Sustainability Center

Sustainability Center

The Outreach Center is an educational learning experience designed to introduce sustainable initiatives including a geothermal heating and cooling system, solar thermal panels, solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, biomass electrical generator, and water reclamation ponds. Students experience an introduction to sustainable practices, LEED program, and view firsthand the functional concepts of these efforts.  Visitors will venture into a nonconventional, energy-neutral classroom and delve into the internal workings of each renewable-energy system.    

This space is air conditioned with a pond-loop geothermal system and utilizes captured rainwater to irrigate landscape beds and flush the toilet.    Top VIew


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Solarthermal System       /admin/phys_plant/green/index.pcf Image

Biomass System 


We invite you to tour our Sustainability Center at Southeastern Louisiana University 

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Southeastern’s Environmental Education Development (SEED) classroom is powered by
solar photo-voltaic panels, heated and cooled by a geothermal system, has an operational
power-generating wind turbine, and solar thermal.  The SEED classroom currently has a biomass pellet process being developed in partnership with Computer Science and Technology.

Sustainability center

We invite you to contact us today to plan a visit to the Southeastern Louisiana University Sustainability Center, located at 2101 North Oak Street, for a day of fun and learning.  Email us at or call 985-549-5034 to schedule a visit.  We'll see you there.