Southeastern welcomes students back for the start of classes this week while we continue to keep all faculty, staff and students who are not yet able to make it to campus in our thoughts as the region works to recover from devastating flooding.
We attempted to reach ALL our students in recent days, but we realize communication has been difficult, if not impossible for some. If you are just now able to see this message, please contact so we can have a better understanding of your status and work with you so you can attain your educational goals.


Volume 36 of The Pick

Title: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Author:Alexandra M. Burghardt

Essay Type:Literary Analysis

Course:English 300

Instructor:Dr. Reine Bouton

Title: A Child's Choice

Author:Amira Makke

Essay Type:Problem/Solution

Course:English 102

Instructor:Ms. Heather O'Connell

Title: Science behind the Art

Author:Andrea Ojeda

Essay Type:Earth Science

Course:Earth Science 101

Instructor:Mr. Bruce Sherman

Title: Ulysses Among the Sinners

Author:Brandi Hopkins

Essay Type:Critical Analysis

Course:English 351

Instructor:Dr. Jim Walter

Title: Overcoming Life's Challenges -- A Generation Apart

Author:Elena R. Dieck

Essay Type:Service-Learning

Course:Education 654

Instructor:Dr. Cynthia Elliot

Title: Perfect Deceit

Author:Estera Pirosca

Essay Type:Art Analysis

Course:English 101

Instructor:Ms. Amy Acosta

Title: Myself as a Writer

Author:Hillary Simpson

Essay Type:Problem/Solution

Course:English 101

Instructor:Dr. Beth Calloway

Title: Shakespeare's Heroines: Kate, Portia, and Beatrice

Author:Lorraine Maynard

Essay Type:Research Paper

Course:English 435

Instructor:Dr. Joan Faust

Title: The Price for Stability in Putin's Russia

Author:Nicholas Brilleaux

Essay Type:Research Paper

Course:English 102

Instructor:Ms. Annabel Servat

Title: Feminism Through Religion in Hurston's "Sweat"

Author:Rachel Carazo

Essay Type:Literary Analysis

Course:English 300

Instructor:Dr. Sarah Spence

Title: The Price of Freedom

Author:Robert Williamson

Essay Type:Problem/Solution

Course:English 102

Instructor:Mr. Chris Genre

Title: Rene Descartes: Father of Modern Philosophy and Scholasticism

Author:Sarah Venable

Essay Type:Research Paper

Course:Philosophy 301

Instructor:Dr. Barbara Forrest

Title: God and Guilt in Parsons' Place

Author:Simone Hamilton

Essay Type:Literary Analysis

Course:English 439

Instructor:Dr. Richard Louth

Title: Weighing the Options

Author:Tiffany Robinson

Essay Type:Literary Analysis

Course:English 102

Instructor:Mr. Chris Genre