Recovery Scholars Series - Scholarship Fundraiser

Time Rabolt


Our Scholarship Breakfast has been changed to a Virtual Recovery Scholars Series - as our scholarship Fundraiser due to concerns with COVID-19. 


Hammond, La. – July 24 ,2020, Southeastern Louisiana University will host the Executive Director for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, Tim Rabolt will be the featured speaker for our Recovery Scholars Series. The Recovery Scholars Series will take the place of the initially planned scholarship breakfast.  The virtual scholars series includes a selection of national speakers on collegiate recovery, mental health and advocacy.

Southeastern officially launched the first collegiate recovery program of the state of Louisiana
Fall of 2019. LION UP Recovery offers hope and an easier road to a college degree by providing
academic support, programming and community to students in recovery. Collegiate Recovery Programming is stemmed from the notion that a degree is a valuable and worthy goal, however there is more to leading a meaningful, successful life. Balancing recovery and your education can be done a lot easier with a supportive community. Our keynote, Tim Rabolt has been quoted “Recovery is not easy – but it should be an opportunity and right available to all who seek it.”

Rabolt, founded the George Washington University Students for Recovery during his time as a
student. Tim received numerous awards during his time at GWU, most notable was The George
Washington Award for his work in recovery advocacy. The GW award serves as the university’s
highest honor. Rabolt also interned for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.
He’s been in recovery since April of 2011. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Collegiate recovery at Southeastern is pertinent for many reasons, but to name a few. Let’s
start with the basics. Supporting students in recovery increases the chance of retention,
graduation. Hence expanding the field of professionals in recovery. Hosting a collegiate
recovery program not only attracts prospective students in recovery to our university, it also
speaks a loud message of inclusion and wellness. Success stories of our students in recovery
will raise public awareness and improve understanding of substance use dependence and
recovery at the University and in the community as a whole.

Monies from the Recovery Scholars Series fund scholarships for our Students committed to the LION UP Recovery. For more information you can email

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