Calmes Murder Trial

Photo Collection


Pix # Date of Pix Size of Pix No. of Pix Kind of image Negative

1 1924 3 x 5 2 B&W Copy print 35mm B&W (2)

Picture of first jury drawn for murder trial of Dallas L. Calmes. Left to Right, Front Row: LeRoy Thorpe, Thomas L. Mydland, Forman of the Jury, Eugene Hendry, E. C. Varnado, Arch McDaniel, Will Vernon, Dy. Sheriff, Ben L. Goodman, Marcus Cutrer, Walt Blades, Ira Fortenberry, Clyde Smith, Robert Copes, Marcus L. Wall, and Limuel Warner, Dy. Sheriff. (These names were typed on the back of the picture--there are also two negatives of these names). There is some xeroxed material about the trial in the Tangipahoa Parish Collection.

2 1924 3 x 5 2 B&W Copy print 35mm B&W (2)

Picture of the six prisoners and four deputies. Left to Right: David Story, Deputy; Natale Demore; Roy Leona; Dan Bunch, Deputy; Joseph Bocchio; Luther Story, Deputy; Andrew Lamantie; Joseph Giglio; Joseph Rini, and Loren Bennett, Deputy.