Carter Plantation

Archival Collection


BOX 1 -- Newspapers:

1. The Amite City Independent, September 20, 1879

2. Home and Farm (Louisville, KY)

1889-January 1, March 1

1890-September 1, December 2

1891-March 15

3. Louisiana Review (New Orleans), Wednesday, July 22, 1891

4. The Christian Advocate (New Orleans), February 12, 1891; May 5, 1892; May 12, 1892 April 30, 1936, Vol. 83, No. 18

5. Daily Picayune (New Orleans), October 15, 1890; June 21, 1894

6. The Weekly New Delta (New Orleans), Dec. 24, 1891; February 18, 1892; June 2, 1892

7. The Weekly States (New Orleans), Friday, September 4, 1891

8. Weekly Picayune (New Orleans), April 28, 1892; February 7, 1895

9. The New Orleans Delta, September 15, 1892; October 17, 1892

10. Semi-Weekly Times-Democrat (New Orleans)

1896-January 24, January 28, February 14, March 24, April 10, July 31, August 28

1899-April 28, May 19, June 13, June 23

11. The Florida Parishes (Amite City), October 26, 1892; November 9, 1892; April 4, 1894

12. The Franklinton New Era, March 8, 1894; April 12, 1894

13. The Springville Star (Livingston Parish), August 1, 1894; May 29, 1895

14. The Atlanta Constitution

1892, January 5

1895, December 16

1896, March 9, March 16, March 23, April 13, May 18, June 8

15. The Coming Nation (Tennessee City, TN), January 26, 1895

16. Appeal to Reason (Girard, Kansas), February 10, 1906

17. The Southern Vindicator (Hammond, LA), February 19, 1909

18. The Daily Signal (Crowley, LA), December 12, 1910

19. Livingston Times

October 4, 1907; Supplement to Livingston Times, October 11, 1907

October 19, 1911

1918, October 17, December 19

20. The Louisiana Sun (Hammond, LA), December 20, 1918; January 24, 1919

21. St. Helena Echo, February 14, 1919

22. The Denham Springs News

September 24, 1908

April 5, 1917

September 12, 1918

August 23, 1923

September 7, 1933

August 16, 1934

January 27, 1938

September 7, 1944

23. Brotherhood Eyes (Dallas), September 2, 1933

24. The Progress (Hammond, LA), Vol. VII, No. 13, Friday, July 7, 1939

TOTAL: 69 Items


BOX 2 -- Newspapers:

The Times-Picayune

1916-June 11

1918-June 22, 26

1918-August 16, 21, 25

1918-September 1, 6, 14, 15, 18, 22, 29, 30

1918-October 1, 3, 5, 9, 10

TOTAL: 19 Items

BOX 3 --Newspapers:

The Times-Picayune

1918-October 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 23, 27

1918-November 3, 7, 17, 21, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30

1918-December 8, 12, 19, 22, 31

TOTAL: 21 Items

BOX 4 --Newspapers:

The Times-Picayune

1919-January 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 17, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

1919-February 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10

TOTAL: 23 Items

BOX 5 --Newspapers


1. The Times-Picayune

1919-February 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

1919-March 17, 30; April 29; June 11

February 28, 1935; October 7, 1936 (Creole Cook Book)

2. The Times-Picayune- New Orleans States

February 12, 1939

September 14, 1941 (Magazine Section)

3. New Orleans Item (1918)

February 3

August 3, 9

September 14, 27

November 29

4. New Orleans States, December 24, 1918; March 3, 1919

5. The Item Tribune, February 7, 1926

6. Morning Advocate, School and University Edition, Vol. 9, No. 52, Thursday, Sept. 7, 1933

TOTAL: 31 Items


BOX 6 --Magazines:

The Saturday Evening Post

1892-December 31

1902-February 1, June 7, 19; August 16; October 11, 25

1903-February 21; March 7

1905-November 4

1906-January 20; November 3, 10

1908-May 2; June 20; July 11, 18, 25; September 12

1909-March 13; April 24

1916-November 18, 25; December 2.

TOTAL: 24 Items

BOX 7 --Magazines:

The Saturday Evening Post

1917-February 17; April 21; May 5, 12, 26; June 2, 23, 30; July 7; September 17; October 13,

27; November 3, 10, 17

TOTAL: 15 Items

BOX 8 --Magazines:

The Saturday Evening Post

1917-December 8, 15, 22, 29

1918-January 19; March 30; April 27; May 4; August 10, 31; September 14, 21; October 5

1919-July 5; August 9; September 6, 20; October 11, 18; November 8, 22

TOTAL: 21 Items

BOX 9 --Magazines:

The Saturday Evening Post

1920-January 10; June 19; August 14; September 11; October 30; December 4.

TOTAL: 6 Items

BOX 10 --Magazines:

The Saturday Evening Post

1921-January 15; February 19; March 19; July 16; August 27; October 1

1929-June 15; July 6

1936-June 6

1944-March 4; December 2

1945-January 27

TOTAL: 12 Items


BOX 11 --Magazines:

The Country Gentleman

1916-November 8, December 2

1918-January 5, July 13, August 10, October 26, November 30, December 21

1919-January 4, February 15, February 22, March 1, March 22



1944-May, December

1945-February, June

TOTAL: 19 Items

BOX 12 -- Magazines:

1. Woman's Home Companion








2. Ladies Home Journal








3. Collier's

1929-January 5, February 2, May 11

1944-November 11

1945-February 10, April 14

TOTAL: 20 Items

BOX 13 --Magazines:

1. McClure’s, May 1916

2. World Outlook, September 1919

3. McCall’s Magazine

1904, Vol. XXXI-May, No. 9; June, No. 10

1907-May, November

1908, Vol. XXXV-January, No. 5

1913, Vol. XLI-October, No. 2

1914, Vol. XLI-April, No. 8

1935-June; September

one n. d.

TOTAL: 9 Items


BOX 14


1. Kodak Supply Catalog, 1904

Southern Photo Messenger, January 1906

Southern Photo Messenger, February 1907; September 1907

Standard Photo Supply Co., cameras, photographic apparatus & supplies catalog, 1906-07

Corona Manufacturing Co. Photo reproductions catalog No. 4

TOTAL: 6 Items

2. L R&N Night Train Schedule, 1909

Missouri Pacific Iron Mountain Railroad Timetables, 1909

TOTAL: 2 Items

3. Peruna Advertisement Catalog

G.A. Wrisley & Co., White Velvet Soap

Rosebud Perfume Co. Catalog No. 28

Nash Chill and Liver Tonic (brochure)

TOTAL: 4 Items

4. McGregor's Floral Gems, n. d.

McGregor Bros. Floral Gems Catalog, n. d.

McGregor Bros. Floral Gems, 1891

McGregor's Floral Gems, Fall 1892

McGregor Bros. Floral Gems Catalog, Spring 1906

TOTAL: 5 Items

5. Reuter's Seeds, n. d.

Reuter's Seed Catalog, n. d.

Reuter Seeds Catalog, 1918

Reuter's Seeds for the South, Spring 1924

Reuter's Garden Book, Fall-Winter 1933

Reuter's Seeds For the South, Spring 1937

Reuter's Seeds, Fall & Winter 1938

Reuter's Seeds, Fall & Winter 1939

TOTAL: 8 Items

6. J. Steckler Seed Co. Almanac and Garden Manuel, 1909, 1912, 1914, 1915

J. Steckler Seed Co. Ltd. Catalog for the South, n. d.

TOTAL: 5 Items


BOX 14 Continued


7. The Good and Reese Co. Floral Treasures, 1905

John Lewis Child’s Fall Catalog, 1894

John Lewis Child’s Seed Catalog, 1905

A. A. Berry Seed Co. Catalog, 1909

L. J. Farmer, Farmer's Catalog, 1906

L. J. Farmer, Farmer's Catalog, 1907

E. C. Green & Son, Seedsmen, Catalog, 1905

Green's Seeds Catalog, 1908

Green's Nursery Co., n. d.

James J. H. Gregory's Annual Seed Catalog for 1880

Geo. H. Mellen Co., Bulbs, Roses, and Plants Catalog, Autumn 1904

H. G. Hastings & Co., Seedsmen Catalog, n. d. (2 copies)

TOTAL: 13 Items

8. Internal Baths Brochure

Book of Coins and Information

Sewing Machine Owner's Manuel

Planet Jr. Farm and Garden Tools

International Illustrated Stock Book, n. d. (2 copies)

TOTAL: 5 Items

9. Henry Clews & Co. Investment Guide, 1910

Richard Carter Co. Inc., Steam Driven Vehicles

Par Excellence Post Cards

TOTAL: 3 Items


BOX 15


1. Government Crop Reports, 1915

Field Agent's Handbook of Agricultural Statistics, 1914

Brief History of Controversy Between Train, Engine, and Yard Men and the Sunset Lines,

November 13th to 17th, 1913

TOTAL: 3 Items

2. Red Cross Magazine (sales pamphlet-5 copies)

Red Cross Magazine Cover Letter

Red Cross Christmas membership campaign pamphlet, 1917

Red Cross Christmas membership application, filled out by Miss Lillie Carter, 1917

Farm Canning Machine Company (booklet)

Epileptic Attacks and the Converse Compound

Boyer Beauty Preparations (2 brochures)

Alliance Tobacco Company Flyer

Brown Fence and Wire Co. Flyer

Important information about your Spencer Garment (Corset instructions)

TOTAL: 15 Items

3. Wright and Taylor Distillers Catalog

South Sulphur Mineral and Oil Company Flyer

Advertisement for the moving picture feature "Passion Play"

Mallinckrodt Chemicals advertisement from Standard Photo Supply Co., New Orleans, LA

TOTAL: 4 Items

4. (17) postcards. (6) advertisement cards

TOTAL: 23 Items

5. U.S. Public Health Service publication. n. d.

Columbia Music House advertisement flyer

Bodley Bros. Cane and Cotton Wagons

Baird-North Co. Gold and Silversmith's catalog

Standard Engine Co. Catalog and order form

Norwich Aspirin Brochure

Oscar Donaldson Department Store, ad flyer

F. N. Volckmann Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Price list for 1889

Y.M.D.C. Grand Ball Invitation, Springfield, LA, October 13, 1910

National War-Savings Committee, applications (3)

National Child Welfare Association. Flyer on influenza

Documents concerning a Suggested Procession and Pageant for the Patriotic Play Week conducted by The Children's Bureau of the U. S. Dept. of Labor and the Child Welfare Department of the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defense, 1918 (12 items)

TOTAL: 25 Items


BOX 15 Continued


6. Account of the Memphis Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans and the Sons of

Confederate Veterans, 1904

19th century book on phrenology, partial copy, n. d., n. a.

The Collector and Commercial Lawyer, 1894, n. a.

James Fullerton, Attorney and Counselor at Law, "Procedures, Pensions, and Bounties, for Soldiers and their heirs

TOTAL: 4 Items

7. A Story of the Progress of Ohio During Governor Judson Harmon's Administration, 1912

The Southern Reporter, Vol. 58, No. 7, June 8, 1912

The Southern Reporter, Vol. 67, No. 1, February 6, 1915

West Publishing Co. Docket, "Non-Partisan Judiciary Nominations" by Hon. Arthur

Remington, May, 1909

West Publishing Co. Docket, "Governor Chas. E. Hughes, the Lawyer in Politics" by Hon. J. T. Newcomb, March 1909

West Publishing Co's Docket, "The Jury" by Hon. E. C. O’Rear, February-March 1910

The American Law School Review, Vol. 2, No. 1, November 1906

TOTAL: 7 Items

8. Confiscatory Legislation, Who Advocates These Laws and Why, n. d.

Committee on Foreign Affairs Report on the Panama Exposition. May 12, 1910 (2 copies)

Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose, Denison’s Select Plays, by Lillian Mortimer, 1924

Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Businessmen, February 1929

Mississippi Album, n. d.

Biographical Sketch of James Ballow: The Smallest Living Man, 1896

The Agricultural Blaster, May 1912

Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root pamphlet, 1896

TOTAL: 9 Items

9. "Methods of Exterminating the Texas Fever Tick," by H. W. Graybill, D.V.M, Farmers’

Bulletin 498, 1915

Bureau of Railway Economics publication, "Railways and Agriculture, 1900-1910" Bulletin No. 45, 1912

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Screw Worm

educational and control program pamphlet, 1935

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture inquiry into Return of Acreage, sent to W. B. Rownd (form is left blank), May 15, 1890

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, March Grain Report, March 8, 1909

Letter from U. S. Dept. of Agriculture to T. C. Carter concerning crop reporting, February 18, 1909

(2) Letters from U. S. Dept. of the Interior to M. C. Rownd concerning land survey,

February 7, 1907, February 20, 1907


BOX 15 Continued


9. Continued

U. S. House of Representatives, "Revenue for the Philippine Islands," a speech by Hon.

Samuel M. Robertson of Louisiana. December 18, 1901

TOTAL: 10 Items

10. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog, Optical Goods, 1908

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog, Books and Stationery, 1907 (2 copies)

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog, White Goods, 1920

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog, launderite, sheets and pillow cases, n. d.

TOTAL: 5 Items

11. National Remedy Company Catalog, n. d.

Red Ball and Conco Product Catalog, June 1933

Novelty Catalog, n. d.

Richardson Silk Co., Art Department Premium List, n. d.

Dennison Manufacturing Co. Art and Decoration in Crepe and Tissue Paper, Catalog, 1905 Dennison Manufacturing Co. Art and Decoration in Crepe and Tissue Paper, Catalog, 1905 TOTAL: 7 Items


BOX 16


1. Ledger containing land claims and plots with delineations by latitude and longitude and

acreage. Consists of Louisiana properties primarily within Livingston Parish.

TOTAL: 1 Item

2. Stenographer's notebook with college lecture notes written in it. It is stamped with an

L.S.U. seal and belonged to W. S. Rownd.

Legal notes of W. S. Rownd in stenographer's notebooks (3 notebooks).

TOTAL: 4 Items

3. Small notebook with spelling words for state test, also contains math notes

A writing book for practicing handwriting

Haaren's New Writing Books, n. d.

TOTAL: 3 Items

4. Pure Gold for the Sunday School, Book of Hymns, 1871

Child's Scripture Question Book, prepared for the American Sunday School Union

The Bible Mode of Baptism, by Rev. J. E. Mahaffey. n. d.

St. Paul on Holiness, by Rev. L. L. Pickett

The Idealism of Jesus, by W. John Murray, n. d.

A Catechism for Infant Classes, by W. G. E. Cunnyngham, D.D., 1895

Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Novena, Hymns, and Prayers, 1936

The Board of Lay Activities of the Methodist Church Publication, n. d.

Minutes of the Seventh Annual Tangipahoa River Baptist Association, September 1895

TOTAL: 9 Items

5. American Bee Journal,

46th Year, 1906-January 18, November 8, 22; 47th Year, 1907-April 18

G. B. Lewis Company Beeware Catalog, 1908 and 1909

TOTAL: 6 Items

6. Gleanings in Bee Culture, The A. I. Root Co.

Vol. XXIX, No. 7, April 1901

Vol. XXXII, 1904; No. 18, September 15; No. 19, October 1; No. 22, November 15;

No. 24, December 15

Vol. XXXIII, 1905; No. 18, September 15; No. 21, November 1

Vol. XXXIV, 1906-No. 4, February 15; March 15

Vol. XXXV, 1907-No. 6, March 15; No. 20, October 15

Vol. XXXVI, 1908-No. 1, January 1

TOTAL: 13 Items


BOX 16 Continued


7. C. H. W. Weber Bee Keeper Supply Catalog, April 1901 & 1904

Fred W. Muth Co., Bee Keeper Supplies Catalog, 1905, 1906, & n. d.

A. I. Root Co. Bee-Keepers’ Supply Catalog, 1906 (3 copies); n. d.; 1943

TOTAL: 10 Items

8. Bee Pranks, n. d.

(2) bulletins from the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture regarding Bee diseases, June 5, 1909, n. d.

The Rearing of Queen Bees, by E. F. Phillips, Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 55

TOTAL: 4 Items


BOX 17


1. All Out on the School Front, n. d.

Congressional Record, Proceedings and Debates of the 78th Congress, First Session, March

26, 1943

TOTAL: 2 Items

2. Lloyds Commercial Guide, January 1898

Public Duties of Educated Men, An Address By William F. Herrin, June 14, 1910

TOTAL: 2 Items

3. Dr. Harter's Medicine Co. Almanac, 1895, 1896

Afro-American Almanac, 1896

Hostetter's Illustrated United States Almanac, 1892, 1894, 1896

Dr. J. H. Mclean's Almanac, 1892

The Southern Almanac, 1892

Ayer's American Almanac, 1896

Mother's Weather Guide Almanac, 1899

Royster's Almanac, 1931

Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac, 1934

TOTAL: 12 Items

4. Ladies Birthday Almanac, 1904, 1906, 1907 (3), 1912, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1936

TOTAL: 11 Items

5. Spencerian System of Penmanship, workbook, 1888

Hansell's Practical Penmanship, workbook, n. d.

Hansell's Practical Penmanship, workbook, n. d.

School notebooks with penmanship, history notes, and diagramed sentences in it, n. d. (2)

TOTAL: 5 Items

6. Dr. Morses Indian Root Pills Almanac, n. d.

Important Announcement Changing Potash Prices, 1915

Blank form for ordering nitrites from Nitrate Agencies Co., n. d.

Hemingway's Insecticides and Fungicides pamphlet, n. d.

The Hancock Inspirator, brochure, n. d.

Glover's Scientific Methods for the Care of the Scalp and Hair, 1937

The New John Henry Book: Synopsis of the Story, 1904

Good Times Ahead, an informational poster published by the Nitrate Agencies Co., n. d.

The New Woman, information for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, n. d.

Famous McKinley Edition of 10 cent Music, 1905

Soldiers and Sailors Council for National Prohibition, card expressing support of prohibition

Reliance Smoking Tobacco, promotional card

TOTAL: 12 Items


BOX 17 Continued


7. Words and Things: The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, 1914

TOTAL: 1 Item

8. Montgomery Ward and Co. Fall and Winter Catalog, 1931-32

TOTAL: 1 Item


BOX 18


1. Forest and Stream, October 1924

Outdoors South

, October 1924

Outdoor Life, December 1924

TOTAL: 3 Items

2. Cosmopolitan Magazine, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

3. Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 1907; February 1914

TOTAL: 2 Items

4. Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 1916; June 1916

TOTAL: 2 Items

5. Screenland, July 1927

Movie Mirror, October 1933

TOTAL: 2 Items

6. The Wide World Magazine, June 1900

Popular Mechanics Magazine, July 1927

TOTAL: 2 Items

7. Western Story Magazine, March 17, 1928

Wings, The Magazine of Air Adventure Stories, April 1929

TOTAL: 2 Items

8. Juvenile Scholars Quarterly, January 1896

Good Stories, February 1896

Good Reading, December 1905

TOTAL: 3 Items

9. The Arm Chair Library, August 1895

Success Magazine, April 1906

The Southern Firemen's Journal, May 1, 1909

TOTAL: 3 Items


BOX 19


1. R. E. Hardy Co. Automobile and Gas Engine Accessories, January 1906

B. F. Avery & Sons, Brochure on the genuine Avery plow

B. F. Avery & Sons, Manufactures. Brochure on the two-horse disc plow

B. F. Avery & Sons Farm Year Book, 1912

H. Dudley Coleman Machinery Co., Power transmission machinery

Chicago Household Guest

TOTAL: 6 Items

2. DeLoach Mill Manufacturing Co., Saw Mill machinery, 1890

DeLoach Mill Manufacturing Co., Catalog, 1908

DeLoach Line of Engines, Boilers, and Gasoline Engines (2 copies)

TOTAL: 4 Items

3. Brooks Boat Manufacturing Co. Catalog of small boats, 1906

White, Van Glahn & Co.'s Catalog No. 90

TOTAL: 2 Items

4. Siegel Cooper Co. 1907 Christmas Catalog

Arthur D. Perkins' Rubber Hand Stamps

Sears Roebuck & Co. Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines, and Boilers

Sears Roebuck & Co. Sporting Goods Catalog, No. 115

TOTAL: 4 Items

5. Dr. Granger's Health Guide, 2nd ed.

Dr. Granger's Health Guide, 3rd ed.

Health Almanac, Louisiana State Board of Health, 1916

Springfield LBR. Co., clothing advertisement

Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book, 1888

Catalog of Standard Merchandise for United Profit Sharing Coupons, 1929-30

TOTAL: 6 Items

6. Lake Lure Camp for Girls Prospectus, n. d.

Pocket Almanac and Account Book, 1889-90

TOTAL: 2 Items

7. Schwartz's Vehicles

Joseph Schwartz Co. Ltd., Fine Vehicles, circa 1880

J. M. Hanson's Newspaper and Magazine Agency, 1905-06

TOTAL: 3 Items


BOX 19 Continued


8. The Antikamnia Tablet Calendar, 1910

Out Fishin' Coca Cola Calendar, 1934

Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book, 1881-82

Ingersoll's Paints Prospectus

French Passementeries, Latest Novelties. n. d.

TOTAL: 5 Items

9. Doan's Directory of the United States

Price list for Justus Roe & Sons' measuring tapes

The Electric Era, German Electric Agency pamphlet

"West Texas, the Land of Opportunities," booklet, n. d., n. a.

Sycamore Cash Store, Springfield, Louisiana, Flyer, n. d.

TOTAL: 5 Items

10. Lane Bryant Fashion Catalog, 1933

The Hub, men and boys clothing catalog, 1898

Bowsky's, Spring and Summer Catalog, 1916

L. V. Settoon, Hammond La., clothing catalog, Fall-Winter 1912-13

W. and H. Walker Co. Dry Goods Catalog, n. d.

TOTAL: 5 Items


BOX 20

Clothing articles and other assorted items

(1) ladies hat

(1) pillow cover

(1) wool sock

(1) ladies head piece

(3) men's collars

(2) men's cuffs

(1) men's vest

(1) pair ladies undergarment

(1) man's shirt

(1) ladies girdle

(2) pieces of linen

(1) napkin

(2) ladies fans

(1) silver Illinois Central railroad spike

(1) pair of scissors

(1) eye glass case

(1) razor case

(1) eat zig-zag button

(1) shell-casing caliber .32 .40

(1) Union pin U.M.C. Co. 12

(1) Peace symbol ring

(1) silver Herringbone weave ring

(1) wire ring

(1) gold earring

(1) amber heart bracelet

(1) St. Christopher medallion

(1) charm bracelet

(1) collar fob

(2) plastic boxes

(1) dress pattern

(1) Easter egg decorating kit

(1) chain with black bow

(1) copy of "The Bicycle Boy," 1896

(1) Ledger belong W. W. Carter and Co. 1865

(1) film case containing 2 packets of unknown white powder

TOTAL: 41 Items


BOX 21 --Magazines:

1. National Watchman, n. d.

2. Vickery’s Fireside Visitor

1895, Vol. XXII-October 1, No. 1

1896, Vol. XXII-February 1, No. 9; July, No. 16

One n. d.

3. Farm and Fireside

May 1, 1895

October 1, 1898

4. The Fireside Gem, January 1896

5. Louisiana Farm Bureau News, February 1, 1925

Louisiana Edition of the Bureau Farmer, July 1928

6. The Plowboy and Country Farmer, November 1897, Vol. 9, No. 9

7. The Furrow

Spring 1927, Vol. XXXII

July-August, 1930, Vol. XXXV

8. Farm Journal and Farmer's Wife, April 1944

Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife

, November 1944

9. The Country Review, Baton Rouge, May 2, 1913, Vol. II, No. 2

10. Southern Agriculturist, November 1944

11. The Trucker & Farmer, December 1910, Vol. 3, No. 1

12. Farm and Ranch

1919, Vol. 38-February 1, No. 5; February 15, No. 7; February 22, No. 8

March 1, No. 9; May 3, No. 18; August 16, No. 33; October 18, No. 42

November 8, No. 45; November 15, No. 46; November 22, No. 47

December 13, No. 50; December 20, No. 51

13. The Progressive Farmer

September 4, 1915, Vol. XXX, No. 36

March 1943, Vol. 53, No. 3

1944, Vol. 59-January, No. 1; December, No. 12

February 1945, Vol. 60, No. 2

TOTAL: 35 Items


BOX 22 --Magazines:

1. American Home Magazine Illustrated Library, September 1881

2. The New Idea, January 1897, Vol. 4, No. 1

3. Comfort

July 1891, Vol. 3, No. 9

March 1925, Vol. XXXVII, No. 5

4. People’s Literary Companion, November 1897, Vol 29, No. 4

5. The Weekly Welcome for Young and Old, Nov. 10, 1895, Vol. 8, No. 45

6. The Mayflower, September 1891, Vol. VII, No. 9

7. The Home Friend, September 1912, Vol. IX, No. 7

8. The People's Home Journal

November 1892, Vol. VII, No. 11

June 1895, Vol. X, No. 6

December 1895, Vol. X, No. 12

September 1914, Vol. XXIX, No. 9

April 1915, Vol. XXX, No. 4

9. Holland’s, the Magazine of the South, February 1945, Vol. 64, No. 2

10. The Modern Priscilla, May 1916, Vol. XXX, No. 3

11. Christian Herald, An Illustrated News Weekly for the Home, Aug. 7, 1920, Vol. 43, No. 31

12. The People’s Popular Monthly, January 1917, Vol. XXII, No. 1

13. The Ladies’ World, August 1916, Vol. XXXVII, No. 8

14. The Delineator

July 1894, Vol. XLIV, No. 1

May 1909, Vol. LXXIII, No. 5

December 1912, Vol. LXXX, No. 6

January 1913

November 1934

15. The Youth's Companion

February 20, 1896

September 8, 1898

October 27, 1898

The Youth’s Companion Announcement, 1898

March 23, 1899

August 24, 1899

16. Sunshine for Youth, September 1896, Vol. 10, No. 8

17. Young People’s Weekly, August 9, 1891, Vol. 5, No. 32

18. Harper’s Weekly, , May 7, 1898, Vol. XLII, No. 2159

19. Golden Moments, n. d.; March 1891, Vol. 12, No. 3

20. Practical Housekeeper, February 1891, Vol. 5, No. 2

TOTAL: 34 Items


BOX 23 --Magazines:


1. The American Legion Magazine, September 1944

TOTAL: 1 Item

2. The American Magazine, July 1943

TOTAL: 1 Item

3. The Red Book Magazine, October 1908

TOTAL: 1 Item

4. Good Housekeeping, April 1933

TOTAL: 1 Item

5. Good Housekeeping, April 1943

TOTAL: 1 Item

6. Liberty, December 4, 1937, Vol. 14, No. 49; June 1942; October 21, 1944

TOTAL: 3 Items

7. True Story, July 1943, Vol. 48, No. 8; March 1945, Vol. 52, No. 2

TOTAL: 2 Items

8. The Literary Digest, December 5, 1914, Vol. 49, No. 23; January 16, 1915, Vol. 50, No. 3;

September 25, 1915, Vol. 51, No. 13

TOTAL: 3 Items

9. The Literary Digest, August 25, 1917, Vol. LV, No. 8; Sept. 22, 1917, Vol. 55, No. 12

TOTAL: 2 Items

10. The New Illustrated Magazine: February 1899

Ainslee's Magazine, Vol. IV, No. 5, December 1899; Vol. VII, No. 6, January 1902

TOTAL: 3 Items

11. Top Notch, September 1933

The Black Cat, August 1897

TOTAL: 2 Items


BOX 24 --Fashion and Clothing Catalogues:


1. Stix, Baer, and Fuller D. G. Co. and Grand Leader; Spring and Summer 1914; One n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

2. The Bedell Co., Fall 1914

TOTAL: 1 Item

3. Siegel Cooper Company, Catalogue No. 42, Fall and Winter Styles, 1906-1907

TOTAL: 1 Item

4. Boston Store, n. d.

Boston Store Fashion Catalog, Summer 1907

Boston Store, Women's clothing catalog, 1907

TOTAL: 3 Items

5. National Cloak and Suit Co., New York Fashions Catalog, 1907

National Cloak and Suit Co., Fall and Winter, 1912-1913

TOTAL: 2 Items

6. National Cloak and Suit Co., Fall and Winter, !913-1914

TOTAL: 1 Item

7. National Cloak and Suit Co., n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

8. Sears and Roebuck and Co., July-August Sale, 1918

Sears and Roebuck and Co. General Catalogue, 1933

TOTAL: 2 Items

9. J. B. Greenhut Co., Style and Bargain Book, Fall-Winter 1914-15

Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Company, New York Styles Catalog, Fall-Winter 1912-13

First National Co-operative Society, Men's Ready-to-Wear Clothing Catalog, Spring-

Summer 1905

Philipsborn, women's clothing catalog, Fall-Winter 1907-08

TOTAL: 4 Items

10. Chicago Mail Order Co., 1929

Maison Blanche, n. d.

Leon Godchaux, Spring and Summer Catalog, 1894

Leon Godchaux Fashion Catalog, Spring-Summer 1895

D. H. Holmes Co. Ltd., Spring styles for 1915 in women's and children's shoes

White, Van Glahn and Co. Summer Bargains, 1906 (brochure)

TOTAL: 6 Items


BOX 25


1. Weekly News Letter, Published by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

1916-October 25; November 1

1917-January 10; January 17; November 28; March 21; March 28, September 17 1919-January 19

1921-April 27

TOTAL: 10 Items

2. Crop Reporter, Published by U.S. Department of Agriculture

September 1906

November 1906

Monthly Crop Report

, published under the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture,

1915-December 30




TOTAL: 6 Items

3. The Florida Velvet Bean and Related Plants, U.S. Dept of Agriculture Pub., 1910

Changes in Farm Values, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Pub., 1906

Report of the Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Pub., 1906

Live Stock and Miscellaneous Agricultural Statistics, 1910, U.S. Dept. of Agri. Pub., 1911

The Drain Upon the Forests, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Pub., 1907

What Forestry Has Done, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Pub., 1908

Suggestions to Homesteaders and Persons Desiring to Make Homestead Entries, U.S.

Dept. of the Interior Pub., 1909

The War, The Farm, and The Farmer, U.S. Treasury Dept. Pub., 1918

U. S. Government Bonds of the Third Liberty Loan, U.S. Treasury Dept. Pub., 1918

Open Letter to "All Patriotic Americans," from the U.S. Treasury Dept., March 28, 1918

TOTAL: 10 Items

4. Farmer's Bulletin, Published by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, November 11, 1913

Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture, 1909

TOTAL: 2 Items


BOX 25 Continued


5. Denham Springs Collegiate Institute, Annual Catalogue, 1897-98, (2 copies)

Franklinton Central Institute, Annual Catalogue, 1892-93

Franklinton Central Institute, Brochure, n. d.

Franklinton Central Institute Commencement Exercise Brochure, n. d.

Vanderbilt University, Law Dept., Register and Announcement, 1905-07

Vanderbilt University, Law Dept., Announcement and Register, 1909-11

George Peabody College for Teachers, 1920

English and Classical School Announcement, 1892-3

Memphis Hospital Medical College, Annual Announcement and Catalogue, 1892-93

Tulane University, Law Dept., Announcement, 1909-10

University of Tennessee, Summer School of the South, Record, 1907

Holden High School Graduation Invitation, 1969

Hammond High School Graduation Invitation, 1969

Carmel High School Graduation Invitation, 1969

TOTAL: 14 Items

6. Louisiana State University, Charter and By-Laws of the Society of the Alumni, 1905

Louisiana State University Commencement Exercise Brochure, 1909

Louisiana State University, Circular of Information, 1911

Louisiana State University, Announcement, 1908-09

Louisiana State University Catalogue, 1906

The Alumnus (L.S.U.), October 1908; April 1909; July 1909

TOTAL: 8 Items

7. International Correspondence Schools (lessons):

How to Proceed With Your Studies; Rules and Suggestions on How to Prepare and

Send Your Papers and Inquiries

Land Surveying; Geometrical Drawing; Elements of Algebra Parts 1, 2, and 3

Arithmetic Section 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 copies), 5 (First Edition), 5 (Third Edition), and 6 (2)

Formulas; Tables

TOTAL: 18 Items

8. Livingston Agricultural and School Fair, October 1913

Livingston Parish Agricultural and School Fair, (2 copies) October 1915

Livingston Parish Fair, October 1938

TOTAL: 4 Items

9. Jefferson Davis's Camel Experiment, by Walter L. Fleming, L.S.U. Bulletin, April 1909 (2)

TOTAL: 2 Items

10. Letter of Transmittal, Annual Report of the Public Schools of the State of Louisiana for the Year Ending December 31, 1870, by Thomas W. Conway TOTAL: 1 Item


BOX 26


1. Case and Comment, A Monthly Journal for Lawyers, March 1909; August 1909

Corpus Juris: A Complete and Systematic Restatement of the Whole Body of the Law, n. d.

American and English Encyclopediaof Law and Practice, 1909

TOTAL: 4 Items

2. The Law Book News, March 1909

The Jurisprudence of Lawlessness, by Thomas J. Kernan, 1906

Results, The Chicago Correspondence School of Law, Brochure, n. d.

TOTAL: 3 Items

3. A Review of the Cyclopedia of Law and Course of The American Correspondence School

of Law, by The American Correspondence School of Law, 1908

The American Correspondence School of Law, Lectures:

Public Corporations

Domestic Relations

Real Property

The Law of Evidence

The Law of Bailment

Equity or Chancery Jurisprudence

Pleading and Practice

The Law of Common Carriers

TOTAL: 9 Items

4. Legal notes in long tablet form (2 tablets)

TOTAL: 2 Items

5. Legal notes in long tablet form

TOTAL: 1 Item

6. Has the Supreme Court Committed Us to Socialism? by Joseph I. Kelly, A Lecture

Delivered to the Roman Law Class at LSU, October 8, 1906 (2 copies)

Rules of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, by Chief Justice Joseph A. Breaux, 1911

Comparison of the Constitutions of 1898 and 1913, by W. O. Hart, 1914

Supreme Court, Succession of George W. Watterston, n. d.

Supreme Court of the state of Louisiana, Case no. 19,340, Rownd versus Comish, 1912

Fragments of Louisiana Jurisprudence, by W. O. Hart, 1907.

TOTAL: 7 Items


BOX 26 Continued


7. The Arguments For and Against Train-Crew Legislation, by the Bureau of Railway

Economics, 1913

McEnery Script: Argument in Favor of Ventress Resolution and Against Toomer Bill, by

J.G. Hauser, n. d.

A Review of the Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, by W. H. Mclendon, 1904

Calendar of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana. Second regular session,

Monday, June 13, 1910

Calendar of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana, Second Session, June

20, 1910

The Tariff: Protesting Against the Admission of Phillipine Sugar and Other Products Free

of Duty, to Compete with American Agricultural Industries, Speech of Murphy J.

Foster, June 16, 1909

Constitution of the State of Louisiana, 1879

Constitution of the State of Louisiana, 1898

Ordinances of the Police Jury of the Parish of Livingston

TOTAL: 9 Items


BOX 27


1. Memorandum Books and Ledgers:

Account Book of E. G. Carter, Merchant's & Farmer's Bank, Ponchatoula, La.

Swift's Fertilizers Memorandum Book

J. C. Penny Co. Memorandum Book

Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book (2 copies)

F. S. Royster Guano Company, Memorandum Book

Large Memorandum Book

Deering Light Draft Harvesting Machines Memoranda Book, book has land section notes

written in it

Garrett's Snuff Memoranda Book, book has numerical notes written in it

Small memoranda book, 1890

Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Memoranda Book

TOTAL: 11 Items

2. Memorandum and Account Books:

Pocket Almanac and Account Book, 1889-90, (2 copies).

Memorandum Book

Memorandum Book, belonged to Tullia Carter.

Large Business type check-book, with records.

TOTAL: 5 Items

3. Botanical Notebook with pressed plants.

Memorandum Books (2) containing verse and the signatures of friends and acquaintances of

Ms. Lillie Carter, dated 1888

Elementary Spelling Book

Dandy Line Spelling Tablet, used as a Memoranda Book

Wigwam Spelling Blank, used as a Memorandum Book

TOTAL: 6 Items

4. Memorandum Book, 1919-20

A. H. Lewis Medicine Co., Memorandum Book (2 copies)

Memorandum Book with initials E. B. R. on it

Swift's Fertilizers Memorandum Book

Buyer's Want Book, S. & J. Katz & Co., Memorandum Book, 1915

St. Joseph Almanac

TOTAL: 7 Items

5. Ledger book, contains various notes and transactions during 1858-59

TOTAL: 1 Item

6. He Went for a Soldier, by John Strange Winter, 1898

Lady Roslyn's Pensioner, by Mrs. Harriet Lewis, n. d.

TOTAL: 2 Items


BOX 28


1. Ledger belonging to T. C. Carter dated 1 June 1894

Order Book of W. B. Rownd, records purchases from 22 August 1905-1 May 1906

Order Book of W. B. Rownd, records purchases from 18 May 1906-31 December 1906

TOTAL: 3 Items

2. Ledger belonging to W. B. Rownd, dated 1891-1892

TOTAL: 1 Item

3. Ledger belonging to W. B. Rownd, dated 1901-1902

TOTAL: 1 Item

4. Ledger belonging to Tullia Carter, ledger is dated 1871, but the only entry is dated 1879

Ledger belonging to Mrs. A Carter, entries begin in 1897 and continue until 1923

TOTAL: 2 Items

5. Ledger belonging to T. C. Carter, dated 1910-1914

Memoranda book, 1915-1921

Workmen's time book of Tim Robinson, records his hours in the brickyard, 8 April 1897

Ledger Book, dated 1853

TOTAL: 4 Items

6. Ledger pages, single:

S. C. Tucker bill 1893

Richardson and Carter in account with Charles Richardson, 1886

Tunnage and Settoon to Carter and Kemp for J. J. Bazoon, n. d.

Charles Murray account with Carter and Craig, 1892

P. J. Faust account with Carter and Craig, 1893

Final accounts of George Richardson, papers reflect final payment to creditors, slave

property is mentioned, 1859; 6 separate documents. Among creditors mentioned is Samuel Hyde

George Richardson in account with C. T. Buddicke and Co.

Mr. Walmsley to convey trunk to Springfield, 1859

Mrs. Walmsley to Mr. T. Carter, 1858

George Richardson to B. J. Impson, 1853

George Richardson to B. J. Impson, 1854

T. C. Carter in account with B. Spiller, 1892

Evins timber account, 1864

Tullius Carter Blood River, 1888

R. R. Richardson timber account, n. d.

T. Carter to E. Spunk, 1880

T. C. Carter in account with J. Davis, 1891

Receipts recording transactions from Jan. 27, 1875; Nov. 5, 1874; July 31, 1876; Nov. 27



BOX 28 Continued


6. Continued

T. C. Carter log price, 175 charge $.5 each

Case of C. E. Eugene verses C. V. Pariche, No. 877, Sept. 20, 1867

TOTAL: 25 Items

7. Handwritten Checks and Receipts:

Mr. T. Carter to D. W. Thompson for making copy of sheriff bond $1.50, received payment

from Mr.T. Carter this 23rd of October 1858, D. W. Thompson

On or before the first day of November next, I promise to pay to J. W. Bales or bearer the

sum of nineteen dollars for bales received, Alexander Clayton, March 28, 1861

Ponchatoula, La. April 3, 1858, Mr. George Richardson in account with A. G. Carter,

money collected for building bridge.

Mr. George Richardson, at sight please pay B. J. Taylor or bearer $100 and charge the same

to account of yours truly, B. J. Impson, Springfield Louisiana Sept. 6, 1853

Ponchatoula, June 29, 1859, Mr. George Richardson to C. Jones, receipt for dry goods

$101.59, one day after date, I promise to pay J. J. Matt or bearer the sum of $ 101. 59 with

eighty percent from date until paid for value received this April 29, 1856

letter to Mr. O. F. Terry from M. T. Carter requesting payment for logs cut on his land,

December 5, 1878

TOTAL: 7 Items


BOX 29


1. The Twentieth Century Songbook, 1904

Folio Leaves for Piano or Cabinet Organ, 1939

TOTAL: 2 Items

2. Les Plaisirs de L’Allemagne or The Chants of the Danube, A set of Waltzes composed for

the piano forte, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

3. Sheet music book, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

4. The Eclipse Musical Folio, 1892

When the Clouds Have Passed Away, by W. M. Jerome and Seymour Furth, 1918

Song Favorites, For Schools and for the Home Circle, 1898

TOTAL: 3 Items

5. Standard and Popular Sheet Music and Music Books Catalog, 1898

The Bromo Seltzer New Edition 52 Popular Selections, 'Until Then' by Geo. M. Vickers,

n. d.

Good-bye France,

by Sergeant Irving Berlin, 1918

TOTAL: 3 Items

6. Conservatory Library, Kohler Practical Method for the Pianoforte, Book Three, 1918

TOTAL: 1 Item

7. The Two Friends, A Collection of Admired Vocal Duets, n. d.

The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times, sheet music to Fall Into Line, by W. H.

Gardner, 1896

TOTAL: 2 Items

8. There's a Service Flag Flying at Our House, by Thomas Hoier and Bernie Grossman, and

Al. W. Brown, 1914

Longing for Home, by Albert Jungman, 1917

You’ll Be There to Meet Them (When The Boys Come Home), by Jeff Branen and Dick

Heinrich, 1918

Pleasures of Home

Little Annie Rooney, by W. T. Francis, 1890

TOTAL: 5 Items

9. Large book of sheet music, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item


BOX 29 Continued


10. Large book of sheet music, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

11. Record Jacket, "Famous Selections from the World's Greatest Artists"

TOTAL: 1 Item

12. Woodland Echoes Book of Sheet Music, n. d.

Miscellaneous sheet music

TOTAL: 2 Items

13. Book of sheet music, incomplete

TOTAL: 1 Item


BOX 30


1. Chicago House Co., catalog, n. d.

TOTAL: 1 Item

2. White Bicycle & Sundry Co., Catalog No. 19, n. d. (2 copies)

Rice-Born Hardware Co. Catalog, 1894

T. H. Jones & Co. Catalog, n. d.

Pittsburg Perfect Welded Fence Brochure, n. d.

Chrysler Brochure, n. d.

TOTAL: 6 Items

3. White Brothers Co., Jewelry, Watches, Silverware, and Diamonds Catalog, 1914-15

C. P. Barnes & Co. Jewelers, n. d.

B. Barnett, Jewelry Catalog, n. d.

B. Barnett Watch-maker and Manufacturing Jeweler, 1913 (2 copies)

J. Lynn & Co. Jewelry Catalog, n. d.

Weinfurter's Jewelers Catalog, n. d.

TOTAL: 7 Items

4. Union Book and Novelty Co., Pocket Order Book, n. d.

G. W. Dillingham Co. Publishers, Popular and Standard Publications Catalog, 1904

Ohio Carriage Manufacturing Co. "Good Buggies and How they Are Made," 1906

Iszard-Warren Co., Inc., Scientific Instruments Catalog, n. d.

Iszard-Warren Co. Sterling Surveying Instruments and Drawing Materials, 1910 (2 copies)

TOTAL: 6 Items

5. Care and Treatment of Stock and Poultry, by Dr. L. D. LeGear, 1929

Purina Hog Chow promotional booklet, 1930

Sunny Side Shetland Pony Farm Catalog, 1896

Scientific Poultry Feeding and Management, published by Rosenbaum Brothers, 1923

Ford Model "A" Instruction Book, 1928

Pittsburg Perfect Fencing promotional handbook, n. d.

International Stock Dip promotional booklet on Mange and other Parasitic Diseases, n. d. Japanese Oil Handbook, n. d.

Nitrophoska promotional booklet on fertilizers for southern crops, n. d.

Harrison Bros. & Co. Inc. promotional booklet on the chemistry of paints, 1898

TOTAL: 10 Items


BOX 30 Continued


6. Gerde, Newman & Co., Wholesale Grocers, flyer "Cash Specials," 7 December 1933

Advocate Publishing Company flyer, n. d.

Nassau Card Co. price list of "Fashionable Visiting Cards," n. d.

The Walton Co., advertisement for one quart of 20 yr. old whiskey, with order blank, 1904 Daily Trade Bulletin (published in Chicago)

October 30, 1917

May 10, 1919

April 25, 1921

March 13, 1923

TOTAL: 8 Items

7. The Century Magazine, n. d.

Munsey's Magazine, n. d.

TOTAL: 2 Items

8. The Leisure Hour Library, February 1884

The Educational Screen,

October 1928, Vol. VII, No. 5

What To Do, April 1, 1916, Vol. 7, No. 14

TOTAL: 3 Items


BOX 31


1. Knights of Honor, Constitutions and General Laws, 1892

Knights of Honor, Term Life Insurance Plan pamphlet, n. d.

Knights of Honor promotional pamphlet

Receipts from Banner Tent No. 72, March 31, 1911 and April 29, 1911

Photo of Sol Klotz, Grand Dictator of Knights of Honor

Invitation to the Knights Grand Ball, April 13, 1898

Listing of committee members of the Grand Ball

Knights of Honor Ball program, September 5, 1906

Application of reinstatement in the Knights of Honor (Blank)

TOTAL: 10 Items

2. Letter from Knights of Honor to W. S. Rownd containing instructions for the government

of subordinate lodges and their officers in making out death proofs

Envelope addressed to W. S. Rownd

Application for Blanks for Death Proofs

Blank death notice

TOTAL: 4 Items

3. Knights of Honor Reporter

1895-January, April; 1896-February

1906-October, July; 1907-January, February, March, September

1908-February 1908; 1909-June, August

1911-March; 1913-August

1914-January; (3 copies with n. d.)

TOTAL: 18 Items

4. Knights of Honor, Official Circular No. 1, n. d.

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge, Knights of Honor, State of Louisiana, Twenty-Seventh

Annual and Twenty-Eighth Conventions Held in New Orleans, LA, March 4, 1908 and March 14, 1910 (1 book)

TOTAL: 2 Items

5. The Bee Hive, September 1911, October 1912, August 1913, April 1914

Supplement to The Bee Hive, February 1911

TOTAL: 4 Items

6. The Pocket Magazine, January 1897

Sturm's Magazine, May 1910

TOTAL: 2 Items

7. The World Today, October 1907, one copy with no date (2 copies)

The Review of Reviews, September 1911, October 1920

TOTAL: 4 Items


BOX 32


1. Grocery Receipts, 1859-1935

TOTAL: 48 Items

2. General Merchandise Receipts, 1866-1941

TOTAL: 41 Items

3. Pharmaceutical Receipts, 1889-1933

TOTAL: 13 Items

4. Hardware Receipts, 1881-1931

TOTAL: 15 Items

5. Lumber Receipts, 1887-1943

TOTAL: 75 Items

6. Shipping and Dray Receipts, 1891-1931

TOTAL: 17 items

7. Standard Oil Receipts (1928-1931)

TOTAL: 5 Items

8. Knights of the Maccabees of the World Materials:

Pamphlet, "Our Accumulated Funds, Their Uses," 1909

The Ancient Maccabees, by John S. Leonhardt, M.D., n. d., (2 copies)

Knights Maccabees promotional circulars, (6 copies)

TOTAL: 9 Items

9 Political Memorabilia:

Broadside, Fuqua and Bouanchaud on the Ku Klux Klan

Speaking schedule for the Complete the Work Ticket, Huey P. Long and O. K. Allen

(8 copies)

Circular entitled "Don't Let Them Disfranchise You," which encourages Long supporters to

pay their poll tax, attached is a note from Long's office (13 copies)

Broadside, Long's Reply to Standard Oil Company "Standard Oil versus The People"

Homemade sign, Carter's daily ?s. Shall I go or write? Why doesn't the Ponchatoula Road

Board Do Something?

Flyer addressing Ohio taxes

Blank Affidavits affirming age for 1904 general state election (10 copies)

Peoples Party State Ticket, Livingston Parish, n. d.

Twenty-fifth Judicial District Primary Election ballots, September 17, 1904 (3 copies)

Official Ballot, Democratic Party, Second Primary Election, Livingston Parish, February 25,



BOX 32 Continued


9. Continued

Democratic Party, Sixth Congressional District, Livingston Parish, Primary election, blank

ballot, September 3, 1912 (6 copies)

Democratic Party, Parish Democratic Primary, Livingston Parish, Sample Ballot, September

12, 1916

Democratic Party, Livingston Parish, Primary Sample Ballot, January 20, 1920 (5 copies)

Democratic Party, State Democratic Primary, Livingston Parish, Sample Ballot, September

14, 1920 (10 copies)

Political handout, "A single obstruction now stands in the way of the progress of the state"

--From the platform adopted by the Foster Convention, 1891

Political handout, "Future--Gambling: A single obstruction now stands in the way of the progress of the state"--From the platform adopted by the Foster Convention, February 3, 1892

Political handout, "John Pickett, The Would-be Judas of the People's Party"

Speech of Honorable Theodore S. Wilkinson, at Brusly Landing, August 3, 1907

Bulletin entitled "Proscription, Let Us Remember, Set No Bad Examples," issued by the

Fuqua Campaign Committee

Blank Literary Digest Presidential election opinion poll, 1932

Calling cards with the name of the candidates on them. Names include:

Louis F. Harris, for Sheriff of Livingston Parish

D. B. Steele, for State Auditor

J. S. Settoon, for State Senator

C. P. Dunbar, for Registrar of the State Land Office.

W. S. Guitrau, for Assessor of Livingston Parish

W. S. Rownd, for State Senator (2 copies)

M. Carter Rownd, for Representative, Parish of Livingston.

Andrew S. Herron, for Representative to the 48th Congress

Handouts for solicitation of votes for W. S. Rownd for State Senator, (5 copies)

Handouts soliciting approval of Act No. 95 which would have moved the Livingston Parish

seat, July 5, 1882 (2 copies)

"The Song of the Anti-Politicians," n. d.

"To the Members of the Farmer's Union," n. d.

Open Letter soliciting votes for election to Circuit Court Judge, candidate's name is

unknown, n. d.

Letter from Clay Elliot to unknown party asking same to act as commissioner for primary

and election returns, n. d.

The Political Objection!, "The Question of the Hour" Series No. 10, Published under the

Auspices of the Progressive League of Louisiana

What Will You Do? If Unjust Legislation Increases Your Truck Cost $200 to $1,000 Per

Year Per Truck? Will you sit and let Louisiana Legislature Do This?

TOTAL: 88 Items


BOX 32 Continued


10. Legal Documents:

Agreement to purchase/sell, Cutting Pike Investment Corp. and Celeste Legendre agree to

purchase a house in Hammond, November 10, 1964

Judgment by 21st Judicial District Court, finds for the plaintiff, Simpson H. Sharp and

against Noah Sullivan, December 5, 1947

Handwritten notes on the case of Devall vs. Cooper, n. d.

Handwritten certification as to the correctness of a bill in the case of Sarah A. Dunn vs.

Sheriff T. C. Hill, April 12, 1873

Partial document recording the holding of a public auction held by Sheriff Simpson Sharp,

July 7, 1906

Blank Department of the Interior Relinquishment form

Blank Dept. of Agriculture crop reporting forms, August 1914, September 1914

Blank U. S. Army inquiry form as to the character of Norman A. Patterson, sent to Miss

Lillie Carter for her comments, August 16, 1934

Blank Dept. of Labor, Children's Bureau Child Registration form used in a study to

determine the development of the country's children

Royalty Deed, Frank Richardson sells his mineral rights to Simpson Sharp, June 4, 1947

Sworn testament that J. P. Stiller owes C. H. Russell $7.31

Blank Dept. of Labor, Children's Bureau, Weighing and Measuring test, n. d.

Certification of W. B. Rownd as Supervisor of Registration for the 6th Ward of Livingston

Parish, September 22, 1876

Blank Dept. of the Interior Application for Repayment (2 copies)

Certificate naming Miss Grace Rownd as Commissioner for the Registration of women in

Precinct no.1, Ward 6, Livingston Parish, October 10, 1917

Road Overseer's Commission for M. C. Rownd, January 4, 1912

Sheriff's Tax Deed Sales of Immovables, July 14, 1898

Homestead Application, May 20, 1862, October 3, 1887

Property tax assessment form of Ms. Tullia Carter, 1903

Blank Civil Litigation forms for land claims, n. d. (2 copies)

Statement on the Succession of Andrew Wells, prepared by M. T. Carter and E. T. Russell

Poll List of Ward 6, Livingston Parish, 1910

Notes on a case involving property formally belonging to James Farmer, n. d.

Description of the Farmer tract of land, n. d.

Testimony of Levi Spiller on the final accounts of George Coleman, January 5, 1874

General Bond, case of Joe Belurson v. Rev. Francis Gross, May 24, 1907

Warranty Deed, from Mrs. A. Carter to W. S. Rownd, October 28, 1907

Chattel Mortgage, November 13, 1922

Mortgage document regarding Nannie K. Sharp and Wiley H. Sharp, June 21, 1954

Document conveying land to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from Simpson Sharp,

notarized by Judge Leon Ford, n. d.

Land Purchase Document, February 3, 1872

Court Order, Livingston Parish Court, January 2, 1873

Official Notice of Mandatory Tuberculosis Eradication, n. d. (2 pages) TOTAL: 35 Items


BOX 32 Continued


11. Insurance Documents:

Premium notice to Mr. Leonard S. Hutchinson, Guaranty Income Life, 1935

Pamphlet, "Your Future in 15 Words"

Premium Receipt Book, First National Life

Policy of Roy Coats with General Exchange Insurance Corp., April 23, 1932

Policy of Simpson H. Sharp with Aetna Insurance, November 12, 1943

Letter from McCain & Cate, Hammond, representing New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co. to

Mrs. Nannie K. Sharp regarding windstorm loss, October 4, 1957

Letter from Aetna Insurance to New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co. requesting that the

policy holder's name be changed from Estate of Simpson H. Sharp to Nannie K. Sharp,

September 24, 1957

Statement appointing E. W. Butler of Madison, GA, J. C. Porter or J. R. Leal of Rome, GA

as Attorneys-in-fact for voting on stock issues, 1912 (statement was not signed)

Letter from Rome Insurance Company announcing the annual stockholders meeting for July

2, 1912

Endorsement issued by New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co. describing the insured dwelling

of Estate of Simpson Sharp and amending the name of the insured to read Mrs. Nannie K. Sharp, September 23, 1957

TOTAL: 10 Items

12. Share Certificate, General Securities Co., belonged to W. S. Rownd, July 13, 1925

TOTAL: 1 Item

13. Drawings:

Drawings of "Comes the Revolution," showing the White House inundated by papists, artist

unknown (2 copies)

Drawing of a tugboat named Arthur, artist unknown

Drawing of a heart, artist unknown

TOTAL: 4 Items

14. Report Cards:

Blank Report Card

Monthly School Report by Teacher D. C. Carter, October 2, 1874

TOTAL: 2 Items

15. Tax Documents (1908-1964)

TOTAL: 20 Items


BOX 32 Continued


16. Surveying Documents:

Field Notes for Sections 1, 2, and 11 in Township 8 South, Range 6 East, Greensburg

District, Louisiana, surveyed by D. A. Watterston, 1853

Field Notes for Section 5, Township 8 South, Range 7 East, Greensburg District, LA.,

surveyed by R. C. Brent, 1846

Sketch and Field Notes of Sections 11, 12, 13, and 14, Township 8 South, Range 6 East,

Greensburg District, La., June 6, 1907

Geo. P. Schmidt, surveyor to Mrs. V. Smith regarding her 50 acres of property, September

23, 1907

Instructions Governing Repayments, Department of the Interior, January 22, 1901

Surveying Class notes and exercises (5 documents, n. d.).

Notes of M. C. Rownd regarding survey of 40 acres for Cd. Hill, March 21, 1910

Township graphing paper with notes, n. d.

TOTAL: 11 Items

17. Miscellaneous promotional mail outs and advertisements for businesses (1860s-1950s)

TOTAL: 84 Items

18. Miscellaneous bills, receipts, and blank order forms (1857-1935) TOTAL: 69 Items

19. Miscellaneous Business Correspondence (1877-1964) TOTAL: 20 Items

20. Mineral Rights Documents:

State of Louisiana License to Sever Natural Resources, granted to T. C. Carter, April 25,

1921 and July 29, 1921 (2)

Guarantee of the Cross Stream Oil and Development Co., sale of land to Simpson Sharp,

June 23, 1921

Deposit slip from the Texas Company recording payment to estate of Simpson Sharp,

deceased, March 4, 1952

Statement from the Texas Co. to J. A. Minton, March 1, 1909

Invoice from the Texas Co. to J. A. Minton, September 21, 1908

Letter from Springfield Oil Company asking stockholders to remit the balance of their

subscriptions on their stock, July 3, 1923

Annual Land and Lease Rental Account check from Sun Oil Company to DePhillips-Sharp

Farms Inc., December 31, 1964

Deposit slip recording Sun Oil Co. deposit into account of DePhillips-Sharp Farms Inc.,

January 2, 1965

Annual Land and Lease Rental Account check stub from Humble Oil & Refining Co., to

Nannie K. Sharp, January 31, 1957

Stipulation of Interest Document, Pan American Petroleum Corp. with Nannie K. Sharp,

June 1, 1957

Letter to Mr. Simpson Sharp from Cross Stream Oil & Development Co. regarding

investment in the company.

TOTAL: 12 Items


BOX 33


1. Bank Statements and Canceled Checks from Ponchatoula Bank and Trust Co., Accounts of

Miss Lillie Carter and Roy Coats (1927-1935)

TOTAL: 223 Items

2. Bank Statements and Canceled Checks from Farmers State Bank and Trust Co., account of

Nannie K. Sharp (1955-1964)

Letter from Farmers State Bank and Trust to Nannie K. Sharp regarding payment on a note,

March 9, 1956

TOTAL: 397 Items

3. Bank Statements, Canceled Checks, Deposit Slips, and a letter to Nannie K. Sharp

regarding an extension on payment from Guaranty Bank and Trust Co., Accounts of Nannie K. Sharp and Earl George Carter (1935-1964)

TOTAL: 142 Items

4. Bank Statements, Canceled Checks, and Note Payments form Livingston State Bank,

Accounts of Simpson Sharp and Nannie K. Sharp, (1946-1962)

TOTAL: 141 Items

5. Bank Statements, Canceled Checks, and Correspondence from Merchants and Farmers

Bank and Trust Co., Accounts of Earl George Carter, Lillie Carter, Grace A. Rownd, and Leonard Hutchinson (1906-1933)

TOTAL: 156Items

6. Canceled Checks and Correspondence from Livingston Bank, Accounts of Simpson Sharp

and Grace Rownd (1928-1933)

TOTAL: 12 Items

7. Canceled Checks from Citizens National Bank, Accounts of Ray Coats and Grace Rownd


TOTAL: 23 Items

8. Bank Notes and Correspondence from Fidelity National Bank, Account of Nannie K. Sharp


TOTAL: 4 Items

9. Canceled Checks from Albany Bank, checks have been changed from Ponchatoula State

Bank to Albany Bank. Account of Simpson Sharp (1930)

TOTAL: 11 Items

10. Checks payable by George A. Pike (1879)

TOTAL: 3 Items


BOX 33 Continued


11. Canceled Check from Bank of Baton Rouge, Account of W. S. Rownd (1908)

TOTAL: 1 Item

12. Bank Note from Amite River Bank, Account of Simpson Sharp (1933)

TOTAL: 1 Item

13. Bank Statement from Tangipahoa Bank and Trust Co., Account of L. Hutchinson (1933)

TOTAL: 1 Item

14. Check payable by Murphy and Palmer to W. S. Rownd (1932)

TOTAL: 1 Item

15. Check Book with Record from Marine Bank and Trust Co., Account holder unknown


TOTAL: 1 Item

16. Check Book with Record from The Bankers National Bank

TOTAL: 1 Item

17. Assorted Post Cards and Calling Cards

TOTAL: 59 Items

18. School Notes:

(3) pages of Law School Notes on L.S.U. letterhead, n. d.

(1) page of Law School Notes on Knights of Honor Letterhead

(1) page of Grace Rownd's History notes

(1) page of sentence diagraming

(1) page of W. C. Rownd's Arithmetic Notes

(4) pages on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

(1) page on Christopher Columbus

(1) page on Alaska Territory

(3) pages on Government of U. S.

(5) pages of notes on Physics

(1) Geography quiz

(15) pages of Surveying notes

(2) Review sheets for History 56c, L.S.U.

TOTAL: 38 Items


BOX 33 Continued


19. Maps:

(6) Township graphing paper maps

(1) Isogenics map of U.S. West Coast, 1886

(1) 1931 Standard Oil Road map of Arkansas and Louisiana

(1) Picayune Map of New Orleans, 1906

(1) Distribution and Severity of Potato Rot in the United States, 1885

(1) Detailed map of Dr. Livingstone's Route across Africa, 1857

TOTAL: 11 Items

20. Assorted Stamps

TOTAL: 40 Items

21. Receipts:

Hall, Wedge & Carter (1920)

Lang William Co. (1920)

Settoon Brothers (1898)

Settoon Brothers (1899)

Settoon Brothers (1910)

J. S. Settoon & Son (1931)

J. S. Settoon (1935)

Farmers & Merchants Grain Co., Inc. (1932)

The Merchants & Farmers Bank & Trust Co. (1930)

Merchants & Farmers Bank & Trust Co. (1930)

Edwards Motor Co. (1933)

Martin Veneer Co. (1934)

E. W. Vinyard (1932)

E. W. Vinyard (1934)

A. J. Pusey (1934)

Ponchatoula Farm Bureau Association (1935)

Dendinger Mercantile Co. (1935)

Wright & Anderson, Inc. (1935)

Sharp's Store (1959)

M. D. Wiginton, B. S. M. D. (1932)

M. C. Wiginton, B. S. M. D. (1933)

M. D. Wiginton, B. S. M. D. (1936)

The First National Bank (1939)

Carter’s Logs (1935)

Motor Co. (1935)


The Times Democrat, October 20, 1912

"Largest class on record wins Loyola Diplomas," unidentified newspaper, 1924

TOTAL: 34 Items