Degree Program

Professional and related occupations are one of the fastest growing occupational groups in the United States. Computer, mathematical, healthcare practitioners and technical occupations, as well as education make up many of these job opportunities.

Strengths of the program

While preparing for professional careers that integrate mathematics, science, and technology, ISAT students have the opportunity to work with highly qualified professors from three departments as well as leaders from industry and business.

A strong core of interdisciplinary, experiential courses forms a foundation in mathematics, science, and technology. A variety of electives then allow students to focus on areas of interest. Recent graduates of the ISAT program are currently enjoying careers at DuPont Chemicals, EATEL Corp., Interlox Co., Southeastern Louisiana University, and the U.S. Navy.


Targeted Audience

The ISAT degree appeals to matriculating college students as well as to those already working in scientific and technical areas. This degree prepares students for the workplace by giving them experience in applying their knowledge of mathematics and science to projects of interest to business and industry.

Individuals with experience and training in technology gain a deeper understanding of the science and mathematics used in their fields. Students learn these problem-solving skills through a core of interdisciplinary project-oriented courses that will extend and broaden training in each of the academic areas.


Objectives of the Program

Students who complete the ISAT degree at Southeastern Louisiana University will be able to:

  • Integrate information and concepts across different scientific and technical disciplines.
  • Apply specialized knowledge from chemistry, computer science, industrial technology, --mathematics or physics to solve problems that are critical to future growth of local -business and industry.
  • Work effectively with people who possess various educational and experiential backgrounds.
  • Use appropriate technology in communication, information and knowledge management, modeling, forecasting, and decision-making.


Features of the Program 

  • An academically and professionally diverse group of students seeking to become more responsible and effective managers in today's complex, high-technology environment.
  • A unique opportunity for continuing higher education in southeastern Louisiana for technically and scientifically literate students.
  • Traditionally delivered classes as well as classes that meet in the evenings, on the week-ends, and will be available through distance learning so as not to interrupt careers.
  • A collaborative learning environment in which students and faculty work together to define the conditions and problems of an evolving information environment.
  • Core courses that provide a foundation in science, mathematics and technology and electives that allow students to focus on areas of interest.


Typical Position Titles for ISAT Graduates

  • Industrial Engineering Specialist

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • Information Manager

  • Systems Analysts

  • Technical Representative

  • Associate Industrial Engineer

  • Laboratory Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Information Systems Consultant

  • Computer Programmer/ Database developer

  • General manager

  • Plant manager