Judicial Branch


The Judicial Branch, which serves as the Student Supreme Court of the Student Government Association, is led by the Chief Justice, Leah Cross.

The Student Supreme Court handles: parking appeals, the interpretation of governing documents, impeachment trials, and Free Speech Alley.

Student Supreme Court  

Chief Justice

Leah Cross

Email: sgajustices@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-3066

Associate Chief Justice


Email: [Vacant]


Justice Alexia Fisher 

Email: Alexia.Fisher@southeastern.edu 


Justice Daimonecia White

Email: Daimonecia.White@southeastern.edu 


Justice Darius Woodfork

Email: Darius.Woodfork@southeastern.edu 


Justice Saydie Rusk

Email: Saydie.Rusk@southeastern.edu 


Justice Cole Delatte

Email: Cole.Delatte@southeastern.edu


Justice Tahj Charles

Email: Tahj.Charles@southeastern.edu