Honors Program

The Honors Program at Southeastern Louisiana University is designed to provide participants with an excellent educational opportunity to learn about not only their chosen major, but also to learn the nature of intellectual inquiry and to study the important issues of our time and of all time.

Small classes in a unique honors core curriculum especially designed to promote exploration and discussion of ideas, the outstanding professors who care about their students' progress, opportunities to find and develop oneself through belonging to a more intimate community of scholars, and the friendly help always available at the Honors Office -- these are things students first praise about their Honors experience.

Later they talk about the sense of accomplishment that comes with gaining a wider perspective on the world and also the refined investigative and discussion skills that prepare them for success and leadership in all aspects of life.

After graduating from Southeastern, many Honors Program alumni have reported that their Honors Diploma positively helped them gain acceptance into graduate and professional schools and win their first jobs. Many alumni also report that they continue to treasure the great friendships they formed while in the Honors Program.