Affordable Learning Ebooks Project

eBook Collections

The Affordable Learning program currently provides access to ebook collections that include Books at JSTOR, Books on Project Muse, and Oxford Scholarship Online (brief descriptions provided below). Sims Library will provide complete access to collections only through July 2019. Books selected by faculty to use for classes will be purchased for permanent access by the library in May 2019 (from funds provided to LOUIS from the Board of Regents).

The collections are accessible to multiple simultaneous users, both on and off campus, and are ideal to use for classes. These ebooks can be used for courses in Spring 2019, Summer 2019, or for the next academic year (Fall 2019- Spring 2020) or beyond. Titles can also be used this semester.

Please select any ebook titles you wish to use so that the library may purchase these for permanent access. Send requests to our Acquisitions Librarian, Paul Kelsey (, and include the course title and anticipated number of students, according to the following timeline:

Spring 2019 use – please send by January 28, 2019
Final selections for future use – please send by April 26, 2019

Please note that only titles that are requested will be purchased for permanent access.

Ebook titles appear in the library catalog, and the collections can also be accessed from the alphabetical Database by Name list (Articles & Databases tab) on the Library website.

Books at JSTOR contains over 32,000 ebooks, published prior to 2016, from 42 publishers. The strength of the collection is in the humanities and social sciences, with some science content. JSTOR ebook chapters are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free, and allow for multiple simultaneous use, PDF downloads, and printing.

Books on Project Muse includes approximately 10,000 ebooks published from 2015 through June 2019 by university and scholarly presses in the humanities and social sciences. Titles are DRM free, and allow for multiple simultaneous use and unlimited printing and downloading.

Oxford Scholarship Online contains approximately 6000 ebooks published from January 2014 through June 2019, and covers the humanities and social sciences (and a limited number of science and medical titles) published by Oxford University Press (the content is DRM free.)

Full access to these collections is only provided through July 2019. Titles selected for use by faculty will be purchased for permanent ownership, along with some additional titles, based on usage or other criteria.

If you have questions about this project, please contact:  

Paul Kelsey
Head of Acquisitions
Phone: 985-549-3954