Admission Requirements


Students are admitted as a cohort into the post-master's DNP program during the fall semester. Didactic courses in the program are offered online. However, students will be required to participate in on-campus activities immediately prior to the start of the program and at the conclusion of the program when presenting synthesis projects. In addition, there are several courses in the curriculum (residency courses) with practicum requirements. Prior to enrolling in NURS 801 Biostatistics, students must provide evidence of completion of a graduate level statistics course. A graduate level statistics course must be approved by the DNP Program Coordinator. Students must meet all criteria for admission to graduate studies at Southeastern Louisiana University.


Admission requirements for admission to the DNP Program include:


  1. A completed application form and payment of the application fee submitted on or prior to the application date.
  2. Receipt of official transcripts from each degree-granting college and university previously attended.
  3. An earned master's degree in one of the following areas of advanced nursing practice: 
    a.  Nurse practitioner 
    b.  Nursing administration/leadership
  4. Cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 on Master's level coursework on a 4.0 scale.
  5. Evidence of current, unencumbered U.S. nursing licensure (no restrictions): 
    a.  RN license 
    b.  APRN license (nurse practitioners)
  6. Three statements of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the applicant's capacity for doctoral study. 
    a.  One form must be completed by a former faculty member in a nursing program, a current or former nursing supervisor or nursing leader. 
    b.  One form must be completed by someone who can attest to the competencies and expertise of the applicant at the Advanced Practice level. 
    c.  The third form may be from an individual of the applicant's choice; however, the form should address the applicant's ability to successfully complete a doctoral education program.
  7. Current resume or curriculum vitae.
  8. A document, prepared by the applicant which addresses the following: 
    a.  Applicant's goals for doctoral study which are congruent with DNP Program goals (See The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice which can be accessed at
    b.  Focused area of interest for synthesis project, 
    c.  How acquiring the DNP degree is important to fulfillment of the applicant's career goals.  The document must be typewritten, double-spaced, in 12-point, Times New Roman font and should be no longer than three pages in length.
  9. Completion of a scheduled telephone interview with the DNP Program coordinator.
  10. Prior to enrollment, students will be required to submit to background checks, drug and alcohol screening, and must meet program health requirements. These screenings will be conducted at the student's expense.
  11. Students should be proficient with methodologies utilized in Online Learning and must possess computer equipment and technology which is compatible with the university learning management systems (Ex. Moodle, Leonet).
  12. Attend onsite DNP Program Orientation (to be scheduled).