SGA Parking Appeals

One of the main duties of the SGA Judicial Branch is reviewing parking appeals.  If a student, faculty member or staff member receives a citation on campus and feels it was given in error, they can appeal it within then (10) calendar days of the date of the citation.  Before submitting an appeal, please read the information below on reasons appeals are denied.  Instructions on how to submit an appeal can be found here.

The vast majority of appeals received are denied, due to lack of knowledge by the person receiving the citation.  The best thing you can do to avoid a ticket is to familiarize yourself with the parking map, zones, and regulations:


Parking Map     Parking Zones     Parking Regulations    


Ignorance of these zones and regulations is not reason to appeal a citation.


Most Commonly Received Rationale for Appeals that are Denied


  Rationale                                                              Reason for Denial

Zone sign was not visible. Do not rely only on signage.  Check the parking zone map.
I did not back in; I pulled through. Whether you backed into a space or pulled through, your car will be facing outward.  Your car must be facing inward.
This is my first ticket; please give me a warning. There are no warnings, but if the citation is for no hangtag or expired hangtag, you may have the citation voided if you purchase a new hangtag, and it is your first citation of the academic year.
I have a state handicap license/hangtag, and I parked in a handicap spot.  I should not have received a ticket. You must ALSO have a Southeastern handicap hangtag to be displayed in front of your state-issued hangtag.
Someone told me it was OK to park in this spot, but I got a ticket. Don't rely on what someone, even a faculty or staff member (unless they work in the Transportation Services office) tells you.  Please check the parking zone maps if you are unsure if a spot is OK.
I've parked here all semester/year and have never gotten a ticket. This does not mean the parking areas have changed or haven't been enforced.  It means that the ticket writers just haven't been in the area you've been parking at the time you have been parking there until now.  


Other Reasons Appeals are Denied

  • Legal parking space was unavailable - If all legal spaces near the building you are entering are taken, you must still find a legal space elsewhere, even if that means it is far away.
  • Improper display or failure to display current hangtag - Current hangtags must be hung from the rearview mirror with the identifying information facing outward and not covered (even partially).
  • Inclement weather - Regardless of the weather, you are still required to park in your designated area, even if that means walking in the rain.
  • Late arrival for class, meeting, appointment - Running late does not excuse you from parking in a spot for which your hangtag is not designated.
  • Parked only for a short time - It does not matter how short a time you are parked; if you are not parked in a legal spot, you are responsible for any ticket you may receive.
  • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine - Regardless of whether you think the fine is a fair amount for the violation or if you have the funds to pay for the citation, if you receive a ticket, you are still responsible for paying the fine.
  • Left hangtag in another vehicle - Even if you have a current hangtag, if it is not properly displayed on the vehicle you are parking on campus, you are still responsible for paying any ticket you may receive.
  • Medical situations - If you have a medical condition, even temporary, that requires you to be able to park close to building entrances, you should talk to Transportation Services about getting a handicap hangtag.  If you have a medical emergency on a given day that results in you receiving a ticket, you must be able to provide a medical excuse to justify it.  Otherwise, you will still be responsible for paying the fine.