Greek Village Housing

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Greek Village, located on North Campus close to the Southeastern University Center is home to students belonging to sororities and fraternities. Managed by University Housing, each house is occupied by a Greek Letter organization at Southeastern and includes parlor space for chapter events, student residential rooms (11 to 22 beds), and kitchen facilities. A laundry facility is located in Village Building F.

Houses in Greek Village feature double room accommodations but a single room can be requested at twice the double room cost.  Rooms include the following per resident:

  • Twin bed
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Armoire
  • Wireless internet
  • Basic cable

Roommates share a full bathroom equipped with a tub/shower, sink and mirror.

All rooms are climate control.

An Organizational Meal Plan is required for all residents of Greek Village who have less than 60 credit hours.  For details, please visit Dining Services.

Detailed policies and procedures for all Greek Village residents can be found in the Greek Village Resident Guidebook.

Greek House Manager Resources

Organizational House Managers (a member of the organization who coordinates organization housing communication) should use the resources below to fulfill their duties. For additional questions, please contact University Housing. 

Organizational Terms of Occupancy (Agreement beginning 2017, ending 2022)

House Manager Manual

Request for Alteration to Organizational House

Village A: Greek Commons
Village D: Alpha Sigma Tau 
Village E: Phi Mu
Village G: Sigma Sigma Sigma
Village H: Theta Phi Alpha
Village I: Alpha Omicron Pi
Village J: Pi Kappa Alpha
Village K: Sigma Tau Gamma
Village L: Delta Tau Delta


Greek life with Justin Jones Fosu

Guest Greek Speaker, Justin Jones-Fosu with Greek Community