Henry Bender

Archival Book Collection


1. American Battle Movements or Operations in the War. 78th Division Summary. USGPO, 1944

2. Bent, Christine, ed. New York Times Book of World War I. New York: 1980. (Oversized)

3. Connolly, John B. Underway: Tales of a Tin Can Sailor. Connolly, Baton Rouge, 1990. Soft cover,

4. Culver, Henry B.. 40 Famous Ships. New York: Garden City, 1938 (OVERSIZE)

5. Downing, David. Devil's Virtuosos: German Generals at War 1940-1945. St. Martins, New York, 1977

6. Eisner, WIll. A Pictorial of America's Combat Weapons. New York: Sterling, 1960

7. Freuchen, Peter, with David Loth. Book of the Seven Seas. NY: Julian Messner, Inc., 1958. Hardcover, 512 pp.

8. Hart, B. H. Liddell. German Generals Talk, Startling Revelations from Hitler’s High Command, NY: Quill, 1979. Soft cover, 308 pp.

9. La Gorce, John O. ed. Book of Fishes. Washington, National Geographical Society, 1939

10. Machiavelli, Nicolo. Prince and the Discoveries. New York: Modern Library, 1940

11. Mrazek, James. Art of Winning Wars. New York: Walker, 1968