Total of 29 newspapers


1. Crime:
“3 Year Penitentiary Sentence Imposed” The Daily News, February 5,1965 (Joseph Vincent Arns)
“Hostage Rescue try fails, crash kills 8 G.I.’s in Iran” The States – Item, April 25,1980 (rescue of American hostages from Tehran)
“Police in Room- by- Room Hotel search for Sniper” The Times Picayune, January 9, 1973 (Howard Johnson)
“Snipers Known to kill seven, Injure 13” The Times Picayune, January 8, 1973 (Howard Johnson)
“Two Snipers holding out atop New Orleans Hotel” The Daily News, January 8, 1973 ( Howard Johnson)
“Ten Gunned down in One- Man Spree” The Times Picayune, November 8, 1977 (Clearance B. Giarrus)

2. Celebrations:
“Interstate 12 links Lacombe and Robert with points Beyond” The St. Tammany Farmer, July 1, 1976 “( 200 year anniversary of Independence and becoming members of the
National Interstate Highway) Spillway is Opened” The Times Picayune, April 9, 1973 (Bonnie Carrie Spillway)
“Communities Celebrate nations Birthday throughout Parish” The St. Tammany NewsBanner, July 4, 1976 ( 200 year anniversary of American’s independence)
“It’s Fair Time again St. Tammany” The St. Tammany Farmer, October 25, 1973 (4-day run of the Parish fair  in Covington)

3. Disasters:

“10 Killed in Grain Explosion” The Times Picayune, December 23, 1977 ( Continental Grain Co.’s Westwego grain elevator exploded)
“4 Rockets hit Saigon; Minh may take over” The Times Picayune, April 27, 1975 (Viet cong attack)
“:3 Children die in Mandeville Fire” The States- Item January 26, 1976

4. Health:
“Carville” The States-Item, November 19, 1979 (leprosy hospital)

5. Political:
“Three Cases before Mayor’s court Thursday” The St. Tammany Farmer, October 25, 1973 (robbery of Panche and Perbos saloon)
“Funds not used Returned- Tonry” The Times Picayune, January 23, 1977 (Ricky Torny’s rejection of $32,000 in allegedly illicit campaign
“Voyager on way in ‘healthy’ shape” The Times Picayune, August 21, 1977 (voyager spaceship)
“Local Lawyers rate ‘best, worst’ judges” The States- Item, July 3, 1976
“Right to work ad exec slain” The States- Item July 9, 1976 (James Leslie shot to death)
“White Votes carried Livingston to victory” The States- Item, August 29, 1977 (election of republican Robert L. Livingston Jr.)

6. Weather:
“Warn Hurricane Aims blow at Southwest Louisiana Coast New Orleans” States Item, September 9, 1965 (hurricane Betsy)
“Canal Street in wake of Hurricane Betsy New Orleans “States Item, September 10, 1965
“S-I Staffer witnesses Grand Isle Ruin New Orleans” States Item, September 13, 1965
“Heavy Rains Flood out Subdivision Access” The St. Tammany News Banner, March 23, 1980
“Killer Floods Inundate Area “The Times Picayune, April 14, 1980
“Disaster Aid sought Flood leaves major damage” The States- Item, May 4, 1978 (Jefferson and Orleans Parish)
“Coast Braced Against Eloise” The Times Picayune, September 8, 1974
“Carmen Winds Lash LA. Coast” The Times Picayune, September 8, 1974
“Carmen’s Course Aimed at New Orleans Area” The Times Picayune, September 7, 1974
7. Miscellaneous Newspapers:
New Orleans States-Item– September 10, 1965-Vol. 89 No. 79
New Orleans States-Item– September 11, 1965-Vol. 89 No. 80
New Orleans States-Item– September 13, 1965-Vol. 89 No. 81
New Orleans States-Item– September 14, 1965
Clarion Herald– September 16, 1965
New Orleans States-Item– September 18, 1965
New Orleans States-Item– September 21, 1965-Vol. 89 No. 88
The States-Item-January 8, 1973-Vol. 96 No. 181
The States Item- August 9, 1974-Vol. 98 No. 52
The States-Item- October 20, 1976-Vol. 100, No. 113
The States-Item– October 22, 1976- Vol. 100 No. 115
The States-Item– August 20, 1977- Vol. 101-No. 61