Kate Davidson Scrapbook Collection

Donated by Theo Hummer




1. Scrapbook circa 1900’s. Contains various postcards and illustrations of attractions
in Louisiana and Mississippi. Also contains Easter postcards.


2. Scrapbook circa 1900’s. Contains various visiting cards, stickers, illustrative
cards with Biblical verses, and Confederate money from the state of Louisiana. Money
consists of six notes, four from the city of Shreveport, two for Baton Rouge. From
1862 and 1863.


3. Scrapbook circa 1900’s. Contains advertisements for John Maddock & Sons Royal Vitreous
Dinner Ware and for The Philadelphia Dental Rooms. Also contains Christmas cards,
stickers, and illustrations of notable figures, including Paul Revere.


4. Scrapbook circa 1900’s. Contains descriptive advertisement for “Prof. Horford’s
Self Rising Bread,” illustrative postcards of various American attractions, and greeting