Login Information

 One important thing to note is that your username and password information for your Southeastern Google account is provided by and managed by Southeastern so in other words, Google provides the webmail service and Southeastern provides the account.

 How to log in...

From the Internet, go to the Gmail login page and enter your email address as your username then enter your password in the password field. You email address is in the format firstname.lastname@southeastern.edu.

Don't know your username?

Your Gmail username is your Southeastern email address.  This is normally in the format firstname.lastname@southeastern.edu.  This email address was assigned to you upon admission to Southeastern.  If you do not know or have forgotten your email address, Southeastern provides a convenient online tool called Email Login Lookup that can be used to easily attain this information.

 Don't remember your password?

If you forget your Gmail password, you must get your password reset before you can get logged in to Gmail or any of the other Southeastern systems like Leonet, Wireless, and Moodle.

Set up your mobile phone

We strongly suggest you confirm that your Mobile Phone number is setup in your password profile. You can update it at this link. If you forget your password, this will allow us to text you a code to reset your password. Otherwise you'll have to visit McClimans hall with a picture ID to reset your password.

Set up your question/answer option

We also suggest that you enable the question/answer option in your account information when you are first given access to your account.  Having this option enabled will grant you access to an online tool called I forgot my password that conveniently resets your password if ever needed.  It is best to set up a question that only you will know the answer to and that will be easy for you to remember.

Using the I forgot my password tool

If you have forgotten your password, this option will only work if you have enabled the question/answer option or setup your mobile phone number.   Click on the I forgot my password link; answer the questions; and input a new password.  Your new password can be used immediately.

Didn't set up your question/answer or forgot your answer

If you don't set up the question/answer option or if you did and have forgotten the answer to your question, you can still get your password reset.  In order for the university to securely reset your password, you must travel to one of our campuses and provide official identification so that we can reset your password.   (exceptions apply to 100% Online Learning students).

Students needing assistance with Gmail or any other technical
issues can receive help from the Southeastern Student Help Desk.