Student Research

NIH Promotes Student Learning Tools

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) offers free e-publications geared to high school and college students on topics including cell biology, genetics, chemistry, structural biology, computational biology, and pharmacology. NIGMS encourages use of the materials in their electronic forms, but printed versions can be ordered as well. Research administrators are encouraged to forward current examples to relevant departments as a strategy for building National Institutes of Health awareness in addition to content knowledge:

The Chemistry of Health

Computing Life

Findings Magazine

Inside the Cell

Medicines by Design

The New Genetics

The Structures of Life


Southeastern Students' Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities Showcase

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs has hosted three Showcases featuring the research, creative, and scholarly works of Southeastern undergraduate and graduate students.  Explore student research by viewing highlights of our Showcases.

2013 Student Showcase
2011 Student Showcase
2010 Student Showcase


Sounds of eRA Podcasts

Check out Sounds of eRA - podcasts for grant writers and administrators. Edward Johnson, Jr. (aka Eddie) discusses various grant-related topics, including techniques for finding available monies for students (see Funding Sniping podcast).  Podcasts are updated often. 


Southeastern CSIT is on YouTube

Check out the Southeastern CS&IT Channel on YouTube to see the latest in student research, activities, and competitions.  Current video topics include a Montage of Robotics Projects (Computer Science), BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle) Senior Design Project (Engineering Technology), Future City Competition at Southeastern (Engineering & Industrial Technology), and an OSHE (Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment) Student Talks about Industrial Technology Project.