood Memories by Barbara Monteleone

Italians in Tangipahoa by Charlotte Giardina

The Holy Ghost Catholic Community: A Thriving Addition to the Hammond Area by Margaret

Unleashed Skeletons, Highlights and Eccentricities of the Candiotto Family by Yvonne
Candiotto Church

 The History of a Louisiana Native by Kimberly Sirone

 Present Day Miracles in Louisiana by Ann Habisreitinger

The History of Carona’s Bakery by Karla Booth

A History of the Guzzardo Family-Their Town and Influence by Regina R. Anthony

Saragusa Road by Joseph D. Saragusa, Jr.

Family Business by Sharon L. DePaula

Dream Fulfilled by Veronica Bonfiglio

My Grandfather: The Sicilian Survivor by Mike Mitchell

Me and My Heritage by Regina M. Martin

The Guzzardos and the Lavignes of Independence, Louisiana by Ann L. Hessler

The Garafola History by Shannon Garafola

Tickfaw From the Ground Up by Denise Muscarello

Like Father, Like Son by Linda S. Owens

The Life of Frank Arnone by Donna Schexnayder

The Perise Family by Phyllis Dattalo

Three Generations: My Family Evolution by Melissa DePaula