Center Exhibits:

The Center offers an array of exhibits open to the public and suitable for all ages.  A permanent installation reflects the many collections types the Center provides to the public.  Specifically, this exhibit highlights The West Florida Flag Controversy, Revolt to Revolution, and An Incomplete Louisiana Purchase.


From Blood to Berries: A History of Tangipahoa Parish

Created in 1869 as a political ploy amid the turmoil of Reconstruction, Tangipahoa Parish has endured a tumultuous pattern of development. The parish was carved from portions of neighboring Livingston, St. Helena, Washington, and St. Tammany parishes to create a contiguous entity that corresponded with the Tangipahoa River and the New Orleans - Jackson Railroad Line (now the ICRR). 
Long burdened by extraordinary rates of rural violence that led the parish to be dubbed "Bloody Tangipahoa,” the region abandoned its attachment to the cotton economy in the early twentieth century with the arrival of strawberry farming and ancillary industries. Today Tangipahoa boasts a rapidly expanding population and growing economy amid one of the most diverse topographical regions of the Gulf South.

Celebrating one-hundred-fifty years of history, our exhibit showcases different industries that helped grow Tangipahoa and how they affected certain cities within the parish. Along with highlighting different festivals and events that put Tangipahoa on the map we take time to honor famous figures who call this parish their home.

We hope you enjoy the exhibit and all of the interesting history Tangipahoa has to offer. If you would like to arrange a special tour for school age children or to inquire further information, please contact the Center at 985-549-2151.


The Cate Exhibit:

With the help of the President's office, the Cate family descendents, and multiple institutional departments, the Center established the Cate Exhibit located on the first floor of the Sims Memorial Library.  This permanent installation demonstrates the influence of Charles Emery Cate and his wife, Mertie Ann Waterman Cate, on the development of Hammond and its surrounding environs. 

The Cate Exhibit showcases the many businesses C. E. Cate created which transformed a small, cross-roads community into a prosperous town.  Additionally, the exhibit highlights the work of Mertie Ann Waterman Cate in developing one of the chief religious institutions in Hammond, Grace Memorial Episcopal Church.  We encourage you to visit this exhibit to learn more about the Cate family legacy and their many contributions to the city of Hammond.

Cate Exhibit Opening

At the opening of the Cate Exhibit, descendants of Charles Emery Cate and Southeastern Officials cut the ceremonial ribbon marking the exhibits official opening.

If you would like to arrange a special tour for school age children or to inquire further information, please contact the Center at 985-549-2151.


West Florida Revolt

Photograph of the West Florida Flag Controversy exhibit.