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FY2015 Louisiana Travel Policy Training (powerpoint)

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State Travel Policies and Procedure
Louisiana Travel Guide - provides complete travel regulations


Southeastern Travel Policy

Safe Driving Policy

Travel Advance Request Form

Contracted Travel Agency - Short's Travel Management

Ethics Disclosure Form and Instructions

Secure Flight -Traveler message

Process Form for Payment

Airline Ticket Information  -  New Orleans Airport Park & Fly Information

General Information 

Non-Employee Acknowledgement

Travel Approval for Non-State Employee

Travel Authorization (TA) Information - See Sample Memo

***All out of state travel must have a TA***

Status of TA

State Tax Exemption Form- Covers travel related expenditures other than hotel.

Hotel Tax Exemption Form - Covers Hotel for state of LA only

Hotel Overage Request

Vehicle Rental Information / Vehicle Rental Request Form

See information below on State taxes and how they affect you.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car in-state and out-of-state discount code is NA1403  

Enterprise Direct link to State of LA

National Rental out-of-state discount code is NA 1403

Hertz Rental out-of-state discount code is 70592    

Organized Group Travel Guidelines



These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

State Travel Regulations state that expense accounts for travel must be turned in no later than thirty days following travel. Failure to turn in expense accounts on time could jeopardize reimbursement. According to State Regulations, "In no case shall reimbursements require more than thirty (30) days to process from the receipt of complete, proper travel documentation."

Requests for rental vehicles must be made on the On-line TA. An additional Rental Vehicle Request Form (copy in these guidelines--copy as needed) MUST BE forwarded to the Controller's Office with the on-line TA number recorded on it. This must be on file in the Controller's Office when the Expense Account is submitted for reimbursement (See also Rental Vehicle in another section of these guidelines.)

Expense Account forms MUST show the W# and faculty (campus) box number (or mailing address) of the person submitting the Expense Account in addition to the Budget Unit and Expenditure Code. It is permissible to include more than one field travel trip for the same person on an Expense Account form; however, do not put more than one PERSON on an Expense Account. Also, please do not refer to more than one TA on an Expense Account. Each TA requires a separate Expense Account.

Expense Account forms for persons interviewed for positions on campus must include the interviewee's name and the address to which the check should be mailed. All interviewee Expense Accounts must be signed by the Human Resource Director. Consult the Human Resource Office for any questions concerning interviewee travel.


Anyone (including athletics), other than an official state employee, who will be driving or transported in a state-owned vehicle and/or a vehicle which has been rented to the State of Louisiana must sign the Non-Employee Acknowledgement (formerly known as Hold Harmless Agreement). This agreement has been updated and issued by the Office of Risk Management and has replaced the Indemnification Agreement on our website. Please forward to all appropriate personnel. If you have any questions, you may contact Office of Risk Management Underwriting Section.


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Travel Authorizations are to be done on-line effective immediately. On-Line Travel Authorizations are required for in-state conferences or seminars and for ALL out-of-state and International travel. The following points are offered for your assistance in completing TAs and Expense Accounts:

1. All TA's are to be submitted and approved prior to travel. An approved TA will ensure the person traveling will be covered by the State Insurance and will be reimbursed for expenses within state travel regulations. Travel without approval may result in non-reimbursement. In the event an online TA is not submitted and/or approved, a memo requesting approval after-the-fact must be submitted through the chain of command to the VP for Administration & Finance for approval. The memo must contain the same information required on an electronic TA along with an explanation why the TA was not submitted and approved prior to travel.

 Sample Memo


2. When completing on-line TA remember to use the correct expenditure code to charge the travel (found elsewhere in these notes).

3. International Travel: A new code has been added for International Travel. The on-line TA system is designed to alert the appropriate office to obtain permission from Baton Rouge for out-of-country travel. If the new code is not used, this approval will not be obtained and travel outside the United States MUST be pre-approved.

4. Effective July 1, 1997, a copy of the formal agenda and/or program for the conference MUST be attached to the Expense Account for meals to be reimbursed, per audit guidelines.

5. Remember that the supervisor of the Budget Unit Head must sign the Expense Account form when expenses claimed are to be reimbursed to the Budget Unit Head. Persons may not approve their own Expense Accounts.

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Expenditure projections on TA should be as accurate as possible. Registration fees for the conference must be included on the TA. In order for the University to pay the registration fees directly to the conference submit a Process Form for Payment for registration fees according to the following procedure:

Process Form for Payment for Registration fees for conventions, conferences and/or workshops are to be submitted to the Controller's Office; instead of sending to Purchasing. Please assure that the Budget Unit head has signed the form and attach all supporting documentation (i.e., registration forms) to the PF. The registration form must be completely filled out even if you plan to mail your own registration form. Remember to allow sufficient time for processing plus mailing time to meet deadline for registration for the conference.

An on-line TA should be completed and approved before submitting the Process Form for Payment to the Controller's Office. Reference the TA number on the PF.

Note: Conference dates, city where conference is held, On-line TA number and person(s) attending conference must be included on the Process Form for Payment. PF will be returned to the originator if all required information is not included or if the completed registration form is not attached.

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All non-routine meetings, conferences and out-of-state travel requests for rental vehicles must be made on the On-line TA.  A Rental Vehicle Request Form (shown below) must be forwarded to the Controller's Office with the on-line TA number recorded on it.  Routine instate field travel does not require a TA; however, it does require a Rental Vehicle Request form.  This must be on file in the Controller's Office when the Expense Account is submitted for reimbursement.

The Vehicle Rental Request Form must be completed and signed by the person taking the trip, it must be signed by the appropriate Vice President for that budget unit, and then forwarded to the VP for Administration & Finance for signature before the trip is taken.

When the signed form is received in the Controller's Office Travel Department, it will be scanned and sent to the person taking the trip so they will know it is approved.


No State Agencies should be paying state taxes on instate vehicle rentals for official state business. Enterprise is working on the problem, some locations are removing while others are not. If you receive any invoice(s) where the taxes are added it should be removed. Please direct the matter to Joey Rosenfeld at 225-445-7250 or via e-mail  if you are charged taxes on your invoice(s). 


Rental Vehicle Request Form


Enterprise Rent-a-Car in-state and out-of-state discount code is NA1403

National Rental out-of-state discount code is NA1403

Hertz Rental out-of-state discount code is 70592



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