Family History

Archival/Genealogical Collection




1. Johnston of That Ilk and of Caskieben, c. 1550

2. Family Tree of Grandfather Robin White and Mary White (Nee Hux) and Great Grandfather Lewis Coon and Wife, Mary

3. A Genealogy of the Bankston (Benkstok) Family by Edna R. Vacher, c. 1947

(See Also Box 4-Folder 2)

4. Genealogy of the Bankston, Taylor, and Carter Families by Marcus Carter Rownd (1884-1948)

5. Thomas Lane and Some of His Descendants by James Morris Perrin

6. Hansford L. Simmons--Notes and Correspondence (Part I)

7. Hansford L. Simmons--Notes and Correspondence (Part II)

8. Hansford L. Simmons--Notes and Correspondence (Part III)

9. Hudson, Nattin, Larkin, Strayhan Families

10. Cooper, Moseley, Joles, Elliott, Dale, Clark, Stewart, Charles B. Harris (Chief Hip Py Kio) Families by Bakey Jo Cooper Hoover

11. Fellom, Stewart, Kinchen, Castillo, Lockhart, Johnson Families by Cynthia Fellom Tricou

12. Parmley--The Greatest Dental Family, by Lawrence Parmly Brown, Reprinted from the Dental Commons for March, April and May 1923 (xerox copy)

13. Hutchinson, Kinchen Families of Livingston Parish, Louisiana by Clark Forrest, Jr.

14. Russell, Glass, Hilbert, Miller, McDermot, Comeaux Families

15. Miskel, Overmier, Rogers, Overlow, Canning, Jones, King, Ball, Jackson, Fussell, Moore, Thomas Families

16. Adams, Meagher, Illing, Wagner, Chatagnier, Heigh, Rotty, Heyd, Navarre, McCoy Families

17. Taylor, Magee, Mizel, Brumfield, Crain (Black) Families

18. Riggs, Reynolds, Choppin, St. Cyr, Messina Forcha Families

19. Overmier, Rogers, Ball, Thomas, Jackson, Fussell, Hayes Families

20. Cobb, Smith, Cocroft, Patenotte, Akers, Watson, Tuper, Tucker, Dyson Families

21. Perrin, Perrinjaquet, Hicks, Russell, Harveston, Badeaux, Morse Families by James Morris Perrin

22. Fleming, Kay, Landry, Rath, Kurtz, Bertin Families

23. Savage, Parmly, Smith, Harris, Wheelocks, Coleman, Jameson, Sanford, Sturdivant, Harris, Rhodes, Stayton Families

24. Chambers, Barnett, Jones, Raiford Families

25. Daughdrill, Dodrill-Turner Family

26. Sheridan, Pierce, Morris, Jones, Daughdrill, Cooper, Kingwood, Alexander, Hunt, Alford, Magee Families

27. Georg Ferdinand May, Philip Heinrich May, and Walter William May Families

28. Wall, Roper, Richardson, Cook, Harrell, Coon, Nichols, Horne, Hurst, Deerman Families

29. Curtis, Walsh, Williams, Smith, LaNove, Coffey, Smith, Crowder, Henderson Families

30. Townson, Messer, Hucklebee, Clark, Johnson, Chaffen Families

31. Walsh, Smith, LaNove, Coffey Families

32. Travelers from The Garden of Eden to St. Helena Parish, Louisiana and Simpson County, Mississippi--Womack, Norris, Kemp, Pryor, Gain, Crisley Families

33. From Louth to Louisiana: The Story of the Sharkey Family and Their Kindred, by Nicholas Russell Murray (2 copies)

34. Hicks Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 6, June 1974


BOX 1 Continued


35. Howell, Fountain, Groue, Parker Families

36. Ibert, White, Prejeant, Coon, Hyde, Simmons, Keller, Goslin, Rhymes, Long, Robertson, Hogan, Families

37. Arnold, Robinson, Kennedy, McElveen, Fredrick, Green, Thibeau, Strickland, Jaycox Families

38. Smith, Sharon, Garrison, Richard, Mayeaux, Hamilton, , Tullier, Wallace, Gambill, Maxwell, Hardin, Cox, Bledsoe, Pyatt Families

39. Robertson, Ogle, Short, Wells, Cates, Shiplen, Williams Families

40. Anderson, Joiner, Snell, Cooper, Ott, Simmons, Allen, Lambert Families

41. Gainey, Carey, Hebert, Sterling, Hall, Varnado, Strickland, McDaniel, Shelton Families

42. Greer, Hyde, Reeves, Clark, DiSabato, Dunphy, Brown, Castle, Busby Families

43. Cunningham, Cleveland, Neal, Addison, Crayton, Stewart, Wall, Albin, Johnson, Purvis, Bankston Families

44. McKean, Martin, Bouvier, Savier, Folse, Ernst, LeForte, Drake Families

45. Family Recores of Johann Adam Drott, 1820-1885 and Maria Christina Muller, 1825-1887 Family compiled by Ouida Robertson [Cooke], Hammond, Louisiana, 1971 (Lagenstein, Fischer, Flaspoller, Welker, Kemmler, Nickel

46. The Parker Family, Descendants of Phillip Powell Parker, 1798-1862 and Catherine C. Dyson, 1806-1871, compiled by Ouida Robertson Cooke and Winnie Parker Rawls, Hammond, Louisiana, 1974

47. Overmier, Parent, Parker, Kennedy, Haydel, Gaston, Shipp, Richard Families

48. Lee, Hymel, Pendarvis, Dillon, Guichard, Brumfield, Higginbotham, Boubede, Clark Families

49. Trosclair, Doucet, Brown, Gaspar, Clement, Chiasson, Thibodeaux, Guilliot, Hebert, Richard, Boudreaux, Hymel Families

50. Bauerle, Edwards, Foster, Bankston, Davis, Hughes, Allen, Raiford, Sanders Families




1. Lazarre, Alfred, Wallace, Dragutinovich Families

2. McGee, Hymel, Comeaux, Waguespack Families

3. Bougere, Speeg, Brunet, Blanchard, McReynolds, Cole, Cossé, Keller Families

4. Graul, Cox, Smith, Shade Families

5. Speeg, Morgan, Navo, Stevens, Burns, Addison Families

6. Giardina, Kroll, Accardo, Roussel, Carona, St. Pierre Families

7. Arthur, Riedlinger, Mills, Brennen, Fetty, Rogue Families

8. Pinsel, Bensinger, Podell, Podelski, Samuiels, Ehrman, Gronauer Families

9. Small, Barnett, Brignac, Wall, Smiley, Miller Family

10. Pecoraro, Reina, Calandra, Polari, Filippella, Graziano, Lopinto Families

11. Jordan, Welch, Jones, Thomas, Starkey, Kinchen, Livingston Parish Families

12. Kelly, Jacques, Keller, George, Fisher, Baptise, Hall Families

13. Bacon, Bearden, Foxworth, Alston, Moore, Sibley Families

14. Mizell, Magee, Ezell, Forbes, Stognar Families

15. Brumfield, Wood, Ball, Ard, Graves, Families

16. Boatwright, Drummond Families

17. Anderson, Haire, Lord, Norwood, Goldsby, Johnson, Ramsey, Dicket Families

18. McDonough, Pierce, Harper, Castay, McDermott, Redeker, Rihner Families

19. Kinchen, Lee, Hatchell, Tanner, Sibley, Davis, Hayden, Jackson, Welch Families

20. Hymel, Tassin, Bergeron, Dufresne, Kroll, Abadie, Borne, Louque, Tregre Families

21. Gordon, Jackson, Bickham, Gorman, Womack (Black) Families

22. Tallo, Guillaume, DePaula, Chenevert, Basso Families

23. Simon, Richard, Scionneaux, Berthelot, Vicknair Families

24. Newman, Williamson, Wilbanks, Dooley, Manning, Abney Families

25. Ryals, Magee, Shivers, Sandifer, Barwick, Coursey, Ball, Day, Mizell, Richardson, Smithwick, Swaine, Cargin, Tinsley, Tinsley, Hamlin Families

26. Briggs, Joseph, Rowley, Ricker, Johnson, Scranton, Parmaler, Herod, Hill Families

27. The Stovall Family, by Mrs. Loyce Margaret Smith Robbins, April 1968 (Part I) (xerox copy)

28. The Stovall Family, by Mrs. Loyce Margaret Smith Robbins, April 1968(Part II) (xerox copy)

29. Hart, Till, Gill, Hyde, Anderson, Ricks, Simms Families

30. Bennett, Dykes, Stevens, Weeks, Williams, Starnes, Wilson, Beavers, Setoon, Strickland Families

31. Digiovanno, Triolo, Sciales, Cammarata, Nicolino, Carrozza, Ferrara Families

32. Bourgeois, Mayer, Lambert, Sanchez, Lanoux LeBlanc Families

33. Maurin, Robert, Donaldson, Zeringue, Friloux, Champagne, Vignes, Bossier Families

34. Sullivan, Meroney, Jenkins, Amos, Davenport, Padgett, Spell, Catalano Families

35. Morse, Lowery, Taylor, Neal, Spurlock, Hughes, Shields Families

36. Coney, Brooks, Joseph, Barbour, Russell, Dunlap Families

37. Frindik, Alessi, Dragotta, Strickland, Lewis, Meszaros, Varnado, Simmons, Shilling Families

38. Rogers, Magee, Fendlason, Scarles, Stringfield, Carson, Foil, Ginn, Gartmann Families

39. Brumfield, Simmons, Foil Families

40. Slocum, Settoon, Davidson, Kinchen, Kille, McCain, Bates, Dunn, Bennett Families


BOX 2 Continued


41. Questions regarding Lloyd Dulany Addison, Overton Carr Addison, John Addison, John Brittain Addison Families

42. Short, Lowe Families

43. William C. Harvell Family, copied from Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana, Vol. 1, Page 462, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1892

44. Boudrot, Thibodeaux, LeBlanc, Daigle, Dupuy, Molaison, Gardemaux, Rouy, Hebert Families

45. Gordon Family Record (1 mimeographed sheet)

46 Mouton Family

47. Joiner, Thomas, Jones, Mosley, Smith, Hendon, Hines Families

48. Barelli House near Covington and supporting documents; Family history of Barelli-Terrell family (donated by Laura Kay Hestrest Hyde)




1. Young and Fountain Families

2. King, Bullock, Wells, Westbrook Families

3. Brooks, Hart, Smith, Spiers Families

4. Wright, Thompson, Biersoll, Warren, Block, Windle, George, Thomas Families

5. Johnson, Ford, Stewart, Holden, Dollahite Families

6. Drude, Turnage, LeSaichere, Berteau Families

7. Pittman, Mire, Turnage, Badeaux Families

8. Welborn, Skipper, Dammon, Howell Families

9. Compton, Lucas, Prater, Estopinal, Chalaire, Cantrelle Families

10. Zimmerman, Koob, Mahren, McGill, Leibfried Families

11. Adams, Jacobs, Matthews, McLendon, Player Families

12. Boutwell, Belcher, Williams, Buckalew, Tedder, Allen, Lee Families

13. Deshotels, Smith, Wonder, Cronin, Kreiger, Kaiser, Hudgins Families

14. Avant, Nettles, Kugler, Crittenden, Sentell Families

15. Brignac, Vial, Guitreau, Busha, Dohré, LeBourgois, Lobell, Cambre, Lambert Families

16. Bossenmeyer, Stempel, Smith, Auderer, Hutchings Families

17. Palazzo, Dartus, Marino, Dobson Families

18. Foust, England, White, Lovelace Families

19. Fiorenza, Buras, Smith, Gulotta Families

20. Lambert, Fontenot, Guitrau, Aydell, Watts Families

21. J. W. and Julia Lee Lambert Family, Tangipahoa, Louisiana

22. Harper, Crawford, Evans, Sharp Families

23. Cradic, Lewis, Dupry, Carr Families

24. Stilley, Starns, Pendarvis, Liggon, Hudson, Brown, Moak, Mercier Families

25. Hite, Richardson, Gregg Families

26. Gallaher, Freeman, Smith, Sims Families

27. Perkins, Williams, Spears, White Families

28. Smith, Rod, Heath, Batard, Chevalley Families

29. Chretien, Fetter, Entzmenger, Bruch, Neu, Kahl, Lang, Klein, Francks Families

30. Lavigne, Ball, Harman, Wyse Families

31. Carter, Burk, Marionneaux, More, Billings, Logan, Bird, Savory, Fitzgerald, Bowie Families

32. Hoover, Berthelot, Larsen, Smith, Poche, Brown, David, Cureaux, Brignac, Vickner Families

33. Hoover, Dynes, Tow, Stewart, Mizell, Harris Families

34. Zabala, Ponder, Kustenmacher, Lemasson Families

35. Gaeta, Alesia, LaRocca, Giardina Families

36. Buquoi, Berteau, Poirrier, Blouin Families

37. Clardy Genealogy

38 Laborde, Bordelon and Allied Families, assembled by Robert H. Laborde, Jr. (Donated by Belford E. Carver)

39. Our Rodriguez Family, Descendants of Manuel Rodriguez and Isabel Ortega Alvarez of Spain, by Mrs. B. M. Rodriguez, al Bourgeois, Daigle, and Foret families (donated by Barbara Elkins, August 1990)




1. A Genealogy of the Robertson Family compiled by Edna Robertson Vacher

2. Genealogy of the Bankston (Benkestok) Family compiled by Edna Robertson Vacher

(See Also Box 2-Folder 3)

2A. Genealogy of the Bankston (Benkestok) Family (donated by David C. Malone, Sept. 2000)

3. Genealogy of the Rownd Family, by Marcus Carter Rownd (1884-1948)

4. Adams Family History as related by Mr. Louis Adams to Ruth Pigott on October 24, 1972

5. I Remember Granny, Cynthia Gambill Smith, by Berulah Lee Smith Pratt, 1970

6. Some Descendants of Anthony Morse, by James M. Perrin, 1976

7. Abstract History of the Fortinberry Family, by G. K. Fortinberry, 1942 (xerox copy)

8. Rheams, Williams, Paul--Black Families of Livingston Parish

9. Long, Wells, McKenzie, Hilbun Families

10. The Kendrick Kindred by Guy Dyson, 1973 (xerox copy)

11. Doyle, Rummel, Boozan Families

12. Leon, Leone, Bergeron, Theriot, Rodick Families

13. Zenon, Domio, Stafford, Gravois, Gay, Miles Families

14. Varnado, Mixon, Heap Families

15. Weathersby, Ellis, Harrell, Dunbar Families

16. Lambert, Bridges, Gill, Benton, Womack, Phillips Families

17. Clark, Kerley, Kirby, Herrington, Fagan, Faler, Coulter Families

18. Mayeaux, Spears, Lemoine, Andermann, Rabalais, Curtis, Scallan Family

19. Adelman, Cadwallader, Prokop, Beans, Woolston, Comfort, Resetar Families

20. Butler, Dean, Wallace, Boxley Families

21. Allen, Simmons, Kennedy, Pounds Families

22. Vice, O'Brien, Ganucheau, Wells Families

23. O'Brien, Wells, McCaffrey, Dykes Families

24. The Hutchinson Family of New Jersey, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, by Clark Forrest

25. Corkern, Farlow, Bates, Faust, Lawless Families

26. Simonds, Taliancich, Ney Families

27. Villarrubia, Boone, Thomas Families

28. Townson, Messer, Clark, Huckaby Families

29. Batton, Smith, Thames, Fornea Families

30. Dees, Stevens, Clark, Holton, Beavers, Durbin Families

31. Welch, Corkern, Heath, Morris, Jenkins, Quave Families

32. Taylor, Painter, Cole, McIntyre Families

33. Hummel, Peterson, Woods, McCaa Families

34. Wasson, Heidelberg, Wilbourn, Dixon Families

35. Fox, Smith, Newman, Hudson, Reynolds, Lea Families

36. Corkern, Givens, Smith, Carson, Fussell, Kemp Families

37. Brunet, Botto, Villere, Bouchreau Families




1. Coal, Cole, and More Coles, a partial history of the descendants of John Cole, I and John Cole, II who died 1806, by William & Irma Lampton, 1981

2. Meadows, Hennigan, Carter, Watson Families

3. Sullivan, Powell, Rast, Edmondson, Underwood Families

4. The Story of the Ancestors of Jewel Ricks Hudspeth

5. Partial Family History of Carlos and Bergerons

6. DiMaggio, Bergeron, Rizzuto, Boudreaux Families

7. Friedrichs, Planche, Crawley, Slattery Families

8. History of Raymond, Varner, Beasley and Beringer Families

9. A Genealogy of the Cottrell Family

10. Kersteter, Harpster, Barnes, Bottarf, Hess, Koch Families

11. Wiebelt, Lemantia Families

12. Hadnot, Dorris, Roshto, Reddy Families

13. Jenkins, Haville, Kingsley, Luber Families

14. Lasseigne, Harrison, Johnson, Knighton Families

15. Hart Family

16. Braxdale Family

17. Reynolds, Badeaux Families

18. West, Trinchard, O'Hanlon Families

19. Stewart, Bush, Hatten, Williams, Smith Families

20. Ashburn, Howard, McAdams, Knight Families

21. The Descendants of Richard Austin of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1638, compiled by Edith Austin Moore and William Allen Day (xerox copy)

22. The Alexander Family of Scotland, Ireland and America, The Austin Family of Wales and America and The Arnold Families of England and America, A Brief History, compiled by Frances Austin Arnold of Carrollton, MO, 1896 (xerox copy)

23. Virginia Heraldry, Leftwich Lineage and Arms of Ancient English Descent, by Jane Griffith Keys (xerox copy)

24. Anthony, Baham, Neal, Barber Families

25. Italian Immigrants in Tangipahoa Parish--family histories

26. The Hesselius Family (xerox copy)

27. Bickham Christian Information (donated by Frank Brown February 1978)

28. Turner, Dunn, Winnfield, Davis, Walsh (Black) Families

29. Ferrara, Tompkins, Rollins, O'Connell Families

30. Wood, Ginn, Jones, Turner, Loyd, Galloway, Morris, Roberts, Dobbs Families

31. Ginn, Knight, Fussell, Morris, Bullock, Fisher Families

32. Wood, Sharp, Jones, Turner, Loyd, Roberts, Dobbs, Galloway, Morris Families

33. Ezell, Causey, Leggett, Nickens, Ficklin, Galloway, Floyd, Dossett Families

34. Iverstine, King, Wascomb, Stafford Families

35. Meiners, Cucchiara, Sturm, Vicknair, Miller Families

36. Marsh, McMahan, DiHel, Hardin, Scroggins, Phillips, Burns Families

37. Bray, Clark, Coates, Haltom, Yancy, Zigler Families

38. Locke, Clark, Ligier, Stockman Families

39. Moore, Stirling, Smith, Byers, Gable, McGavin, Barrow, Davidson Families

40. Folse, Vivien, Boizelle, McMahon, Zeairs, Families




1. The Eli Robertson and Elizabeth Webb Family, by Ouida Robertson Cooke, 1980 (xerox copy)

2. The Diary of Henry Jackson Lentz (1819-1869) of Limestone County, Alabama and Itawamba County, Mississippi, compiled and copied by Robert Lentz, Decatur, Alabama, Abstracted and transcribed by David E. Conwill, M.D., and Gloria Kennedy Conwill, San Diego, California, August 1980 (xerox copy)

3. Fields of Broom: John Brumfield and Margaret Kelly--Their Ancestors and Descendants, by Alma Dell Magee Clawson (xerox copy)

4. The Silver Creek Simmons Family: Descendants of Willis and Jane Goslin Simmons, by Edna Simmons Campbell and Hansford L. Simmons (xerox copy)

5. Charles Hardy Gammill and Virginia Cain

6. Biographical Sketch of Paul Acklen LeBlanc, January 8, 1959

7. Memories of the Old Place . . . A Plantago Record, by Catherine G. Plantago and Luretta A. Wagner, 1993

8. Information about John William Morgan, 1875-1930

9. 80 Years of Change, by Earl Pack Marshall (Family lore and personal recollections of the writer, covering the years from 1772 to 1977

10. The Bernards: John William Bernard and Effie Zulucra Joiner, by Betty L. Quave, August 1986 (donated by Belford Craver)

11. Calvin Green Carver Family Tree compiled and drawn by Maud Carver Walton, September 1961 (Donated by Belford E. Carver)

12. May DeLee Jackson Carver (1898-1967), Life Story (Donated by Belford E. Carver)

13. Life History of Juan DeCueras (Quave, Couevas) and History of Cat Island (Donated by Belford E. Carver)

14. Sixty '60s (Biographies of first LSU students), by Alison Moore, 1984

15. He Died Furious, Biography of C. R. Wheat (Civil War Soldier), by Alison Moore, 1983

16. Biography of Sidney J. Romero

17. More Stories about the Sylvest Family, Vol. II, by Artie Sylvest Varnado, 1989

18. George Colmer and the Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis, by Albert E. Casey and Eleanor H. Hidden (contains biography of Dr. George Colmer--early physician in Livingston Parish, Louisiana), Southern Medical Journal, Vol. 37, No. 9, September 1944

19. Letter from Madame Trucot in Paris, France to Percy C. Kidder, Hammond, Louisiana, dated July 28, 1919

20. Letters of Harvey Family, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1850s and 1860s

21. John Starns Family History


BOX 6 Continued

Belford Carver Donation

Union Soldiers from the Civil War Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery Hammond, LA


22. Forbes, Kenny

Includes a copy of muster card from Indiana State Archives; a family history chart; copy of article written by Belford Carver on Forbes; pension information on Forbes; two "General Affidavit" forms attesting to the character of Kenny Forbes; two "Claimant Affidavit" forms for pension- copy of "Certificate of Disability for Discharge" on Kenny Forbes; copy of "Declaration for Pension" form; copy of a questionnaire from the Department of the Interior; copy of pension award certificate; copy of "Pensioner Dropped" form at the death of Forbes (I 7 items)

23. True, Moses C.

Includes a copy of a letter from a physician verifying True's hernia injury; copy of a document from the Adjutant General's office with reference to muster out of True without mentioning injury- copy of letters attesting to True's injury; copy of pension claim with compensation amount included; a copy of a document from the United States Pension Agency verifying Moses True's death (8 items)

24. Banner, George P.

Includes a declaration for pension by George Banner, copy of medical record during the Civil War, copy of a general affidavit in behalf of Banner's claim for a pension, copy a general affidavit on behalf of Philony Banner, widow attesting to the value of her property, copy of Widow's pension declaration, notarized form letter attesting to widow's wealth and husband's death, copy of "Application for Reimbursement" form by Philony Banner, widow, "Pension Dropped" form listing death of George Banner, "Pension Dropped" form listing death of Philony Banner; "Muster Description Roll of the Eighth Cavalry, Company B of the Illinois Volunteers." (I 5 items)

25. Humeston, Horace (H. S.)

Includes a general affidavit form requesting a pension; a claimant affidavit form for a pension; several "additional information" forms; copy of "Declaration for Original Invalid Pension" form; notarized letter from a physician verifying Humeston's medical condition; notarized letter verifying marriage to Mary Stewart, copy of "Application for Accrued Pension" widow's form; copy of marriage license-, copy of "Declaration of a Widow for Original Pension" no children under 16 years of age listed, "Pensioner Dropped" form on Horace Humeston (17 items)

26. Baldwin, Philander R.

Includes a general affidavit attesting to Baldwin's health; two "Additional Evidence" forms on the health of Philander Baldwin; a general affidavit on the character of Baldwin; copy of "Declaration for the Increase of an Invalid Pension" form; "Proof of Disability" form; report from Surgeon General's office regarding claimant's health; copy of muster records; copy of "Drop Order" from the Dept. of the Interior listing Baldwin's death (16 items) This file also includes a copy of muster report of Byam, Philander (I item)


BOX 6 Continued


27. Carver, Lyman P.

Includes a copy of the 85th Regiment's Civil War record listing battles and the number of men wounded or killed; two copies of Lyman Carver's medical records that indicate date of enlistment, mustered in date, record of promotion, and POW information; several requests for a service pension; a copy of "Declaration for Widow's Pension" copy of claimant's affidavit by widow; copy of a request of Carver's medical history by widow; copy of a supplementary affidavit on the character of Lyman Carver; several copies of a general affidavit attesting to the re-marriage of Lucy Carver Pollock, widow of Lyman Carver; death certificate of Lucy Pollock; copy of "Pensioner Dropped" form on Lyman Carver; copy of "Pensioner Dropped" form on Lucy Carver Pollock; corresponding letters to New York State Archives and the National Archives requesting information on Lyman Carver and replies from same; typed bill of sale of property in Tangipahoa Parish by Lucy Carver Pollock; a hand written bill of sale of property in Tangipahoa Parish by Lucy Carver Pollock; copy of story about Lyman P. Carver written by Belford Carver which appeared in the Tangi Tracker, Spring 1995 (38 items)

28. Hill, John C.

includes a short biography on John P. Hill and his wife Laura; six affidavits verifying residency; copy of a letter from Charles F. Hill, brother-in-law of Laura Hill attesting to the validity of her marriage to John C. Hill; copy of "Declaration for Original Pension of an Invalid;" copy of marriage certificate from Illinois of John C. Hill and Laura Brown; a copy of Hill's war record; "Dropped Pension" form on John C. Hill confirming his death; "Dropped Pension" form on Laura Brown Hill confirming her death; letter to claims office on behalf of Laura Hill confirming need; copy of "Declaration for Widow's Pension" (19 items)

29. Hammond, J. W. (John W.)

Includes a copy of enlisted health record provided by The State Historical Society of Wisconsin; copy of widow's claim for pension form; copy of "Muster Roll of Company C dated 1862- two copies of a letter from the Assistant Adjutant General's office confirming Hammond's enlistment; copy of a disability certificate; copy of "Disability for Discharge" papers; certified copy of marriage license registration; copy of the Department of the Interior's form requesting the names and birthdays of Hammond's children; a copy of "Accrued Pension" application; copy of widow's application for husband's pension; pension award certificate; copy of drop pension notice on the death of John Hammond; copy of drop pension notice on the death of Sarah Hammond (22 items)

30. Genealogy Chart of Robert Waterman, Sr. (Includes McCracken and Cate families); Obituary for James McCracken from Daily Picayune, August 16, 1900; and James McCracken’s death certificate, New Orleans (all xerox copies)

31. John Mason and Edmund Mason Chart (prepared 11 Sept 1997 by Phyllis Zielinski)

32. Morrison, Marjorie, Family History Records (Daughters of the American Revolution Application)

33. The Burning of Bowling Green (tape); Family history of Judge Edward McGehee

34. Linus Arthur Sims, by Helen Rownd, Spring 1970

35. Benton’s Ferry, The Life and Times of Robert Benton, by Lionel Kabel, 1994

36. The Descendants of Benjamin Richardson and Ann Spell, compiled by Clyde Z. Poole




Where We Fit, by Roy J. Hotard, Jr.

Corn Pones, Pine Cones, and Dry Bones, by Evesta B. Bell, Edited by Mary E. Krauel

Our Mayflower Heritage and A Brief Peralta Family History, A West Florida Lineage by Michael B. Lailer

Those Who Came Before Us: A Brief History of Some of The Allain, Alston, Le Blanc De Villeneuve, Lobdell, stirling and Turnbull Families of Louisiana and Some of the Houses in Which They Lived by Judge John C. Grout, Jr., Carole Church Grout

Joffrion-Flower Heritage: A Gift to Live and to Give... by Wilbur Fields Joffrion

William Magee and Mary Margaret James and their Descendants, 1770 - 1993 and the supplement for the first book, both by the William Magee Committee, Franklinton, La.

Descendants of John Spell and Cecelia McLemore, by Doris E. Martin Holden, 1992

An Island Between the Chef and Rigolets, by Arriollia "Bonnie" Vanney, 2003