Message from the Provost


That's the way to Lion UP!


It's a beautiful day -- inside and out! The recent enrollment report shows growth in nearly all student categories, student retention and student progression.  Here's some highlights.
Undergraduate student growth is UP 1%.
Graduate student numbers are UP by 1.6%.
Freshmen fall to spring retention rate is UP 0.7%.
The number of continuing undergraduate students is UP 1.6%.
The number of continuing graduate students is UP 1.7%.
Reentry Undergraduates is UP 17.1% (these are students who stopped attending for a while and have been recruited back to Southeastern).
This wonderful news helps confirm that our efforts are working. Most of the new initiatives we've embraced over the last year resulted from the "pain point" feedback provided by you and our students. Thank you for being open and honest about how to better serve our students. You are the key to student success! 
While we celebrate this growth, I know that our expectations are higher. I'm confident that our continued team-efforts will UP these increases even more.
Many, many thanks for all you've done (and continue to do) to help turn pain points into pride points!
My best,