The following scholarly works have been published by the Center. Most are still available
for sale, but some are out of print. The charge for photocopying any out-of-print
work will be 50 cents per page. Photocopying of works which are still in print is
not allowed. 

Please add $5.00 for postage and handling for each book. 

Send your letter of request with a check or money order to: 

Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies 
SLU 10730
Hammond, LA 70402


  • Arpadhon: The Largest Rural Hungarian Settlement in the United States (No longer available
    for sale.)

  • Back Door to the Gulf: Pass Manchac Region 1699-1863 (No longer available for sale.)

  • El Nuevo Constante $5.00

  • Folklife in the Florida Parishes $10.00

  • Feast of St. Joseph: Labor of Love by the Faithful $5.00

  • Guide to the Civil War Sources in the Southeastern Louisiana University Archives $4.00

  • Hammond Army Air Field and Early Aviation in the Hammond Area $20.00

  • Guide to Ethnic Sources in the Southeastern Louisiana University Archives $5.00

  • Hungarian Folklife: “The Sweet Taste of Yesterday” in the Florida Parishes $5.00

  • John F. Kennedy Assassination Sources in the SLU Archives $2.00

  • Little Railroads which Helped Build Communities $5.00

  • The Military Presence on the Gulf Coast $13.00

  • Threads of Tradition and Culture Along the Gulf Coast $20.00

  • Anglo-Spanish Confrontation on the Gulf Coast During the American Revolution $13.00

  • Spain and her Rivals on the Gulf Coast $12.00

  • The Cultural Legacy of the Gulf Coast $10.00

  • Ethnic Minorities in Gulf Coast Society $10.00

  • Gulf Coast Politics in the Twentieth Century $10.00

  • “One of the Prettiest Spots I Have Seen”-Politics, Industry, and the Destruction of

         The Manchac Swamp $10.00



  • Southeast Louisiana Review Journal 

  • Southeast Louisiana Historical Papers

  • Regional Dimensions 

  • Gulf South Historical Review

Carnivals and Conflicts: A Louisiana History Reader, 2nd ed.

Books written or edited by Dr. Samuel C. Hyde

  • Pistols and Politics

  • Plain Folk of the South Revisited

  • Sunbelt Revolution

  • A Fierce and Fractious Frontier

  • A Wisconsin Yankee in Confederate Bayou Country


Books written or edited by Dr. Keith Finley

  • Delaying the Dream