Students in Southeastern's Accounting program gain the skills they need to succeed in the accounting profession or to continue their studies in graduate school. The accredited Accounting program features qualified and involved faculty, a thriving internship program and active student organizations.

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  • Accounting

Required Semester Hours 120

Program Highlights

  • AACSB Accounting Accreditation held by the elite accounting programs in the country
  • Most faculty are doctorally qualified and all have professional certifications
  • Excellent internship program


What Can You Be

Types of Jobs

  • FBI, IRS and other special law enforcement
  • Government accounting
  • Industry accounting
  • Managerial roles
  • Public accounting

Types of Employers

  • CPA firms
  • Government entities
  • Industry firms
  • Non-profit organizations



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Student Orgs & Activities

Annual "Meet the Firms" Event (Provides student networking and career opportunities)

National Association of Black Accountants (student chapter)

Southeastern Accounting Society (Accounting student organization)